tagFetishNavy School Story

Navy School Story


I still remember how it all started. Shell and I were going to school in Virginia Beach, but because we were both what were called “fleet returnees” we were allowed individual rooms at the bachelor quarters, basically a dorm with individual rooms. Everybody else had to stay in barracks that were open bay, meaning a huge room with a lot of bunk beds and no privacy.

Shell loved to tease me when she talked to me, for instance, wiggling her finger at me to come over to her when we were in class just so she could say, “I knew I could make you come with one finger”. Know you really should see her, she was gorgeous, about 5’9” and probably 100lbs, and her hair, when she would let it down, would almost reach her ass, and it was a curly auburn color. Know her ass was so tiny, and it looked so good, her breasts were small, but that certainly didn’t bother me. Now to describe myself. I am 5’10”, short brown hair, green eyes, 190lbs. I worked out everyday and was in pretty good shape. I am also lucky to be blessed with an 8inch cock.

It was Valentines Day, 1994, after weeks of talking the talk, I decided to walk the walk with Shell, or at least try. We were out of school for the day and I called her room, she wasn’t there so I left a message for her something to the effect of “ Shell, it Valentines day, why don’t I get some Champaign, strawberries and we’ll go to the Hot Tub rental place?” About an hour later I got a call from her, she thanked me for the call, but declined my offer for the date, she was seeing someone in California and wanted to remain faithful.

Now I can’t remember how or when, but I had given Shell my room combo, you see, the rooms had no key locks, they were combination locks. So she would pop in at any time. I remember calling her one night asking if she wanted to come chill, and watch a movie and she said yes, I told her I was going to get a shower and she could come on up. Now let me describe the room, it was set up basically like a hotel room the sink was to the left as you opened the door and right past the sink was the bathroom.

I left the door to the bathroom open and filled the tub with water and decided to shave my cock and balls. I had done this in the past, and if you have never tried it I suggest you do it. The look and feel, especially if the woman in your life shaves, is absolutely incredible when you slide into her. You feel it so much more. So anyway, I finished shaving, I know had a semi, which, looks extra long and thick now with most of the hair removed, and I hear her opening the door.

Shell walks in and sees me in the tub as I start standing up, she mumbled something and walked into the room. I yelled out that I told her I was going to get a shower. I dried off in the bathroom and walked out with the towel around my waste. She was sitting by the bed and I walked to my closer, which is by the bed and dropped my towel and put on a pair of boxers.

We watched the movie and after it was over I told her she could sleep with me, I would wake her up so we could get ready for school in the morning. She was reluctant at first, but I assured her I wouldn’t try anything, so we slept together, I think we both missed holding or having someone hold us, so it was very nice to snuggle and go to sleep, and true to my word I didn’t try anything. I did have a hard on which she could feel pressing up against her ass.

I don’t remember which night, but after that first night almost every night she would sleep with me. One night I asked her if I could show her something. I placed her hand on my cock and balls, letting her feel how smooth they were, explaining that I shaved. Also, I had no problem undressing in front of her and she would sleep in panties and a T-shirt. We talked often about taking it to the next level, I asked her if she wanted me to go down on her, no reciprocation, but she declined, saying that if I did that, she wouldn’t be able to stop after 1 orgasm and would want to keep going.

One night we started kissing and she started stroking my hard cock, and I slid my hand to her panties, slipped it underneath the waistband and lower, feeling her pubic hair, and finally her slit, she was already very wet and I ran a finger up and down her crack and slipped 1 then 2 fingers inside her. She stroked my cock faster and I picked up the pace of my fingers sliding in and out and rubbing her clit. She stopped and asked me to stop and I pulled my hand out, she said she couldn’t but resumed stroking my cock. She told me to lie back and relax.

Her hand felt so good wrapped around my cock, it wasn’t long until I was close to cumming and I told her so. She started stroking faster and soon I started to cum, it shot all over my chest. She slowed her strokes down, but kept going until she milked me dry. I asked her if I could do anything for her, and she said she wanted to , but couldn’t. I put her finger in a pool of my cum then placed it on her nipple, letting the cum coat her nipple, then I leaned over and sucked her nipple. I repeated this to her other nipple. She let out a gasp and then without my guiding her hand she put her finger in a pool of cum and traced her nipple again.

