tagGroup SexNever Turn Back Ch. 3

Never Turn Back Ch. 3

byAsk For More©

It's been six years now since I last saw her.

Who is she? My ex girlfriend. She meant a lot to me. She was my first love for a start, and the first one is always the one that you'll never forget, the one that hides in the back of your mind and resurfaces every time you think about the past. No matter how painful it might have been, you'll never be able to forget her. That's the weird thing about love, the ecstasy and happiness that you experience is by far outweighed by the sense of loss and the depression that follows.

And now she wanted to meet me again.

Perhaps I should elaborate a bit. Her name was Michelle, a name that sounds pretty exotic and suited her well. She was the same age as me at 18, and she was Chinese too, like myself, but unlike me she had already had her fair share of significant others. I wasn't surprised really, she was pretty attractive after all; a petite girl, with small firm breasts and short dyed red hair which she often left up instead of down. Quite a tomboy too, but when we met she had started to let her feminine side dominate. Our relationship didn't last that long, only six months, but it was eventful and intense. The first time I saw her was when I'd gone out to meet some friends and she'd been with them. Afterwards I told one of my friends about my attraction to Michelle and she had surprised me by telling me that Michelle had felt the same way. Our first date had been in a cinema. We watched on of the most boring films ever and spent most of the time kissing, cuddling and laughing. To this day I can't remember a single thing that happened in the movie. Two weeks later we were both in love.

We were both virgins, and our first sexual encounter had taken me completely by surprise. My parents were away that weekend, so I invited her to my house for dinner. When we got to my house, she had been working and I had just got back from playing a soccer match for my school. I left her playing games on my computer while I took a shower. When I stepped out, with a towel wrapped round my waist, I cursed as I realised I had forgotten to get my clothes from my room. So I sneaked into my room hoping she wouldn't hear me, but I wasn't quiet enough and she turned round to greet me. When she noticed I only had a towel on, her eyes widened, and I went red all over with embarrassment.

The furthest we had gone was kissing, and now I was standing in front of her almost naked! She wolf wilted and I was starting to look like the walking strawberry, when she got up and walked over to me and kissed me. When I got over the surprise I opened my lips to greet her, and pulled her towards me as she embraced me, her hands on my bare back. Her touch started to turn me on, and as I felt my erection growing I tried to pull away from her, but she wasn't having any of it, and held me even tighted as I tried to conceal myself. Then suddenly she broke off the kiss, and looked at my crotch with surprise. With horror I realised I was now fully erect and the head of my cock was pushing out in between the folds of my towel! I quickly turned away and was reaching for my clothes drawer when I felt her arms around my chest, and her body pressing against my back.

"Don't be embarrassed," she whispered into my ear, as her hands traveled over my chest, and then slowly down towards my cock. My body stiff with excitement, I watched as she pulled the towel off me, and started to feel my erect cock with both her hands. "I want to take our relationship further" She whispered again, "I'm completely in love with you. No one has ever made me feel the way you do. Please tell me you feel the same way. If you don't then forget what's happened between us and I will walk away now." I turned around, and looked into her beautiful dark eyes. "I love you Michelle. You're the greatest thing that's ever happened to me, and I want to make love to you" With those final words I kissed her and pulled her towards me.

We ended up naked on my bed. I kissed her lips again, and then started to move my way down her body. I kissed her neck and throat, moving my hands all over her body and she quivered in reply. Then I moved onto her breasts, first massaging them gently with my hands, and then placing my tongue on her erect nipples, flicking them and then circling them with my lips, running my tongue around the nipple before gently pressing it in. Flipping her over onto her front I massaged her back using my strong fingers to loosen her muscles. Then I started to kiss her back, starting at the base of her spine and running my tongue all the way up her spine until I reached her shoulders, where I would then kiss and massage her shoulders. All the while she was letting out little gasps and moans. I'd always been good at massaging, although using my tongue was a bit of inspiration I was glad I thought of. After a while I turned her over again and kissed her once more. We shared a passionate kiss with our increased excitement, and I broke the kiss unwillingly. "Are you sure about this?" I asked her again. In response she pulled me towards her and kissed me again with even more passion.

Breaking the kiss once more, I kissed her neck and trailed my tongue down her body until I was at her crotch. Since it was my first time I had never seen one in the flesh, I stopped for a moment to admire. Moisture was gathered around the entrance to her pussy, and her lips were puffy and flushed. With my fingers I probed gently, rubbing my index finger up and down her slit, spreading her cum over her lips. I used my fingers to find her clit, and then I extended my tongue to press against it. With the first touch of my tongue she gasped, and arched her back to press her clit against my tongue.

Taking this as a good sign I started to move my tongue, running it up and down her labia, pushing it in between the folds of her pussy and then moving back up to her clit, stroking my fingers in and out of her as I flicked her clit with my tongue. She came suddenly, and I felt her juices flood my finger, so I moved my tongue into her pussy and licked them up as she moaned through her climax. "Good?" I asked. She smiled, and then sat up and turned me over to lie on the bed. "My turn" I watched as she placed her hands on my cock and started to touch it gently. Then she moved a hand to my balls and started to massage them, before dipping them down and placing her mouth to my cock. She ran her tongue all over my cock, while playing with my balls, before taking me all in and moving her lips. This was a new experience to me, and I was enjoying myself so much that after a while I had to stop her before I came.

I rolled a condom onto my cock (always be prepared!), and she kneeled over me, and lowered herself onto my manhood. That feeling is something I will treasure all my life, the first time I had even made love, the first time I had felt the warmth of a woman that meant so much to me. She had to go slowly because she was still a virgin, and when I was all the way in she leaned forward and we kissed again.

