tagExhibitionist & VoyeurNew Bathroom Mirror

New Bathroom Mirror


Back in the mid 1990s, I, my then-wife, & infant daughter lived in a big 2-story house in rural Missouri. On the 1st floor were the guest bedrooms & the guest bath—which also served as my bath--the vanity-side wall of which shared a wall with the utility room. Over the vanity was a large built-in mirror which cracked when the wrench I was using to fix the faucet slipped and struck it hard.

I went to Home Depot & Lowe's to find a replacement, only to learn that the mirror was not a standard size, so off to St. Louis I drove to a special glass & mirror place to get one custom cut.

When I got there, it was busy, so I had to wait a while during which time I looked at their displays. Although rather expensive, they sold "2-way mirrors"--the kind that's a mirror on one side but you can look through from the other side.

Well, my perverted mind went into overdrive, and I decided to get this kind of mirror for the replacement, realizing that I could spy on naked female guests in the bathroom from the utility room on the other side. In fact, we were soon expecting guests, my best friend and his young drop-dead gorgeous big-boobed blonde wife.

When I got back home with the mirror & sent my wife shopping, I jig-sawed out the wall board on the utility room side & installed the huge mirror in the bathroom, where the wall-board was already hewn out to make it flush with the wall within the surrounding built-in frame.

The utility room could not have been designed any better for voyeurs, for the HVAC unit, about 2 feet from that wall, completely blocked the view of the see-through mirror from all vantage points in there other than standing in the narrow corridor between the unit & the wall. Only the 2 x 4 studs stood in the way of an otherwise unobstructed, panoramic view of the entire bathroom--toilet, vanity, and bathtub, which, conveniently, already had a clear shower curtain.

I could hardly wait for our Playboy-centerfold-quality guest. Unfortunately, she and my buddy had to cancel their visit, but shortly thereafter, my wife's sister, a big-breasted looker in her own right, decided to come visit. Good! Well, she brought along her daughter, Kadie, whom I had not seen in a couple of years. She had just turned 18.

When they arrived, I immediately noticed Kadie had "matured," though I didn't think much of it until breakfast the next morning, when she came to the table in a tight tee-shirt through which her pencil-eraser nipples--apparently a female family trait just like my wife's and her sister's--showed prominently atop her super-firm 34Cs in the morning sun.

As if that weren't stimulating enough, as she sat down, I could not help but stare through the glass-top table at her cute little feet & long, slender legs. A few minutes later, she got into an Indian-style sitting position only to reveal labia bulging against her little white panties!

She caught me staring, but seemed to sensuously smile back & even appeared to take a more-than-brief look at my semi-hard penis quite visible through the thin fabric of my worn scrubs in the morning light. But I chalked that up to nothing more than my own testosterone misinterpreting her reaction. Then her mom & aunt--my good-looking wife--both also sporting tight sleep tees, came in. A veritable trifecta of visual delight, but nothing compared to what was to come!

After breakfast, Kadie & my sister-in-law Kathy proceeded downstairs to get showers as my wife did likewise to the upstairs master bath to get ready for some Christmas shopping in St. Louis. Perfect. This would afford me the opportunity to start a load of laundry in--you guessed it--the utility room, but not before stashing my Nikon 35mm SLR and the new camcorder in the bottom of the laundry basket.

By the time I got down there, Kathy was already in the bathroom sitting naked with her back to me on the toilet "tinkling." I had not realized until then just how easily one could hear noises through the cutout wall.

She could hear me just as readily as I could hear her, so I would have to be extremely quiet or be found out. As she leaned forward to "wipe the dew," I had a brief but perfect view of her meaty pussy lips, like my wife's, apparently another female family trait.

Though I caught just a glimpse, it appeared she had shaved her bush, but it was beginning to grow back. Then she turned around and faced the mirror to brush her teeth. She leaning over the basin, I will never forget her big nice tits swaying in time to her every brush stroke and the dab of toothpaste that dropped onto her rubbery right nipple.

She rinsed and turned around to step into the shower, sudsing her full mammaries with Zest behind the clear plastic curtain. My heart literally skipped a beat when she washed her crotch, for she pulled back her pussy lips with the fingers of her left hand and inserted her soapy right finger deep into her vagina & cleaned it quite nicely with several erotic plunges.

