tagExhibitionist & VoyeurNearly Nude in School

Nearly Nude in School


This was requested by a friend and has little nudity in it, but she said it is the embarrassment that she enjoys so here we go...


Very carefully, Sarah glanced around the corner of the hallway and saw that the teachers parking lot was just beyond the doors at the end of the hallway and breathed a sigh of relief as she knew her ordeal was almost over. Sarah then wondered exactly how in the world she had gotten herself into this mess just hours before her boyfriend was going to meet her...

The day had started out simply enough that morning. Preparing for the day Sarah knew that her boyfriend was going to have to pick her up at work right after she got off since he was going to be getting back into town at least an hour before school let out. Sarah was a very thin and pretty high school teacher with very long dark hair and dark sultry eyes that conveyed her every emotion. She was very excited since her boyfriend Glenn had been away for almost a month on an extended business trip. While in the shower she had shaved her legs thinking about Glenn touching them when they were alone together later that night, just that simple thought turned her on. She reached out for the knob on the shower and turned the hot water down to give her a blast of the cold just to calm her down so she could save herself for Glenn to return instead of masturbating in the shower as she had done almost everyday since he had been gone.

Getting out of the shower and drying off she went into her bedroom and went to the closet and pulled out a bag that she had placed in there after returning from her shopping trip last week. She opened the back and pulled out a lacey red bra and a matching pair of g string panties and smiled as she laid them out on the bed and then put her sundress that she was going to wear with her sexy underwear. It was still quite warm outside as school had only started two weeks ago.

Sarah was also hoping that this would be an easy day as one of her students named Matt had been dating Abby the lead cheerleaders and she had noticed that the two were more concerned with each other than they were learning what Sarah had been teaching. In fact last week she had noticed that Sarah had on a short skirt and that as the walked down the hall Matt had been trying to get a good look up her skirt and she had to call Matt down, but just the sight of the well built trying to see up his classmates skirt had turned Sarah on to the point where she had to run to the ladies room before her next class and use toilet paper to clean the moisture from her wet pussy.

The drive to school was easy enough Sarah thought then as she was getting ready to get out of her car her cell phone rang and she saw that it was Glenn.

"Hello," Sarah said trying not to sound too breathless as she answered the call.

"Hey, baby," Glenn said on the other end. "I wanted to call you during my layover and let you know how much I've missed you."

"Oh, you're so sweet, darling," Sarah said feeling herself blush just from the sound of his masculine voice.

"Listen, babe, I've been thinking that since I've been away for so long why don't just go to your place and order delivery in tonight, we can go to the other place another night," Glenn suggested.

"In other words, your horny and can't wait to get me into bed," Sarah laughed at him.

"Is it that obvious?" Glenn asked her.

"Judging from that phone call the other night, I'm surprised your not walking around with a hard on right now," Sarah said feeling herself blush even more at the thought of the phone sex that they had, had just a couple nights ago. Then she felt some of her juices escape her pussy and drip into the crotch of her brand new panties.

Glenn said, "You enjoyed it as much as I did."

"Yes, baby, I did enjoy it," Sarah replied and started to feel a little naughty. "So tell me stud, are you hard?"

Glenn stammered and lowered his voice and said, "I can't talk about that right now, Sarah!"

Sarah laughed seductively at him, "It's a yes or no question, Glenn. Are you hard?"

"Um, yes," he said to her.

"Good, keep it that way, and don't you dare go to the rest room and jerk off, I want every bit of that hot cum for me tonight," Sarah told him.

"Yes, Miss Z," Glenn said shortening Sarah's last name which was Zebrowski.

"Talk to you soon, dear," Sarah said to him.

"I love you," Glenn told her.

"I love you, too," Sarah said as she hung up the phone with him.

Sarah climbed from her car and left her keys inside as she had one of the keypad door locks to keep from losing her keys as she had done in the past. As she was walking she smiled as she was usually shy and reserved with everyone that she knew except for Glenn and he had opened her up more than any of her previous boyfriends had. For some reason there was something about him that made her want to explore her bad side and be a naughty girl every now and then.

