tagNonHumanNatalie Ch. 03

Natalie Ch. 03


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Vincent Crandle



"The gentlemen have failed sir."


"Yyyes sir. It seems that someone saw the men and thought they were burgulars."

"Where are they now?"

"Dead sir."


"Yes sir. They were killed."

"How did you come by this information?"

"We did as you asked and waited for them a few blocks away, when they didn't come we drove pass the house and saw some gentlemen walking around. The house was block off by crime scene tape. I came over and told them I was a friend of Miss Natalie and asked what was wrong. They said there was an attempted burglary. I also asked where Miss Natalie was, but they wouldn't tell me."

"How do you know they're dead?"

"I saw them bring out four body bags and place them in a van sir."

"Imbeciles! Complete and total imbeciles. Never send a man to do a wolf's job. Damn it! I need this woman. She maybe the key to breaking the curse. Find out where she is, NOW!"

"As you command sir."


Once Conall left I sat down on the bed to try and wrap my mind around, well, everything. In less than 24 hours my life has dramatically changed. I have some whack job hiring people to kidnap me, I was rescued by the guy from the elevator, I came face to face with the realization that werewolves are real and that I am his mate, I loss my virginity and I now I have to stay here because of the crazy man after me. I am emotionally all over the place. My life was not perfect, but it was My Life. I made the decisions, went where I wanted when I wanted. I didn't have to answer to anyone but myself and now it seems that I have to answer to the Alpha Conall and an elder council. WTF? How do I handle all this?

"Deep breath Natalie first things first, call Ronnie and have a melt down later," I say to myself.

"Hey Ronnie, what's up girl?"

"Uh oh, you must be flaking on me."

"No I just wanted to change the venue. I met this guy at the gym and he invited me to his house for a uh company picnic and barbecue and I don't want to go alone, but I kinda like him and really want to go so I was thinking maybe you could go and feel him out for me."

"Oooooooh a guy huh."

"Yeah. His name is Conall Faol."

"Tell me about him. Where does he live, what does he do?"

I didn't really ask him about his job. He gave me his address and it seems to be in a pretty nice part of town." If only she knew how nice.

"So you really like him?"

"I think I really do. He seems to be really sweet."

"Ok. Well I'll drive to your house and we can go from there."

"Um he's sending a car for me so I will come pass your house and get you."

"A car! So he has money?"

"Yeah he has some."

"Ok what time?"

"I guess around 2 or so. Oh and bring a bathing suit because he has a lake on the property where we can do some swimming."

"Ok then see you tomorrow."



I felt bad once I hung up. I was lying to my best friend. Lying mostly by omission, but lying nonetheless. I wish I could tell her that a crazy person tried to have me kidnapped, but I can't because she would freak and want me to stay with her and I don't think that's even an option that Conall would consider. I wish I could tell her that werewolves were real and that Conall was one, the Alpha no less, and I was his mate, but I can't cause she'll think I'm ready for a rubber room. I wish that I could talk to her about these feeling that I'm having for Conall that seem to be too strong too fast, but I can't without a lecture. I wish I could tell her that I had lost my virginity to him, but I'm embarrassed because I have only known the guy since waking up this morning. Does that make me a slut? Ummmm yeah it does.

"No it most certainly does not."

Damn I forgot he could hear me.

"Love, the attraction that we feel for one another is perfectly natural."

"Maybe for a werewolf, but in the human world, I'm a slut."

"How can I make you understand that we were destined to be?"

"Well you can't that's something that I guess I'll have to learn to accept, but I do want to give us a chance."

"Good. I am sending up the cook. You need to plan a menu for tomorrow's barbecue. Maybe if you are busy you won't have time to "have a meltdown".

"You caught all that?"

"You projected all of your thoughts love. Probably because you were so stressed. I will teach you how to block me if you want."

"Heck yeah I want."

"Oh ok."

Shit now I hurt his feelings. "Conall, I'm not use to having somebody else in my head. It will take some getting use to. I didn't mean to hurt your feelings."

"I will be okay. I'm have to keep reminding myself that you are human and that you have many hang ups that my people don't have."

"Thank you for understanding. Now why am I meeting with the cook?"

