tagNonConsent/ReluctanceNegro Invasions Ch. 01

Negro Invasions Ch. 01


Gina Kramer came home late after partying all night with a bunch of her girlfriends. She left work early so that she could take advantage of the free drinks for ladies on Thursday nights at her favorite bar. She promised herself that she wouldn’t stay out late. She had a major assignment that needed to be completed and on her boss’s desk by noon time Friday. She promised herself that she would end her night early and get to the office before anyone else did.

She worked for a small legal firm who converted an old house into an office. Throughout the night she kept a close eye on the clock. She ended up running into some old friends and before she knew it, it was midnight. When she realized that she had lost track of time she quickly said her good-byes to her friends and drove home. She drank a lot and didn’t realize how drunk she was until she started driving. It was a good thing that she only lived a few miles from the bar.

Gina set her clock to wake her up a 4a.m. She wanted to get to work by 4:30am. She figured it would take her two hours to complete what her boss desperately needed by noon. She was upset at herself for allowing her night to be so long. She knew that she would have to bite the bullet and do what had to be done. She had the keys to the office. She was always the first one in the office anyway. She figured if she got there early no one would even know.

The sound of the alarm at 4a.m. in the morning punished her ears and exploded in her brain. She woke up with a massive headache and a hangover that wouldn’t quit. She had no time to fool around or try to make herself better. She had to get to work and get that assignment done. She took a quick shower and got dressed. The only thing she had going her way was, dress down Fridays. On Fridays she kept the make up to a minimum. She threw on a blouse and a skirt and headed out the door. It was still dark at 4:30 am when she got into her car and sped off to work.

She was eager to get started on the assignment that she had neglected for a couple of days. Her head was still pounding from all the alcohol she had consumed only a few hours ago. When she pulled up to the office she realized how different the old house looked in the dark. She walked quickly to the door and reached in her purse looking for the keys. She dug around in her purse and quickly got frustrated when she couldn’t find them. The whole time she had her head down in her purse. She never looked around or behind her. Because, if she did she would have seen the big Black Man creeping up the stairs behind her. She found her keys and sighed in relief. She placed her key in the keyhole. As soon as she turned the key, she felt a hard push against her back. The force was massive. She was pushed hard to the ground and about four feet inside the door. Things where happening quickly. She didn’t know what was going on until she heard the door shut behind her.

She was still in a daze and in a confused state. Then she felt a large body fall on top of her. She tried to scream but her mouth was covered instantly.

“ Not one word bitch…. Do you understand?”

Gina was acting on instinct and instinct alone. She immediately started struggling desperately trying to free herself.

“ Oh…I can see you gonna be one of those bitches.” He said, just before he grabbed her shoulder, flipped her on her back and slapped the shit out of her.

The blow stopped Gina dead in her tracks. It wasn’t till she opened her eyes that she realized what she was looking at. Through blurred vision she stared into the face of the biggest blackest and scariest looking black man she had ever scene in her life.

He balled his fist up and put it right against her cheek.

“ Are you gonna keep you mouth shut?…. Huh…. Are you gonna shut up?…or do you want some more?”

Gina’s entire body shook with terror. She started crying and then she started begging.

“ Oh God…Please don’t hurt me…. Please I’m begging you…. Please don’t…Hurt me.”

Gina started crying uncontrollably. The tears poured out of her eye while she begged the big black man not to hurt her.

“ My…. My purse is over there…Please take it…there’s $200.00 in it… please take it.”

Her words were met with a backhand to the face…….(POOOOOWWWWW!!!)

“ Shut up bitch…what the fuck is it with you white mother fuckers…. you crackers, always think you can by your way out of some shit. You white devils think cash money has some magical effect on us…Fuck That Shit…First of all bitch…I don’t need your fucking money.” He growled at the terrified young white woman who was underneath him.

“ I don’t have anything else to give…. Please…. What do you want?” She cried out.

He smiled down at her. And when she looked into his eyes she knew what he wanted.

“ You wanna know what I want bitch…Good…Good…Well I’ll tell you what I want…First you’re going to suck my Big Black Cock…Then after that I’m gonna stick my cock in your Little White Pussy.”

His words sent shivers through her entire body. She knew he wasn’t fooling around. She couldn’t believe how her safe and secure world could change so quickly. He grabbed her by the hair and lifted her to her feet. He ordered her to take off her close. Gina brought her hands up to her blouse and tried to undo the first button. She was wreck, her hands shook uncontrollable as she tried to unbutton her blouse.

