tagLoving WivesNeil and Kate Explore Anal Desires

Neil and Kate Explore Anal Desires


Chapter 1

Kate and I were an everyday couple. Together for two years and with two children from Kate's previous marriage. We were both in our early forties and both highly attracted to each other emotionally and physically. We both thought the other was ideal, although we both did carry a little extra padding in the usual places. I am 6 foot 3 broad shouldered, number 1 haircut, slightly greying goatee and with a fat 6 inch circumcised cock, Kate is only 5 foot 3 with long brunette hair and has an hourglass figure with 38dd breasts and a ripe plump ass. We both kept our pubic areas either well trimmed or shaved and enjoyed spending time on occasion helping the other with this task, usually this ended in a hot session of oral sex which we both always enjoyed. Kate was a great cocksucker and she truly relished the sensation of my cock expanding and throbbing in her mouth. She can easily deep throat my 6 inches and at times I wondered how she would go with a truly big cock, I suspected that she would take it all like a pro.

Our sex life was to a certain extend controlled by the children. Clothing around the house was thus a necessity and our bedroom sessions were usually later at night and needed to be quiet but were lengthy and tender with Kate struggling to hold back her desire to moan and wail. On occasion I would find time away from my job as a sales rep for a surprise afternoon visit to drag Kate away from her home office desk and fuck her hard and fast before the children came home from school. On one such occasion I was just emptying my load deep into Kate's pussy from behind as the front door creaked a warning, hot sweaty and in Kate's case still dripping cum we smirked our way through the afternoon ritual of being told every detail of the days school activities. Later that night I went down on Kate's still well fucked pussy and brought her to a thunderous climax as the remnants of my own load covered my face as it leaked from her pussy.

On alternate weekends Kate's ex would have the children from Friday evening to Sunday evening. This gave us an opportunity to relax a little around the house. Especially during the warmer months clothing became pretty skimpy or non existent and this helped keep us in a constant state of semi arousal. Kate had purchased quite a collection of hot underwear for me and very sexy lingerie for her, often lately we had done this together online, goading each other to try ever more risqué and revealing items. Thus my usual attire was a thong or g-string from Joe Snyder or Gregg Homme and little else and Kate would often be lounging around in skimpy lace panties and bra sets or even a sheer black bodystocking that was open at the crotch.

It was during one of these weekends as we lay in bed together on Saturday afternoon idly caressing each other after spending the best part of the last hour pleasuring each other that we began to discuss our fantasies. The subsequent exploration of these fantasies will make up the coming chapters. I hope that in reading them you will get a true sense of the love and passion that exists between us and that our escapades will provide you with fodder for your own pleasures.

Chapter 2

The first fantasy that Kate and I discussed that Saturday afternoon was the old chestnut of anal sex. I had never been offered the key to the back door with any of my previous partners, it had always been a step too far it seems. This did not stop me from holding out hope though and anal sex certainly featured in my collection of erotic stories that fuelled an occasional masturbation session. Well ok, a little more often than occasional, like most men given the slightest opportunity I would relieve a little built up pressure while reading some hot stories!

As we lay holding each other, my lips idly nibbled on her left nipple, pulling it firmly out until it began to pull her breast into a cone then letting it go to dance back to its melon shaped glory. My left hand rested on her thigh with the thumb seemingly poised to stroke her cleft that sat slightly parted and still moist with our mingled juices.

I said, "So what about anal sex then? Have you tried it?" hoping for a positive response.

"Well yes I kind of have I suppose," she said.

"Hmmm, tell me more."

"Well actually it was not nice at all, and I am a bit scared of it," she quietly murmered.

Things then went a little quiet as I contemplated a way forward.

"It was with Anthony ... the bastard," Kate blurted out. "One night we had been making love, well having sex would be a more accurate description. He had been drinking and I was stressed over something so it certainly wasn't anything to write home about. I was never going to come that night and he seemed to be struggling as well. Suddenly he flipped me over, pulled me up to my knees and started to fuck me hard in the pussy but with one hand he started to play with my ass hole. He licked a finger and within a minute he had it buried deep in my ass. Neil it hurt like hell and I whimpered to him to stop but he didn't. In fact all he did was to pull his cock from my pussy and begin to line it up with my ass. He held me tight and pushed his cock hard into me with his spit as the only lube. I don't know how far he got in but eventually I squirmed away and he pulled out. We argued briefly before he sulked off to sleep on the couch. He never tried it again and honestly Neil I think that might have been the beginning of the end of our relationship."

