tagExhibitionist & VoyeurNever Turn Back Ch. 2

Never Turn Back Ch. 2

byAsk For More©

My experience with Penny didn't change much at first, we both got on with our lives and sometimes chatted across buildings as before. She never brought it up and I never brought it up so we left it at that. So our conversations went back to the verbal sparring that normally happens between two people attracted to each other. I assumed that nothing else was going to happen, she kept her curtain closed more often that not and I had to be satisfied with my fantasies and Mrs. Palm and her five daughters.

My life was reaching a turning point, I had been noticed in the company and perhaps someone with a future so I was being given more responsibility and tougher projects; subsequently I was spending more and more hours at the office. The problem was that because I was being tested, I felt under pressure all the time; I was pushing myself harder and harder to prove myself to my superiors, and as a result my health and social life was suffering.

After a particularly tough week my group had managed to complete a tough project that had been beset with difficulties. Some of my workmates had elected to spend the night out and be merry, but I was so mentally drained I elected to spend the evening playing soccer with some old friends. A night on the town was beyond me in the state I was in, I needed a change to inject some freshness into me. Well I had a brilliant time playing with my old friends, and just catching up on what's been going on, and when I went home I felt refreshed and alert. However my exertions managed to catch up on me and after dinner I flopped on the sofa and turned on the TV. As I was watching the news I looked over to Penny's flat and saw a light flicker on in her living room. Surprisingly her curtains were open, and as I saw a sight for sore eyes!

Penny was in her living room wearing a coat and carrying a gym bag. She dumped her bag on the floor and pulled off her coat, and underneath she was wearing a tight sports top that left little to the imagination, along with some figure hugging lycra shorts that showed off her lovely ass perfectly! It looked like she wasn't wearing a bra but I couldn't tell from where I was sitting. I had an instant hard on.

She turned towards my window, and squinted. I was afraid to stand up because of my erection, but I had no choice when she strolled over to her window and saw me hiding behind the TV. Getting up, I stooped to try and hide my excitement, and went over to my window, thanking God that my windowsill helped to cover me slightly.

"How are you?" I could see now that she was wearing a bra, and that dulled my excitement slightly. "Tired! I've been slave driven by my company for the last few weeks, and suffering too! This is my first night of relaxation for weeks." "Not out on the town then?" I tried to stay focused on her lips so I wouldn't look at her breasts. "Nah not tonight, I didn't think I could hack it after such a hard week, so I just went to play soccer with some old friends and I was just about to pass out in front of the TV." "Aaaah you poor boy!" She smiled and leaned forward putting her arms on her windowsill. My cock jumped at a I got nice view of her cleavage, and I swallowed nervously. "Well i'll live, just!" I shrugged my shoulders and smiled. She laughed in response, then suddenly a wicked smile flashed on her face. It was all I could go to keep myself from creaming my pants. "Hey can you wait a second, I just remembered something" I agreed willingly since it would give me the chance to readjust myself to a more comfortable position. She left the living room and turned back to the TV again to amuse myself. I didn't even notice when she was at her window again until she spoke. "What's so interesting?"

"Not much," I replied "Just the usual rubbish on TV"

"Well since you've been working so hard I've got a little treat for you!" My cock jumped again, I was sure those words could only mean one thing! She turned and paced to the centre of her living room, then she made eye contact with me. In her eyes I could see lust and bit of excitement, and I wondered what would be in store for me. Then she put her fingers underneath her top. I took a deep breath as she started to ease her top off revealing a sports bra underneath. Another deep breath as she unhooked her bra and released her wonderful breasts for me.

Now I was in heaven! Then she reached down the side of her sofa and came up with a bottle in her hand. I soon found out what was in it as she poured some onto her breasts and started rubbing it in slowly and sensually. Her hands traveled all around her front as she rubbed the oil in, moving from her neck downwards, then playing with her nipples and cupping her breasts. I could see that she was starting to breathe more heavily as her nipples began to protrude, displaying her excitement for me. I made eye contact with her again, and she looked lustfully into my eyes. Then she turned her back to me and put her fingers in the waistband of her shorts. As she stripped them off I could see her pussy lips were already puffy and soaked with her juices. Her fingers massaged her thighs before she bent over and started fingering herself.

This was becoming too much for my poor tortured cock, so I pulled it out of my shorts and slowly began to stroke myself as I watched the show develop. I watched intently as she played with her clit and ass, sometimes pushing her fingers in between her lips to show me how excited she was.

As she pulled her fingers out I could see them covered with her cum, and she spread her lips a couple of times so I could get a good view of her soaking pussy. Turning around she sat on a chair and put her legs on the armrest giving me a great view of her open legs. Then she reached down and brought up a dildo from the side of the chair. It was a white one, which was much longer than my cock and a bit thicker too! She used it to play with her clit, then she moved it up and down her pussy from her clit to her asshole, spreading her juices all over her crotch.

Then she started to ease the dildo into her pussy and I could see eyes closed and her mouth open and the pleasure of penetration overcame her. With every stroke she would gasp, and I could see the dildo getting wetter and wetter. I looked up at her eyes again and she looked at me and started mouthing "Cum for me" Her motions became more intense as she slammed the dildo into her pussy. Every few seconds she would open her eyes and mouth words to me "Cum for me, I wish this was your cock fucking my pussy hard, I want to see you cum." Then she closed her eyes and started moaning as her orgasm overtook her. The window was still open so I could hear her faintly and that turned me on even more. As I watched her body shake and her juices flooding out of her pussy onto the dildo I couldn't control myself and I started cumming as well, every shot hitting the window as I closed my eyes and had a fantastic orgasm.

When I opened my eyes again she was looking at me with a smile. Her body was still shaking and I could see the sweat glistening on her beautiful skin, as I moved my gaze downward she was still slowly fucking herself with the dildo. I mouthed "Thank you" and she smiled again, that beautiful smile.

That night when I went to bed I wondered what might arise from this unusual episode. My imagination ran riot as I fantasised about Penny, and my cock started to rise again. I realised that what I most got off was the voyeurism feeling, the nervousness that one shouldn't really be there and watching. Also, wanking and cumming in her sight added another edge to the event. Perhaps there may be more in store?

To Be Continued...

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