tagMind ControlNew Life Ch. 04

New Life Ch. 04


With all the voices in my head, I had never felt so alone. Every single day was a trial, and one which became more and more difficult to endure. I heard their thoughts, felt their emotions, listened to their darkest fantasies. People were so much different inside than out. The sweetest people could have the darkest desires, the meanest people the ones who needed to be loved the most. Contradiction was everywhere, but nowhere more than in me.

I had been given a power. Sometimes I saw it as a blessing, other times as a curse. I could look into the mind of anyone I met, I could control their actions, yet the only person I wanted to control was myself. I had used my powers to do morally reprehensible things, acts that sickened me and filled me with remorse, yet deep down I still desired to use my powers in such ways. I had an almost daily reminder of what I had done with my constant trips to the rehab section for physio to rebuild my shattered body and my somewhat strained interactions with the physiotherapist Sarah. She was oblivious to it all of course, her memories wiped.

Then there was the nurse Jenny, who still was the woman of my dreams. It had started with a blow job; it had ended with a loving embrace. Again she knew nothing of what I had done to her, what I had made her do. She didn't remember the nights she slid naked up and down my hard shaft, how she moaned in ecstasy as we made love, how I had used her body in every way my broken frame could do. I still dreamt of her of course, of her large breasts on her slender frame. I could still feel the tightness of her pussy as she slid down on top of me. I could taste her lips as she kissed me hungrily after an orgasm had washed over her. The temptation was there every day to take her again, to make her give me the sexual release I so craved. More than that, I had to fight the urge to make her love me once again. It was that, beyond everything else, that I craved so desperately.

The weeks rolled by and I grew stronger, both in mind and body. I learnt to have more control over the thoughts, particularly in crowded areas. It was no longer overwhelming to be surrounded by people and I could pick and choose who I wanted to listen to. Often would try to listen to nobody at all, but that was far more difficult to achieve. My own thoughts were focussed entirely on getting better, and I was succeeding. Each day brought new strength to my aching body. My broken bones healed after a short time. I took my first tentative steps unaided. I was defying the medics who had predicted I wouldn't walk again. Sarah said she had never seen anyone who quite clearly embodied the phrase 'mind over matter' before. She wasn't wrong. My mind was clearly now my biggest asset, but sadly my biggest concern.

Finally the time came to leave the hospital. My recovery wasn't complete, but it was far enough along now to allow me to return home which was a massive relief. This had become too difficult, too much of a trial. I wasn't strong enough, not brave enough to resist much longer. Jenny, the nurse who had so tempted me, who was both my dream and nightmare, was there every day and it scared the hell out of me. How could I resist such a perfect creature when I was so imperfect? I dare any man to show the courage that I did.

She was there of course on the final day. How could she not be? One final trial before leaving my prison, one final temptation. She first appeared as I was changing clothing, a startled apology as she walked in on me pulling up my pants. Of course, this wasn't the first time she had seen my exposed flesh. Far from it in fact. She had been the girl who had stroked my thick cock, who had lavished love on it with her tongue, who had spent hours sliding up and down, lathering it with her wetness. But these were memories only for me, hers having been deleted weeks before. To her I was just a patient again, but to me, we were lost lovers who could not be together. Yes, I had romanticised what we had. It was the only way I could cope with the guilt of making this woman do things she would never have done otherwise.

Finally it was time. My belongings were packed, my time over. Again she was there, in the doorway. We said our goodbyes, and I watched as she walked out of my life. It was torture, it was pain, it was anguish. It was right. Yet still, deep in my heart, I craved her. I craved her touch, her embrace, her love; even though I knew it wasn't real. Her love for me was a myth, one of my own creations. Yet still I craved her. I was lost in my dream as I took one final look around my room. And then it happened, the moment that changed everything. It started with the most simple of statements, but one that was entirely accurate.

"You're an idiot."

I turned, startled. It was a voice I didn't recognise, one laced with disgust that was all too familiar. This wasn't the first time I had been called an idiot, and certainly not the first time I had been deserving of such a statement. Yet my face was full of shock, not because of what had been said, but because of who had said it. I looked him up and down. His sharp black suit. His crisp white shirt. His shoes with an improbably shine. His poker face, hidden by the dark glasses. His short black hair, almost military. If anyone fit the bill of "spook", it was this man. What marked him out from every other man in this hospital and beyond, was that he had no thoughts. He had no emotion. He was unreadable. And to a man who had slowly become used to hearing and feeling all, this was terrifying.

