Naughty Mages


"Andrea! Oh, god, Andrea, I'm sorry, I won't talk back, I'm sorry!" Jake hissed the words between his gasps and moans.

"You bet you won't," said Andrea and she continued to crush/pleasure him, until his eyes rolled back, and he slumped against her. Andrea immediately let go of him, and let him settle back, laying him along the floor.

"Jesus," said Tracy. "That looked vicious!"

"He'll be fine," said Andrea, as she untied his hands. She then tied the cloth bands in loops around his forearms and his lower legs, then started waving her hands while whispering. The straps glowed white for a moment, then faded.

"What was that?" said Tracy.

Andrea smiled. "You'll see." She caressed Jake's face, now shining with sweat. Jake awoke a moment later. He realized he was now spread eagle, and he tried to sit up. However, the straps bound him down, even though they did not appear to be attached to anything other than his arms.

Andrea stood over Jake and slowly stripped, causing Jake's eyes to widen. "Be a good boy now." She straddled Jake's face and Jake immediately started licking. Andrea let out a soft sigh. She reached back and waved her hand over Jake's cock, which immediately began to jerk as a white tendril of energy coiled around it, and began to slide up and down. Jake let out a cry and his hips began to buck into the air. Andrea laughed and grind herself against Jake's face.

Tracy wasn't sure just what Jake was feeling, but it had to be something quite intense, perhaps a mystical blow job or phantom pussy. Tracy just gawked as the magic coil stroked him relentlessly, even as Andrea forced him to eat her out to several hard orgasms. Despite herself, Tracy reached into her own panties and began to rub her clit, biting the fingers of her other hand to keep from moaning.

Andrea finally tired of Jake's tongue, and lifted off of him. He immediately began to babble pleas for mercy, to be allowed to cum, and apologies for who knows what imaginary slights Andrea may have him convinced he made. He was so far gone, he didn't even hear Tracy's moans as the invisible girl brought herself to orgasm, driving her fingers deep into herself.

Andrea did not cease the magic coil, simply let it do its work. She balled up her panties and gagged Jake with them again, using another strap to secure the gag. Then used another strap to blindfold him, and this time, revealed what looked like a pair of headphones attached to an MP3 player. She set the headphones on his ears, turned the player on and sat back down on the couch. Jake thrashed against his bonds as Andrea flicked her fingers and the coil around his cock moved even faster.

Andrea spoke to Tracy directly, in a voice just above a whisper. "There, now we can talk a bit. I've got him listening to the sounds of women moaning in ecstasy, but I don't want to blow out his eardrums, so just keep your voice really low. Stay invisible, though, just in case the blindfold slips.

Tracy moved over to Andrea's couch and spoke in a low voice, "Holy crap! You're killing the poor guy!" From the tone of her voice, though, she was clearly grinning.

Andrea laughed lightly. "I haven't used the coil on him in a while."

"So what's it feel like?"

"From what he tells me, a combination full length blowjob and full handjob, with a having a vibrator strapped to his dick, all at once."

"Damn, I wish I could do that kind of magic," said Tracy.

"It's a much simpler trick than it looks like," said Andrea. "Your illusion powers should be able to replicate it. Still, without the orgasm blocker, a man probably isn't going to last more than 30 seconds, tops."

"I get the feeling he should have popped instantly," said Tracy. "How long has he gone without?"

"Nine days," said Andrea. "Longer than usual, actually."


"Are you sure you don't want to try something on him?"

Tracy thought it over, and was grateful she was invisible so Andrea could not see her blushing like crazy. "Um... maybe next time."

Andrea smiled. "Too bad. Would you like to see him cum, at least?"

Tracy grinned widely. "Fuck yes, I would! I can't imagine how much pressure he's built up by now!"

Andrea laughed, and then, with a flick of her finger, the coil moved faster on him. Another flick, and faster. Then faster still. Jake was thrashing so hard, his muscles were bulging, veins popping, and his whole body shook, flushed red. Andrea paused another moment, as if for dramatic effect, then snapped her fingers.

Instantly, Jake exploded. His cock was like a geyser, launching shots of cum so hard, he hosed down the wall a few feet away. Jake's moans became screams as his whole body shook with such immense ecstasy, it was a wonder he stayed conscious. After half a minute, of this, however, his screams became whimpers, and his body shook anew, his hips twisted and lurching as if trying to escape stimulation. Tracy realized with a start that the coil was still stroking him!

Andrea laughed as Jake's pleas took on a different tone through the gag. "That's for cumming without my permission, you slut!" She winked to Tracy who just watched in wonder. "Post-Orgasm Torture. I love it. He says he hates it, but I know better." She then raised her hand, and the coil began to slow its strokes, moving back and forth at a longer increment each time, until the coil stopped, then vanished altogether. Jake sagged, finally falling unconscious.

"Jesus," said Tracy, as she watched Andrea undo Jake's bonds. They threw a blanket over him and propped a pillow under his head.

"I know right? Can you believe he likes this kind of stuff?" said Andrea.

"If you say so," said Tracy.

Andrea smiled. "Trust me, I'll give him a break for a couple days, and by the end of the week, he'll be begging for more. Men are so silly."

"I'll say," said Tracy. "Now, I'm curious to see how Becky does it!"

The two laughed, and Andrea said, "Well, maybe I'll convince her to let you watch some time."

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by ticklishsoles02/22/18

Ooh yes!

The kind of orgasm everyone dreams of: one that is so intense that it is earth shattering. I long for that one magical orgasm.


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