" I just wanted to give you something to do so you wouldn't just be sitting around."

" Well if you want me busy I think I'll go to the gym. I usually work out on Saturdays. I mean if it's okay with you?"

"Muirnin, you don't have to ask me. This is your home. You have free reign to do what you want. Just don't leave the grounds."

"Want to join me."

"As soon as I am done I will make my way there."


I went to my bags and found some shorts and a tank top. I changed my clothes and made my way to the gym. I had a few stares from the different people, but for the most part I was greeted with smiles. Once inside the gym I hit the treadmill. I loved running this way. It helped me to clear my mind and just relax. I loved the burn of the muscles in my thighs, and the rapid beating of my heart and the feeling I get in my lungs as they contract and expand with each breath, exhilarating! My only wish is that I had my i-pod. I love to listen to music as I work out. I will have to ask Conall about my i-pod. I was so into my work out that I didn't realize that I was no longer alone. I looked up and there was a pretty girl watching me. When she had my attention she turned and walked out without a single word. That was strange. "Oh well".

I finish my workout without Conall joining me and I headed back to the house. Destination: a shower, a nap and then getting a little dinner. The water felt really good on my muscles. As I'm standing under the water I start remembering my earlier shower with Conall and the delicious things he did to my body. I mean I had never had sex, but even I knew that it was great. I closed my eyes seeing him on his knees and feeling his tongue. Next thing I know I am pushed into the shower wall and lifted slightly off the floor. Once Conall had me at the right height he was pushing his dick into me. He sank his whole length in with one forceful thrust that took my breath away. His thrusting was almost violent in nature, but my body responded and I started to push back trying to push more of him into me. I was so close to cumming and then he was gone. He pulled me out of the shower and commanded me to my hands and knees. Before I was comfortable he had again slammed himself into my body, his thrusting so hard I was being pushed across the floor. Suddenly I was feeling fur on my back. Conall was shifting. There was a split second of fear, but lust won out. I wanted more, I needed more.

Conall very gently grabbed the scruff of my neck in his massive jaws as he pushed his knot home. His thrusts became shorter, but continued in strength. Conall removed his mouth from the back of my neck and moved to the spot where he had bitten me earlier. With one final hard thrust he bit down and came into me. The heat of his cum flowing into my body pushed me over and I went soaring into my own little piece of heaven.

Conall shifted as we were trying to catch our breath. He grabbed me by the back of my thighs and stood taking me to the bed. Once we were both comfortable Conall spoke.

"If those are the kind of thoughts that you will be projecting to me then I am hesitant to teach you to block me."

"Hell, if that's your response then I don't want to learn."

"Why thank you alainn. I couldn't control my wolf he was very anxious to be with you too. I didn't hurt you did I?"

"I never quite understood the phrase 'hurt so good' until now. Wolf sex was gooooood. I should be ashamed to have just had canine sex, but wow."

"Why should you be ashamed. You had sex with your mate who is part canine. It is very natural."

"Again, in the wolf world not the human world."

"Well you are now a part of the wolf world are you not?"

"So that is what the ceremony will be like."

"Yes, there will only be a few things that are different, otherwise yes."

I remembered the "few things" he spoke about and decided to change the subject. The more time I had to think about it the more nervous I would become.

"I spoke to Ronnie."

"Yes I know. I have to make one small adjustment to your travel plans."

"Let me guess, someone will have to travel with me when I go to pick her up?"

"Well not someone, me. I won't trust your safety to another until I have taken care of the threat."

"Well I don't think that will be a problem. Even though I am a little uncomfortable with how fast this whole thing has progressed I can't deny that I am drawn to you and I want to be with you."

"That is very nice to know. I have to go back to my office, when I can that is, would you like to join me?"

"I think I will take a nap and join you in the dining hall for dinner."


I fell into a deep sleep soon afterwards.

