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New America the Sufferage of Men 01


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This book is a work of fiction and all characters are fictional and are not based on real people. Therefore, any likeness to real people is coincidental and unintended.

All characters engaging in sexual activity or sexual situations are age 18 and over.

This publication contains male nudity and references and/or describes situations of humiliation of men in a female dominated society of the future.

© February 24, 2018 - Trapezoid

New America -- The Suffrage of Men


The Wide Swings of the Pendulum

The year is 2028 and Madam President, Emmeline Watson (Named after the infamous British female activist for women's suffrage.) was re-elected to her second term as the first female President of the United States of America. She easily took control of the new government and had now also gained the majority rule of the Supreme Court with the Justices appointed in her first term and those made during the eight year Presidency of her Liberal processor. The entire government is now dominated by female Justices, Senators and Representatives. Those males still in position during her first term were nothing more than bullied shells within the positions they once held.

The French politician from the 19th century is credited with saying, "People get the government they deserve." Some credited Aristotle for the quote. Regardless of who first said it, the quote has a ring of truth. In a democracy, usually the majority of the people get who they elected but not necessarily who they deserve. The men of the United States of America did not deserve to have their rights stripped away, yet it happened, quickly and ruthlessly.

Though not found in any of his preserved writings, Thomas Jefferson was credited for saying, "When injustice becomes law, resistance becomes duty." I believe that also rings quite true. What he clearly did write in the Declaration of Independence is "...But when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future security."[1]

I am James Monroe, described by the new government as a rebel and the leader of the mostly-male resistance movement. I am 55 years old and still remember what it was like for a man to be a "real" man. I fight to restore 'liberty and justice for all,' citizens of the former United States of America. I fight to restore the First and Second Amendment rights and the Constitution of our fore-fathers. I lead Freedom Force I-II in the fight against injustice and male oppression in what has now come to be known as New America. I hold to the preamble in the Declaration of Independence that, "We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness."4

This story describes the intersecting lives of six men that are now living under the oppression of the New America female-led government and the women that subjugate, dominate and abuse them.

Chapter 1

Abuse of Power

Absolute Power Corrupts Absolutely

Two well dressed women wearing business suits are escorted into the Oval Office of the Whitehouse and asked to sit on one of the two opposing couches. One woman was Caroline Gates, a petite brunette with very short hair. The other was Megan McConnell a redhead of medium build, with hair of curls reaching her shoulders. Both are dressed in business suits consisting of a white blouse, jacket and matching trousers, and both wearing high heeled shoes.

"Please make yourselves comfortable," the personal assistant said to the women. "Madam President will be with you momentarily."

The two women looked at each other, with an eyebrow raised, as the personal assistant left the office as they wondered why they were summoned so secretively by the newly re-elected President. Though neither seemed worried, they both knew there must be a sense of urgency for this has certainly not been common in the President's first term. They were summoned in the middle of the night and the President's limousines were dispatched to pick up the two women well before the first light of day. Not being completely comfortable, they both kept both feet planted on the floor and eyes focused on the doorway across the room.

When the doorway opened, in walked Emmeline Watson without her usual escort of Secret Service, Chief of Staff, Vice President, or any other Cabinet or staff members.

Both women immediately stood and offered the customary greeting, "Good morning Madam President."

Emmeline walked over to the two women and shook their hands and replied, "Good morning to you as well ladies." She then sat down on the couch across from the two women and urged them to sit back down as well.

Madam President Watson said, "I am sure you are wondering why I summoned you here so early this morning so let's just jump right into business."

Both ladies nodded in agreement and she continued, "As Speakers of both the House and Senate, you are my most powerful allies in the Congress. I need your to execute the next step of my plans." Emmeline pointed to the tablets on the table and instructed each woman to pick one up and turn it on. The screen opened to an old image from 2017. "I know you were both very young but do either of you remember this image from the Woman's March on Washington DC?"