Once more I took her nipple into my mouth. She asked me why it didn’t gross me out to taste my cum and I told her it has always turned me on to kiss after getting head, it was the same when a girl would kiss me after I went down on her. Knowing she was tasting herself on my lips really was a turn on. I think Shell liked the analogy and she dipped her fingers to some more cum and dripped it onto her chest and nipples then brought my head to her chest, licked, then she brought my head to her lips, kissing me. She asked if I ever had a snowball, to which I said no, but I have kissed right after being sucked, but I never had a girl do that.

That was the only night anything ever happened between us, but we continued to sleep together, and talk about things we wanted to do. She asked if I would go down on her after sex. I said of course. She said would I lick her if she had sex and didn’t use a condom. I said of course. She asked if I would kiss her after giving head. I said of course. Then she said what if I had done all those things with someone else, then came to you. I said of course.

Now I know that opened a door of possibilities, but nothing more ever happened. Eventually we graduated and I went to San Diego and She went to Japan. I thought about her often and always wondered what it would have been like to make love to her, but I thought I’d never know.

Then, through sheer luck this year I found a phone number for her in Virginia and called her. She and I are both married now. She is now an instructor at the school we used to go to, but she is getting ready to go to a new job soon. I told her I would be there in March for 3 weeks for some training and maybe we could go to dinner. We exchanged emails and kept in touch, promising to hook up when I got to Virginia.

I arrived in Virginia and got a room in the same bachelor quarters building, but different floor. The first thing I did was to email Shell telling her I was finally in town, which room I was in and that I would see her in the morning, then as an after thought I emailed her my room lock combination, telling her to stop by with breakfast. I watched TV and just before falling asleep I checked email and read an email Shell sent saying she looked forward seeing me in the morning.

In that state before you wake up when you are partially awake, but still dreaming, I thought I heard the door to my room open and shut. I opened my eyes and saw a silhouette and heard the rustle of clothes being taken off. My eyes cleared and I saw Shell standing there, she smiled and said good morning and she brought me breakfast. She pulled the blanket off me and said she was glad to see I was wake she climbed on the bed and on top of me, straddling my face, facing my cock.

She slowly lowered her pussy to my face. Just before my tongue touched I felt something wet drop onto my lips. I said Shell you are wet already and she said, yes and freshly fucked and still very horny. Before I could reply her pussy was on my face and my tongue found its way inside her very wet slit. I recognized the taste of cum right away and knew she must have had sex this morning before she came to see me. She was moaning and saying “oh yeah”, “lick that stuff”, “Mmmm, that feels so good”, “Oh baby, put your tongue in me, oh, taste that cum, I put a fresh load in my pussy just for you”.

I licked her pussy up and down, slipping my tongue as far inside her as I could, I could taste the cum that was deposited inside her, then I slowly fucked her with my tongue, licking down to her clit and up to her ass, slowly circling her little brown hole, then darting my tongue inside.

She squealed when I did that, Hissing for me to lick her ass. I tongue fucked her little brown hole, making it slippery, then licking back to her pussy, slowly sliding a finger in her ass up to the second knuckle and out again, very slowly. My lips found her clit and I gently bit down, locking it between my teeth, so I could flick my tongue back and forth across it.

She gasped and said she was going to cum, I kept licking her clit until she exploded on my mouth, she came a lot, flooding my mouth, I could taste a mixture of juices and I licked until she climbed off my face. She turned around to face me smiling. She said my face was soaked with her pussy juice. She reached down to squeeze my cock and said she had one more thing to do and kissed her way down my chest until her mouth wrapped around my cock and slid down it. I groaned as she sucked up and down. She looked up at me and our eyes locked as she slid up and down my cock. It wasn’t long before my breathing became gasps and I told her I was going to cum.

She started to jack me off with her hand and kept the tip in her mouth, I started to cum, shooting off in her mouth, I heard her moan as jet after jet of cum spurted in her mouth. Finally she pulled her mouth of my cock and started to climb back up to face me. She pulled my face to her lips and as soon as our lips met I knew she didn’t swallow.