“ Hurry up Bitch…. Lets go girl…I don’t have all fucking day.” He shouted just before he reached out with his free and violently ripped her blouse and her blouse and bra from her body.

“ Get that skirt off…. and your fucking panties…. hurry up bitch…. Don’t fuck with me. Do it… and do it right now cunt…take that shit off or else.”

Gina didn’t want to get slapped again. And when she saw his balled up fist in the air she knew she had better get undressed in a hurry.

“ Ok….Ok….I’ll do it…Pleeeas don’t hit me.” She cried.

Her hands found the clasp on her skirt instantly and with one quick swoop she found herself standing completely naked in front of a man, a big black man. Gina stood in front of her attacker trembling like a person who just got out of an Ice cold shower. She looked up at her attacker who wasn’t smiling. He didn’t even touch her yet but she could feel herself being raped by his dark eyes. In her embarrassment she tried to cover herself with her hands. She placed one hand across her medium sized breast and the other in front over her pubic mound.

“ Nice….Nice….I’m going fuck the shit out lady…I’m gonna tear your little white pussy up.” He announced proudly.

The Black man grabbed Gina by the arm and started walking towards the back of the office. He opened a door and saw a leather couch. He pulled her into the room and tossed her naked ass on the couch. Gina put her hands up to her face and started crying. Within seconds Her attacker was out of his close. He turned around placed his hands on his hips. The big black man was proud of his cock. His cock was rock hard and pointing right at Gina.

“Hey…Bitch…. have you ever had a black cock…Have you ever let a black man stick his dick in you.”

Gina had never dated a black man before. She’s only had a few lovers in her 25 years on this planet.

“ N…N….No.” She answered with her hand over her face preying that this was all a horrible nightmare.

“ Bitch…. look at me when I’m talking.”

When Gina raised her head she saw the biggest cock she hand ever scene in her life. His cock was close to nine or ten inches long and almost as thick as her wrist. Her eyes swelled up in absolute disbelief.

“ Oh My God,” She cried out.

“ No…No….Please NOOOOoooo!!!!!!”

Before She could close her mouth the big black man pushed his thick ebony cock in her mouth.

“ Shut the fuck up…Suck my fucking cock bitch…And I better not feel any fucking teeth.”

He laughed as he forced his cock in her mouth. He loved the way his cock looked in a white woman’s mouth. Gina tried desperately to breath. The giant black cock filled every nook and cranny in her white mouth.

“ Yeah bitch… suck my fucking cock…. I know how much you filthy white bitches love sucking on cocks…. yeah that’s it… work it bitch…Use your fucking tongue cunt.”

He held nothing back as he tried to stuff as much of his thickness into her little white mouth. Her small mouth began to infuriate him. He only had a third of his cock in her mouth and it was already pressing into her throat. Gina could do nothing. The massive black cock filled her white mouth completely. She tried to use her tongue on his cock but the sheer girth of the giant organ prevented any movement of her tongue.

“ Hey bitch…. You better start sucking my cock like you do those white boys…I know your sorry ass can do better then this.” He groaned as he began laughing at the poor little white woman whose mouth he was stretching to the limits.

Angrily He pulled his cock out of her mouth. Gina slumped over gasping for air relieved that the cock was out of her mouth.

He looked down at her and shook his head in disappointment.

“ Hey….Hey…..Hey stupid…I’m fucking talking to you.” he growled.

She raised her head and once again she was face to face with his big black cock, which was now thoroughly coated with her saliva.

“ Yeah I’m talking to you bitch…. What’s your fucking name?”

Gina could see the angry look in his face. She knew she had better answer him quickly and without delay.

“ G...G…G….Gina,” she answered with her lips quivering and trembling.”

He looked down at her and said,

“ Gina….Gina…let me tell you something bitch. That was the worst fucking blowjob I’ve ever had…. Bitch you ain’t shit…..I seriously hope your pussy feels better then your sorry mouth.”

He picked her up off the ground and spun her around toward the couch. Gina’s tears dripped down her checks, knowing what was going to happen to her next. He put his hands on her back and pushed her hard onto the couch.

“ Bend over bitch…Yeah…. That’s it…know stick that white ass out…. let me see that white pussy.”

