tagGroup SexNatural Woman Pt. 02: Goddess

Natural Woman Pt. 02: Goddess


Tears. She remembered feeling so damned good, then why were there tears?

A hand brushed through her hair, which was tangled. Another rubbed her naked thigh like it was a colicky baby. And another...

Another hand covered her pussy, a fourth her breast.

"Hey, Jessie," said Pat, the one up near her head.

"You okay, baby?" asked Mario, from the other end.

"Okay?" she laughed through the tears. "Okay? Sweet Jesus with a hard-on!"

They laughed with her, though neither of them sounded certain they should.

Jessie sat up, her legs slipping off of Mario's shoulders. She leaned forward and kissed him. "Thank you."


She turned and kissed Pat. "Thank you, too."

"Welcome." She could feel him grinning into her lips. "So. We done for the night?"

She blinked at him. "Aw, fuck no!"

"Good." He stood and held out his hand to her. "Come on. Unless you want to fuck us fuckin' dry in here."

"Nah." She peered out the window, but the outside was black. "Where we at?" Mario stood behind her, his hands on her hips, where her dress was slowly working its way back down.

Slipping out the door, Pat gave a grunt of a laugh. "A place where we can make all the noise we want, and nobody's going to hear us."

Curious, nervous, Jessie followed Pat out the door and was confronted by smell of pine and, overhead, the bright river of light that was the Milky Way.

They were on a mountain top. There were plenty of those around the town — but this one looked familiar. Turning her head, Jessie saw a dark shape thrusting up into the dark night. "Oh!"

"Yup." Pat squeezed her hand.

Stepping out out of the car, Mario took the other. "A fire spotting tower?"

"Yeah," sighed Jessie. They were on the same sides they'd been on walking to the car. It was... sweet. "Andy volunteered up here when he was in school."

"Me too, for a couple of months," murmured Pat. "Forestry Commission. Summer before my senior year of college and I thought it would be fun. Spent most of the time reading the same four books over and over and whacking off, dreaming about getting a visit from a six-foot blonde goddess of a full-blown woman with her dress falling off."

Pleased and embarrassed, Jessie tried to cover her bare boobs, but of course only managed to pull her two boys' hands to them. They didn't seem to mind.

When they began to caress her — Mario gently, Pat more aggressively — she sure as hell didn't mind either.

But as the fire started to catch again, Jessie decided that it was time for her to take control. Or at least try. She peeled their hands away from her and stepped toward the stairs that led up to the tower. As she walked, she pushed her dress down over her hips and let it fall to the pine-needle-covered ground. (It's black. I can clean it later. Fuck it.) Stepping out of it, she turned and leaned back against the metal i-beam holding up the tower at the corner next to the stairs. For a moment, feeling the moonlight splashing over her body, taking in their stunned expressions, she did feel like a goddess. A bit. "Either of y'all gonna join me?"

For a moment, she stood there, buck-naked in her low pumps, there at the top of King Mountain; the air flowed over her flowering pussy, still warm, but cooler than down in the valley, and Jessie felt her skin erupt in goose pimples.

The two men sauntered toward her, shedding their uniforms as they came. With the moon behind them, it looked like they were shedding layers of themselves — jackets first, shirts... Mario's silhouette was a bit taller and leaner; Pat was broad-shouldered...

But when their bare chests pressed against her bare chest and their mouths latched onto her throat, her ears, the differences blurred into a haze of moon-washed sensation, and heat and wet and sound flowed through Jessie, and she was blind.

Ma and Danielle liked to read those god-awful Harlequins and Mills & Boons, with their throbbing manhoods and their weeping womanhoods. Fuck that shit. Somewhere around five years into Jessie's marriage to Booger, one of the girls at the store had turned her onto smut: to stories featuring cocks and cunts and lots and lots of FUCKING. Just what she wasn't getting in real life. She'd bought herself a Kindle for Booger to give her as a birthday present and nobody had any idea what she was reading that was keeping her so happy.