I felt the thickness on my tongue as we kissed, enjoying the fact we were sharing something with the kiss. When she broke off the kiss she told me she had been waiting 7 years to do that with me. I told her I wished you wouldn’t have waited so long and we both headed to the bathroom. She said she got the idea the night before when reading my email about breakfast.

So she woke her husband up by sucking him and as soon as he was hard she climbed on top of him. I wanted him to hurry up and cum inside me. She said the hardest thing was for her to hurry and get dressed for work and to keep the cum from leaking out before she got here. I turned on the shower and asked if she would join me but she said she had to get to the school. So she dressed as I showered. Shell said the thought of working all day with her pussy tingling would drive her crazy.

School went fine and almost every morning she would stop by my room. My last weekend before leaving she told me to come to her house at 5 in the morning, she would be up to let me in. I asked about her husband and she said he had duty and would sneak me in the bedroom while he showered. So I parked on the street and stood outside her door in the early morning hours and about 10 minutes after 5 she peeked out her curtains and saw me standing there.

She quickly opened the door, standing naked and putting her finger to her lips. I could hear a shower running, she hurried me to the bedroom and motioned for the closet. I saw down and she closed the door. I could see through the slats the whole room. Soon the shower stopped and her husband came in to the bedroom to find his wife on the bed fingering herself. She told him to come over.

He stood by the bed drying his hair as she sucked his cock. When she got him nice and hard she turned away from him on all fours and backed her pussy to him. She was facing the closet and looking right at me. She closed her eyes as he slid into her. He put his hands on her hips and started to pound into her as she grunted and groaned. I could hear the sounds of skin slapping against skin as he fucked her. She was saying “oh yeah, fuck me”, “I want to feel you cum in me baby”. It was so exciting watching her get fucked, less than 3 feet from me, I could see, hear and smell the sex. He picked up the pace and said he was going to cum and grabbed her hips thrusting deep inside her and grunted and came.

She kept him deep in her until he softened up. Then he said he had to hurry and get ready, they kissed and she kissed and licked his cock clean, looking towards the closet again, then laid back in the bed. He dressed and kissed her bye. She waited in the bed until the door shut, once we heard a car start she asked f that excited me. I said hell yeah, then she said wait and got up and went to the front room. Then she came in and opened the door and laid on her back, telling me to strip. I was naked in no time. Shell spread her legs and I could see her pubic hair was matted with cum, she rubbed her pussy and told me to lick her clean. I crawled towards her licking her up and down. She Oohed and Awed and said “lick my pussy”, “lick that stuff”.

I licked her clit and ass, sticking my tongue deep inside her pussy, then licking her clit, then back to her pussy. She said she is cumming and grabbed my hair pulling my face in tight to her pussy. She rolled over and said “lick my ass” I put a pillow under her tummy, raising her ass in the air, she said that had felt so good the first time I licked her ass she wanted to feel it again.

I grabbed her cheeks, spread then apart and darted my tongue in and out. She reached down and rubbed her clit while I tongue fucked her ass. After a few minutes she reached into a drawer and handed me some cream. She wanted me in her ass , but said go slow. I lubed up my cock and put some on her ass. I started with one finger, slowly, until I got it all the way in, then 2 fingers, after awhile I had three fingers sawing in and out and thought it was time. I pulled her hips higher and placed my cock at her entrance. I put the tip at the entrance, and slowly pushed it in.

When the tip was in I didn’t move, letting her get used to it, then she slowly started to push back. I watched as she would push and stop, push and stop until my entire cock was inside her. Then she told me to take over. I grabbed her hips and started pulling out, then pushing in, slow, them fast, until she was screaming, “faster, faster, fuck my ass”, It was so tight I knew I couldn’t last long and told her.

She said “cum baby, cum in my ass, I want to feel it” I thrust 1 more time, deep inside her and came, I stayed in her until I softened up. She leaned forward and my cock plopped out. She reached back and said, “oh man, that was great, but I think it will be sore later” she grabbed my hand and took me to the shower. The rest of the day was spent with her, we fucked in every room.

I left the next day and we were both sorry to say goodbye again, but both happy to get back to out normal lives.

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