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New Beginnings


Standing barefoot among the soft grass, a smile playing at the corner of his mouth. He shakes his head gently each time he thinks of how so much is different in his life. He is so much happier than before and so much more secure in his own character. There's a light wind coming in off the coast, he looks around at the softly swaying branches of the trees that surround this clearing on three sides. Everything so green, so lush, so beautiful. He pads lightly across the grass towards the cliff that overlooks the ocean to the east. Stopping and letting his toes curl into the soft damp earth, turning back with a soft smile at the cabin snuggled into the trees. His thoughts drift to earlier that day and his smile broadens.

Approaching the edge of the cliff and looking out at the crashing waves as they continue their assault on the rocks below, memories flow through his mind and he blushes slightly as he realizes the resulting effect in his groin. They had flown into the country the night before and how they had struggled the last year to make this dream a reality. The flight was long and exhausting, but they were both so happy to finally be here. Running on adrenaline and the Goddess' blessings for the last 36 hours, by the time they had finally arrived in this remote and awe inspiring corner of Scotland the fuel was running low and they had a much deserved and sound rest.

Loving her these last months he had come to understand how persistent passion feels. The inability to look at the smooth curve of her back, or watch the tiny silver chain dangle from her beautifully formed neck without wanting her, without gritting his teeth silently at the thought of reaching under the covers and gently stroking her sex, rubbing the center of pleasure and making her glisten with the Goddess' own nectar. She was insatiable and his age gave him a little leverage against her, the ability to say after the second or third time, "no, I can't do it again." making her crave even more and wait with great anticipation at the next opportunity to have his manhood surrounded by her hand, stroking him to hardness and then being impaled with madness inside of her as his seed would launch hot and thick, coating every delicious inch of her.

Remembering how he gently awoke to the sound of the wind as it gently caressed the old cabin's timbers, looking over at her as she slept. Rising up on one arm and just watching her face and her form, her nostrils flaring slightly, the gentle rising and lowering of her chest as she breathed. Moving his eyes down her form, the soft curves of her hips and thighs as the bright moonlight reflected off her skin. It never ceased to amaze him the effect she had on him. He couldn't help but move himself gently closer, pressing his naked body against hers and slowly moving the palm of his hand down those lusciously beautiful curves.

As he moved carefully closer to her, feeling her soft breath against his skin, he reached up and cupped his hand against her cheek. She never mentioned to him in words how much that touch meant to her, but he knew and he loved being able to still make her heart race when he did so. Using the tips of his fingers, he gently brushed aside her hair and leaned down placing a soft gentle loving kiss to her forehead. The entire time they'd been together they never spoke much of the future, always taking one day at a time. Yet, here they were, over a year later living their dream together. He reached over tentatively and slowly rotated the tip of his finger around the tip of her breast, circling the aureole, spiraling down until he touches her nipple. Taking great enjoyment in watching it become firm under his touch, he leans down and wraps his lips lovingly around it, suckling it in and out of his mouth. She stirs from her deep slumber and let's a quiet moan escape from her mouth.

Fingertips moving with a feather light caress down her body, every inch of her, arms, hips, thighs, buttocks circling around to the front of her, laying his hand affectionately upon her stomach. His fingers inching towards the sweet source between her legs. He suddenly laughs softly to himself remembering how he'd always love the taste of a woman's source, but never so obsessed and in love with the act of consuming a woman's sex as he was with hers. The straight from the shower wonderful sweetness or the after work, rip her pants off, sour/tangy/sweetness of her. His mouth watered from the thought as he gently moved down her form, carefully turning her onto her back as he did so. He wanted her to awaken, but awaken she would to the touch of his tongue.

Stealthily he slipped between her legs, carefully spreading them as she stirs a little more, mumbling something under her breath as she dreams. He quietly presses his nose against her sex and takes a deep breath, the scent instantly filling him, making his head swim, his manhood instantly hard. He kisses her there in that most sacred of spaces. His tongue moves every so cautiously, tasting the salty sweaty flavor of her skin. Moving his tongue below her sex, flattening it there in the sensitive area below her sex and moving upwards slowly, pressing into her, allowing his tongue to slide between her folds and press deep into her flesh, ending the intrusion with a gentle flick of his tongue across the hood of her clit. Looking up he sees her looking down at him with a playful smile across her face; he laughs softly knowing that he has been played with some himself. For that he turns his head and sinks his teeth into the flesh of her inner thigh, biting playfully and sucking the flesh into his mouth. She cries softly, he suckles hard and quick. Pulling back slowly and letting the flesh slowly slide from his mouth, looking down and satisfied as he's drawn blood.