Gina could feel her inside churning. She feared him, and she feared the giant black weapon that dangled between his legs. Then all of a sudden


He smacked her white fleshy ass cheek.

“ I said, Stick your fucking ass out bitch…I won’t be asking you again.”

The blow stung her ass causing her to bend down and stick her ass high in the air. He grabbed her ass cheeks and spread then apart. He brought his nose to her ass and took giant sniffs. Then he gathered up all the saliva he could muster and spit on her pussy.

“ I don’t want to hear a sound bitch,” he said, as be brought the tip of his cock to the entrance of her pussy.

Gina braced herself for what she thought would kill her. The big Blackman aimed his cock and rammed all ten inches of his black tool deep into her cunt. With one mighty thrust he plowed into Gina’s universe. Gina’s entire body began to buck wildly from the power thrust. She clenched her teeth and bit down on her lip to keep her from screaming out from the pain. He held his cock in her cunt and laughed.

“Yeah Bitch…Fuck Yeah!!!… Can Ya feel it …can Ya feel that big black fucking dick.”

This was his favorite part. This was why he loved raping white women. He loved ramming his thick black cock in them. He loved how their pussies would contract and weekly attempt to fight off his thick cock.

“ Yeah baby…. Yeah…. you like that…. You like it…. How does your first black cock feel?”

He taunted her and called her names as he pounded her ass into submission. He marveled at what he could do with his cock. He loved punishing white women with it. He loved watching their pussies stretch to accommodate his mammoth cock. He soon found his rhythm and got into his grove. Raping white bitches was like dancing to him. It was the sound of his giant balls beating like a drum against his victim’s pussies that drove him to commit such act. He loved the constant beating sound of flesh against each other. His balls slapping against white flesh was his favorite song.

He pulled his cock out her battered cunt to examine his work. Her cunt was stretched to the limits and gaping wide open.

“ That’s what I’m talking about bitch…you got some good fucking pussy…. Nice and tight and Lilly White.” He teased.

Gina turned around and stared at the giant ten-inch black spear that was just dislodged from her white pussy. In a weird way she gained confidence knowing that she had been able to take all ten inches into her cunt and live. The constant sound of his giant balls slapping against her outer pussy lips only confirmed what she felt deep inside her ravaged cunt.

He pushed her over on her back and told her to spread her legs. He placed his cock between her pussy lips. He looked into her sorry raped eyes and smiled.

“ Please Mister….No…more….Please…No…Its to big…Please…No more.”

He stopped momentarily, only to listen to he plea…he enjoyed hearing white women beg. He loved hearing them say no. He loved how their voices cracked and how their eyes sank into their heads as he forced his thick black log into them again and again.

“ How can I stop baby…how can I stop…Look at my cock Gina…She how shiny and black it is. You see that…That’s all you baby…that’s your cunt juice baby.”

Gina looked at his cock, which was covered from the tip to the base with a healthy coat of her own liquid. Her destiny was sealed. But this time she wasn’t as afraid. There was nothing she could do. She relaxed her cunt and accepted her fate. His big black glistening cock just melted into her stretched out white pussy. Her juices flowed against her will. Her cunt supplied the liquid that she needed as she felt the giant cock hit areas in her pussy that she didn’t even know existed.

“ Mmmmmmm…Yeah… that’s fucking good baby…Your Pussy is so fucking wet…I knew it….I knew you would love it…..Stupid Bitch…All you white whores are the same. You all crave black cock…but you’ll never admit it…You see baby…. your cunt will never tell a lie…if it like it…it will respond.”

He fucked her slowly as he spoke to her softly. Gina closed her eyes not able to look at the big black man anymore. It shamed her and deep down she wonder it he was right as the cock slipped in and out of her stretched pussy. She closed her eyes and tried to imagine she was in another place with another person. But the tingling feeling that starting to build up in her cunt was like nothing she has ever felt before. The big black man that was pounding her pussy was evil. She wept silently to herself as her cunt muscles squeezed and embraced the massive organ. He ravished her cunt and showed her no mercy. He hated her and didn’t even know her. He smiled at her as her cunt started twitching and hugging his cock. Right there and then he knew he had her. And she knew there was nothing she could do to stop the fire in her cunt.

As he increased his pace the sensations between her legs started traveling throughout her body…

“ Aggh…aghhhh…Aggghhh…Oh God….Noooo…” she cried then moaned as he body went stiff and massive orgasm hit her like a tidal wave.

