tagFetishNaughty Naomi Ch. 07

Naughty Naomi Ch. 07


Hi all. I've taken on requests from some readers and this series has gone more extreme, so be warned - this has scat that goes all the way! As ever, everyone is willing and an adult, etc.

Time changes things, that's a fact. Last week Naomi Green had celebrated her 23rd birthday and, a couple of days later, the six-month anniversary of her moving in with her lover and boss, 38-year old Christina Holloway. It had been an excellent weekend by the yardstick Naomi would use to measure such things. But, she reflected over a large, chai latte in her local coffee shop, it was also an unusual weekend. Increasingly so. It had begun with Christina waking her in their bed by sitting astride her, mischievous grin on her beautiful face, fiery red hair hanging loose, as were her full, 30F boobs, pink nipples erect. Naomi had still been half asleep when she felt a hot, wet feeling on her stomach where Christina sat, and realised the older woman was pissing on her. The yellow, strong-smelling morning pee had soaked Naomi's t-shirt, run over and between her own huge, soft boobs and soaked the bedding under her.

The next hour, indeed, almost the whole weekend, had then become a blur of kinky sex. Christina had whipped her fat bottom with a leather strap whilst Naomi's face was pressed into the pissy bedsheets, then they'd made love there. A shower later, Naomi had opened her presents (nothing sexy apart from a new underwear set) and then, grinning, had stood in the middle of the kitchen and pissed herself in front of Christina. Whilst being scolded for this, she pushed a large, soft poo into her knickers too. And on the weekend had gone - wet, filthy, smelly, twisted, painful and thrilling.

As she sipped her drink, Naomi pondered. Up to about four months ago, that weekend would not have been special - it'd have just been a regular weekend. But as the two of them settled into their relationship, the kinkier aspects of their sex lives had reduced. She'd run out of diapers and neither of them had bought more. They still had plenty of sex, but indulged their particular peccadilloes less and less. She wasn't sure why - she still found Christina to be fantastically sexy, still wanted to have sex with her and still wanted to wet and mess herself. If anything, the stray fantasies that crossed her mind had become more and more sordid. And she was sure her lover still wanted to spank and punish her bottom. And yet this rarely happened. It was as if the growth of love and affection in their relationship had made indulging in humiliating, kinky games seem weird.

Naomi coiled her thick, brunette hair idly around a finger, sipped her drink and pondered some more. As the curvaceous young lady had mulled over her relationship, her girlfriend had done the same. Sitting at her desk at home, Christina had essentially run over the same thoughts. Almost every time she looked at Naomi she wanted to have sex with her. And wanted to protect her. Wanted to punish her. And wanted to cherish her. It was the same conundrum. Her sense of conventional, romantic love (well, mostly conventional, other than the fact Naomi was 15 years younger and the same gender) had smothered her kinky desire to spank girls' bottoms. But there was the rub - it hadn't. She felt awkward spanking Naomi now, and had started to discretely spend more time with her teenage student, Chloe. The 19-year old's soft, curvy bottom had absorbed many stern punishments over the last few weeks, but the fact that this was essentially a secret Christina was keeping made it feel like a guilty secret. She had no need to keep it from Naomi, but because she had it now felt more significant, like she was cheating in some way.

It wasn't cheating, really. They'd never had sex; Christina had never even touched her, other than to spank her bottom, or to hold her down whilst using some implement or other to belabour her scorched cheeks. Chloe had a thirst for being physically chastised like Christina had never experienced, and together they were exploring those limits. Every weekday, when Naomi left her desk (she remained Christina's secretary) for lunch, Christina would spend 45 minutes thrashing Chloe's bottom, harder and harder. The paddle one day, a leather belt the next, then a cane, hairbrush, riding crop, wooden spoon - anything either redhead could think of painfully applying to the teen's buttocks.

But the secrecy made Christina feel terrible. She wanted to tell her young lover, but wasn't sure how she'd react. Anger? Jealousy? Envy, even? Christina's face screwed up in frustration. She didn't know what to do. Opening her laptop, she started to browse for porn. Pushed by both Naomi's frank perversion and Chloe's pain threshold, she'd started to fantasise about more extensive BDSM of late, but was shy about admitting this.

