tagMind ControlNew Life Ch. 03

New Life Ch. 03


Sometimes in life we have moments where we can do nothing but pause and reflect on what has just happened. These moments are few and far between, with our increasingly hectic lives depriving us of the opportunity to consider what it is that we have done, where it is that we are heading and indeed, if it is where we want to go. Thinking back, I don't think I'd ever taken the time to fully appreciate a moment or a period in my life where things of massive importance have happened. John Lennon once said that life was what happened when you were busy making other plans. He was right.

For the first time in my life, I was forced to really deal with my reality. I was at a major crossroads in my life, with this power within me consuming my thoughts. It had happened in my darkest hour, a suicide attempt. I had tried to end it, but instead I had created something new. Something impossibly new. Immediately after waking up in hospital, I found I had a new gift -- I could control people. I had used my powers a few times now, once upon waking, then again a few days later, both times for sexual gratification, both times on the same person. Nurse Jenny was a total stranger to me, yet here I was abusing her body, taking advantage of her. I wouldn't say I was a religious man, although I had attended a Catholic school. But I was a morally decent man, or at least I would have said I was before all this. Now? I wasn't so sure.

After the last incident with Jenny, where I had ultimately forced her to have sex with me, I spent a long time dwelling on what I had become. The word 'rape' forced itself into my mind on more than one occasion, although of course there was no way anyone would think that was the case. Jenny had not only enjoyed our experiences, but she had, to everyone bar me including Jenny herself, initiated it. But I knew differently. I knew that she wouldn't have dreamed of touching me, a paralysed loser with very little social skills, had it not been for my powers. I was under no illusions to my attractiveness with the opposite sex. I had enough experience of rejection to know that I wasn't exactly what they were looking for!

In those hours after waking from the exhausting first time I'd had full sex with Jenny, I made a decision to focus on my recuperation after the accident rather than taking advantage of people. I was fully aware that I could have used my powers on others. I had of course used them on Dr Jones on that fateful first day, although that wasn't really of great consequence. However, more worrying to me was my control of the psychologist sent by the hospital to see me. I had used my powers to my own advantage in a way that was both frightening and exciting. It had opened my eyes to the opportunity that I had before me. I thought of the ways I could use my powers to my own benefit. Yes, there was sex with women who I couldn't have had before. But there were now possibilities far beyond that. I could have anything I wanted from anyone I wanted. I could simply walk up to someone and without doubt they'd give me everything they had if I so demanded it. Not only that, but I could force their mind to forget ever meeting me afterwards. In short, if I so desired, I could commit the perfect crime in that to everyone involved, no crime had been committed.

Yet as I said, I was a moral man, a good man. So I made a decision to focus on my rehabilitation and not on my powers, which seemed like a perfectly straightforward plan at the time. But I had forgotten a very important variable -- I was a horny 21 year old who had the possibility of sleeping with the most stunning nurse in history! My first encounter with Jenny after making this decision didn't go to plan. Within two minutes of entering my room she was stripped to her underwear, revealing her sensational body in all its glory. I had only seen her once before without clothes, when she had straddled me the previous night and like then it simply took my breath away. My command was given to make her think that walking around in her underwear was perfectly acceptable. Her long black hair was tied back, her D cup breasts almost pouring out her bra, her ass deliciously round and all of this was exposed to my lustful eyes. I knew it was wrong. And I knew it should stop.

Two minutes later her underwear fell on the floor and she climbed on my rigid member.

Over the next few weeks I somehow managed to justify to myself that what I was doing was ok, that it wasn't immoral, and that nobody was getting hurt. To an extent it was true. Yes, I was getting to make love to a sensational looking woman who wouldn't normally look at me twice, but the power of my suggestion was such that she was getting possibly more enjoyment out of it than I was! I was able to manipulate her mind to give the idea that this was the best sex she had ever had, and in reaction she was more willing than ever. As the days and weeks rolled by, my commands were no longer necessary as the older commands were already implanted in her mind.

More importantly, our time together made me more skilled at my control. I began to understand more and more about what I was doing, how I was controlling her and what commands were just not going to work. She was always receptive to straightforward commands that she could do immediately, but the longer term plans required a little more skill. It was almost as if I could see just how her thought processes worked within her mind. Each day, each session with Jenny made me understand the human mind just that little more. The sex was a handy bonus.