"Kate, I tell you now and please believe me that I will never do anything to you against your will."

"I love you Neill."

"I know Kate."

"I love you enough that I might even reconsider anal sex with you, but only if we take it real slow and careful, and when I say no it means no!!"

"WOW, did I just hear myself correctly?"

"Yes you did," she said with a sweet smile on her face.

After a moments thought and reflection on what this all meant, a plan began to crystallise in my mind.

"How about we do some research online about the pros and cons? I am sure there is a right way and a wrong way to approach it, and probably plenty of so called experts with web pages," I ventured. "And anyway I think you might just have described one wrong way."

"OK that sounds like a good plan darling, but lets do that later now I want you to make love to me," Kate said as she began to squirm in my arms.

Finding a comfortable position we began to make love like two teenagers. Hot hard and passionate. Kissing each other with our tongues duelling and probing we held ourselves tightly with our love for each other unspoken. I pulled my mouth away and moved down to her heaving breast, holding it lightly I blew on her aureole and watched it harden further. Licking around the flesh of each breast in turn in an inward spiral I spent time with each engorged nipple in my mouth alternating sucking with flicking the tip of my tongue until a low moan escaped her lips.

Meanwhile Kate had been playing with my nipples as well. Something that was a real turn on for me. As I got more intense with my mouth action on her nipples I inadvertently bit down a little hard on one. A squeak of shock from her and an immediate retaliation on my nipple with her thumb and forefinger got us briefly giggling.

I moved down Kate's full stomach caressing as I went, leaving her breasts engorged and nipples erect. As I moved lower she rolled flat on her back and spread her thighs, inviting me to put my oral skills to test. Often with oral sex we will alternate so that we can truly luxuriate in the others attentions, however this time I rose up and straddled Kate's torso as I lowered my head to her gorgeous pussy. My hard cock hung above her face and gave her little option but to open her mouth and attend to its needs. As I spread her outer lips and began to lick up and down the outer edges of her petals I felt my cock get enveloped by her warm inviting mouth. This was going to be fun indeed.

Kate was certainly wet and not just from our earlier love making. I took the opportunity to slip two fingers into her pussy as I lavished attention on her clit with my mouth. Alternating circular motions and long cat like licks over this so sensitive a spot. Her little shudders and squirms suggested I was having the desired effect, as did the increasing flow of her musky juices. In fact they flowed so freely that they seemed to run down the crack of her ass, tantalisingly close to her puckered rosebud. I reached down with one finger and collected the juices as they flowed. Lingering at her delicate ass I began to circle it with my moist digit as I continued to lavish attention on her clit. As I caressed this forbidden zone Kate began to move her legs back and up, hinting that she was finding the attention stimulating. I took the opportunity to place my index finger against her moist ass and gently push against her sphincter. After a moment or two it eased in up to my first knuckle with only a murmer from Kate as she deep throated my cock below me. I held my digit there and pushed no further just gently moving it around stimulating the sensitive nerves that I knew dwelt there. The stiffening of her legs and shiver in her stomach revealed Kate's crashing orgasm, her thighs clamped hard around my head and I had trouble keeping my breath.

