tagNonHumanNegative Space Ch. 06

Negative Space Ch. 06


That night I waited, impatiently, alternately sitting on my bed and pacing my tiny room. Eventually, after darkness had settled through the apartment, the shrill bell rang. I rushed to the intercom and buzzed Theo in. He came up, his nose wrinkled slightly.

"How on earth could you live here?" He asked.

"Oh, just shut up and help me move," I said, but he grabbed my hand and pulled me to him. He tucked his nose into the crook of my neck, and inhaled deeply. He groaned. I groaned--the rush of air and his electric touch had my head swirling and my whole body tightening and pulsing. I collapsed forward onto him, grabbing tightly onto his shoulders, and he carried me without effort into my bedroom. He set me on the edge of my bed and kneeled between my legs. He pushed up my sundress and began licking the sweat from the back of my knees, slowly kissing and licking his way up the inside of my bare thighs. I shuddered and lay backward on the bed, breathing heavily. The sensations his tongue was causing in me made me lose track of up and down, gravity and physics. I was floating, flipping, flying--his teeth grazed my cotton undies and I gasped. He licked around my undies and up to my hip bones, gently biting and sucking. He pulled my dress up even farther, and then all the way off. He unclipped my bra and leaned over me, sucking and licking my nipples. He moved to my neck, sending showers of stars straight down to my pussy, and I pulled his lips to mine. His lips tasted sweet, their coolness refreshing in the sticky heat of my apartment. I sucked on his lips, pushing my tounge into his mouth and pressing all my desire into this kiss. He groaned and leaned his forehead into mine, panting slightly.

"You taste so good, Lana."

He dove in to kiss me deeply, before pulling away again, and making his way back down my body. I lifted my hips slightly, and he pulled my undies down and off. His cool breath on my pussy lips shocked me, and I jerked my hips back. He gently opened my legs, leaning forward to delicately lick my lips, sending electricity through my whole body. He pressed his tongue into the fold between my lips, carefully avoiding my clit. I began to moan as he started to fuck my pussy with his tongue, licking down to my asshole and back up again, licking the sensitive skin around my clit, above it, and right below it. My orgasm was building steadily, curling and uncurling in my abdomen. Suddenly he clamped down his lips on my clit and I screamed--the sensation was so intense. He pushed his fingers into my pussy and began fucking my hard. He was deep within me, touching everywhere my other lovers had never bothered to. I still hadn't come, and was panting with desire and need, but Theo wouldn't push me over yet. He was stretching and curling his fingers and sucking on my clit. Just when I thought I would die from the feelings, he slipped an extra finger into my asshole. I gasped, and immediately my orgasm crashed over me as I felt his fingers in my pussy and my ass. He sunk his teeth into my thigh, drinking my blood and sending a huge surge of orgasms through me again--I hadn't known I could come that much and that hard. He kept fucking my until I had to actually pull his hand out of me, panting and laughing.

"Oh my god, Theo," I breathed, when I finally stopped shivering. He crawled up to me and lay down on his side, his head propped up on his hand. He licked the blood off his lips, almost feline in his contentedness. He leaned forward to kiss me and I tasted my own coppery blood on his lips, but somehow it didn't turn me off. His clear desire for my blood turned me on--it made it all much more attractive to me.

"Shall we get going then?" He murmured into my ear. "Although I delight in you, I cannot stand the stench of this apartment building. Come to my home."

When we finally got downstairs and out onto the street there was a sleek back limo waiting, and several suspiciously perfect people standing around reading newspapers and pushing baby carriages. The front door opened and a man in an impeccable black suit stepped forward to take my bags. Theo opened the door for me and I got in, overwhelmed by the service.

"You certainly have quite a following," I said as we settled in.

"You can't expect me to march around New York City without bodyguards."

"What about when we met? You seemed alone then."

"Not the first few times. I am almost always followed by at least 3 guards. After that, though, we met alone. I told them to stay at home. You were too ...interesting to share with others."

"Why are you so special that you get bodyguards? I guess you're some sort of prince, but how does that work?"

"Well, I'm the prince of New York. That means that I have a cabinet, advisers, and I will one day become King. Although for all intents and purposes I am the sole ruler, my Sire is still the official King. Vampires don't ever get old, and never die except through violence or sunlight, but my Sire is, essentially, getting old. He's too tired of existence, too frustrated by the infidelities of his staff. Currently he is on vacation."

"How long has he been on vacation?" I asked, knowing for some reason that it was a significant amount of time.