Or kept her sneaking off to the girls' room so often.

And she'd discovered that her favorite stories always involved a woman with a man in uniform. Well, in uniform for a while. Cop. Military. Firefighter, like her snot-nosed little brother. Even better, two men in uniform. For a while.

And here she was: living the story.

And holy FUCK, it was better than the fucking books.

Two very different mouths latched onto her tits at the same moment that two very different hands slid up between her goose-pimply thighs and began to stroke her pussy lips.

Much better than the fucking books.

Not wanting to lose herself completely, not wanting all of this to end, to turn out to be some sort of bizarre dream or something, Jessie decided she wouldn't be like the girls in most of her stories — lying back and enjoying themselves, letting themselves get carried away on the waves of feeling — Jessie ran her hands down the men's rippling, bare ribs to their still-uniformed hips. To their crotches.

A long, thin pair of fingers pushed themselves up into her slick, welcoming cunt while a muscled thumb began to whir over her clit, and a sound exploded from Jessie that she was pretty sure they'd heard all the way down in the valley. All the way down in fucking Atlanta.

And she really didn't fucking care.

But she did want...

Sliding her unsteady hands up to the tops of the two flies, she popped the buttons, unzipped the trousers, and yanked out two...

Two throbbing manhoods. Two rods of velvet-wrapped steel. Two massive, moist-tipped members.

She grabbed the two cocks, glorying in their size: both big — one long enough that the head bounced against the bottom of her tit, the other thick enough that her not-tiny hand just closed around it at the root.

They groaned into her breasts, and she gloried in that too. Gloried in the feeling of their hands twitching, even as they continued to pleasure her.

Throbbing. She was beginning to throb now, her cunt — her weeping womanhood — beginning to tighten involuntarily around Mario's fabulously invasive fingers, her clit beginning to pulse against Pat's thumb.

No. No.

She'd already come once — hell, twice really, once when they'd had her against Pa's shed, and once in the back seat, and she wanted a cock inside of her. Cocks inside of her.

She was the goddess, damn it, and the goddess wanted to be fucked.

She pushed their pelvises, still gripping their cocks, and they both stumbled back and blinked at her. Jessie's body grumbled at the disappearance of all those amazing fingers, but fuck it. Her body was gonna get what it wanted.

Steering Mario so that he had to sit on the wide staircase up the tower, Jessie turned toward him and knelt between his knees. She gave Pat's thick erection a squeeze and let go; she trusted that he'd know what to do with it.

Mario's eyes were wide. It made Jessie's heart flutter, somehow, and she leaned forward and kissed him. "Can I eat you?" She stroked the length of him. "Pretty baby?"

He nodded, his wide eyes still locked on hers, his mouth open wide. Funny: he didn't look at all like an idiot.

As she began to lower her mouth to him, she waggled her ass and whispered over her shoulder, "Consider yourself welcome, Captain. Make yourself at home." Then, holding Mario's long, dark cock steady, she sucked him into her mouth.

Mario hissed.

Pat grunted. "Jesus Christ." There was a rustling sound. "I appreciate the invitation. You shaking your beautiful ass at me seemed like a good hint, but it's good to know." Jessie heard his trousers fall to his feet, heard the sound of latex unrolling over his cock.

Yeah, Jessie thought with a full-mouthed grin, this is gonna be GOOD. And she focussed on sucking at Mario's cock head, tracing the edges with her tongue. She was holding him up with one of her ridiculous, man-like hands, but her lips still couldn't quite reach her fingers. Damn.

Deacon's cock had been maybe as long, but it hadn't ever gotten all of the way hard like this. She wasn't sure she could take all of this into her body — anywhere in her body — but she was damned sure looking forward to trying. For now, she enjoyed the soft smoothness of him. Velvet on steel.