Naomi had finished her drink and was idly wandering the shops. Her 32F-27-38 curves were simply dressed in black leggings and boots and a loose, white shirt with a leather jacket. Her breasts were effectively concealed but the jeans were tight, clinging to her slim waist, wide hips, round thighs and full bottom. She was in a sullen, distracted mood as she wandered, unseeing through the racks of clothes in the department store. She knew she should talk to Christina, confess that she was unsure how to fit her odd passions into their relationship. Maybe talk to her about her latest fantasies. Naomi had always gotten off on humiliation, but her mind had been to some fairly dark and disgusting places. Only a few months ago, the idea of her face being pressed against Christina's poo-filled knickers was a dark fantasy, but it had since become reality. Should she try to realise the latest twists of her mind?

Christina's lips were pursed and her credit card was in her hand. She was undecided, but intrigued as she looked at her online shopping basket. She could afford it, but the act of buying the items felt like a leap in and of itself. Taking a deep breath, she clicked on the 'buy' icon.

Naomi reached out to open the front door after her unsuccessful shopping trip, but paused at the last second as she realised she needed to go to the loo. This being a Saturday, she had no intention of seeing the inside of a bathroom. Relaxing her bladder, she smiled as the first gush of urine soaked the gusset of her cotton panties, before a constant stream poured from between her lips, flowing under the crease of her bottom and flooding down the inside of both legs, running into her boots and soaking her socks. The flow tapered off and she grinned to herself as her black jeans glistened wetly and her toes scrunched inside her piss filled boots. She decided she would have an honest conversation with Christina as soon as she got back from the post office as she said she'd had a parcel to collect that she'd ordered the previous week...

Naomi had just closed the door when she heard Christina's car pull up outside, so she headed into the kitchen and flicked on the kettle, getting two mugs from the cupboard and a box of tea. Moments later, Christina walked in, carrying a bulky parcel under her arm. As ever, seeing her statuesque, red-haired lover gave Naomi a thrill. Christina just seemed effortlessly dominant - her natural 5' 8" always boosted by high heels, her Rubenesque 30F-30-39 body always smartly attired in stylish clothes that accentuated her curves, her blue eyes sparkling.

Christina noted that Naomi's jeans appeared wet and could guess why. "We need to talk," she said. Naomi nodded.
"Yeah, I think so too. I'll just change, if you want to finish the tea?"
"No," said Christina, softly but firmly. "You decided to wet yourself. I'll decide when you get changed. Finish the tea and join me in the study."
Naomi shivered, excited by Christina's tone, and did as she was told.

Christina say behind her desk and, as had happened many times before, Naomi stood in front of it in pee-wet clothes.
"We've been here before," the redhead began. "We talked things through and agreed we both liked kinky things, but then stopped. Why?"
Naomi shrugged. "I'm not sure. I mean, I still love the same things and I've been thinking about other things too..." She struggled to articulate as she wasn't even sure what she wanted to say. "I love you and I do want to do normal stuff with you. I want to watch movies and I want to go shopping and...I think that before, before we did stuff, when it was a fantasy, I mean, it was all I could think about..." Naomi trailed off, but Christina nodded.
"I know what you mean. I want to spank you. I want to do things to you. And at first, I wanted that all the time. But I love you too and sometimes I just want to snuggle you and talk to you without caning you in a bed you've just pissed." Naomi blushed. "I think we both need to understand and accept our relationship. We love each other. We want to have breakfast together and watch the TV together and have sex together." Naomi nodded.

Christina stood and walked around her desk, beginning to open the parcel. The taller woman blocked the curvy brunette's view, so she waited patiently. Christina continued to talk. "We also want...other things. You want to behave like a dirty baby. You want to wet yourself, piss in my bed, poo in your knickers and, I think, even filthier things?" She glanced over her shoulder and Naomi nodded. "You also don't seem to mind it when I punish you for such things?"
With her blue eyes glinting, Naomi spoke up. "You're right. I love those things. And I love it when you dominate me and humiliate me. I know the things I like are bad and weird and I know that you like to punish me and I love it and deserve it. I'm grateful when you try the things I like and I will do anything you ask if me. I'm yours. I can't imagine being without you."

Christina faced Naomi, gripping her shoulders. She pulled Naomi towards her and kissed her deeply, tongue pushing into her young lover's mouth. "You're not bad or weird. I love everything about you. I...I've been spanking Chloe on a lunchtime as I was scared that you would get tired of it."
Christina looked down, and Naomi took her chin in her fingers, tipping her gaze back up and kissing her again. "I can't get tired of you, or anything you want to do. I love you. If you want to spank me, my bottom is yours. But if you want to spank Chloe then that is up to you. Anything you want is fine. Just as long as you still want me?"
"Of course I want you, you crazy, naughty girl!" They hugged and kissed, Christina's hands slipping down Naomi's back to fondle her bottom through the tight, cold, wet denim.