"Who are you?"

Of course he ignored my simple question. He was above all that. He wasn't a man who answered the simple questions, that much was clear. Immediately I scolded myself for asking something so stupid, knowing that I should simply content myself with waiting for this man, this powerful man, to speak. Perhaps he knew what happened to me. How I had become what I was. My mind raced with thoughts, with suggestions, with hope, with despair. Yet he remained calm. Still. I could tell he knew my thoughts, that he was reading me in the way I wished I could read him. He could see the answers to his questions alright, but mine remained unanswered. I sought to calm myself, to not let my emotions overwhelm me. It was at this moment he spoke again.

"Why have you let her walk away?"

It was a simple question, yet entirely unexpected. I had expected something deeper, something more meaningful from this man. In my head he was almost a deity, yet here he was asking about some piece of skirt? I hesitated, not sure what this man wanted to hear. Somehow, for some strange reason, I felt the need to impress this man, this stranger, this powerful being who had entered my life some weeks before, silently yet overwhelmingly.

"She.....she's just a girl....I dunno...." I somehow stammered in response.

He took me in fully. He considered me. His face turned to a sneer. He was disappointed in me, that much was clear. Yet the reality was I didn't understand why. He was still a mystery to me, still someone I didn't comprehend in the slightest.

"You could have her, regardless of her will?"

It was a question, not a statement. Did he know what I was? I look perplexed, and no doubt it showed.

"Why didn't you use it?"

He knew. Of course he did. I felt my cheeks turn pink in embarrassment as he read me so thoroughly. He could sense the turmoil inside me, he knew how much I had wanted to reach out to Jenny and make her mine once more. Every fibre inside my body was repentant, wishing I could go back, wishing I could make her mine once more to please this stranger before me. Every part of my being wanted to make him happy, to make him proud of me. He was clearly like me. He obviously had the ability I had. I was part of something far greater and I scolded myself for not realising it sooner.

"You're scared."

This time it was no question. This time it was a simple statement. A statement filled with truth. I cowered within myself, the schoolboy before the headmaster.

"I....I'm sorry."

I genuinely meant it. I longed for an opportunity to make it up to him, to make things better. I wanted to please him so badly.

"Use your gifts. I'll be watching."

In an instant he was gone, and I was left paralysed in my room. My mind yelled to chase after him, to ask him the questions I had longed to be answered since the day I awoke from my accident. I wanted to know who he was, what he was, what I was. But I stood still, frozen to the spot, terrified. He could see into my soul and there were no questions left for me to ask. I was merely to be told what to do.

I was filled with shame in abusing my power...my gift...by not using it. How could I be so foolish? How could I not see that this gift was something to be utilised and cherished? It was everything any man could want yet here I was neglecting it! I was a fool, an idiot, a coward. I was stupid, he said it himself! I looked around my room, and noted my reflection in the mirror. I was pitiful. My chest puffed. I knew what I had to do. What I always knew I must do from the moment I woke. I had to use my gifts to my own advantage. I had to better myself. I had to make them bend to my will. He had said it himself, almost ordered me to take her.

I flew out the room, searching with both my eyes and mind. I tore through the corridor searching for her, needing to find her. My mind succeeded before my eyes did. She immediately responded to my summons, walking out of the room she was in, leaving the patient she was attending to as I demanded it. Her thoughts changed instantly. She loved me. She had always loved me. And she would do anything I asked, regardless of what it was, as that was the right thing, the just thing, the only thing. She would follow me to the ends of the earth, would do anything I asked, would give anything I wanted to take. My mind was her mind, my will her will. She was mine at last, fully, completely.

She followed as I burst through the corridors, never asking why, never uttering a word. I didn't want her to, and she did what I wanted now. Her breasts bounced in her uniform as she chased after me, struggling to keep up with my long strides. I could sense the people who filled the corridors were watching, wondering why the gorgeous nurse was trotting behind this madman. I could feel the looks of envy, of lust, as they watched the beautiful woman. I could hear the thoughts of the men, both patient and doctor, who wished they could sink their cocks deep inside this little slut nurse. But they would never have her, as she was already mine. That was a certainty, one they could never understand.

Finally we arrived where I had to go. The door swung open and she was there. Sarah, the physiotherapist. She was the one who had treated me over the last few months. She was the one who I had tried to take with Jenny, the event that made me question my ability, how right it was, how moral it was. The symmetry was obvious. My new found appreciation of what I am, what I should be, would be complete with her. The old feelings of guilt and remorse were tucked away, no longer needed. I had a mission. I had a purpose now. I had a power.

