tagMatureNaughty Teen & Fiances Grandfather Ch. 03

Naughty Teen & Fiances Grandfather Ch. 03


Please read my "Naughty High Class Mom" pt.1 & pt.2 and "Hot Girl Leaves The Trailer Park" series.


When I went to the master bathroom there was a huge walk-in closest that was full of the sexiest lingerie and shoes of every style and size. After freshening up I selected something that would bring out my innocent teen look and me look every mans wildest teenage fantasy. As I began getting dressed I was so wild with anticipation and lust knowing that in a few minutes I would be walking to the bedroom of my fiancés 76year old grandfather to suck and fuck him. There was something so sexy about dressing up for fucking, and knowing that I was going to fuck a man almost 60 years older then me who was extremely wealthy, powerful and had a huge cock. It made this time dressing up for fucking so exciting.

As I began rolling up a pair of sheer white thigh high stockings I began to think about how turned on I was to my fiancés grandfather. I thought about how powerful he was and how turned on I got after watching him terminate all of those unsuspecting people in the company today. It was what made him so different from his grandson. He was a man that had no compassion of remorse for his actions in business. He took what ever he wanted and always got what he wanted, even if it was his grandsons soon to be bride. This was what turned me on like crazy and the fact that he had a giant cock was even more thrilling to me and made me desperate to please him.

As I clasped each of the sheer white thigh high stockings to the sexy white lace garter belt I thought about how naughty I felt buying all of those bikinis and sexy outfits and high heels earlier all to turn him on. And here I was getting ready to fuck the giant cock of my fiancés grandfather after having just met him the night before! I remember thinking that he spent thousands of dollars on me and when I mentioned this fact to him his reply was simply,

"Allison, a girl with a body as divine and sexy as yours should only expect to wear the finest designer cloths, lingerie or jewelry, and except nothing less."

After my garter belt and stockings were fastened I put on my extremely sheer lacy white strapless bra. The strapless bra added that extra touch to the naughtiness of my flat chest and tiny tits. It was such a turn on and made me feel so naughty knowing that I was getting dressed in my garter belt and nylons and high heels to fuck my fiancés 76 year old grandfather. It made me feel so powerful knowing that I was going to be fucking a man that was almost 60 years older then me and that he was not only wealthy and powerful but that he had an enormous 13 inch cock!

As I applied the bright red lipstick to my lips I began to think, "Oh fuck I can't wait until I'm on my knees blowing my fiancés grandfathers' gigantic cock with my bright red glossy lips. God, I can't wait to paint his huge fucking cock red!"

I then put on the finishing touch before I walked to his bedroom. There had been a wedding on the yacht a week before and I noticed a white veil. To add to my already sinful and immoral look I put on the wedding veil then stepped into the pair of classic open toed white high heel pumps. I then looked in the mirror to check my appearance and grinned slyly as I ran my tongue over my braces and thought to myself,

'I wonder what all those holy church goers in my home town would think if they could see little Miss Allison now.'

I looked so sexy in my white thigh high stockings and white garter belt with a lacy white strapless bra standing tall in a pair of white high heel pumps and the white wedding veil. I couldn't get over how sexy I looked and how naughty I felt. To think that just a day earlier I went from an innocent church going girl who never wore any makeup and dressed very conservatively in long loose fitting skirts with flat shoes and was sometimes confused for being a boy because of my ultra-flat chest and tiny nipples to a very naughty young teen fantasy. I then walked out and went down the long corridor to the master bedroom of my fiancés 76 year old grandfather. The only sound in the yacht was the click of my high heels on the wooden deck as I walked seductively and excitedly.

When I entered his bedroom I froze and uttered in shock,

"Ohhhhhhhhhh fuck!"

My fiancés grandfather was standing at the bar in his master bedroom holding two long stem crystal glasses. The only thing he had on was his expensive dollar Rolex watch. I was amazed at how sexy he was. His body was amazing. I could not get over his incredible physique. He had the body of a fit 25 year old boy! As I stared on in disbelief I was again confronted with the sight of his massive cock. Even having played with it for hours I was still awestruck by its menacing size.