They ripple started in her cunt and spread rapidly to her brain. She tried her best to fight it off, but failed. Any attempt to move and dislodge the might black cock from her pussy caused the sensation to elevate ten folds. She had given herself to him and he took her. She had done what he had asked and he hit her. She offered him money and he raped her. Now he wanted to shame her. Now he wanted to make her cum in his arms. He felt the wave and welcomed it. He wanted to see her cum. He wanted to look deep into her eyes and watch her cum while his cock was raping her cunt. He loved it and he knew he could do it.

“ Yeah…Bitch…Cum, you fucking slut…Cum you nasty bitch.” He growled as he as he turned up the volume. He was pounding his body against hers to create the melody that he loved so much.

As her body betrayed her she gave up the fight and road out the wave. Her rapist was experienced at his craft. He easily sensed her anguish. He could feel the fight erupting in her cunt. He could see the chaos that her body was thrown into. And he loved that all this trouble was being caused by his thick black cock. The big black man could find no mercy in his heart. For his heart had blackened and turned to stone years ago. He pounced on her like a homeless man on a bucket of chicken. He sliced his cock in and out of her White pussy with great force that was driven by his pure hatred for the white race.

“ Yeah bitch…Aggghh…Fuck…. I’m gonna cum…I’m gonna come all over your pretty white face.

He pulled his cock out of her cunt and quickly grabbed her by her hair. He pushed her to her knees and instructed her to open her mouth.

Gina got on her knees and quickly opened her mouth. She wanted her ordeal to be over. She closed her eyes and opened her mouth as wide as she could.

The big black man moaned and grunted as the first blast of his evil seed rocketed out of his cock. The blast was powerful. Gina felt the hot sperm ricochet off the roof of her mouth and down her throat.

“ Stick out your tongue bitch.” He shouted as his cock sustained the thick heavy flow of jizz.

He was skilled in his trade and knew what he liked. He ordered her to stick out her tongue and she complied. He used her tongue like a canvas. He held his cum spitting cock in his hand and painted her tongue with his creamy white liquid.

“ Drink it slut….Aweee…Fuck….Suck it…suck it you white whore.

Gina held her mouth open not wanted to swallow any more of his vile juice.

“ What the fucks are you doing bitch…Swallow that shit…Swallow it up right now.”

Gina did what she was told. She closed her mouth and gulped down a mouth full of the demons liquid hate. She coughed and retched as she felt thick globs of cum slide down her throat. Then she looked up the giant mass that had tormenter her body, which had begun to deflate.

“ See…. Now that wasn’t so fucking bad Bitch…. I don’t even know why you tried to fight it. I know you loved it… All you white bitches are the same. You are all whores and you love black cock…. Don’t be mad baby…I got what I wanted, and you got what you needed.”

Gina fell to the ground completely exhausted. Her entire body was aching in pain. The big black man simply smiled and laughed at her while he got dressed.

“ I gotta go Gina…you keep your mouth shut Bitch…. If you utter a word of this or if you call the cops. I’ll hunt you down…and they next time we meet my dear…your asshole will pay the price for your betrayal.”

He picked up his baseball cap, flipped it around backwards. Then he picked up her panties and put them up to his nose and took a sniff.

“ You wouldn’t mind if I kept these would yeah?”

Gina didn’t say a word as he watched the big black place her panties against his nose and inhale her scent.

“ Mmmmmmm…There nothing like the smell of fresh white pussy in the morning.”

He laughed out load in deep demonic low grown as he walked out of the office sniffing his souvenir. A few seconds later Gina heard the front door open and then immediately close. Gina was a mess emotionally and physically. She got up and ran to the bathroom where she proceeded to throw up. She look up at the clock and realized that her ordeal had been going on for over an hour. Ashamed and embarrassed of being raped at her job she quickly grabbed what was left of her cloths. After she put on her skirt she ran to her office. She grabbed a sweater that she had on the back of her chair and quickly put it on. She locked the door and ran out to her car and drove home ass fast as he could.

She didn’t know what to do. The one thing she didn’t want was for her co-workers to see her in such a ravished state. Fear and fear alone kept her from dialing 911. Gina knew that calling the cops would change nothing. She didn’t want to be in the newspaper nor did she want to find herself on the late night news. After sitting in her home for over an hour she decided that she was just going to call in sick. She knew how bad her boss wanted the documents. But at this point she didn’t give a damn.

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