tagTransgender & CrossdressersNeighbors Sissy Son Ch. 05

Neighbors Sissy Son Ch. 05


For as long as Tiffany could remember she always envied real girls sexy curves. Clothing looks so much better on a girl with a nice set of tits and ass.

Tiffany spent the night thinking about all the options Dr. Landry offered her. The most compelling option was that he could increase her bust size or ass size, without surgery and that counted for a lot.

But she didn't want to go too far with the procedure, not knowing how her live cam show fans would react.

Between overseas and domestic, Tiffany's fans now numbered in the thousands.

In fact she had a show today at one o'clock p.m. for her European customers. So she started getting ready. Once showered, she dressed in a sheer red baby doll top that displayed her nipples and panties that hugged her little girl cock tightly to her body. Then she put on thigh high stockings to match and a pair of red bottom, black 5 inch stilettos.

Tiffany admired her reflection in the mirror imagining full tits and ass.

"Dr. Landry said I was hot just the way I was but what if I want to look hotter?" Tiffany reflected. "And how about Nurse Lisa, she had huge tits and he even made her cock bigger? Why should I have to deny myself that which I've always dreamed about?" these and many more questions plagued her mind. "Nurse Lisa sure had a nice cock. It wasn't huge like the doctor's but it would probably feel nice sliding in and out of my boy pussy right about now!"

As she thought about the beautiful shemale fucking her ass hard, she twisted her nipples with one hand while playing with the anal plug in her asscunt with the other. In her mind she was back on the exam table while the sexy nurse pounded away bringing her to assgasm after assgasm.

"Oh, her cock feels so good" Tiffany spoke out loud still playing with the plug in her rear end.

In the dream Nurse Lisa was at the point of no return "Tiffany darling I'm going to cum, where do you want it?" she asked

"In my ass please, I want to feel you filling my pussy up with your baby juice, BREED ME!" she screamed.

And so Lisa did just that, she emptied a week's worth of cum in the young shemale's boy cunt. "Oh fuck baby I'm cumming so much, take it you whore!"

Tiffany felt the nurse's fat cock push all the way into her anal canal and hold before the pulsing began. Jet stream after jet stream of hot shemale cum filled her little asscunt until there was no more to give and it was leaking out the sides.

Pulling out quickly Lisa dropped to her knees and began licking all the cum that she just put there as it poured out of Tiffany.

Because Tiffany still didn't cum in reality, her wonderful dream continued.

After Nurse Lisa finished licking what leaked out on it's own, she went after what was still in Tiffany's boycunt by shoving her extremely long tongue inside the freshly fuck Tiffany and worked out the rest.

Tiffany having enjoyed the ass pounding decided she now wanted to cum herself in real life, so she turned around and grabbed her 10 inch cock...?

"Where did that come from?" Tiffany pondered in real life while Nurse Lisa said in the dream.

"Oh my God...your cock is huge baby!" And before she could say another word Tiffany shoved her new massive cock down Lisa's throat.

"You like that slut? You like it how I fuck your face and throat? Now you take it WHORE!" now that the tables were turned it was now Lisa's turn to get pounded!

"GLUK...GLUK...GLUK...GLUK" the sounds coming out of Lisa's throat may have sounded painful but in truth the cumslut bimbo was in heaven! Because of Dr. Landry's serum turning her lips into a hyper erogenous zones, Nurse Lisa was having multiple orgasms in her mouth and asscunt!

In reality the imagined feeling of having a 10 inch cock buried in the nurses throat brought Tiffany quickly to the edge as she came in reality as well as in the dream.

"Oh fuck shit fuck, fuck...fuck! I'm cumming!" Tiffany yelled out as she went to grab her huge cock but it wasn't there. Realizing it was her imagined cock that she was reaching for but getting instead the tented panties soaked with her cummies from her little clitty cock.

