tagInterracial LoveNew Employee Gives Me...

New Employee Gives Me...


New Employee Gives Me An Interview

I have two major things going for me right now: I'm hot, and I'm very successful. I know that may sound weird, considering most successful women aren't hot, but somehow I used my looks to get me where I wanted to be career wise. I'm just entering my late 20's (28 to be exact) and I am still single. My mother always wonders what is wrong with me, but what can I say? I'm not done with men as sexual objects yet to settle down. I have been with a lot of men, and always hot ones, but there is one type of man I have fantasized about since I started masturbating: A Big Black Stud!

At my job I always get to hire or fire people, which can be a lot of fun. I know it sounds cruel, but I like to be cruel sometimes. I always wear hot little outfits to accentuate my firm 5'9", 117 pound little body. I know I am lucky, because I don't work out at all and eat like a pig. I also have long blonde hair, and blue eyes. My breasts aren't big, 34B's, but they are tight and perky. My ass is tight and my legs are long, and all of me is tanned just right. I know I am bragging, but hey, I have to admit I am hot.

The other day was just another boring day interviewing a bunch of nobodies who want one position. None of them are really qualified, but I let them ramble on how they would be a perfect fit for this company, blah blah blah. I was starting to wish the day was over at about noon, but lunch time was approaching and I figured I'd have a nice lunch and relax before hearing more boring people. I had 10 minutes to go and I decided to interview one last person before I left. I called in Will and when he walked in my jaw dropped. He was so damn fine looking! He was 6'3", 200 pounds of solid muscle, shaved head and black! I was in lust immediately but tried to keep my composure. Every time I looked at him I knew he could have modeled. I asked him the same boring questions, but the whole time I was wondering if he was as big in his pants as he was on the outside.

Finally all my questions were asked and it was time for lunch. I don't know what came over me, but I asked Will if he wanted to go with me to talk about other things besides work. He said sure he would love to and stood up. That's when I noticed it: a huge bulge in his crotch. Maybe my outfit had gotten to him? I was hoping it was me. I stood up and walked towards him and out of total lust; I just started rubbing his bulge. Will started moaning and leaned down and kissed me. God his lips were so sweet and I melted in his arms. I broke our kiss and dropped to my knees and started undoing his pants. I dropped them to the floor and slid his boxers down. My mouth dropped and I started drooling. Will was easily 10 inches or more and thick. I started sucking the head of his cock and jerking his long thick shaft. Will moaned louder and grabbed the back of my head, kneading my hair in his fingers.

I was so wet and horny that I started moaning. Will pulled his cock out of my mouth and stood me up. He started undoing my black suit coat and then took it off. He then unsnapped my black bra and started sucking on my nipples. I felt his hands on my ass kneading my ass cheeks in his giant hands. I felt him reach for my skirts zipper and slide it down. He worked my skirt down so I was only in my garter belt, thigh highs and my heels (I never wear panties). Will stood up and turned me around and had me bend over the side of the desk. I then felt him start licking my pussy with his soft tongue and I came hard. I then felt his tongue start licking my tight asshole and probe it and I let out a low guttural moan. I love it when a man licks my asshole!

As I started shaking again from another orgasm I felt Will stop and stand up. He leaned in behind me and started kissing my neck. That's when I felt it: Will's massive cock started poking its head into my super wet bald pussy. He worked just the head into me and I came again. I was shaking as he started shoving inch after inch into my super tight pussy. His cock was so thick I didn't think I could take much of it, but the way it made me feel I just started begging for more. He slowly worked more in till I felt him hit my cervix. I just knew he had to be all in but I was wrong. With one last massive thrust he slammed it all in me and I came violently. My arms fell out from me and I was laying flat on the desk, my ass high in the air with his big thick black cock buried in my pussy. Will started pulling out inch by inch and I loved every minute of it. I started screaming for him to fuck me and make me his white bitch. Will obeyed and started slamming all 10 inches back in me. His thrusts started becoming long and hard and soon my pussy tightened around his cock again with another massive orgasm. I was so wet; my juices were flowing down my thighs and down his long cock shaft.

Will grabbed my hips and started pounding my pussy with all his might. I was cumming so much I almost blacked out. I felt like I was being split apart! Will slapped my ass hard and made me squeal. I was saying some pretty nasty stuff just begging for him to never stop. Will then took a finger and started shoving it in my asshole and I came so hard my pussy became a vice grip around his massive cock. My pussy must have gotten just tight enough for him because Will grunted and started shooting his cum deep in my pussy. I could feel every spurt hit deep in my pussy. I let out a deep moan as Will kissed my neck and kept grinding his now softening cock deep in my pussy. I felt so full, so complete. He slowly started pulling his cock out and I could feel his cum leaking out of my pussy and down my thighs. With his cock out of me, I felt so empty. My pussy was a gaping hole with cum dribbling out of it.

I was still so horny and I noticed I was grinding my ass in the air. Will noticed this and got on his knees behind me again and started eating me out, devouring his own cum! No man had ever done this to me. It seems everyman is so scared of tasting HIS own cum, but not Will. He shoved his tongue deep in my gaping pussy and licked away. I was grinding my pussy and ass on his face as he kept eating me out. Will then stopped, stood up, turned me around and kissed me deep, shoving his cum in my mouth as we kissed and shared it all. I moaned with delight, and eagerly swallowed every bit if his cum he gave me. I sat down on the edge of the desk and wrapped my legs around will and begged for more cock in me.

Will eagerly obeyed and shoved all 10 inches in me and I just came hard again. I have never felt so completely satisfied by a man ever! He took my legs and placed them over his elbows so I was almost completely bent in half and he just pounded away. I loved it so much and prayed he would never cum again. I laid back on my desk and started rubbing my tits and pinching my nipples as he fucked away. Will put my legs over his shoulders and just hammered his cock so deep in me I clenched up again with another orgasm. When I thought this orgasm would never end, Will started rubbing my clit with his thumb. This kept me over the edge and I just kept cumming and squirting juices all over his massive cock.

I was so horny I told Will to do anything, just never stop fucking me. Will got a huge grin on his face and pulled his cock out of my pussy. I groaned and whined but then I felt his cock head at my asshole's entrance. I instantly got scared. I had been fucked in the ass a lot, but never by a cock this big! I told him to be careful and he started pushing in my ass. My pussy juices had flowed enough down the crack of my ass so there was plenty of lubrication for Will and I just let out a huge moan and he slid in my ass. I decided to just get the pain over with, grabbed his ass and shoved him all in me at once. The pain was so intense, but I came so hard. I just held him there and moaned with delight. I let go of his ass and told Will to take my ass and make it his. Will started sawing that huge cock in me and I was talking even dirtier than before. There is something about having a cock in my ass that just makes me a nasty slut. He sawed his huge cock in my super tight ass for about 5 more minutes when I noticed his face start to tighten up and I felt a huge load of his cum shoot deep in my ass.

Will pulled out of my ass and leaned down and kissed me deep. I told him he had the job, and if he wanted, he could have me anytime anywhere and anyhow he wanted. He got a huge grin and said "Anytime, anywhere and ANYHOW?"

I wonder if I got myself into something I can't handle. I'll let you know!

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