After washing her hair & rinsing off, she stepped out onto the drip mat & toweled off, turning around several times to give me the best view yet of her voluptuous 37-year-old body. "Just enough cushion for the pushin'." Yep, she was definitely a pussy-shaver, but was ready for a re-do. Man, wouldn't I enjoy helping out with that task!

Agog at these sights, I hadn't even thought to get it on film yet, so I grabbed the 35mm and snapped off some shots. Good, bright bathroom light, but damn, that shutter was loud! I only got a few shots off before she wrapped the towel around her and exited the bathroom.

Oh, yeah, why was I "officially" in the utility room anyway? So I hurriedly popped a load of laundry in the machine and started it. I barely got back behind the HVAC again to wait for the incredible Kadie when my wife came in and called out my name. Close call!!! Then I heard her ask Kathy & Kadie of my whereabouts from the nearby bedroom before the creaking stairs indicated she was going back upstairs. Whew!

I was still fiddling with the new camcorder (when all else fails, read the instructions) when Kadie came in, stripped off the tee shirt and kicked off the panties. Oh my God in heaven! A younger, hard-body version of her mom &, to this very day, the best-looking girl I have ever seen in person or in pictures!!!! Like a replay of her mom just moments before, she, too, squatted on the toilet to pee, but afforded me a somewhat longer view of her crack--a gorgeous pussy with big lips, prominent clit, and the prettiest little butthole ever that she squinched even tighter as she wiped.

She flossed and brushed her teeth as I observed her beauty at close range. If you like long, straight, light brown hair surrounding an angel-like face atop a slim, muscular body with perfect extra-firm medium-large breasts with dark pink 3/4-inch nipples, then this was the place to be. Again, Kadie was the best-looking female I have ever seen in my whole life.

When she turned around to pull the shower curtain, then bent over to adjust the bath mat, I got a good view of her back side--absolutely flawless. Where her long, sleek, slender legs met her bottom, the crease was very well defined before her ass flesh flared up & out in a symmetrical heart shape.

At the top of each bun was a small concave recess attributable to nothing but youth & the right genetic code. And her naturally arched back flared subtly wider towards her beautiful, smooth shoulders bracketed by long, slim, nearly hairless arms terminating in slender, dainty hands & fingers. PERFECT.

She got in the shower and washed her body and hair in what can only be described as sublimely slippery ecstasy, smoothing her sudsy hands over every luscious contour. My dick was so hard it was about to drill a hole in the wall. It was nearly impossible for me to take my eyes off her in order to operate the camcorder, but I had to in order to record this for all posterity.

She stepped out of the shower, and did I ever tape that wet girl get dry as a bit of semen oozed from my hard-as-steel penis through the thin scrubs I still had on from the night before.

But then the most astonishing thing yet happened: She got MY OWN razor & shaving cream, sat on the edge of the tub, & proceeded to first shave her legs and underarms, then spread her legs wide to closely inspect her scant, light brown pussy hair. Then, in a dream-come-true-to-reality move, she came over to the vanity, propped a bent leg up on it, lathered up her crotch with my Edge Gel For Extra-Sensitive Skin, & slowly shaved it bald as a baby not 4 feet away from me!!!!!

Do girls who are not yet having sex do such things? You decide. Between thumb and forefinger, she pulled first one big pussy lip way out & carefully shaved that side before switching to the other side and shaving it clean. Then she formed a "v" with her left index & middle fingers tight against her lower mons & pulled upwards to shave the last bit of hair from just above her clitoris, fully revealing it in all its glistening glory.

I noticed that she had become increasingly wet through this process, & thought I had never adored such a sight in all my days until the next thing she did: After rinsing her pubic area with warm water, she began to play with herself, first using both hands to massage her breasts and twiddle her bigger-than-ever nips, then working her right hand down to her clit to rub it in little circles, occasionally poking a finger, then two, into her dripping-wet vagina as she stared at herself in the mirror!

The most sexy girl in the world was masturbating right in front of me, on tape no less, so I decided to whack off myself, though I had just fucked the shit out of her good-looking aunt twice not an hour before. Holding the camcorder in one hand, I untied my scrubs with the other hand, got the old boy real wet with saliva, and began stroking my raging erection in time with her finger-thrusting.