Megan McConnell spoke first, "I certainly do Madam President, I was a young child and my mother was a single parent who actually attended the march and thoroughly embraced the movement. Her positions on womanhood and female strength influenced me as I grew up and became a part of my platform when seeking public office. My mother and that movement provided the foundation for much of who I am today."

Caroline Gates then chimed in, "I remember it also Madam President. Though I was a toddler at the time of the Women's March on Washington, my mother was a staunch supporter of the movement. My mother was a very strong feminist. I grew up with both parents but happily for me, within a female led environment. As a result of my upbringing, I lead my household as well. In fact, I was also taught as a teen to embrace the mark established by that movement and still do to this day."

Emmeline reflected momentarily and said, "Yes. The symbol from the now defunct sports apparel company that was adopted by the one-time celebrity, singer and activist Madonna. That symbol was intended to unite the women who attended the march." Emeline Watson then surprisingly stood up and lowered her pants, hooked her thumb in her panty and pulled down to reveal that she also still wears the symbol upon her pubic mound.

"Every time I look in the mirror and see this symbol, every time I suffer through the pain of waxing and electrolysis to maintain it, every night when I undress for bed, I am reminded where we are came from and more importantly, where we are going. It stands as I reminder to me that there is still much work yet to be done." Emmeline nonchalantly pulled her trousers back up, zipped them, and sat back down on the couch.

Emmeline looked into the eyes of both women and asked, "Are you ready to move our agenda to the next important level ladies?"

Feeling energized by the discussion they enthusiastically agreed.

"Well then ladies, please swipe to the next page on your tablet. As you can see on my timeline, of events, we have nearly abolished First and Second Amendment rights. We are still under Martial Law and completing the systematic confiscation of firearms from the hands of private citizens of New America. We are fighting to secure the few pockets of resistance that remain, including the pesky FF I-II resistance. Soon, we will have the nation under complete control and the need for Martial Law will pass. Before that happens, we as women in government need to further erode male rights in this country and completely subjugate them to the female population. We need to remove them from all positions of power and force them into subservient roles in all aspects of New American life. So sisters, let us begin!"

The Further Erosion of Male Rights

That secretive meeting was over a year ago and since that fateful day, new laws have been passed, enacted, and are being enforced nationwide. The First, Second and Third Amendment rights of men have been all but eliminated. The resistance movements have been all but wiped out and the pockets that remain have been deemed too small and feeble to be a threat to the President's agenda. All males have been removed from positions of power in all levels of government. The commanding officers of all the armed forces are female. Corporations are run by only female Presidents and CEOs. All other business managerial roles are dominated by females and the ownership of all business, large and small, is restricted to females only.

In New America, all subservient roles are held by males. Males cannot buy and sale in any market of any kind. Males cannot own property and anything that was once owned by a male in the old United States of America was forcefully transferred to the females within the family or confiscated by the government and redistributed to females in need or deemed worthy of such ownership.

New classifications or casts for males dictate their position and level of rights and/or degree of subjugation. Subjugation laws are enforced in all area of a male's daily life including; the workplace, in public or government service, and at home. Since no male can own property of any kind, all males are forced to perform unpaid labor. The female of the household is awarded compensation for the work of their subjugated male laborer(s). Those males without female ownership are housed in Men's Shelters, which is in turn awarded the compensation for the work of males under their supervision.

The Establishment of Male Classifications

Classification 0 -- Is for all males under the age of eighteen. They are essentially without classification and are subordinate to any and all females with whom the come in contact. Males under the age of eighteen never wear clothing and are indoctrinated into the female-led society from birth.

Classification 1 -- Is reserved for cooperative, passive and subservient males that have a high level of intelligence, skill and/or experience. Males in this classification can work in subservient positions in government and business and may have relaxed clothing restrictions, which are always at the discretion of the organization for which they labor. All male positions still held within the New America government fall into this classification.

Classification 2 -- Is reserved for males serving in the female led armed forces of New America. All males serve in non-officer positions but can still hold lower ranks such as privates and seaman. Clothing restrictions can be relaxed based on rank but is always at the discretion of the commanding officer. Clothing is typically only allowed based on the work or mission being performed and that which provides minimal protection for safety reasons only.

