tagErotic CouplingsNeighbors Ch. 01

Neighbors Ch. 01


The racket of the moving van disturbed my sleep and drew me out of the wet dream I was having. This dream, like most, was a wondrous fantasy that didn’t make a shit-load of sense. Something about my old high school physics teacher in drag with an enormous dick protruding out from under his tutu. I recalled being mesmerized, but the wailing of the reverse horn had distracted whatever was coming next. I peeked out my window to see two strapping young men lifting the back door of the moving van and an older man opening the newly sold house next door.

“Yes, my new neighbors” I thought as I lazily got out of bed and began to dress. I figured I was just nosy enough to check out the new residence and their stuff, so I decided that the much needed weeding would be accomplished today. I looked again at the threesome and figured something a little flirtatous would be appropos for today. It was finally warming up from the chilled winter so I dressed in my baby blue bathing suit with halter top and hot pants bottom. Though I didn’t have a Barbie figure I knew that this gripped me in just the right spots and accentuated my round ass and voluptuous natural tits. Just looking at myself in the mirror made me start to feel the heat between my legs. I winked in admiration and said to myself in the mirror,

“You sexy little slut, teasing those men like that. Good for you!” I couldn’t help but smile.

I grabbed my hat, gloves and tools plus put on a sexy, yet practical pair of sandals and went to see what was new in the neighborhood.

I started at the hedge midway in the yard, this way I could move toward the house if anything got interesting or away if not. I set about weeding making sure that I made this activity as sensual as possible just in case anyone was looking. After just a few minutes I could feel the eyes staring and this attention gave me a gush to my crotch. I enhanced this luscious feeling by pulling my bottoms up tighter in the front letting the back ride up over my ass cheeks a little more and the seam in the middle separate my pussy lips. Positioned on my hands and knees, giving my blue collar audience a side view, I felt my nipples tighten as my breasts swung in my top. Every now and then I would sit back on my heels and stretch knowing that this only made my breasts open the low cut V more revealing my milky whites to any on-lookers. I loved this kind of display, teasing who ever wanted to look.

As I did one of these stretches I noticed the young men, sons from Dave and Sons, I imagine, by the name on the van, staring at me without so much as trying to hide their interest. I caught them off guard with a glance and a smile their way and it took them a second to register that I knew what they were thinking. They scrambled to the van to retrieve more boxes as now it was my turn to look uninhibitedly

One looked about 20, dusty blonde hair dressed in a tank and those low rider shorts teens are so fond of wearing now. The other, younger, but just as built was also blonde, more golden and had removed his shirt in this new heat. I then saw the dad come out of the house and knodded my heard as if to say hello. He did the same and barked orders at the young men to not dally and get the truck unloaded.

They set about at their duties as I set about to mine, making myself even more excited with a fantasy. I imagined what it would be like to have all three of these men and how it would feel to do fathers and sons in a semi gang-bang incestuous way. Right there in front of the whole neighborhood I would have each fill a hole and fuck me mad. I could feel my hips moving thinking about one son under me with his full cock sliding in and out of my pussy and the dad with his years of experience opening my ass to further violation. The youngest would not be shy at all as he gripped my head and fucked my lips with his virgin rod. I knew at any moment I would start to drip down my legs and this made the whole experience wilder. I sat on my heels and took several deep breaths ready to relay this fantasy to one of my on-line sex junkies. Yes this would provide some entertainment later.

I went back to my work knowing that the crotch of my bottoms were deep blue with the excitement I was feeling inside. I saw the father approaching me out of the corner of my eye and put on my best innocent seduction face. But all this was interrupted as a sedan swooped into the spot behind the truck coming to an abrupt stop. The moving man walked over to the car instead and I could hear him put on his best business voice.

“We already have the master bed room set up and working on the other rooms.” I saw him smiling as the lady of the house got out of her car. Short reddish blonde hair is what caught my attention and those large movie star glasses. She was dressed in a conservative manner with navy blue shorts that went down to her mid thighs and a lavender tee shirt with lace trim. Her hair was pulled back in barrettes and she had sneakers on her feet. She walked with the man over to the van as if inspecting the boxes within. Her ass was large in a luscious kind of way that many men adore and her full breasts were secure in the bra. She looked about 45, but you could tell she took care of herself.

She questioned the mover about the state of things again and when she seemed satisfied she started toward the house. This is when I noticed her other half. He was a large man about 6’4”, I would estimate, with a burly chest and rectangular shaped head that was reminiscent of the Frankenstein monster. He was attractive in a football player kind of way and his hair shined black with gray highlights. I spotted him as he was spotting me. I made sure to smile under my hat and to push my chest forward. He smiled and winked I think, then caught up with his wife and inspected the new digs from the inside.