The early days of my experimenting were purely sex based. She would come into my room and my commands would flood her mind, before of course I would flood her pussy! She would grasp my cock and coax it into life, sometimes with her hand, sometimes with her mouth. She had such a talent for sucking cock that I would always have her place it in her mouth, even if it was after sex. Her tongue would swirl over my deflating shaft and somehow it would tease it up once more for another session. A session she would always be happy to have since she couldn't say no. She would become almost delirious at the opportunity of getting my cock once more, and on more than one occasion I got a little carried away by forcing orgasm after orgasm on her until she passed out on top of me.

After three or four nights of her riding me, I decided I wanted to try her ass. This proved difficult purely because of my inability to move my limbs, such as the condition my broken body was in. As soon as the command was entered into her mind, she raced out the room and reappeared moments later, slightly out of breath but with a tube of lubricant in hand. She immediately began to apply some to her tight back entrance, and then lowered herself down onto my straining cock. She lost her balance twice that night, toppling off the bed and was lucky to not injure herself. However, due to my command she immediately hopped back up and back on my cock again, and I wasn't complaining. Her ass felt fantastic and I didn't want to be deprived of this luxury.

These were of course not the only sessions I had to contend with. My physical rehabilitation was just as important. There were fears when I first woke that I would never walk again such was the extent of my physical injuries. Those fears were, over time, reducing and I was beginning to make progress. Nerve endings were beginning to work again, and I was getting a little motor control in my fingers and toes. There was hope that I would walk again, but there was a long way to go. Each day I would try something new, and when I was lying in bed I would exhaust myself with trying to force parts of my body, from my thumb to an entire leg, to work again. Only those who have been in this position will understand how demoralising it is.

It had been around seven weeks since the accident and things were progressing slowly. Each day I'd get wheeled out my room in a chair and brought to the rehab unit of the hospital I was confined to. Even having Jenny wheel me to the rehab wasn't something that would cheer me up this time. Coming out my room was difficult for many reasons. Being confined to a chair was hard enough, the shame I felt (unjustified, I know) in needing moved to the chair then pushed through the wards was hard to take. However, beyond that I had to endure a busy hospital with crowded areas. Sometimes there would be dozens of people, each person with their own thoughts and feelings, all of which I was far too receptive to. I would fight each day to close them out, to focus on only my thoughts, but often it would overwhelm me, so much so that once I reached the rehab area I would already be exhausted.

It was on one of the days where I had become overwhelmed that I became weak. I was angry with everyone, with the world, even with Jenny because of what had happened to me. I sat in my chair, my body barely able to move, and all I could hear was the sympathy and compassion that she felt for me. On that day it made my blood boil. We were quickly joined by my physiotherapist, a woman named Sarah. We had been getting on very well as the weeks had gone on and I could tell she was very good at her job. She had been excellent at motivating me to try new things, to not give up even when I was at my lowest ebb. We had shared details of our lives; I would tell her about my interests, she would tell me that she didn't have time for them because of her two year old little girl. Today though, when she too felt the compassion that Jenny had for me when she saw my exhausted state, I lashed out in the only way possible. With my mind.

They both stripped immediately. What else could I make them do in this situation than have sex? Next to Jenny, Sarah was a little out of shape, but then everyone would look out of shape next to her. Sarah was actually an attractive woman, although a little plain to my tastes. I had occasionally wondered what she looked like naked. In fact, I wondered what most women looked like naked, but that's just because I'm male! I had even had a brief thought of using my powers a week or so back but had quickly dismissed it, which had been something I was very proud of. But this time I was so angry that I wouldn't allow myself to pull back, to stop, to do the right thing. I was going to take my frustrations out on them by forcing them to perform for me like the puppets that they were.

Sarah was commanded simply to stand and say nothing. She followed it to the letter, as I knew she would. Her blonde hair draped to her smallish breasts, her nipples long and firm in the cool air. She had a little tummy that wasn't unflattering, and small blonde wisps of hair covered her pussy. I could see a small scar on her stomach, and knew that she had had a caesarean section.

"Jenny, place a finger in her pussy. Is she tight?"

Jenny did as commanded and nodded her reply. I smiled as my plaything did as she was told. I sensed within both girls knowledge that this wasn't right. Jenny certainly wasn't attracted to girls, something I had enquired about during our time together, and nor it seemed was Sarah. I could have corrected it, I could have made them think that sex between women was the most beautiful thing in the world, but that wasn't what this was about. I didn't want them to enjoy it. I wanted them to simply do as they were told for my amusement.