As I had been licking Kate she had been doing the business on my cock which rampantly dominated her in this position. Holding the head in her mouth with her hand tight around the shaft whilst she probed the eye prevented me from entering her mouth too deeply. She butterfly licked around the ridge for about 5 minutes sending spasms through my thighs. Taking her hand away from its grip on the shaft of my cock gave me the cue to firmly and insistently let my cock drive into her throat. From experience I knew she loved the feel of her nose hard up against my pubes as my cock throbbed deep within her, I could sense when she needed me to ease up and pull free of her tight warm mouth. Catching her breath through her nose as my cock pulsed on her tongue she then pulled down on my hips to fill her once again and again

As I got closer to orgasm Kate sensing this pushed gently up on my body and my cock pulled free with a plop from her mouth. She then continued her attentions down the underside of my member and began to nuzzle and lick my hanging ball sack, just what I love her to do. As she did so I was probing her ass with my index finger and she began to do the same to me. The feeling of her finger fluttering over my ass hole was indescribable and there seemed to be no stopping her, she had me shaking with an impending orgasm in no time. Soon after she had finished cumming herself I shifted my position so that I was kneeling beside Kate feeding her my cock in steady thrusts. I was so close that I had only just got settled into a rhythm when I felt my balls contract and my cock jump. No need to warn anybody, we both knew what was on the way. My cock pulsed and spat it's first load into Kate's mouth just as her finger returned to my ass, that was too much and my hips spasmed pushing my cock deeper into her mouth, stretching her lips wider as they milked my pulsing probing cock of its last remaining fluids.

As my orgasm subsided I gently pulled my cock from Kate's mouth, and she fought with her lips to hold it there as it began to shrink and soften. Her eyes acted mock anguish as it left her lips, trailing a line of sticky cummy saliva as it went. We looked into each others eyes and smiled the smiles that only lovers can. I lay down next to her with an arm and leg resting protectively over her body and we drifted into a blissful sleep.

Awakening in the same position I looked up to see Kate's beautiful eyes locked on mine.

She caressed my temple and gently said, "Thanks lover, that was great."

"Yeah it was," I said still a little awed at the afternoon's action.

"We need to get doing that research, babe. How about we fire up the PC after dinner and see what the world has to say about anal sex then!"

"Yes ma'am," I barked back with a salute.

Now that must be chapter 3 surely?


After resting up from our afternoon exertions we both prepared a simple but delicious dinner, helped along by a bottle of good Chardonnay it took an hour or so to finish the BBQ'd salmon steaks and it would be an understatement to say that sexual tension hung in the air that evening. We had both begun to cross some lines and open our relationship up to new possibilities and our minds raced at the thoughts of where this could end.

Kate called out to me from her office, it had the fast broadband and HD screen that would make the evenings explorations more satisfying. After both settling down, I was wearing a t shirt and Joe Snyder bulge boxers and Kate was wearing a black lace cami top that was tied at the front and barely held her breasts with a matching panty that showed a fair part of each ass cheek as she bent to adjust the screen angle. We settled down and started surfing the web for information on anal sex.

There was a huge amount of information and plenty of hot photos and we were soon able to differentiate the difference between the anal sex seen in porn movies with that practiced by normal couples. Clearly the wham bam of porn movies was not the norm for beginners and amateurs, a gentle and delicate approach would be called for, concentrating on stretching the sphincter. I made it clear that that is cool with me as I was keen as mustard to feel my cock slipping into the tight confines of my Kate's ass. What also became clear was that whilst anal sex for women was discussed a lot, anal sex for men was talked about even more and in quite different terms. As we were reading one site that talked about prostate orgasms Kate turned to me and looked me in the eye with a mischievous look.

"So, if I am giving you free shots at my ass, what are you giving me buddy!"

I stalled and stuttered, perhaps my bluff had been called. Anal play had always been something in the back of my mind, it felt great when a woman flicked a finger around there during sex, but that didn't mean I was open to more. Or did it?

"How about if I put out for you ...... then you put out for me?" a fired up Kate said with a slight grin. "Lets browse some adult toy sites and see what they have for both of us, we apparently need to get some good anal lube anyway."

"Ok fine," I spluttered, but the inner me was secretly thinking that this could be interesting.

Kate fired up a search for websites offering adult products and we soon found plenty alright. One we settled on seemed to cater more for couples and was quite classy. We went to their anal section and the selection was outstanding. We browsed the butt plug section and settled on a medium sized vibrating one, I had an inkling it was now to be for more than just Kate's ass. Things took definite turn to the "other side" when Kate started browsing prostate massagers, but I don't know who was actually more enthusiastic as the thought of playing in this forbidden zone was beginning to turn me right on. We made a choice of a strange curved knobbly looking thing that vibrated and was waterproof. After browsing further and probing each others likes and dislikes we made our purchases, included was some anal lube and a kit for cleansing. The delivery time was 4-7 working days so we would definitely have the package before our next child free weekend. Boy we had made progress that day!