Classification 3 -- Is for males that can hold subservient white-collared type positions in business, which are usually based on skill, ability and/or experience. Clothing for males is typically prohibited and is dictated by management and position. Clothing prohibitions for male laborers are strictly enforced.

Classification 4 -- Is for blue-collared laborers and workers in all other forms of business and agriculture. Clothing is only permitted to provide minimum levels of safety for males working within that position. Classification 4 male laborers and workers are subjugated to all females within the organization and are typically at the mercy of their direction and orders. Failure to comply with direction or orders can result in immediate discipline and/or the reduction of classification.

Classification 5 -- Is reserved for males serving in the gene pool for reproduction. Males in this classification have no right of refusal and are not permitted to wear clothing at any time. Males in the gene pool produce the seeds of life for the enhanced selection process that promotes continued dominance by women. Seeds of life are collected, controlled and stored by women in the government-run fertilization clinics and are used to impregnate any female wishing to bear children. Insemination in the home by fornication is forbidden to preserve the reproductive selection process for female domination.

Classification 6 -- Is for criminals, law-breakers, or uncooperative and demoted males. Males in this classification are forced into bondage and slavery and are subjected to frequent and ritualistic humiliation in a prison environment. Males in this classification are never permitted to wear clothing and have absolutely no rights or recourse for their treatment under the laws of New America.

General Laws Governing Subservient Male

Public Work Environment

Nudity in public by the male population of New America is intended to reinforce female dominance and male subjugation. Male Classifications dictate the general requirements for male nudity and higher Classifications permit some relaxation of clothing restrictions based upon the Classification laws and the female(s) in charge of their work environment. Clothing other safety apparatus may also be worn if the said item(s) is required to provide a minimum level of safety for the work they are performing.

As further reinforcement of male subjugation, all males are required by law to shave their faces and entire pubic region each morning before reporting to their workplace. No facial or genital hair is permitted for any males in New America's society.

Home Environment

Since females now rule the entire business world and government in New America there are fewer jobs for males overall. Many males have now been relegated to nanny positions or that of stay-at-home-dads or house-husbands. The daily shaving requirement also applies to males performing daily chores at home or in any other private work environments.

All males are required to wholly submit to their wives and are subject to escalating discipline for any form of disobedience. Wearing of clothing at home is dictated by the Classification Laws and those requirements are expected to be maintained by the wife or owner in every female-led household.

Wives and owners are encouraged to lock their males in chastity nightly and any time they are caring for children alone in the household. Chastity is occasionally enforced outside the home as well at the discretion of the male's wife or owner and can also be used as a disciplinary measure.

Male siblings must submit to the will of all females in the household regardless of age. Male siblings are caged or locked in chastity as soon as they reach puberty and are only uncaged to meet the daily shaving requirements dictated by law. Young males remain caged until they are bought by a male slave owner or they submit to marriage and begin life in a new female-led household.

Public Housing Environment

Older males and males over the age of eighteen without female ownership or not taken in marriage are required to live in public Men's Shelters. All males living in shelters are subjugated to the female management of the shelter until they are bought or they submit to marriage.

Males housed in shelters are never permitted to wear clothing within the shelter regardless of Classification allowances for their work environment. Any clothing worn outside for their work Classification must be removed prior to entering the shelter premises.

Chastity requirements within the shelters is recommended but not mandated and is at the discretion of the shelter's female management.

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by Anonymous09/10/18

Honestly dude, you seem to have something in your mind to write something very long (and probably good for Femdom stories lovers.) However, your start is very illogical.

Right in the first chapter youmore...

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by Dazzle109/08/18

American would be conquered

Dumb premise that any modern country would work well this way.

The men would revolt.

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A great start!

If this is just the introduction, I literally can’t wait for the story to get started!

A minor criticism is that there were one or two minor grammatical errors, but they don’t distract from whatmore...

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