tagCelebrities & Fan FictionNatalie Imbruglia and Her Desire...

Natalie Imbruglia and Her Desire...


Natalie lived in a large house on the outskirts of Sydney as it was away from prying eyes yet close enough to the coast so it was not too hot during the summer. She enjoyed living in the large yellow building as within its walls she could do whatever she wanted and only she would know what. Her favourite activities would cause scandal in the public if they were ever found out... Yet she enjoyed fantasising about what would happen if they did...

Natalie was 5 ft 7" and had large grey-blue eyes just set above her defined cheekbones. Her wet lips were soft and a rosy pink colour compared to her tanned skin and she had shoulder length brown hair and a slender frame. Her curvaceous body often attracted the looks of many as she had ample breasts and a firm ass. She liked her body as she had taken time and effort to get as fit and toned as she was.

At that moment Natalie was in the living room, wearing leather trousers that hugged her firm ass but were loose enough around her legs so she was not too hot in the Australian heat. (They were also good for riding her motorbike in). She still had on her leather jacket as well as she had just come off her bike and underneath that Natalie wore a tight fitting blue t shirt which clearly betrayed her lack of bra and erect nipples.

After riding her motorbike for thirty minutes she could take it no more, having the large machine vibrate constantly against her pussy was too much and now she was now soaking wet and in need of relief. Eyeing her favourite dildo, a sleek red vibrator that was 7" long, Natalie quickly stripped off her jacket and t shirt leaving her tits exposed. Her ample breasts were soft globes of flesh each topped with a rock hard pink nipple, they were also an appealing tanned colour as she frequently sunbathed topless. Her tits were wanted by many and she considered it a special treat to let anybody see them - why not treat herself?

Cupping her breasts in each hand and moaning in pleasure Natalie began to rub and squeeze her tits, occasionally pinching her nipples. Her toes curled into the carpet at the sensations she was experiencing and she could feel herself becoming more aroused. Agonisingly tearing her attention away from her tits she slid her trousers down her smooth legs to leave her in just a very tight, very wet blue thong. Her dampness was obvious as the material moulded to her pussy lips showing her arousal. The Australian star bit her bottom lip and sighed as she slowly bent over sliding her thong down her legs to reveal her shaved pussy and engorged clit.

The now nude brunette fixed her large eyes on the toy and flicked it on, the buzzing sound that filled the room made her even want it inside her immediately. Her face with its high cheekbones and soft, slightly parted lips portrayed an excited expression as she pressed the vibrator to her entrance, eyelids fluttering as she felt the vibrations on her pussy which caused her breathing to quicken and for her to let out a soft groan of pleasure. Natalie was sat on the sofa with her slender legs spread wide apart and was busy running the vibrator up and down her slit. Keeping it pressed to her clit momentarily she moaned out loudly as her juices coated her inner thighs. The brunette slowly began to slide a finger she had been licking in and out of her asshole - she could take it no more. Thrusting the full seven inches into herself Natalie began to fuck herself with the toy. The slick red member slid effortlessly between her pussy lips. Bucking her hips at the penetration she let out a loud cry as she came all over her hands and legs. Spasming as she climaxed she slid her finger all the way up to the knuckle into her ass enjoying the feeling of being full.

Panting from the orgasm her chest rose and fell and her hairless vagina gleamed with her cum. Even though she had just climaxed Natalie felt as if she needed more. Shakily squatting over the vibrator, legs spread, the Australian singer slowly lowered herself onto the toy. The feeling of it sliding between her ass cheeks made her shiver but she kept going until a good five inches were inside her butt. Using a coffee table as support she slid up and down on the toy that was coated with her juices.

Using her free hand to pinch her nipples caused a moan to escape her. Eventually her hand worked it's way down to her clit where she began to rub it ferociously eliciting a cry of pleasure from the singer. It was not long before she slid two fingers into herself, all the while riding the vibrating member up and down. Rhythmically pounding her digits in and out of her wet snatch and the dildo in her ass she could feel her second orgasm of the day building. Adding a third finger her eyes rolled back into her head as she came once more, the double penetration sending her over the edge, a puddle of her juices forming on her carpet just below her splayed legs. Licking her fingers clean she was momentarily content with the solo session she had just had.

After a slight recovery time from her orgasms she decided to go out. Sliding a smaller dildo into her pussy Natalie pushed it all the way in and flicked it on. Putting her damp thong back on to hold it inside her she enjoyed the feeling of the deep vibration. Quickly dressing in her tight blue top and leather trousers again Natalie began the 15 minute walk into central Sydney. Being constantly stimulated the singer/actress' arousal was plainly obvious as she walked down Sydney's wide streets - the tightness of the t shirt showed fully erect nipples and no bra and the occasional rubbing of her pussy through her trousers drew odd looks from passers by. Natalie did not mind. She wanted more!

About halfway through her walk was when her orgasm struck. Buckling at the knees she squatted low to the concrete pavement and spread her legs wide. Quickly shoving her hand between her legs to rub her clit bought her over the edge - crying out with pleasure she came in her trousers flooding her crotch with her cum and juices. Biting her bottom lip and closing her eyes as she rode the orgasm Natalie could tell that other pedestrians had stopped to look at her, some obviously hiding or trying to hide their own arousal. Even though it was the latest of the many orgasms of her day, the desire for more was still there. So continuing her walk she set off again for central Sydney. The eyes of her onlookers were glued to her swaying hips and ass as well as her pert breasts and obvious nipples.

Upon Reaching a fairly busy area she knew what she wanted to do. Surrounded by at least 30 people at any one time, going about their daily business, she was well and truly in public. The weekend buzz of the city meant people were hurrying around trying to get as much into their two free days as possible. They stopped when they saw what was going on though.

Natalie pulled her shirt up from her hips and over her head to leave her topless and threw it aside. She quickly pushed one tit up to suck on the nipple and began to toy with the other breast before swapping. After a good minute of paying attention to each tit she slowly slid a hands down between her legs. Sighing erotically she began to rub her pussy through her trousers and push her elbows together to press out her cleavage. Grabbing the waist of her trousers and sliding them down to her ankles she stepped out of them so that she only wore a thong. Her ache for release now built up incredibly quickly, she had the vibrator still jammed in her pussy and she relished how exposed she was now, so much so she actually ripped her thong off leaving the ruined and soaking wet item of clothing on the floor.

Lying down on the cold stone ground now she bent her legs and spread them wide to give her the best access to her shaved pussy. Reaching inside herself she arched her back as she pulled the dildo out - her pert breasts poking into the air. Her breathing quickened as she pumped the toy in and out between her pussy lips at a furious pace. She loved it. One of her hands eventually found its way to her clit where it began to rub in unison with the self pounding she was receiving. Knowing she was seconds away from climax Natalie shoved two wet fingers into her ass so she could ride her orgasm whilst filling both holes. Letting out a load shriek of pleasure when it hit her she came explosively and covered her crotch and the ground beneath her with her juices. Shuddering as her orgasm passed she slowed the thrusts into her herself and eventually stopped.

The Australian felt an odd sense of fulfilment due to her public show and felt like somehow it was what she had always needed. Especially liking the fact that so many had filmed it. Sliding the dildo back inside herself she began to slowly walk back to her house with ragged breathing and a content look on her face.

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