Breaking the kiss, Christina turned back to the parcel. "So, as we're being frank...you pushed me to try things I'd not considered. And I admit, once I was over the shock, sitting on your face with my knickers full of shit was a disgusting thrill. So, I want you to know that I love all of you and I am more than happy to play your toilet games. I enjoy them too." From the parcel she took out a packet of adult-sized diapers. "We seem to have forgotten to stock up on these," she said as Naomi smiled. "But exploring your ideas also made me think about my own." From the box she produced a leather tawse and a ball-gag. "And, there were things I'd never imagined finding someone to share with." Several pairs of handcuffs, some lube and some nipple-clamps joined the growing pile on the desk. "Things I'd imagined doing but never told anyone." A butt plug, an intimidatingly large strap-on and a leather flogger were next. "And I think you and I should be open about everything, my love. No secrets." Picking up the parcel she tipped out the last few items - a few packets of what seemed to be latex clothes and dress-up outfits (nurse, French maid - the usual), some bondage tape, a cane and, with a solid thunk, a wooden paddle.

Naomi's grin was almost ear-to-ear. "Where do we start?"
"Well, my fantasies are on the desk. I think I know what you like, but you mentioned you'd had other thoughts?" Naomi blushed again, which just made Christina want to hug her. And fuck her.
"It's just fantasies, not practical," she paused, but her lover stayed silent so she continued. "Things like, those men I sucked, what if they'd all taken me, right there? I loved it when they pissed on me - they could have done anything to me - fucked me, done me in my ass, pimped me out to their friends, anything. And when you pushed your panties into my face I enjoyed," she gulped, hesitated, pushed on, "I enjoyed it and...and I could taste it and thought about...about you putting it in my...my mouth," she finished, quietly.

"You're a dirty, depraved, disgusting little slut, Naomi Green," Christina whispered in her ear. "I think we were made for each other!" The redhead shoved her young lover then, bending her over the desk, scattering the new purchases. Naomi submitted meekly as her piss-filled boots were pulled off, the wet jeans were peeled down her legs and her damp panties were stripped off. Suddenly her head was yanked back as Christina sharply, painfully, pulled her hair. Naomi's cry of pained surprise was cut off, however, as her recently pissed-in panties were pushed all the way into her mouth, gagging her on the damp cotton and assaulting her tastebuds with the flavour of her own urine. She whimpered and felt her pussy tingle.

She then felt a trickle of liquid spattering across her broad bottom. A stolen glance over her shoulder showed her Christina wringing out Naomi's jeans, wetting her bottom with her pee.
"I feel like grabbing some lunch. How about you?" Through her pissy gag, Naomi could only make a muffled vowel-sound. "What's that? You'd rather Mistress Christina thrashed your fat bottom for being a dirty girl who wets her knickers?" Naomi shivered and wiggled her bottom, taking hold of the far edge of the desk with both hands. "You'd like your Mistress to test her new paddle on your naughty backside?"

Christina took the paddle, testing its weight, then took a position behind and to the side of her submissive slut of a girlfriend. "I love you," she whispered. Naomi made a muffled grunt. Then the paddle smacked down onto the wet buttocks with a sharp crack. Without the usual warm-up spanking, the pain was intense and the blow jolted Naomi forward across the desk. Christina paused to watch the pink blush blossom across the previously creamy cheeks, before bringing the paddle down again, then again. After the fourth blow Naomi made an urgent noise through her gag and drummed her fists on the desk. But she stayed in position. After the seventh whack, she was crying and snotting, her left leg bending up reflexively with each spank, the whole of her bottom an angry red. By ten she was making a muted howling noise in her throat, biting down on her panties, drool and some pee squeezing out of the corners of her mouth.

The eleventh was delivered with a resounding spank to the backs of her thighs, making her stand bolt upright for a second, marching in place and gurgling through her gag, but she bent back across the desk without being told. With a smile that mixed pride and desire, Christina delivered the final blow from the stout paddle, the blunt sting searing the meat of Naomi's bottom as it thwacked across both cheeks. Her bum was glowing red, hot to the touch, the blotchy, ruby mass stretching from the top of her full cheeks to the middle of her round thighs. Naomi sagged across the desk, her body shaking as she sobbed, but she held her position in case Christina wasn't done with her, the urine-soaked panties still in her mouth, now sodden with saliva.