And then she felt two strong hands run up the flesh of her thighs, her hips. Felt Pat's lips touch surprisingly gently against the base of her spine, and then kiss their way up until she felt his belly sliding against her back, his muscled thighs against the backs of hers, and his cock sliding up against her open pussy. "You ready to get it from both ends, Jessie?" he whispered, tickling the back of her neck. The head of his cock spread her already wide lips even further.

She moaned and nodded atop Mario's cock, which made Mario hiss again.

"You okay me going first, Billings?"

Mario gave a high, breathy laugh. "Age... before beauty, Cap." Then Jessie sucked more of him into her mouth. "I ain't... complaining."

"I bet. Age into beauty, that's what I think." And then Pat grabbed hold of Jessie's fluffy hips and pressed himself into her.

Full. He didn't push all of the way in — couldn't have on the first go, wide as he was — but a wonderful, overwhelming feeling of fullness flooded her senses. The pressure of Pat pushing into her drove her mouth further onto Mario's rod, and it felt like all of Jessie's insides were overflowing with cock.



It had been so long since Jessie's had one cock inside of her — Deacon's barely passed her lips before he spurted and passed out. And that last time with Booger was almost two years ago, and his wasn't even as thick as her thumb, but this...

Pat grunted, pushing further into her, spreading Jessie's hymn-singing pussy, making her mouth open wider in sympathy, and driving Mario deeper into her mouth.

"Jessie!" moaned the man in front of her, stroking her hair like he was petting a scared cat, while the man behind panted, pulled his beautiful, gorgeous, fabulous tree trunk of throbbing manhood back out of her just enough to make Jessie whimper at the loss, and then thrust into her again, beginning a steady rhythm that made Jessie literally see stars spinning around Mario's belly button, which was a lot closer than it had been.

Without stopping his thrusts, Pat grunted, "Feel... okay... Jessie?"

She wanted to scream Fuck, yes! or sing Gospel or something, but her mouth was blessedly full, and all she could do was moan and nod.

Mario, who was whispering Jessie's name over and over, reached out and took her breasts in those amazing, long fingers. At the same moment, Pat let go of one of her hips and let his hand slide around to her clit.

If she'd ever been proud of anything, Jessie had always been proud of her ability to multi-task. To balance three spreadsheets while handling email and talking to Danielle about little RJ's colic. To cook four different dishes in two different pots, a frying pan, and a slow cooker while cleaning the kitchen and doing her nails. To give Booger a blowjob that had him taking the Lord's name seriously in vain while planning out the next day's shopping and getting herself off (since no one else would bother).

Okay: she was proud of her blowjobs, too.

But she was barely aware of this one, though the swelling head of Mario's cock was well past her molars and spit was pouring out around it. Here she was, having an experience she really, really hoped she'd remember for the rest of her life, and the sensation was literally short-circuiting her. She couldn't keep the feelings straight, let alone her own actions. It was as if all of the pleasure she'd been so desperate for over the last year — rubbing herself up against Sean like an idiot, pulling Deacon back up to her childhood room, lying there night after night with her Kindle in one hand while the other worked away at her pussy — all of the sex she had ever wanted had come crashing down on her all at once and she couldn't remember whose hand was whose, or who was making what sound or where they were or...

And then one of them — Mario — screamed "JESSIE!" and clutched at her tits, and a flood of hot spooge poured down her throat, and amazing as that felt too, Jessie considered for a moment that she might drown up there on the top of King Mountain. And considered that dying that way wouldn't be all that bad a way to go.

But Mario pulled out of her mouth, and semen and saliva spilled out onto her neck and chest as he lifted her up — Pat still pounding into her — and she coughed and spit, but she was breathing, and there was still a big, thick cock driving up into her, and fingers on her clit, and fingers on her tits, and Mario was kissing her and eternity beckoned and —

And Pat growled and thrust hard into her, lifting her to her toes, and fingers on her clit and on her tits and her tongue in Mario's mouth, his cum, and —

And eternity was now, after all. Just like the preacher said.

And Jessie stayed standing, but it was just because her men were holding her up. She was boneless. Muscle-less. A cloud of satisfaction floating between them.


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