"Seventy years."

"And you have been ruling all that time?" Theo nodded. "So how old are you?" I asked.

Theo looked at me and smiled. "Five hundred and forty five years old."

"Oh man. You old fogey. So you were born in..." I struggled to do the math, while he quietly laughed at me. "1466? Jesus. Well, how do you like the New World?"

"It certainly has changed quite a bit in my time. My Sire came here in the early 1500s, looking for a little piece and quiet, and took possession of most of the east coast, from New York down through Virginia. Later, as more of our kind came over, he began to have to fight more and more to keep his property. By the 1780s the International Coalition on Justice came to a conclusion about the states, deciding that each state would be ruled by its own leader, as if each were its own country. This way they could have more control over the country as a whole--no vampire could become too powerful for them to crush and replace. My Sire, Prometheus, was uninterested in being squashed, so he appointed his own rulers to the kingdoms of each state he had control over, and created an alliance between them. For many years it was all those rulers needed to be content with their power allotment, but soon, as always, they began to argue that he held too heavy a hand over them, even though in the eyes of the Coalition he had no more power than the other State Kings or Queens. I had come over in the the late 1700s and was acting as his leading adviser by the late 1800s, and ended up doling out my fare share of punishment upon the Kings and Queens of the other states in his alliance. It was enough to make me hated and feared, so when my Sire announced his desire to go on "vacation," he chose me as his prince with very little argument from the others. When he dies, or if he officially passes his Kingdom on to me, I will be King of New York, and head of the Eastern Seaboard Alliance."

I thought about this for a moment. "So, I bagged myself a hotshot, you're saying?"

Theo laughed out loud. "See, Lana, this is why I marked you. I can't stay away from you. You're just something beyond me. Hilarious, snarky, stubborn, and you have absolutely no respect for my title. When you yelled at me in the park the other day it was the first time anyone, my family included, had talked to me in hundreds of years. It's absolutely refreshing."

"Well, like any self-absorbed celebrity, you need to be taken down a level or two, and you know it. So that's why I'm here to help." Theo laughed more, wrapping his arms around me and kissing my face.

"Speaking of me being here to help--I want to start work as soon as possible. Do you have a way to contact all the people who needed a healer? I may not know much about vampires, but I'm a fast learner, and I don't want to be living off your wealth and name without holding my own in some way."

"Absolutely. I'll put out a notice that we have a healer available for treatment, set you up in one of my offices, and you'll be in business, no problem. Do you need anything in particular?"

"You mean like supplies? Yeah, I'll need a lot of them, but I'm not sure yet what sort of issues I'll be addressing. Are there any other healers around I could talk to?"

"Not around here--the last one died in 1895, and we've sent people to Europe occasionally to train from the few left there, but they are loath to share their secrets. That's why we've been without for so long. Most of the healers that are left are from the same inbred family of humans who've extended their lives through magic for as long as they possibly can."

"Well, until I know what I'll need I guess I should just ask for the basics. I'll write you a list, and I should probably have a nurse or two--do you have any employees or subjects who are trained in medicine?"

"A few. I'll talk to them and see if they'd like to work with you. I don't think they'll take kindly to a human claiming to be a healer, even if I back you. It would be humiliating for them to have to take orders from you."

I was about to start in on how idiotic that was, but the car pulled up at a beautiful, old Upper West Side apartment building. As I stepped out of the limo I gasped at the live flames in the ornate lanterns that hung on either side of the door.

"Aren't you being a little obvious?" I asked, pointing to the elaborate Gothic carvings and gargoyles all over the building and the immense, mysterious men standing at each door.

Theo laughed and marched ahead of me into a door that had been opened for him. "I didn't build this building, I just bought it from a human family in the steel business back in the day. You should see the houses my colleagues on the Coalition have over in Germany and Poland. Those are three times as old as this one, and much more Dracula-esque. At least this building has electricity and heat!"

Theo whispered to a manservant in another language and grabbed my hand. "Let me show you the house!" For the next few hours I felt a bit like a fairy tale beggar who just found out she was a princess. There was gold and velvet everywhere. The room Theo had set up for me was small, but perfect. There was a balcony that looked over Central Park, a canopy bed, a private bath, a desk and a dresser. There was a living room, a parlor, a kitchen and many bathrooms on each floor, not to mention a beautiful conservatory in the courtyard. Theo grew plants of all types in the conservatory, after which he would go for a dive in his private pool. I knew this was what royalty was like, but somehow it still shocked me. So much opulence!