His incredible cock hung down between his legs almost touching his knee! It was simply freakish in length and width. It also had that amazing hook at the end, which gave it an even more terrifying look. It was pulsing as if it was a wild animal at rest. Even in this flaccid state it was longer then my arm and wider around then my ankle. As my fiancés grandfather walked towards me that enormous cock slapped angrily from one leg to the other making a loud thumping sound which made its freakish size even more terrifying. The image of my that giant 13 inch big hooked cook bouncing from knee to knee would be burnt into my brain for the rest of my life. I could not pry my eyes away from the biggest cock I have ever seen or heard about and his monster cock wasn't even hard yet!

I began to think of how powerful a man must be when they posses such a huge cock. Men like my fiancés grandfather with all of their power and success could make any woman shudder to the point of an orgasm just from seeing a cock this huge and so powerful.

As soon as he stood next to me he pulled the white veil over my head then took a white expensive jewelry box from his dresser and said,

"I wanted to get you something special for our first night together baby.

When I opened it I was so taken back. It was a necklace of the most expensive diamonds I have ever seen. I was speechless. I knew they must have cost over a hundred thousand dollars because I had seen jewelry of this type in expensive stores in Miami today. As I was looking at them in disbelief my fiancés grandfather took them and put them on my neck. Before putting the pearl necklace on me he removed the wedding veil. As he pointed to the small engagement ring on my left hand he said jokingly,

"I would have gotten you a real diamond wedding ring Allison, but as it is I'm giving you something so much bigger then he ever will,"

As I put my hands around his neck I added teasingly,

"And don't forget for a second that I am going to be a very faithful and devoted married woman."

As he made a small smirk our mouths opened and our tongues met and began to explore the taste of fucking that was building inside of us. As we kissed sinfully I felt his monster cock pulsing as it brushed against the front of my white thigh high stockings past the front of my knee! I then reached down with both hands and lifted his enormous cock up the front of my stomach. As I kissed my fiancés grandfather I began jacking his giant cock through my wide open spread hands slowly and deliberately.

As he continued to grow to freakish dimensions I began to groan louder by the second. After an hour of this sexy kissing and pumping he grew into a massive 13 inch hard on! At one point I looked at it as if I was staring at a work of art. I just kept repeating,

"Ohhhhhh god… I can't believe how fucking big your cock is….. sooooooo fucking big,"

As I said this I was startled that I could only wrap my long fingers around one quarter of it! The veins looked so terrifying as they shot out like a wild rib cage along the entire shaft. This only added to the power it gave his great big cock. I began to shudder then came in a wonderful orgasm as we kissed and played with each other as I thought of how this freakish cock was going to feel like fucking in and out of my tight virgin-like 18 year old pussy!

It was so fucking amazing that as I stood in my high heels his now fully turned on cock actually came up to my to the front of my strapless white lace bra! I uttered,

"Oh fuck baby this great big cock is soooooooo fucking sexy. God I could just pump it and jack it all night baby".

I began to tease him by rubbing his monster cock over the front of my tiny eraser-like nipples. My tiny eraser-like nipples were ready to explode from the sight and feel of his giant cock head as I guided it over the explosive sensitive tips of my tiny nipples. My fiancés grandfather moaned,

"Oh Allison I've been going insane watching those long legs of yours and those sexy little nipples all day. You are such a fucking young tease baby. Such a sexy young tease."

As I continued to stroke his giant cock he added edgily,

"Ooooooh fuck, my big cock feels so good sliding through your sexy young hands of yours baby."

He then pulled me close to him and we resumed our wicked kissing. This was a sinful forbidden kiss between an 18 year old naughty school girl who was wickedly dressed for fucking in white thigh high stockings fastened to a white garter belt with a sexy white lace strapless bra and a pair of classic white high heel pumps kissing a man who was almost 60 years older than her and who had a giant 13 inch hard on while she lovingly pumped it with her pale hands.