"Shit that was intense!" she said to herself breathing rapidly. Now she was left with the question as to where did that fantasy come from? In all her life she never once wished her cock was bigger. Was it because up until yesterday she never would have believed it possible?

The more she thought about it the more she liked the idea of having a large cock hanging like a third leg. As petite as she is it would look exactly like a third leg!

"The possibilities!" she thought as she changed her panties to clean ones and got in front of the cameras aimed at her bed with her variety of dildos all around her. Using the wireless keyboard she logged on to her site and started the cameras.

"Welcome my Daddies around the world! Did you miss me? How much?" and just like that the sound of money entering her e-wallet could be heard over and over and over.

Four hours later Tiffany was in Dr. Landry's waiting room. After her fantasy this afternoon she was more sure then ever she had the right doctor for the job!

Yes, she was going to get new and fabulous tits, a "C" cup will look great on her small frame but double D's would look amazing. A nice round bubble butt, not too big but athletic and something you want to spank, to accompany the double D's.

"Tiffany...Tiffany Charles?" Nurse Lisa called to the day dreaming patient.

Tiffany snapped out of it and looked around, and realized she was the only one left in the waiting room.

"So are you excited about finally getting the body you've always dreamed about? I remember when I got...altered. I must have taken a thousand selfies. And men...shit I had them tripping over themselves to get my attention." Nurse Lisa said as she helped Tiffany get undressed.

"Can I ask you a personal question Lisa?"

"Of course honey. What is it?"

"Well... You have a pretty big cock, did the doctor do that? Was it your idea?"

"First of all, thank you, yes it is pretty big. Second yes the doctor doubled my size, I'm 8 inches long and 2 inches wide. And last, yes it was one of my request. I could have went bigger but I didn't want to scare any men off. Men act funny when your dick is bigger than theirs." Lisa explained

Just then Dr. Landry walked in. "Hello Tiffany. Are you ready for your big change?" he smiled at her.

"Hello Dr. Landry. Yes I'm more than ready. Oh, there's one thing I'd like to add to my wish list." Tiffany got up on her tippy toes and whispered in his ear. What ever she said brought a smile to his face.

"Funny you should request that, I've been working on a new formula that I think you'll really love what it can do for you. Do you trust me?" he asked as looked down into her eyes.

"Yes doctor, and Nurse Lisa." She said reaching out and taking Lisa by the hand.

"Aw, I'm honored that you say that, you're like the little sister I never had." Said the nurse. And with that they hugged.

"All right ladies, shall we get started? Tiffany once you're injected with the serum, you cannot touch yourself in any of the locations I've injected you for at least one hour. If you do the hyper orgasms you experience could drive you insane. So to make sure that doesn't happen, you will be suspended in the air for that hour.

"Ooo...bondage. I love it! Let's get started"

Once Tiffany was properly secured and suspended two feet off the ground, Dr. Landry gave her the first of many injections.

Once finished he asked, "How do you feel Tiffany?"

"Mmmm...It feels soooo good my lips, nipples and boypussy feel like they're connected to my little cock. Nnggaahh..oh, I think I'm gonna cum any second now!" she said while squirming to get free of her bonds.

After many multiple assgasms, Tiffany having lost track of the time, asked "How long have I been up here? I need a cock soooo bad!"

"You have 10 minutes left. Once we're finished here you can have two cocks right away...if that's what you want!" the doctor said and looked at Nurse Lisa with a knowing grin.

When Tiffany was finally unshackled she grabbed hold of the doctor and shivered from head to toe. Unable to walk on her own, she was assisted into a wheelchair until she fully recovered.

Reaching up to feel her new tits Tiffany was disappointed to find she was just as flat chested as she was when she woke up this morning.

"What's going on? Where are my new tits? I don't get it, what went wrong?" Tiffany panicked clutching at body parts that should be a lot easier to find.

"Calm down Tiffany, let me explain. This is a new serum that I've invented with you in mind. But right now I need you to stand up and follow me."