Then we started moving, at first a little awkwardly, but eventually getting the hang of things, and before long she was bouncing up and down on me as I played with her clit. Before long I could feel my orgasm building, and I could see she was getting more and more excited, so I pulled her off me and turned over so we could do it missionary style. The change of position made me calm down a little, and I fucked her slowly while we kissed and groaned in each others ears. When she started to gasp her second orgasm of the night, the sight made me lose control, and my orgasm shook my body as I ejaculated.

The next couple of months were crazy. We would have sex everywhere we thought we could get away with it, in a subway train early on a Sunday morning, in my local park on a warm summer's night, one memorable time in the back row of a empty cinema, the places go on and on. Not to mention the times we stroked each other under the table at many a restaurant.

After six months she dropped the bombshell on me. We had both started to get busy with school work, I was focused on getting into a good university and she was preoccupied with finishing her foundation course so she could move onto university. As we saw less of each other it started to put a strain on our relationship, and one day we met up and she told me that she couldn't handle the stress of having a relationship. I was sympathetic since I was also feeling the same way but I didn't want to lose her.

And then just after our exams she went out with one of my best friends. To me it was betrayal of the highest order, firstly because he was scared to tell me, and secondly because she'd led me on with hopes that we might get back together. Actually I wasn't that bothered that she was going out with someone else, but I couldn't believe that we were so close and both he and she were scared to tell me the truth. Anyway after that I went off to a university in another city and we lost touch.

So now six years later, she calls me and tell me she wants to meet me. It turns out she got a new job in my city and was eager to see a familiar face. So we arranged to meet up for dinner. When I saw her I was amazed. She had transformed into a full blown woman, wearing a long dress that showed off her curves, and her hair long and let down with red streaks. I couldn't believe how much different she looked!

Our dinner was nice, we exchanged life stories and gossip about old and current friends, and about our new jobs. I wasn't really sure how to approach her again, but as the night wore on we chatted like close friends. I was eager to carry on the conversation so after dinner I invited her back to my place so she could see where I was living and to show her some photos of friends. Back home we sat at my table, drinking wine and the conversation somehow turned to our love lives. I had gone through about three girlfriends after her, but I was amazed when she told me that my friend was the last guy she had been with for a decent time.

Of course some one night stands but nothing significant. It was about this time I saw a light turn on in the flat opposite me, and I saw Penny in her living room putting down her bag. Nodding to Michelle, I said to her "there's someone I'd like you to meet" Walking over to the window, I waved at Penny until I got her attention, and then opened my window to talk to her. "Hiya!" She smiled at me "Who's your friend?" "Penny meet Michelle, an old friend of mine from way back" The waved to each other, and exchanged pleasantries. "Well I can see you're both busy," said Penny "I won't disturb you two!" With that she drew the curtains.

"She's pretty," said Michelle as she turned to me, "Anything going on?" Obviously me not wanting to tell the details of mine and Penny's relationship I shrugged and said "Maybe". We were standing face to face not an inch apart. I felt a sudden spark of electricity and suddenly we were in a passionate embrace, kissing and running our hands over each other's bodies. "What's going on," I murmured between kisses. "I don't know" Stripping our clothes off trying not to break our kiss, we moved over to the sofa. I sat her down on it and looked her up and down. She still looked as beautiful as the first time that we did it, but unlike before we weren't interested in taking slow; I went straight for the kill as I knelt down and started to tongue her pussy. Running my hands over her body I pushed and probed her pussy, flicking her clit and sticking my tongue all the way inside her hole until she started screaming and came all wildly, her pussy juices flowing onto my tongue as I lapped it all up. Then she stood up and pushed me onto the sofa and starting to give me a first class blow job. She must have been practising in all those years as it was much better than I remember. She caressed my balls and flicked the head of my cock with her tongue as she moved her lips up and down my erect manhood.

Then I saw it. A twitch in Penny's curtains as I looked up momentarily. Focusing on that space, I saw Penny's hands push the curtains apart slightly, and then her face appeared. She winked at me and parted the curtains a bit more so I could see that she wasn't wearing any clothes! Her hands roamed over her body as she watched me and Michelle on the sofa. With this I pulled Michelle's head off my cock, and pulled her towards me. I didn't want Michelle to turn around so I made her sit on top of me and drove my cock into her sopping wet pussy. In this position I could look past Michelle's shoulders to the window as I fucked her, and I saw Penny rubbing her pussy and tits as she watched us intently, her mouth open slightly as her excitement overtook her.

Me and Michelle fucked like this until she came wildly, grabbing my shoulders and forcing her hips down onto me as she moaned in my ear. The sound of Michelle coming always managed to send me over the edge, so I pulled out of her. This was our old routine whenever I didn't have a condom, I would pull out and she would let me cum onto her. Knowingly she knelt in front of me and jerked me off, aiming my cock onto her tits. I looked at Penny again, and her eyes were focused on my cock and she was panting as she fingered herself. Then my orgasm exploded and I shot my cum all over Michelle's tits, covering her firm breasts with my sperm as she moaned again, turned on by my orgasm. When I opened my eyes I saw Penny smiling at me. She blew a kiss to me with her pussy soaked fingers and then closed the curtain.

After that Michelle and I stayed as close friends. We both realised that a relationship between us would never work now, because we too different for it to be really viable. However we did stay as friends, and had a few more sexual encounters before I found a new girlfriend.

To Be Continued...

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