Why am I so damn cold? I don't remember opening a window or maybe Conall did. I struggled to open my eyes and was startled by what I saw. I was in the woods. How the hell did I get here? An inner sense told me that I shouldn't be here, but I was rooted to my spot. I can hear noises and turn my head to the left. What is that? It sounds like somebody being chased. Just then I see a woman running. Her face is streaked with mud and tears and she had leaves and other debris in her hair. I can see bloodied scratches on her arms. She's terrified. Then I see what she is running from. It's a big grey wolf, I mean enormous, and it's gaining on her. It leaps through the air and lands on her back pushing her to the ground. It raises it's paw and I can see razor sharp claws which he uses to slice open her back. She screams at the same time I do.

"Natalie Natalie wake up."

I start swinging my fists wildly.

"No! No! get away from me! Stop it!"

"Alainn, it's me. It's Conall. Open your eyes. Look at me. MATE LOOK AT ME NOW!!!!"

I felt the command of his voice and opened my eyes realizing I was in the bedroom and not the woods.

"That poor woman. It killed her. I couldn't do anything to help. It just killed her right there in the woods. Why would it do that? Oh Conall it was horrible."

"It was just a dream love. You are fine. It was just a dream."

"It felt so real, like a memory almost. I need a drink. Do you have any white wine here?'

"We have cooking sherry. I can get you a glass. Anything, but I have to come with you. That dream freaked me out and I don't want to be alone."

"Ok let's go."

Instead of a glass I drank what was left in the bottle. Once I felt calm I told Conall about my dream.

"It was like a memory, but it couldn't have been a memory because I didn't recognize the woman. It was just so bizarre. And the way she was dressed seemed very very very old fashioned. I just don't know."

"Maybe with all that you have been through it was your subconscious trying to cope."

"Maybe. Maybe. Are you done with your business?"

"No I am waiting for Caiden to bring me the Tierney number. You are more than welcome to wait with me. You can rest on the sofa."

"That would be perfect. Thank you."

Walking to Conall's office I couldn't shake the feeling that I didn't have a dream at all. I was seeing a memory through another's eyes. It was as if they were giving me a clue, but to what.


As Natalie slept on the sofa I began to think about her "dream" and wondered if it actually was stress as I had told her or was it something more. I caught her feelings of terror thru the bond and it distressed me greatly. Even now I can feel a tinge of fear as she sleeps. I wish I could have seen what she saw. I hated this feeling of helplessness. I wanted to protect her from everything whether it was real or a dream. My thoughts were interrupted with a knock on the door. I could smell Caiden's scent and asked him to enter.

"Hey Conall."


"Oh, sorry I didn't realize she was asleep. Here's the number to the Tierney. How's she doing with everything?"

"Amazingly well, at least on the surface. She had a dream a while ago that scared her quite bad. She says it was about a grey wolf chasing a woman in the woods and killing her. I am concerned if she is subconsciously hiding her fear of our kind or if it was just a dream. She says it felt more like a memory seen through someone else's eyes, but I am not certain what that means."

"Maybe you should ask the council. I doubt it's fear of us though because here she is asleep and seemingly at peace. If she was afraid, even subconsciously, she would not go to sleep in your presence."

"That is true. Maybe I am making too big a deal out of it, but I have this feeling, just like the other night, that something is wrong here. It's like a buzzing in my ear that I can't stop. There is something very weird with this dream, memory what ever it was and I bet anything it has to do with this damned Vincent Crandle."

"Well you have always gone with your gut before and it has never let you down so I would suggest that you continue. Anything you need from me, brother, just ask."

"As a matter of fact I need you to line up some of the strongest female betas in the pack so they can meet Natalie. She will need to choose her Betas. Since Bethany has been acting Alpha bitch there won't be a problem with a challenge. Also, I need some of the strongest warriors pulled together as a security detail for Natalie when she goes back to work. And finally, tomorrow Natalie's best friend is coming for a visit. It seems that they had plans to barbecue tomorrow and since she can't do it at her house she will be doing it here. What I need is for you to gather the pack together and tell them that I need their assistance in making this work. Natalie told Ronnie, that's her friend, that it was a company event. I need them to control themselves for the time she is here. They must not refer to either of us as Alpha or your highness. Mr. Faol will due. They should also wait until I introduce Natalie to a few members before they begin to use her name and then only as Natalie or Miss Natalie. No shifting at all so make sure the parents tell the little ones."

"Anything else?"