With assistance from Nurse Lisa, the young patient followed the doctor over to a computer monitor were he pulled up an image of the human anatomy. After tapping a few keys the image looked to be infested with...bugs? Then Dr. Landry hit enter and the...bugs? became very active. And that's when Tiffany felt her body altering.

"Tiffany I want you to imagine in your mind how big your breast should be. Go ahead and picture it."

Tiffany closed her eyes and imagined a pair of double Ds that were firm with just the right amount of jiggle and topped with one inch long light brown nipples. As soon as she had the image locked in she felt a tingling in her chest that lasted a few seconds and then stopped. When she opened her eyes right away she could see a pair of beautiful tits jutting out from her small frame. Of course she grabbed them as if they might disappear as quickly as they appeared.

"Oh Alan they're beautiful. But how, I don't understand?" she asked the doctor, calling him by his first name for the first time without realizing it.

"Do you see the little red dots throughout your body on the monitor? Well, those are nannites. Basically microscopic robots that upon command are programed to alter your body how you see fit. If you want your tits to be bigger you just have to think it and it will happen. Same goes for your ass and your lips. Just picture how you want to look and it will be so." He explained to a very confused Tiffany.

"What if I want to be taller? Or my face, can I look different like someone else?"

"No, the nannites can't and won't change your bone structure. But you can add or lose weight such as fatter cheeks or lips, small stuff. Remember you only have about 25lbs to play with. If you decide you want to super size your tits and ass, it most likely will go over the 25lbs limit in which case you would have to eat a very large meal before you attempted to change that much."

"I think I understand. It's all so amazing!" Tiffany pronounced as she continued to play with her new nipples. "I've got an idea. Nurse Lisa would you be so kind as to lay across the exam table and remove your anal plug?"

"Of course sweetheart, I can't wait to see what you have in mind!" the excited nurse said as she popped her 3 inch wide plug out of her asscunt, leaving a very noticeable gap.

Once in position Tiffany knelt behind the beautiful cumslut nurse and started licking her boypussy aggressively.

"Oooh that feels sooo good baby, go deeper."

Tiffany had every intention to do just that. Imagining her tongue growing to a foot long, Tiffany reached further in than any tongue has gone before and twist and turned it in all directions driving Nurse Lisa over the edge quickly.

"FUCK SHIT MMMNN THAT'S INSANE. I'M CUMMING SO MUCH!!" And she was. Her cock shot rope after rope of thick white cum all over the floor.

Tiffany closed her eyes once more and imagined a fat 10 inch cock that was two inches in girth at the tip and 3 and one half inches at the base. When the tingling in her groin stopped she looked down and there was the thickest cock she's ever seen.

Grabbing it by the base she could barely hold it up with her dainty hands and placed the tip at the still wet and gapped boyhole and shoved the first three inches in.

Things got very tight after that and she worked very hard to get another two inches deeper.

At this point Lisa was incoherent, mumbling something about a tunnel and a train or was that a tree trunk, not sure like I said incoherent.

Tiffany was feeling things see only imagined before like the assgasms she was causing with her new and improved fat cock.

"Yes...yes...yes this is fucking amazing! I've always wondered what this felt like. To fuck the living shit out of someone! I can feel her ass convulsing around my cock and it feels amazing. FUCK, TAKE IT YOU FUCKING SLUT! TAKE MY FAT COCK IN YOUR NASTY ASSCUNT!" Tiffany shouted as she slammed harder and harder into the first of many asscunts she intends to fuck.

"YESS I'M CUMMING AGAIN! OH FUCK BABY YOU FUCK ME SO GOOD. I LOVE YOUR COCK IT'S THE FATTEST COCK THAT'S EVER FUCKED ME. OH SHHHITTT!" and just like that Nurse Lisa blacked out from all the assgasms and orgasms she just endured!