After closing down the PC we went about getting ready for bed. It had been a pretty full on day and I think that both of us were pretty shagged, but the effect of browsing the anal sex information and seeing each other in sexy outfits soon had Kate's hand on my ass squeezing a buttock and then running her fingers down the tight black lycra material that snugged right up into my ass crack. I pushed back gently as I stood at the vanity brushing my teeth and Kate continued. After finishing I turned and looked Kate in the eyes as I raised a hand to her breasts that pushed tantalisingly against the lace of her top. The nipples were clearly visible and felt rock hard to my touch. Our lips touched in a tender kiss that lingered and developed until our lips wee crushed hard together with passion.

"Easy tiger," my lover breathed as we broke apart, "see you in the bedroom."

I wandered into the master bedroom discarding my t-shirt and boxers, lying on top of the pulled back sheets with my cock now semi hard and waving in the air. I idly stroked my cock as my thoughts retraced the days events and it remained hard and needy. As Kate walked into the room the light silhouetted her curves in the sexy lingerie and my cock jumped in my hand.

"My my," she chuckled, "what are we to do with that then?" One hand on her hip and one finger on her lips in a Betty Page pose.

"He's all yours ..... as always hun," I fired back.

"Well I have had a big day how about we put him to bed so we can get some sleep?" she said a little bit matter of factly.

This took the wind out of my sails a bit, but Kate's movement to the bedside cabinet and the lube bottle perked me up. She knelt beside me and palmed my hard cock and looked closely at it, smiling some unknown thoughts. I felt her other hand drizzle lube over us both and then both hands started hard fervent strokes over my cock. Although I had cum hard several times that day it did not take me long to start tensing and lifting my buttocks off the bed pushing my cock hard into Kate's slick hands. I started my own thrusting rhythm that matched hers as I approached orgasm. As a guttural moan escaped my throat, Kate locked her lips on the head of my cock, sucking hard as she continued to pump her hands. As my orgasm pulsed through my cock she kept sucking and pumping, pulling one last shot of cum from me. I collapsed back onto the bed, spent and exhausted.

As I lay, Kate's naked form cuddled into me, pulling the duvet with her.

"Good night lover," she whispered.

A squeeze of her shoulder was all I could muster as I plunged into a deep sleep beside the woman of my dreams.

The next day was pretty full on and hectic with all the household chores and suchlike that often took up our Sundays. Kate busied herself with catching up on some work as a client was expecting a report soon.

It was about 3.30 before I wandered inside looking for a late lunch and some company. After a quick sandwich I wandered past the office door and called out to Kate that I was going to shower and clean up. Her murmured grunt suggested that I was not going to get much attention that afternoon from her. I made my way into the bathroom and turned on the water to begin cleansing the days sweat from my pores. It felt great under the water as I soaped all over. As usual I lingered over my cock and balls as they responded to the suds. As my manhood rose to salute me I also began to linger over my ass. Soaping the cheeks and feeling the well used muscles in my back and shoulders begin to relax under the water I spent a little longer than required washing further south. My finger played over my sphincter and the sensations rippled through to my cock making it harden further. I let one finger drift inside and begin to probe further, searching for my prostate. As it found its mark my breath caught for a second and a low growl came from my throat. I would like to say that the feeling was indescribable, but I am sure there are many reading this tale that know full well how to describe the pleasures of the prostate. As I massaged inside my ass I began to stroke my engorged cock with my other well soaped hand, The sensations from each were both as strong but entirely different and I was unsure which I preferred. What I was sure of was that the combination was blowing my mind. I was only stroking my cock for about two minutes before my orgasm flooded over me. Not only was my cock spasming and firing cum at the shower wall but my ass was contracting uncontrollably around my finger, threatening to make me lose my balance. I grabbed the wall to steady myself as I eased my digit from a now sensitive tingling asshole and took a moment to catch my breath.

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