We then went back to kissing but now our mouths opened wide as our tongues met in perfect timing; making this morally wrong sight look even more corrupt. As the tips of our tongues flicked against each others his hands went to my turned on ass and began caressing it in a deliberate way. He said devilishly,

"You have an exciting ass Allison. I was admiring it when you had on that wonderful thong bikini. You looked so sexy standing in those naughty black high heels; which I applaud you for the exhilarating and well calculated effect your sexy high heels provided baby. All I could think about while you were blowing my big cock was how delicious your ass and snatch were going to taste."

As my fiancés grandfather began playing with my burning ass: running those hands over my garter belt and thong he began a slow and methodical pattern of spreading my ass cheeks slightly apart which caused my horny fuck lips to pry apart slightly and then he would release them which caused a sinful popping sound. As our kissing continued he did this repeatedly which caused me to moan in a raspy voice,

"Oh baby that feels soooo fucking sexy. My fucking ass is on fire baby."

My moaning grew throatier and I immediately shifted his giant cock to my left side and continued to pump it through my wide open hands. I teased it while running his giant shaft from the underside with my palm along my white thigh high stocking and garter belt. I would twist it slowly and deviously while I worked my palm up the endless shaft and then brought my palm up and turned it over and ran it back down along the top of his 13 inch thick shaft in the same twisting motion until I reached the extra wide base of his giant cock I could not believe how thrilling his heavily weighted shaft felt against my palm and fingers. As I continued pumping it my fiancés grandfather moaned saying,

"Oh yessssss baby I love the feel of your hands and those sexy stockings against my big hard cock baby."

It was so thrilling the way we were turning each other on. It was so incredibly exciting that we remained standing in this naughty fuck position, kissing and playing with each other for another hour. As we were getting into our sexy and very wicked kiss I began to think to myself that this scene for most people was the utmost, most immoral act of taboo sex. Here was a young, just turned 18 year old innocent looking girl with her hair in pigtails and wearing braes dressed so naughtily in a white garter belt and stockings with white high heel pumps, wickedly kissing and seductively pumping the huge cock of a man old enough to be her great grandfather!

After having cum twice just from standing and kissing I said heatedly, as I went down on my high heels,

"Oh baby I've got to get my mouth all over that great big cock. I've got to blow it baby. I need to blow that great big horny cock of yours lover."

I then went down and squatted on my white high heel pumps and began to just kiss along the length of his massive shaft. I licked and kissed all along the length of that almost grotesque shaft, around that wild hook and up to the tip to his enormous cock head. It was truly a sight to see as it stuck out obscenely 13 inches from his tight body with an arching bend towards the ground. I just moaned over and over as I kissed up one side then back down the other side. When I reached his huge cock head I would kiss it for a few minutes making a soft popping sound then say passionately,

"Ohhhh baby your soooooo fucking huge (kiss kiss), ohoooooo your huge cock is sooooo fucking sexy (kiss kiss), soooo fucking big (kiss kiss)."

I can't begin to tell you how much I was enjoying this sordid experience of knelling in front of my fiancés 76 year old grandfather while I worshiped his monstrous 13 inch cock. After a half an hour of kissing every inch of his terrifyingly huge cock and his wonderful tight balls I began driving him wild by spitting all over his angry shaft, then used my tongue to catch the drops before they hit the floor.

I could tell that he was going wild for me by the way I was thrilling his huge cock with the slutty little schoolgirl head I was giving him. As his huge cock glistened from my hot saliva and as beads if it dripped to the floor forming a small puddle I looked up showing him my braces and said mischievously,

"Oh baby, I don't want to rush the hot load of cum out of this great big cock. I want to keep tongue fucking it and jerking all over it and getting it all worked up!"

As I continued spitting my hot saliva all over his giant cock I kept teasing,

"Oh baby I know you like this… uuuummmm I know your huge cock is loving this baby."

As I was spitting and licking all over my fiancés grandfathers huge cock I looked up at him as if I could read his mind. With a sly girlish smile I said,

"Ohhh that's right baby. You like having this young naughty school girl dressed in her white thigh high stockings and garter belt in white high heels blowing all over your huge cock … uuuuummmmmm I know you do baby….. I know your loving it."

As I was continued spitting on his giant cock, I began licking and catching my hot saliva I continued to taunt him saying,

"Do you like the way this naughty schoolgirl is blowing your huge cock baby?"