Tiffany was on a mission, she kept fucking Nurse Lisa until she woke up. Then she pulled out and grabbed the nurse by the hair and brought her up off the table and then down to her knees in front of her new, ready to explode, 10 inch cock.

"Suck it slut. Lick all your ass juice off my fat cock!"

Lisa took the fat head in her mouth and licked all over then paid close attention to the sweet spot just under the pee hole. This made the angry looking head swell even more.

Tiffany decided to make things easier on Nurse Lisa, so she closed her eyes and imagined her cock losing some of its girth but gaining 4 inches. The cock in Lisa's hand changed gradually into a 14 inch shaft with a 2 inch diameter.

Lisa still worshipping the head of Tiffany's cock, started bobbing up and down on it using her hands to stroke the meat pole. But no matter how deep she went, there always seemed to be more and more cock to go. Backing off the mega meat pole to investigate, she saw the cause of her frustrations.

"Sneaky little sister, I have got to get this upgrade." Nurse Lisa said just as she felt another large cock entering her gapping asscunt.

Dr. Landry, no longer willing to sit this one out decided it was time for his nurse to get spit roasted. He shoved his cock in and was amazed at how easily it went in and bottomed out.

"Tiffany you did a number on Nurse Lisa's asspussy. I'm gonna have to make a new serum that makes asscunts virgin tight all over again." He said while sawing in and out of the loose hole.

"Sounds good, but I'm trying to concentrate here. Open that slut throat Lisa I'm coming in one way or another." And so she began her push to get as much of her cock down the whore nurse's throat as possible.

At first Lisa was like "GLUK-GLUK-GLUK" then all you heard was her humming on the embedded cock in her esophagus.

"Fuck that feels so good hee-hee, I can't believe how deep I am." She looked down and saw 4 more inches and said "Hey doctor I think we're about to bump heads." Realizing that might be a problem, Tiffany shrank her cock back to 10 inches and concentrated on cumming.

As Soon as she thought about cumming, that's what happened. It was like no orgasm she ever had before. First her balls swelled up to three times normal size and then her cock started bucking like a wild horse.

"OH FUCK SHIT MY BALLS FEEL LIKE THEY'RE ABOUT TO EXPLODE. FUUUCKK!" Tiffany screamed getting the doctor's attention.


Tiffany hearing him was already doing just that. She sensed when her cock goes off it would probably be best if it wasn't inside of anyone.

"SHHHITTT FUUUCKK!" was all Tiffany was able to say before her super human cock ejaculated.

Fountains would be jealous of the way her cock shot cum. The first one shot over everyone and landed twenty feet away completely covering the top of the doctor's desk. The next four or five came out like a fireman's hose and doused both doctor and Nurse while they continued to fuck. They were dripping in cum like a glazed donut.

Then Lisa grabbed Tiffany's still cumming cock and got her mouth around it in time to drink down a quart of the thickest cum she ever had the pleasure of eating.

The doctor who found himself drenched in cum, was too close to cumming himself to stop now. He continued to bottom out in Lisa's anal canal until he felt that familiar tingling in his own ball sack.

"Oh fuck. I'm cumming, shit yah! Fuck!" he said while filling Lisa with his baby batter.

All three collapsed on the floor, two covered in cum. Tiffany couldn't believe how much she came.

"Dr. Landry, why did I cum so much? Is that gonna happen every time?" a concerned Tiffany asked a recovering doctor.

"Only if you want to cum that much. You see you must have envisioned your orgasm as being a big one and the nannites accommodated you. Once you've altered your body how you want it, imagine a settings lock that will keep you from accidentally making a change simply because you imagined it. So are you pleased with your results?" he asked Tiffany

"Absolutely. I couldn't be more pleased. I can't wait to surprise Daddy with my new abilities hee-hee." Tiffany laughed at all the mischief she was going to get into. Mommy and Daddy are in for a rude awakening!

To be continued.

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