Well, in my fit of multi-tasking, the lens bumped hard against the mirror, which startled Kadie big time. Oh shit!!! She froze & looked right at the spot--my eyes--where the noise came from for what seemed like an eternity before she resumed her self-pleasuring.

Heart beating out of my chest, I continued to videotape, and heard the sound of the creaking stairs again--her mom going upstairs--and re-wet my other hand with spit and resumed the masturbation session. She reached for something on the vanity by the splash guard, just out of my line of sight. Coming in to view, it was my wooden 100% natural boar bristle Medicis hair brush--a gift from my mother, no less--which Kadie was holding by the bristles end. No, she's not going to actually...yes, yes she is!

Unbelievably, she slowly slipped the tapered handle into her pussy &, with gradually increasing speed began fucking herself with it as she continued to fondle her magnificent tits with her other hand. The expression on her face was simply priceless, drunken-looking eyes with moist lips slightly open mouthing something. I studied her mouth more closely, and she was silently saying, "Fuck me, fuck me with that rock-hard dick. Fuck me real good now."

Then, incredibly, she mouthed my uncommon first name, not once, but over and over, interspersed with more "fuck mes." In a few more minutes, her face flushed, & she uttered a soft but clearly audible, " Oooooooh, I'm cumming; I'm cumming; I'm cumming; ooooooh, time for you to shoot your hot cum inside me."

And then, softly, she called my name out loud. On cue, I shot a huge load right onto my side of the mirror, the cum dripping down onto where her dripping-wet pussy appeared on the other side. Interesting juxtaposition. She recovered, washed off the brush, replaced it to its spot, blow-dried her hair, & applied some make-up as I watched and taped her naked beauty until she wrapped a towel—MY Towel—around her.

Then I remembered the other just-finished "load"--the laundry--so I pulled up and tied my scrub bottoms, set the cameras down on the floor, slipped out of the voyeur corridor, and transferred the clothes to the dryer.

Though I was still sporting a 2/3 erection--dicks are like that after a really good orgasm, you know--I figured I had better get out of there & make an appearance right away, having been mysteriously out of pocket for a good 45 minutes. Out of view of the mirror but hearing nothing from the bathroom, I figured Kadie had already left & gone into the guest bedroom down the hall to get dressed, so I took the opportunity to hastily exit the utility/voyeur room.

Just as I did so, Kadie, towel wrapped around her, simultaneously came out of the bathroom door. "Doing a little laundry," I explained, nervously. "Yeah, seems like there's always another load," she replied, I noting her unintentional double entendre as she trained her eyes first on my face & then down to my bulge and the little wet spot there.

She turned, walked down the short, dark hall, and threw open the guest bedroom door, which let the strong sunlight cast a bright beam onto her, and stepped just across the door's threshold.

At that moment, she let drop the towel to the floor, turned 360 degrees, paused to smile just as she had at breakfast, then disappeared behind the door, only partially closing it. If she liked the cold 4-inch-long by 1-inch-thick handle of my hairbrush, she'd really like my warm 7-inch-long by 2-inch-thick cock, I thought, knowing I would never actually pursue this pure fantasy.

But I sure had excellent fantasy material, the video of her and the stills of her mom.

I had used the last of the film, 10 to 15 pics, that was already in the 35 mm, most of the photos being shots of my infant daughter, and I was wondering how I would get them developed.

The next day I went to get the film out of that camera only to discover it was gone! When I recovered from the mild heart attack, I learned from my wife that she had taken it, along with several other rolls of film, to Wal-Mart to get them developed. You can bet I was Johnny-on-the-spot to pick up those prints myself.

When I got to Wal-Mart, I thumbed through all the prints but found none of the naked sister-in-law. I checked again. Nada. All the infant daughter pics from that roll were there but no nude Kathy. No negatives sheet at all, either. I noticed the daughter pics were out of sequence and that some were turned upside down. Hmmmm. It appeared someone had gone through them.

I questioned the nerdy employee, who denied knowing anything about the missing pics, yet I could not ignore the shit-eating grin he was trying to suppress. I know how Wal-mart, Eckerd's, and other big retailers develop film. It's sent to a lab where they are developed in a high-speed automated process. Since there is a huge volume of photos, only a very small percentage of them are ever checked by photo lab employees for quality assurance.