He began moaning and enjoyed my sexy taunting saying,

"Oh yes, suck it you naughty little school girl, suck it before the bell rings for you to go back to class."

I then took his gigantic shaft and began pumping it through my freckled hands. I began by stroking the big fat hook part faster and faster which caused him to groan approvingly. I then pumped the base to the long wide hook up and down while I cupped the crown of his huge cock head with the other. I then went back to just pumping just the angry hook while I cupped the crown. I was blowing and playing with his freakish cock for over two hours as I lustfully worshiped such a monstrous cock.

As I lustfully blew my fiancées grandfathers' mammoth cock he sipped his Champaign and watched me suck his monster cock adoringly and with so much lust. As my tongue flicked wildly over and under his giant grotesquely veined shaft with the freakish hook I was moaning out loud saying how huge his cock was and how much I loved blowing his great big fuck pole. After a while I knew he was right at the edge of busting a huge load and so was I. His great big cock felt so wild slipping through my outstretched freckled hands from all the saliva I coated it with as I continued to pump it off.

As he moaned, saying I was driving him wild I began to try to work my open mouth over his fat cock head. His cock was so massive and so wide around that that all I could manage to get into my turned on mouth was an inch over his enormous crown! As I glanced over at the mirror I saw the sight of me on my high heels lustfully working on a huge cock that was so taboo; so forbidden that I began moan uncontrollably. I began smirking inside as I thought to myself,

'Wow, look at the good little innocent soon to be married 18 year old teenager lustfully pleasing her fiancés wealthy and powerful 76 year old grandfather with the oversized 13 inch cock!'

To any church going person watching they would have been disgusted to see such a young teenager squatting on her white high heels wearing white thigh high stockings and a garter belt with and an engagement ring on the finger of a hand that was pumping up and down excitedly then twisting from side to side over and under the almost grotesque giant sized cock of a man that was almost 60 years older than her! As she eagerly pumped the older much man she had a sly grin on her face that suggested how wantonly she worshiped his enormous cock.

I was spitting so much saliva at his giant cock that it was dripping from my mouth and went down my chin over my flat chest. It was even hanging off of my tiny nipples. He was going crazy from this depraved sight and said,

"Oh fuck, you are so nasty Allison… so fucking nasty."

I wanted to get my fiancés grandfather off so bad and so desperately. I wanted him to shoot his load like he did earlier. I was going insane and urgently needed to watch it cum. As he was groaning I new that he was close to shooting off. I went on teasing, saying,

"Oh baby show this horny school girl how a great big cock could shoot, a real mans cock, not like your pathetic grandsons tiny cock or my pastors poor excuse of a cock."

I then went down on my knees which caused my nice round ass to stick up. I smirked and teased and said,

"Ohhhhh, you like looking at my nice young 18 year old ass while I'm working all over your fucking huge cock don't you baby?

My fiancés grandfather responded saying flatteringly, "Oh Allison you are an amazing young girl with an incredible young body baby. That naughty little innocent schoolgirl look with those tiny little tits on that flat chest with all those lovely freckles on that skinny body of yours is driving me fucking crazy baby."

He then added enthusiastically, "Your ass is so wild Allison. I can't wait to fuck it with my mouth and tongue baby."

Knowing that his eyes were riveted on my body I crossed my white high heels and teasingly lifted them up playfully then began making small spiral movements with my high heels. The sexy, almost non-existent white thong defined my hot ass even more perfectly, as it gave a wonderful separation to each freckled pale ass cheek.

I then flicked my hot wet tongue all over his huge cock head wildly for few minutes without touching his huge heavy veined shaft with my hands. This was the time to tease his monstrous cock; to play with it and savor every delicious inch of his giant shaft. There was no need to rush this. This was the time every girl needed to spend worshiping his great big powerful cock: taking their time giving it the most teasing kind of head imaginable. This was the time I really wanted to get into. The time needed to show a man as wealthy and powerful and as hung as my fiancés grandfather that he deserved this type of attention before the fucking started. This was the time when you could imagine what countless people would think about if they were in the room watching.

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