Flicking his eyes upward to meet her gaze, feeling the radiant energy of the moon upon them he rises and lifts her into his loving arms. She rests her face into the crook of his neck as he carries her outside laying her down in the wet grass. Kissing her so tenderly, another gaze into her eyes, a silent question passed between them. She nods every so slightly, smiling lovingly into his eyes, then he gazes up into the moon, into the eyes of their beloved Goddess. "Our Lady and your companion my Lord, hear us. We lay here before you as your ancient children. Witness please, the declaration we make before you and all of your creation." Taking the athame he left when they first arrived to be saturated with the moon's brilliance he hands it to her. She takes the athame from him and points the blade at his chest. She smiles and speaks, "Tis long we have waited my love, speak unto me what words buildeth in thy heart."

Watching the reflection of the moonlight in her eyes, he says "I, Chadoephir, speak now of my own free will and let it be known that it would be better for me to thrust myself upon this athame, than to speak anything other than the truest words from my heart. I come to this magickal place under the eyes of our Mother and Father, and declare my love unto you my beloved Callandora. I come with all love, honor, and sincerity, wishing only to become one with her whom I love. Always will I seek her happiness and welfare. Her life will I defend before my own and unto my last breath. May the athame be plunged into my heart should I not be sincere in all that I declare. All this I swear to thee in the presence of the gods. May Lord and Lady Light give me the strength to keep my vows to thee. So mote it be."

A single soft tear glides down her cheek as she hands the athame to her love. He takes the offered athame and points the blade unto her own chest. "I have professed my love and convictions upon thee, what does thou have to say in response?"

She smiles with the beauty of the Goddess herself and speaks unto him. "I, Callandora, speak now of my own free will and let it be known that it would be better for me to thrust myself upon this athame, than to speak anything other than the truest words from my heart. I come to this magickal place under the eyes of our Mother and Father, and declare my love unto you my beloved Chadoephir. I come with all love, honor, and sincerity, wishing only to become one with her whom I love. Always will I seek her happiness and welfare. Her life will I defend before my own and unto my last breath. May the athame be plunged into my heart should I not be sincere in all that I declare. All this I swear to thee in the presence of the gods. May Lord and Lady Light give me the strength to keep my vows to thee. So mote it be."

Taking her hand and pointing the athame at the moon he continues, "As the grass of the fields and the trees of the woods bend together under the pressures of the storm, so too must we both bend when the wind blows strong. But know that as quickly as the storm comes, so equally quickly may it leave. Yet will we both stand, strong in each other's strength. As we give love unto others and unto ourselves, so shall we receive that love back three fold. As we give strength, so will we receive that strength? Together we are one, apart we are nothing. Yet in our oneness we still cling to the individuality that makes us who we are, and we are the object of each other's affection and respect."

Again, handing the athame back to his love, she takes it and again points the tip of the blade to the moon and says, "We know and understand that no two people can be alike. No more can any two people fit together, perfect in every way. There will be times when it will seem hard to give and to love. We understand that during these times, as we see sadness and even anger in our eyes, it is the time to smile and turn back to our love and the love the Lord and Lady bestow upon us unconditionally. For it is not fire that puts out fire. So we shall change our anger for love and for tears of joy and happiness. It is no weakness to admit a wrong, more is it a strength sign of growth and learning. Ever shall we love, help and respect each other and know that only then shall we truly be as one in the eyes of the gods."

Saying together smiling and shedding tears of joy, "So mote it be." Leaning down he embraces her and wraps himself around her, kissing her with every loving beat of his heart. She whispers softly into his ear, "I am yours my love, I submit to you this night with a joyous heart full of love." He whispers lovingly back, "Aye, my love. I accept thy gift with loving thanks and know that you are my Goddess and I worship thee with my last breath." Suckling her ear lobe gently into his mouth, flicking his tongue lightly across the outline of her ear and withdrawing. Taking her hand and helping her to her feet, "Walk with me love." She follows willingly as he approaches a nearby tree, wind dancing joyously through the branches. As they approach she notices a blanket wrapped around the trunk of the tree, she smiles and bites her bottom lip gently.