At around midnight I finally started yawning.

"Theo," I said, "I have to go to sleep. I'm not nocturnal, even though playing house here with you is immensely enjoyable."

"Oh, come come, don't sleep just yet. There's much to be done! Don't you want to see your office?" Theo wrapped his arms around me from behind and kissed me face. "Besides, you're going to have to get nocturnal fast! How do you expect to treat people while you're asleep?"

"Alright. Fine. But you'll have to order your brilliant chefs to make me up a cup of coffee to beat all others, cause I'm exhausted. You certainly wear a girl out!"

After some delicious coffee and another drink I could not identify--Theo said it was for keeping my blood count up--Theo and I headed out the door.

"It feels weird to be up and doing things while everyone else is asleep," I said, looking at the empty street.

"Asleep? Not hardly. This is the city that never sleeps. There have got to be thousands of people in just these couple blocks, who are all awake, fucking, watching TV, futzing on their computer, anything but sleep. You will quickly find that vampires are hardly unusual in that characteristic."

Theo led me down the block and turned down a cross street, bringing me to a brightly lit office building. I had always wondered who worked after 5pm, but clearly there was a large contingent of the working population that worked all night long. He brought me into the lobby, and walked up to the front desk. The woman behind it almost choked when she saw him, standing up hurriedly and bowing to him.

"Your Majesty. How may I help you, sir?"

"Ah, yes, what is your name?"

"My, my name, sir? Uh--" The poor woman looked like she had forgotten her own name, she was so surprised. She looked back and forth between us frantically, and I smiled gently. I stepped forward and extended my hand. She responded in kind out of terror, rather than politeness.

"My name is Lana Crane. I believe an office is being set up for my medical practice in this building, am I right?" It was just enough for the woman to regain a sense of what her job was supposed to be.

"Oh yes, Ms. Crane. Absolutely. My name is Megan Addy. I'm your receptionist." She scrambled frantically in one of her drawers, pulling out a huge set of keys. She flipped through and pulled off one that was seemingly identical to all the others. "Here is your key, and if you take the elevators to your right up to the ninth floor, you'll find your office is 9D." She handed me the key and bowed erratically to the both of us, clearly unsure of whether or not to be bowing to me as well as the Prince. I smiled and waved, getting into the elevator behind Theo.

"Level nine." Theo said to the elevator operator who bowed and mumbled, "Yes, Your Majesty," before closing the doors and pressing the button that displayed a 9.

When we got to the floor I walked straight to the door with a big 9D emblazoned on it, and unlocked it. When I stepped inside I gasped. The hallway lead straight to a beautiful waiting room with one wall made up of only windows looking over downtown and Central Park. The city's nightscape was breathtaking to behold. Next to the waiting room was a dusty but passable office, a receptionist desk, and another hallway. Down that hallway were various empty rooms that Theo told me could be outfitted in anyway I desired. Immediately I began listing things that I needed and wanted, and Theo snapped his fingers. I stared at him blankly, but suddenly a woman appeared, her long black hair barely moved by the breeze of her apparition.

"Do you guys really just appear whenever you want to? Is it magic?" I asked, amazed by her appearance.

Theo laughed out loud, and the woman's lips twitched suspiciously, but she remained silent. "No, we don't appear. It's just that your human eyes cannot catch the movement of a vampire's natural speed. In fact, vampires have to go out of their way to train themselves to move as glacially slowly as humans do in order to blend in. So she just walked here, but at a speed that is natural to us."

"Well, why is she here then?" Before I had even finished asking, she pulled out a clipboard, and curtsied to Theo, who nodded.

"Ma'am, my name is Sandra. If you'd like, I'll be your personal assistant. In fact, if you'd like to continue dictating, I'll have all these items in place as soon as possible."

"Oh, well, nice to meet you Sandra. Thank you. In fact, I think for the time being we could really use some exam chairs in here. Let's see, we have five rooms back here..." I talked a few minutes before Theo stopped me.

"Dearest, I have some business to tend to--can I leave you here with Sandra to get things set up? I'll be back before you know it."

"Oh, certainly. No need to come back though, Theo, I know how to get back to the house."

"Well, I'm not sure I want you walking around at night by yourself--" Theo cut off when he saw the glare I sent him. "Either way, I'd love to walk back with you. I'll be up on the 14th floor. Let me know if you have a problem."