In fact, Christina wasn't done, although she had no immediate plans for further punishment. She picked up the lube and the strap-on, which had a rather cunning attachment that vibrated against her clit to bring her off while she used it. Once she'd belted on and lubed up the large, artificial cock, she spoke again. "So, Naomi, you say you love me but you fantasise about letting men fuck you? Because you want something in your dirty cunt, is that it?" The tip of the dildo parted Naomi's pussy lips and she gave a muffled sigh, which turned to a wince as Christina firmly gripped a sore bottom cheek with each hand and pushed, sinking the fake penis into Naomi, stretching her wet pussy until the head of the dildo hit her cervix. "Well, slut - I can fuck you!"

It took a few awkward thrusts for Christina to find the rhythm and technique, but once she'd mastered it she loved it. The vibrator pressing her clit was driving her wild, her nipples were painfully erect and a light sweat covered her forehead (after all, she was still fully dressed). Watching the big dildo withdraw from and then sink back into her lover was also a thrill, especially framed by her red, paddled bottom. Naomi grunted and moaned through her gag as she was screwed. As she fucked Naomi, Christina gave the occasional spank to her punished cheeks, but her main focus was on thrusting in isn't out of the hot pussy. The vibrations were soon too much, and the rhythm became jerky as Christina twitched, gave a series of short, hard breaths and then orgasmed, sighing with pleasure as her body trembled.

Pulling the dildo out of Naomi and unstrapping it, Christina sank back into one of the chairs in her office. Her face was now level with her lover's glistening cunt and sore, reddish bottom, and she gazed hungrily at both for a few moments, assessing what she wanted next, then realising the answer was 'lunch'. "Get up," she instructed. Shakily, Naomi stood and turned around, cheeks puffed out by her panty gag, face a mess of tear-smeared make up. "Put those knickers back on." Meekly, Naomi spat out her soggy panties and pulled the pissed-in, saliva-soaked underwear back up her legs to stretch wetly across her paddled bottom and hungry pussy.

Christina stood up, collected a couple of items from the desk, handed one to Naomi and said "Get dressed. I'm going to change, too. Then let's get some lunch - I'm starving." She kissed the brunette sweetly on the tip of her nose then sashayed from the room. Alone, Naomi looked down at what she'd been given. The package was labelled 'sexy schoolgirl' and the contents were fairly predictable. Naomi quickly removed her shirt and socks, so she was naked but for her bra and soggy panties. The first item out from the pack was some thigh high white socks with a ruffle of lace at the top, which clung to her shapely legs all the way up, the elastic nipping her soft thighs at the top, just below the fading blotch of red from the paddle. Next was a preposterously short, pink, plaid skirt. It fastened around her waist then the pleats flared it out. At the front it just covered her panties, but at the back an inch or two of them were permanently on show. The top was s flimsy, white, sleeveless, cropped affair that barely covered her bra and tied just under her breasts. A pink, plaid tie, matching the skirt, went around her neck and say in her deep cleavage. She made a quick effort to sort out her face, wiping the mascara that had run over her cheeks, reapplying some lipstick and eyeliner, brushing her hair. She looked at herself in a mirror, and reflected that she looked like a pervert's dream. Smiling, she went to the kitchen.

Christina was not downstairs yet, so Naomi set about making a light lunch of salad and iced tea. She was chopping tomatoes when she heard Christina enter the room. Turning, her mouth literally fell open.

Thanks to the black 4" heels she was wearing, Christina now towered 7.5" over Naomi's 5' 4.5" in her socks. The redhead's legs were encased in black, latex stockings, held in place by suspenders from a black, latex corset which dramatically pinched in her waist, making her already outrageous hourglass figure yet more pronounced. She wore no panties, so the pale flesh of her upper thighs and her pretty pussy with its neat, ginger fuzz were exposed. As were her huge boobs. The top of the corset finished beneath them and ran around into shoulder straps, but her swaying breasts were on show. She'd donned her glasses, and the outfit was completed by a black professor's cloak and mortarboard and in her hand was a whippy looking cane. She was every inch a fever dream teacher to Naomi's schoolgirl.

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