I continued to work my way towards the property line wondering when they would re-emerge so I could introduce myself. I found both of them attractive and wondered if there was anything in common between us. I heard the grass crinkle as the moving man approached, this time he was able to make his way to me.

“Hi,” he said sort of nervously as I sat back on my heels.

“Hey” I responded

“I was wondering if I could trouble you for some water for me and the boys. We didn’t realize how hot it was out today and didn’t pack enough” From where I was sitting I could see the bulge in his pants.

“Sure, come in and I will get it for you” I said letting him help me up. I saw over his shoulder the sons smiling and whispering at their dad’s conquest. I sauntered into the house, him at my heels and decided to make use of the urging between my legs.

I walked into the kitchen and slowly bent over from my waist to get the water bottles out from under the sink. Not exactly to most practical way of doing things, but a great view for him as the seam split my ass cheeks and rode up to reveal even more of my lusciousness. I took a step aside with one foot to show him the dark wet spot barely covering my labia.

“Here you go” I said placing the bottles on the kitchen table. I moved in to see if he was ready and willing. “This isn’t all you wanted is it” I said standing very close to him, my hand gripping his hard rod.

He didn’t wait to answer with words as he passionately pressed his lips to mine and slid his tongue into my mouth as his rough, warm hands undid my top. His lips moved down my neck with agile grace with his hands gripping my weighty breasts. Though his hands were rough and hard with short stubby fingers they gripped my milky flesh tightly causing electricity to invade my sex. My nipples pressed against the palms, alive with his cruel, yet gentle grasp.

As his hand slid down my belly he replaced it with his mouth tingling my nipple and nibbling with just the right amount of pain. Into my bottoms his fingers traveled wantonly sliding into my wet hole. I gripped his shoulders pushing my body down on his finger as his nibbling got tighter. Then another finger and with these appendages girth it felt like a wondrously wide cock.

“Yes, ride it” he commanded letting me ride up and down on his fingers. With his other hand he removed my bottoms and spread my legs more, kissing my thighs as I fucked his fingers. I could feel the convulsions inside me, welling up, a wave of release. He maneuvered me to the table and without removing the toying fingers, sat me on the edge with legs spread. His mouth found mine as he pounded my pussy playing me like an instrument for his enjoyment. I screamed with orgasm clenching his fingers inside of me as he surprised me with a 3rd. I felt myself lose control, filled with so much, like a fisting though, from his fingers this was enough. I could feel my juice spilling forth and imagined it on the table puddling up below my ass.

“That’s right cum for me” he whispered as the last spasms subsided. “Now it is my turn, do you want me to fuck that sweet pussy?” he asked slyly

“Yes” I begged getting on my feet and grabbing a condom from the drawer. He took it from me and unwrapped the thin latex. I watched as he covered his cock adjusting it just right at base and tip. I noticed his cock was like his hands, thick but not very long. I was not in the least disappointed since I got a taste of his technique with his fingers and his cock would be more of the same delight.

I bent over the table to give him deeper penetration and a great view of my ass. His calloused hands tease my cheeks rubbing over them in a rough manner like sand paper though the touch was graceful like butterfly wings. He separated my cheeks and labia and drove his shaft into me.

“Oh yes” I exclaimed pounding back against him in my hysteria.

“That’s right, fuck me back” he said with short breathes “You teased me all morning is this what you wanted?”

“Oh yes, please, more , harder” I could barely stand it the orgasm was welling again and I knew I would be sent over the edge with this one.

“Oh god, I’m cumming” he said surprising me at the limited time it took for him to reach his peak. His hands gripped my hips and his rammed himself in me with great thrusts each one punctuated with a gasp.

He pulled out of me “I’m so..” I turned to face him.

“It’s OK” I assured him. I took the filled condom off his now shriveled cock and kissed him with compassion. “We both got what we wanted” I smiled.

“Normally I don’t come so quickly, you are just so hot.” He complimented.

I took my top off and posed before him nude feeling like a goddess. “Thanks” I winked.

He packed away his member and gripped my arms passionately blessing me with another kiss.

“May I get your number?” he asked like a schoolboy.

I considered it and wrote it down placing it in his pocket.

“You better use it” I teased.

“Oh I will, I want more of that, so much more” he said. He walked towards the door,

“Forgetting something” I handed him the water and kissed his cheek letting my body rub against his.

‘Thanks” He said walking out the door. I lingered in the doorway giving his sons a view of my naked form before I closed it behind him.

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