"No I think that about covers it. Oh tell the pack once Ronnie is gone we will have a "regular" pack barbecue complete with shifting, running, and rutting. That will be their reward for helping me with this"

"Consider it done."

Thank you Caiden."

"Oh Caiden can you have dinner sent up to our suite in about an hour? I want to spend some alone time with her."

"I just bet you do."

"We need to discuss the mating ceremony and her duties as Madame Alpha."

"Uh huh."

"Goodbye Caiden."

I could hear his laughter all the way down the hall. I had to laugh to myself because he knew as well as I did that when I started talking about the ceremony sex would soon follow. I would be surprised if my wolf allowed me to even start the conversation because he was already growling with the thought of us being alone with our mate. But first things first I need to speak to the Tierney alpha. Dialing the number I sat back in my chair and waited for an answer.

"Elliot Tierney."

"Hello Alpha Tierney, this is Alpha Faol. Good day."

"Alpha Faol, hello. How may I help you?"

"Well there is a situation here and unfortunately it involves one of your pack betas."

"My beta? Who?"

"Vincent Crandle?"

"Vincent.... what has he done?"

"Last night four men broke into the home of a human and attempted to kidnap her. These men gave Vincent's name as the person that hired them to carry out this act. Unfortunately these men are now dead. My question to you is why would he do something of this nature?"

"Are you certain that these men didn't just try to implicate him in the hope of saving themselves?"

"That is highly unlikely. The human female is involved with the human resources end of the merger that you are currently doing."

"Natalie Coldwell, yes I am familiar with her name. Well maybe she is Vincent's mate?"

At hearing him say those words my wolf growled.

"No she is not his mate. Even if she was kidnapping one's mate is not the way we do things in this country. I need as much background on Mr. Crandle as you can possibly give me. I have to find out if there is a history that we need to be aware of."

"Where is Miss Coldwell now? Is she well?"

"She is fine. I have put her in a safe house under my protection until this can be sorted out. She was shaken as you can imagine and I was uncomfortable leaving her in her own home considering the circumstances."

"Well, Crandle has been a member of my pack for about 125 years now. We found him unconscious in the woods of the witches here. We could smell that he was wolf so we brought him back to the den and placed him into a secure room until we had a opportunity to find out what the situation was. When he came to he was confused and couldn't remember what had happened. He didn't know why he was in the woods or anything. The only thing he could say was he couldn't transform. He could feel his wolf, but he couldn't transform. This, of course, concerned me. How would he be able to live in a pack and not transform, but he proved to be as strong as any other pack member. He was able to defeat a few transformed members even."

"Really, I have never heard that happening before."

"Neither had we. Our pack doctor examined him several times. He even sent his blood out to be analyzed and found nothing amiss. We couldn't figure out why he wasn't transforming or why he was just as strong as a wolf even though he was in his human form."

"I thank you Alpha Tierney. If I have any further questions or concerns I trust that I can call you."

"Of course. What will be done with Vincent?"

"As soon as we know of his guilt or innocence I will let you know. If this was just a ploy on the part of the humans than we need to know that."

"Very well. Goodbye"


I sat back thinking over my conversation with the Elliot and it unsettled me further. Something in this situation was not right and I really needed to figure out what it was. My mates safety depended on it.

As much as I wanted to get to the bottom of this mystery I needed to be with my mate. This not knowing had my wolf on edge. I didn't want to wake her so I eased her slowly off of the sofa and cradled her gently while I made my way to our suite. Once inside I placed her on the bed and went in to take a shower.

When I finished my shower I found that Natalie was awake and lying on the bed waiting patiently for me to come out. I also smelled dinner and realized just how hungry I was. I walked over to the bed and kissed her.

"You're awake," I said.

"Yeah. I heard someone in the other rooms. I was going to try to go back to sleep, but then I heard you shut the water off so I decided to stay awake."

"Well good. Shall we have dinner?"

"Are you going to put some pants on?"


"Oh. May I ask why not?"

"Love we are not concerned with nudity here. Being naked is comfortable sometimes."

"As well as distracting."

"Oh I see. I am distracting you?"

"Well why not get undressed and we could "distract" each other."

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