That nerdy Wal-Mart photo guy was the culprit. He must have kept them for his own enjoyment, though, since Kathy was a really good-looking, booby babe, I would not be at all surprised to find them on the Net someday. He gave me some free developing coupons. Gee, thanks, like they made up for those sis-in-law nudies!

But I still had the video of Kadie. I tell you with no hyperbole that it was the best erotic video of all time: A perfect young nude hardbody peeing, brushing her teeth, showering, shaving her pubes, masturbating with my hair brush while calling out my own name, blow-drying her hair, and finally, applying makeup. I tell you, I have seen many erotic films, but this one—so personalized—was by far the best.

Though the camera was basically stationary in my hand, I did pan left-right about 8 feet to follow her from the toilet to the shower to the vanity, and I zoomed in a few times to get extreme close-ups of her face, nipples, and pussy. The utility room was dark, so there was no reflection off the mirror, and there was no sign I was shooting through glass. The bathroom light was very bright, the tape high quality, and the new cam was a Sony with one of the first anti-shake features. So the video, though home-made, was of exceptional quality with no jiggle—save for Kadie's boobs!

Yet it was quite obviously a voyeur tape, completely unedited, with the 2 X 4 studs in view as I panned, and Kadie's extra-long doe-in-the-headlights stair right straight into the lens when I bumped the mirror being a moment of genuine high tension.

I tell you, I don't think I could have planned and directed a better erotic video than that one. Besides the obvious—installing the 2-way mirror—it was sheer luck that it turned out so good, as I'm certainly no video expert. To paraphrase the old real estate axiom about value, the three most important things about erotic video: Subject, subject, subject; and you could not improve on Kadie as a subject.

We only lived in that house another nine months before we moved out and relocated to another state with my new job, and I never voyeured anyone else through that 2-way mirror, as we never had any more guests worth looking at. I remember completing the required real estate disclosure form about improvements or problems with the home. Of course, I could not list this on the form for obvious reasons, and I laughed to myself that some would definitely consider the mirror an improvement while others would regard it as a problem.

The subsequent owner(s) probably don't even know it's there, as there is no reason to go into that narrow corridor between the wall and the HVAC unit because all servicing like changing filters and the access panels for repair is done from the opposite side, and it completely blocks the view of the mirror from all points inside the utility room. I hope the owner has discovered it, though, and is getting good voyeuring use from it.

Anyway, those 22 minutes of videotape provided many hours of erotic viewing pleasure over the ensuing years.

I learned long ago that sometimes the best place to hide something is in plain view, so I neatly labeled the tape "head cleaner cassette," placed it inside the tape-head cleaner box, along with the tape-head cleaner fluid, and set it on the shelf with all of the other videos. I was the only one in the household who maintained the video cassette recorder, so it was perfectly safe for my eyes only, yet within convenient reach.

Problem was, when my wife implemented the ambush-style divorce six years later, she took all the tapes—along with most everything else we had—while I was at work. She did not know what she had, but I did, and I wanted it back! Now I could not exactly ask her for the $9.99 tape head cleaner back without arousing suspicion, so my only option was to purloin it surreptitiously .

I was at her house picking up my kids nearly a year later when I saw that she had finally unboxed the tapes and placed them on the TV armoire. There was the trusty "tape head cleaner!" Next time I was over there to drop the children off, I brought my shoulder bag in, arranged for a distraction to momentarily get everyone out of the den, and popped the tape into my bag. At last, I had one of my most coveted possessions back!!!

I could hardly wait to drive home to watch it, so into the videotape machine it went as soon as I walked in. Oh boy, or should I say, oh girl! Rewind. Play. Squiggles. Fast forward. Squiggles. Adjust tape speed. Still Squiggles. SonOfABitch!!!!! The squiggles looked just like the ones when you put a tape in prematurely after cleaning the heads but the cleaning fluid is still wet on the heads. Apparently, my ex-wife or someone had put the fluid on the tape—it WAS marked tape head cleaner—to clean the video heads and RUINED the precious Kadie video.

Not even a vestige of the images remained. A total loss. I guess that was better than my ex discovering her niece on the tape.

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