Her demeanour changed instantly from confused to aroused. I had done that. Jenny was sent in first and embraced her deeply. Their lips met instantly. Then they turned to me. This wasn't about them this time. No, from this day forward it would be about me. No remorse, no regret, no guilt. Not this time. The two women peeled their clothes off while looking straight into my eyes. Jenny, her tanned skin and large breasts contrasting with the pale skin and small breasts of her new companion Sarah. They came to me as mine, and I intended to take them as mine.

The feelings of old washed through me again. That part of me which was so strong before screamed to stop, to think about what I was doing, to realise how wrong it was, but it had to be ignored. He had seen to that. He had empowered me. He had made me realise what I was. What I could be. I could have these beautiful women, and more. I could have all the beautiful women I ever met. I, the geeky 21 year old boy, could have any girl. My cock twitched, and both girls hands sought to free it from its tight constraints.

I looked down at my girls. At my slaves. Jenny slowly stroked my cock with her small hands; Sarah gently cupped my balls while kissing my torso. My cock spasmed at the sight. It was incredible, it was perfect. It wasn't wrong. No, not this time. This was how it was supposed to be. This would make up for a lifetime of rejection, a lifetime of denial. These gorgeous women would never agree to this otherwise, so why not take them by force? It was only right. It was justified.

Sarah had moved her mouth to the head of my cock and I felt her tongue slide over the tip, teasing me. Then again. And again. I didn't want to be teased today. That wasn't my desire. As always, these girls would meet my desires, and that started now. With one movement half my cock disappeared into her mouth, her tongue still flicking over my sensitive shaft. I gasped at her skill, no doubt crafted with many hours of practice on her husband's cock. Her loving husband. The man she had married four years ago, the man with whom she had a child. I felt the familiar urge once more, the urge to stop, but I was strong now. I wasn't weak. He had seen to that. The entire length of my cock disappeared into her mouth, and as she gagged I congratulated myself on my victory.

The next few hours were spent locked in Sarah's treatment room, the girls taking turns satisfying my urges. Sarah received the first of many loads in her mouth not long after she swallowed my cock for the first time, and she was to be used in many ways afterwards. Jenny also received plenty of attention, with the familiarity of her body a satisfying adornment. The girls took turns swirling their talented tongues over my shaft, returning me to hardness soon after cumming each time. Their mouths gave way to their little pussies. And then of course their asses. I learned Sarah had never had a cock in her ass before. It was now mine. Jenny too gave herself to me. They were used in a variety of positions, each girl happy to oblige, taking any order given. Not that they had control of course. They were given simple instructions to satisfy me sexually in any way I saw fit, and they complied with a readiness that was simply unnatural. They pulled their cheeks apart when I wanted their asses, guided my cock into their cum filled pussies. Sucked the juices of the other off my cock at my command. When I told one to lower their pussy onto the others face both girls happily obliged. They were mine.

I fucked them hard, I fucked them roughly. Their pleasure no longer mattered. I made them beg for more, and their words drove me on to bury my seed deep inside them time and time again. They begged me for my cock, they begged me to fuck them, they begged me to use their pretty little bodies. All of their words were given to them by me, all of their actions commanded by me. It was my gift, my right. I didn't care if they loved it or not. I didn't care if they enjoyed the way I pulled at their nipples, or drove fingers inside their well used holes. Each time I came they cleaned each other up with their mouths. The sight was incredible and would always help me come back for more. I could have been gentler; I could have been more caring. I had it within me to make this the most incredible experience for both girls, yet the truth was I didn't care about them. I cared about me. I cared about my pleasure. These girls were just objects to me now.

Yet it was still there. The doubt. The creeping thought that this was wrong. Ignoring it was difficult. But I knew he was watching and I pushed it aside. I had taken my path and was sure that I could walk it. I was a new man. I had myself and my powers. That was all I needed. I was sure of it and any dissent would be simply ignored. I had made a commitment to this life. The life that every boy should dream of. The life that he had pushed me to take.

When I could take no more, when no amount of sucking or licking could entice another erection out of me, I sent them off, their work here done for now. I sat alone, trying not to think, trying not to reflect. That was my enemy and one that would be defeated. I didn't need to think about what I was doing -- I simply had to do. He had taught me that.

Jenny and Sarah were the first of many. I would choose this life that he wanted me to take. Little did I know at that stage what these thoughts would cost me.

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