He laughs softly as she begins to understand the planning that went into this night. "Would you stand with your back against the tree my love and reach back to hug it?" She does as requested; he quickly and smoothly ties one end of a silk scarf around one wrist, then wrapping behind the tree to capture the other wrist. Making sure her bonds are snug but comfortable. He leans into her and kisses her again, suckling her lower lip, biting it. His hands moving up her body, cupping her breasts in each hand, holding it in such a fashion as to allow his thumb and finger to tease, flick and pinch her erect nipples. He backs away again and moves around the back of the tree. A few shuffling sounds reach her ears, then silence again as he moves around in front of her again, that ever present loving smile as he covers her eyes with a large black blindfold. He steps away and visually inspects the restraints again, waiting a few moments for dramatic effect. He notices her ever so slightly wriggling and writhing against her bonds, discreetly testing her restraints, then smiling in satisfaction that she cannot escape them.

Making sure to remain a discreet distance he reaches out with one hand and lightly moves his fingertips across her tummy. Watching as she instinctively withdraws from his touch out of surprise. Then taking two fingers and lightly caressing the outer folds of her nether lips, she softly sighs in gentle pleasure. He stands again and leans forward whispering again, "My love, please spread your legs as wide as is comfortable for you." Noticing that she's complied he ads, "Now, you cannot close your legs. No matter what pleasure you feel, nor how weak your knees become. If you become uncomfortable or near collapse, simply tell me and I'll release you from your bonds, but not before." She nods in acceptance of the terms, imperceptibly bracing herself for what is to come.

He kneels in front of her again, placing a hand on each hip, taking a long lick from the hood of her clit, down her slit and finally clicking the tender spot below her sex. Whispering into her sex, "I worship my beloved Goddess in the most intimate fashion, giving her what she deserves for being who she is and what she does to the core of my soul." Slipping his tongue in between her folds and slowly massaging the pink tender flesh inside, moving up and down rhythmically. Slowly circling the entrance of her sex, flicking his tongue playfully back and forth. Hearing her moans drives his hunger to a more intense level, letting his tongue dart quickly inside of her. Pressing his lips to her and suckling the ancient divine nectar from inside her, drinking it, letting its nourishment fill him.

He raises himself up and glides the shaft of his engorged member between her lips, massaging her folds with it, soaking it with her wetness. Tapping the head of his cock against her clit, whispering into her ear, "My love, is this what you desire, is this what you crave?" She growls deep in her throat, a hoarse broken "yes" escaping her lips, "Please, yes." Kissing her forehead he whispers almost imperceptibly, "no.". Quickly kneeling against, taking two fingers and forcing back the hood of her clit, suckling it hard and without preamble into his mouth, sucking it back and forth and forcing it to graze across his teeth. Clasping it between his teeth, lashing his tongue back and forth across it. Her moans get slightly louder, her wetness dripping from her sex, clasping his lips harder around her pulsating nub, hearing her moan and growl as she reaches orgasm, feeling her knees shaking next him, growing weaker, instantly grasping each arm around her legs, letting her lean against him as he suckles even harder, moaning and humming into her clit as she comes yet again. Finally releasing it as he slowly pulls his head back. Giving it a gentle kiss and raising up to release her bonds and let her lean completely against him. Picking her up in his arms and carrying her back into the cabin. Laying her gently on the bed and covering her, leaving her with a soft gentle kiss. "Sleep my love, welcome to Scotland and the rest of our lives."

Now as the waves continue crashing against the rocks below, he counts is blessings and gives silent thanks to Her that brought all this into being. Smiling up at her and basking in her glory. He smiles as he senses his love has arisen from her brief slumber and has walked out to join him near the edge of the cliff. "You're a shit, you do know that my beloved?" He laughs, "Yes my love, but as I recall even in the beginning you found that an endearing quality in me." They laugh together for a moment and then after a moment of silence she whispers, "I want to have wild unbridled passionate and animalistic sex with you in the cabin while the thunderstorm progresses across this meadow." He flicks his eyes to her knowingly, "But, dear one, there is no thunderstorm, the night tis clear with naught a cloud in the sky." She smiles, "Aye, for the moment my love." With that they embrace each other, gazing into each other's eyes, a soft blue light glowing within, getting brighter as their energy converges within and their request is heard and granted by an old friend.

Suddenly the wind increases; dark ominous lowering clouds invade the horizon. Lightning streaks across the sky in its natural brilliance. The thunder booms announcing the birth of a new life for the most ancient of Her children. A few hours later they collapsed in each other's arms unaware of the world around them, the only care in the world is the remaining pulse that carries from their center and the breath they struggle to regain. Falling asleep in each other's arms and dreaming of lives past and dreams to come.

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