Sarah squirmed a little as Jenny kept her finger in her pussy. She seemed uneasy, but couldn't move. A hundred ideas ran through my mind as the two girls stood there, uneasy, unable to move but not wanting to be there.

"Kiss. With tongues."

The girls immediately locked together, their lips intertwined, their tongues clashing together. I smirked as the two had their first lesbian kiss. I could sense within them their discomfort at doing so, yet they were compelled to do as they were told. Jenny at least had some contentment at doing this for me, but Sarah was totally alarmed at what she and Jenny were now doing.

"Touch each other."

I barely blinked as Sarah lifted her hands to touch the soft tanned skin of the beautiful nurse, her hands gliding over her torso. Jenny was more direct, her hand moving back and forth over Sarah's mound, her finger still inside her, masturbating. I could hear Sarah moan inside Jenny's mouth, a squishing noise coming from between her thighs. Despite herself, Sarah's body had betrayed her. I smirked again. My body was betraying me too...

I heard another moan, but this time it was from Jenny. Sarah had moved her hand over her breasts, and was now teasing a nipple. I knew how sensitive Jenny's nipples were. She frequently teased them with her own hands as she rode my cock on the nights she worked, and I knew despite herself she was enjoying the sensations that Sarah was giving her.

"Lick each other's pussies."

I was barely above a whisper now as the sight unfolded before my eyes. The girls lay down on the floor, Sarah on her back, Jenny on all fours above her. Without hesitating both girls buried their tongue between the others legs. This had long been a fantasy of mine, to have two women make love before my eyes. My cock was already erect, my arousal long since established. But my arousal meant little at that moment. Anger was still my primary emotion. All three of us were being controlled by it.

I lingered on that idea, that one thought. I was being controlled. I closed my eyes, trying to come to terms with my own realisation. This isn't what I wanted. I didn't want to lose control, not over everything. I opened my eyes once more and looked at the two girls, both licking rigidly on the others pussy. Neither was enjoying it. In fact, Sarah was horrified by it and I could feel it from within her. Guilt washed over me instantly. This was wrong. It wasn't what I wanted. I had to stop it.

My commands were followed instantly. Within a minute both girls were clothed and had forgotten all about what had just happened. As far as they were aware we had just had a fairly ordinary physiotherapy session. Jenny took hold of my chair and wheeled me to the door, Sarah saying her goodbyes to us both as we exited. I didn't respond. How could I? What I had done was shameful and totally against everything I had promised to myself. I had allowed my own anger at myself to abuse and humiliate two beautiful and caring women. Sarah was a mother and I had unhesitatingly turned her into a sex slave without a thought to her. I thought back to the time she had told me of her husband, and how happy and in love she was with him, and I felt a tear form in the corner of my eye.

We turned into a busy corridor and my thoughts disappeared, overwhelmed by all around me once more. I heard their thoughts, I felt their emotions. I let them wash through me and then all of a sudden they were gone. Every thought, every feeling disappeared, and stillness washed over me. I looked up and saw the crowded hallway, nurses, doctors, patients all going about their business. Then I saw him. A man in a black suit looking straight at me, unblinking, emotionless. Our eyes met and he held my gaze for a moment then turned away. In a moment he was out the hallway, and within a moment the noise of the others around me pushed back into my consciousness. I tried to fight them off once more, but it was no use, and I held my eyes shut until Jenny and I were back within the safety of my own room once more.

She hoisted me onto my bed and within a moment I was weeping uncontrollably. What had I become? I felt like a monster, and had most certainly acted like one. I had forced a woman to do something that she absolutely detested because I was angry with myself. I felt Jenny's hand on my shoulder and I turned to her. She embraced me immediately, holding me tight to her warm body. I felt her lips on my head and could feel the tenderness with which she touched me. I could feel her love for me from within and it comforted me. Deep down I knew that this love hadn't been real, but it was now, and I allowed myself to believe that it was for that moment. I felt her lips on mine and we kissed tenderly. I pulled back, smiling up at her warm caring face, her lips full, and her eyes wide and beautiful. I told her to go back to work, that other patients needed her. She smiled and walked to the door.

By the time she had opened it, she had forgotten all about our time together, about how we had made love night after night. I was a patient she was fond of, but that was all I was. In her tender embrace, I had taken stock of where my life was going. She no longer remembered, and I had done the right thing. Now all I had to focus on was what the hell had happened to me and how could I learn to live with it. I had a feeling that the man in the black suit would provide some answers, if only I knew who he was.

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