As she walked toward the school she saw that Matt and Abby were standing with a group that consisted entirely of football players and cheerleaders and right in the middle was her least favorite student, Allen Newsted. Allen was a trouble maker pure and simple, he did things for attention and he usually got it. In the matter of the two weeks that school had been open, Allen had already been to detention everyday but two of them. In fact just yesterday, Sarah had sent Allen to detention for reading a Hustler magazine in the middle of her lecture on Romeo and Juliet. Sarah had taken the magazine from it and placed it her desk, then after dismissal had taken the magazine back out and looked at it, every last page of it. She was shocked by what she saw, but she was also very aroused by the magazine as well.

Had Sarah been closer to the group she may not have been running around the hall that very afternoon in nothing more than a brand new bra, g string, and pair of pumps. Allen had looked at Abby and Matt and said, "I know that the assembly is today during Miss Z's class, I need you guys to distract her for at least 30 seconds, so I can get this fish hook into the back of her dress."

Abby looked at him with suspicion and said, "What're you up to Allen?"

"I'm going to make sure she rips her dress right off her body in front of the entire senior class," Allen laughed.

"Isn't that a little extreme?" Matt asked. "I mean all she did was take your magazine."

Allen looked at his friend and said, "It wasn't my magazine, asshole, it was my dad's. Then she had the nerve to call my old man! I'm grounded for two months for swiping his shit! Bitch won't let me see Beaver Hunt, I'll show everybody her fucking beaver, besides she is hot as hell!" The entire group burst into laughter as Miss Z walked by. She didn't say anything but glanced a wary in their direction.

The rest of the day had passed without incident when her next to last period class came in. Matt, Abby, and Allen were walking toward their usual seats at the back of the classroom and Sarah was sitting at her desk looking over papers from her previous classes. Sarah looked up just as Matt used the pencil in his hand to raise up the back of the short skirt that Abby was wearing and reveal that she had on a powder blue g string that was the exact same style as the one that Sarah herself was wearing. The sight of Matt doing that turned Sarah on yet again, but this time she had no chance of being able to run to the ladies room before class and would just have to deal with the fact that her panties were going to have a wet spot in the crotch. She blushed at the fact that these 18 year olds had such an ability to turn her on to the point she could just run away and masturbate herself to orgasm.

Once class started she stood up and said, "We will be having an assembly in about 5 minutes, so I'm going pass out your pop quizzes! Now you have the advantage on the previous classes as they had to take theirs in class. You can take your home and work on them over the weekend!"

Allen leaned up and whispered to Matt, "Now, she's giving us homework for this weekend too, damn what a tight ass bitch she is!"

Matt seeing Miss Z's eyes on them simply nodded in response.

Sarah then said, "If you'd like you can get started on them while we wait for them to call us to the assembly. Please, be on your best behavior during the assembly as the entire school board is here as this is a very important assembly pertaining to Just Say No to drugs."

Allen chuckled, "Just Say No to drugs, but yes to pussy!"

Sarah looked at Allen and said, "Would like to spend the rest of the afternoon with Vice Principal Alexander after school?"

Allen said, "No ma' am."

"Then knock it off, young man," Sarah said sternly.

Allen leaned up to Matt and said, "If she finds out that I pulled this shit off I got a feeling me and VP Alexander are going to be seeing a lot of each other!"

Matt said, "I think it's a bad idea, Allen!"

Allen said, "She got my dad's mag, now I'm going to see her without that damn dress on!"

Sarah stood at the front of the class when the announcement came on the intercom calling the entire school to the auditorium for the assembly. She said, "Alright people, remember your behavior or you can stay over with Vice Principal Alexander and I'm sure none of you want to do that now do you?"

As the class moved toward the auditorium Miss Z saw the Matt was once again trying to sneak a peek up Abby's dress to see her panties. Abby was playfully slapping his hand away and giggling and since it turned Sarah on so much she wasn't going to stop them. Allen noticed that the pair had Sarah's attention and hoped that they would keep it up so he could execute his plan perfectly. He smiled to himself since Sarah had worn a sundress he had no doubt that this plan would work perfectly.