I walked through the whole office with Sandra, telling her what I needed, occasionally asking her advice. She always knew exactly what I needed or what I couldn't think of. I was amazed by her perceptiveness and told her so. It caught her entirely off guard, and for once she didn't have a smooth answer.

"Well, thank you, Dr. Crane. It is a job I enjoy doing."

"I can imagine. I'm really excited to get to work with someone who knows so well what she's doing. Do you think you'll continue to be my assistant even when the office is up and running?"

"I'd like to, ma'am." She answered. Her smooth exterior deteriorated just a little bit and she offered up an honest and warm smile. "It has been a long time since an employer talked to me like an equal. Although I'm not sure I deserve it, Dr. Crane, I certainly appreciate it."

I grinned and grabbed her hand. "Of course you deserve it Sandra. And please, call me Lana." Over the next hour or so, Sandra and I became good friends. There was something about her long black hair and serious, long face that made me trust her immediately. Like all the other vampire I had met, Sandra was pristinely beautiful, but she had a wholesomeness to her that I hadn't seen anywhere else. Most of the other vampires oozed sex and seduction, but she just seemed like a hardworking, quite young woman. Not to mention that every time she opened her mouth it became clearer that she was absolutely brilliant.

The next day I woke around 2pm, shocked and slightly embarrassed to have slept in so late. We hadn't gone to bed until dawn, but still, I should have been up before then. I hurried to pull some clothes on and rushed out the door of my bedroom. I saw no one as I walked to find the kitchen on my floor, and found no one when I went down to the next floor. I couldn't remember where Theo had said his room was, but I looked all over until I got to the ground floor and found an elderly butler carefully folding napkins in the grand dining room.

"Good afternoon, sir," I called out, and the butler jump.

"Excuse me, ma'am, I was not aware that anyone else was awake! Can I bring you a meal?"

"Awake? It's two in the afternoon! Where is everyone? Where is Theo?"

The butler smiled. "His majesty is currently in his bed. As for the others, I expect they are as well."

"Is everyone in this building a vampire?"

"Indeed, I'd say all but a few of us are. If you'd like, I can point you to his majesty's room?"

"Sir, can I ask you a question?"

"Of course, madam."

"I'm sorry--I don't even know your name. My name is Lana."

"Yes, Dr. Crane, I know. My name is Stevens."

"Well, Stevens, forgive me for seeming like an idiot, but I could swear I've interacted with vampires during the daytime. Am I just crazy?"

"Surely not, Dr. Crane. The lord of this house, and those of his type, do indeed wake during the sunlight hours. Not often of course--they've got to sleep sometime--but not impossible. Sunlight will burn their flesh, but a heavy curtain and some sturdy walls are all that's needed to keep that at bay."

"Oh, of course." I felt like an idiot. I should have noticed that Anya kept the windows in her one-room apartment heavily draped, despite the heat. "I'm sorry to bother you more, but I would, in fact, like to be shown to Theo's room, if that'd be alright?"

"Certainly. Please follow me." The butler marched ahead of me, leading me down the hall. He was a little man with silver, pristinely coiffed hair, and his every movement was sharp and crisp. He brought me to the back of the house where he opened up a door I hadn't noticed the day before, and showed me an elevator.

"It'll be the 7th floor, ma'am."

"Thank you so much, Stevens. I'll see you at dinner?"

"Breakfast, ma'am," he said, smiling and nodding, as I closed the door and pressed the button for the 7th floor.

The elevator beeped and the doors opened right into a large, extremely dark bedroom. I padded barefoot across the plush rug and came to the softly breathing body of Theo. In the gleam from a few nightlights I could see his bare chest rising and falling, his toned abdomen, and the soft curls of hair where the sheet covered his lower half. His hair was tossled and he had one arm thrown over his face. His skin was smooth, flawless, and I could smell the warm, sweet odor that comes from sleeping bodies. I sat down gently on the edge of the bed and let my fingers trace along the indent between his lungs and down to his belly button. He didn't move. I carefully peeled back the sheet covering his body and leaned over his soft, flaccid penis. There is something incredibly endearing and vulnerable about a flaccid penis, I thought. I breathed in his musk, and without disturbing him, got close enough to put my warm, wet mouth over his penis. Immediately he shifted, and moaned, but didn't startle or wake. I sucked more of it into my mouth, running my tongue up and down the shaft as I felt it begin to harden and grow. I let my mouth get wetter and looser as I bobbed up and down on his quickly stiffening dick. Theo groaned now, shifting his weight and sitting up on his elbows.

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