Once everybody was in the auditorium, Allen watched as Sarah kept her eyes glued to what was going on with Matt and Abby and took the chance and got the fish hook with the fishing line into the back of her dress and then put the other end which was also attached to a fishing hook into the curtains of the auditorium as he knew that they would be raising the curtains the moment that the superintendent started talking. Allen slipped back into his seat and smiled at Sarah as she looked him with curiosity playing at the corners of her eyes.

The superintendent got up and as he did the curtains started to rise and as they did Sarah felt a pull on the back of her dress she started to back up as the pressure continued to build, then she heard the unmistakable sound of fabric ripping and felt air on her suddenly bare back. She realized what was about to happen and closed her eyes as she waited for dress to rip the rest of the way off. Sarah just knew that every eye in the auditorium was on her as her clothes were going up with the curtain. Finally, the tearing of fabric stopped as the dress was torn completely from Sarah's body, leaving her standing before the entire school, faculty, and school board in nothing but her sexy underwear that was only meant to be seen by Glenn! Sarah blushed red with embarrassment before she even opened her eyes.

The silence in the auditorium was nearly deafening then there ware whistles and catcalls that began to ring out and Sarah opened her eyes but was frozen to the spot as she saw all the students eyes on her. Then the student body started to yell out things such as, "Nice ass Miss Z!" Sarah started to slowly shuffle toward the exit of the auditorium. Then a student yelled out, "Look at her panties, she is so excited that she is making them wet!" At that statement Sarah burst out into tears and began to run toward the exit of the auditorium.

Once out into the empty hallway she felt somewhat better, but that feeling only lasted for a moment as she turned to see who had followed her out of the assembly only to find out that it was the entire senior class of he football team! "I want to get them drawers off and find out what else she's hiding," one of them said. Sarah started to run down the hallway, amazed that she was outrunning the football players.

Once she turned down the next hallway she slipped into a small broom closet before the football players entered that same hallway, once Sarah heard them enter the adjacent bathroom she exited the closet and back tracked the way she had come, she had a trench coat in her closet in her class room she just had to make it back to that room and get it out. She rushed through the school praying that the assembly would continue and all she would have to do would be to avoid the sex hungry football players and she would be home free. Then she had a very odd realization even though she was embarrassed and humiliated she was also very turned on her panties were getting wetter by the second.

She had no time to dwell on her sudden horniness as she was in grave danger of rape if the football players found her so she headed back to the classroom and found that the door to the room was locked. Silently she cursed herself for leaving the keys in the dress that was now hanging high over the auditorium. Then to her horror the intercom came alive and said, "The assembly is postponed, please return to your classes at this time!"

Sarah thought to herself, "Now, how do I get out of this! Trapped in school practically naked and now the whole student body is on their way back to class?" Then she remembered her car...the keys were in it! It was a simple matter to get to the parking lot she decided and started toward the hallway that would lead her there but she had to run as she could hear voices as the students were heading back to their class rooms.

Sarah charged down the hall that would lead her to her car. She stopped at the corner and looked out at the parking lot bathed in warm late summer sunlight, then the other way showed her that there were a few students coming down the hallway! If she waited they would see her and probably more than a few more behind them would see her as well so she made a break for it, running toward the door very aware that her bare ass was exposed because of the g string she was wearing. Whistles followed her out into the parking lot as she ran out the doors.

She quickly used her code on the keypad to get into her car, she had every intention of driving home and getting some new clothes before gathering up her dignity and returning to school to try to ensure she still had a job by Monday morning. However, instead of using the keys to start the car, she reached down and started to masturbate while sitting in her car, she just slid the g string to the side and started stroking her pussy yearning for release as she felt more sexually alive than at anytime in her life!

A sound outside drew her attention and she looked and saw that the football players had found her, but instead of trying to get into her car they had pulled out their hard cocks and were stroking them as they stood watching the pretty young teacher masturbate inside her locked car. Then suddenly when she began to cry out in orgasm she closed her eyes and when she opened them again the football players were nowhere to be found. Then she gasped when she turned to look beside her as she saw Glenn standing there looking in the window.

"Am I interrupting something?" he asked as she rolled down the window.

Sarah grinned sheepishly, "You won't believe what happened to me a few minutes ago!"

Glenn laughed at her, "I can't wait till you till me all about it!" Sarah then unlocked the passenger side door and Glenn slid in and they drove away.

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