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New Love in China


Day 1, Arrival

It had been a long flight. More than 20 hours earlier, I had boarded the plane to Beijing. I hoped to get to my hotel for some much needed rest before the banquet scheduled that evening. As I exited immigration and scanned the people holding signs along the railing in the meeting hall, I was pleasantly surprised to see both my name and the extraordinarily beautiful young woman holding the sign. Approaching her, I introduced myself, got a somewhat flustered but gracious bow of welcome, a smile, and a warm greeting in very good English. Introducing herself as Minqi, my guide directed me toward the car waiting for us.

As Minqi spoke with the driver, I collapsed into the back seat of the car -- and was just a bit surprised when she climbed in and sat next to me. I wanted to close my eyes and perhaps sleep a little on the long ride from the airport to the hotel. Minqi was clearly anxious to talk -- fidgeting in her seat, twisting her hair through her fingers, glancing at me.

Despite my exhaustion, I could not resist talking to such a beautiful young woman sitting in such close proximity. I asked her about her background, her studies at the university where it was obvious that she was a student, and some other leading questions. Guessing that she was in her early twenties, I was very curious about growing up in the new, more prosperous China. As the ride unfolded, however, she turned the conversation towards me.

I was in Beijing to give two lectures and enjoy a bit of sightseeing. I am a professor and was invited to Peking University to speak on how to end global poverty, my specialty and a topic I had been working on for close to 15 years. China was one of the great success stories. I was to talk about how that growth could be channeled to help solve problems of everyday human existence. Minqi apparently was a big fan of my research and had searched out and read many of my papers. She even admitted to finding my TED talk and other videos to watch in advance. She peppered me with questions, many well informed. She was not only beautiful, but clearly very, very smart. When she learned I was coming to Beijing, she explained, she sought out my host at her school and offered to be my guide during the visit. The trip was suddenly starting to become more interesting.

When we arrived at the hotel, Minqi helped me check in -- clearly arguing with the desk clerk about something -- and then insisted on escorting me to my room. She looked around and immediately said it was unacceptable. To me the room was fine, a standard hotel room that looked pretty much like every other hotel in which I have ever stayed. But Minqi said I could not stay there and took me back to the hotel desk. Quite an argument ensued, of which I understood nothing. After extended discussions with hotel personnel of apparently increasing rank, Minqi finally got out her phone, made a quick call and handed the phone to the manager. After what appeared to be profuse apologies uttered into the phone, I was immediately handed a new room key and Minqi escorted me upstairs once again. My standard hotel room was now replaced by a magnificent suite with a stunning view of the city. I told Minqi that I really did not need such an opulent room, but she insisted that I would be more comfortable. After all she had done to get this upgrade, I felt I could not refuse. In any event, exhaustion was slowly overwhelming me and I decided not to argue. I thanked Minqi, and then I told her I needed a shower and a couple of hours of sleep. She apologized for detaining me, and quickly left. I cleaned up and fell into a deep slumber.

Precisely two hours and 15 minutes later I heard a loud rapping at my door. Pulling myself awake, I found Minqi holding a platter of fruit, some tea sandwiches, and several bottles of water. Apologizing again, she nonetheless pointed out somewhat more forcefully than I would have anticipated that I had asked for two hours of sleep and, calculating the time of the average shower, she wanted to make sure I did not sleep too long during the day so that I could sleep later that night. She also explained that she assumed I would be hungry, so she had brought up a light meal to hold me until dinner. This was service with a smile -- a very nice smile.

I excused myself to use the bathroom. After brushing my teeth and running a comb through my, unfortunately, thinning hair, I returned to find Minqi unpacking my suitcase, hanging my suits in the closet. Frowning at one particularly wrinkled shirt, she picked up the phone and jabbered something in Chinese, of course. To the Western ear, Chinese sounds like a harsh language, like everyone is always angry with everyone else, though I do not believe that was true in this case. Turning to me, she explained that housekeeping would be up in a minute to get my shirts and iron them before this evening's dinner. As I nibbled on the food she had brought and drank a large bottle of water -- she was right about my thirst -- she finished putting away my things, dealt with the young woman who came to collect my shirts, and finally sat on the couch watching me eat. That she had so quickly taken over responsibility for my life was rather disconcerting.

Feeling rather uncomfortable in the hotel bathrobe that I had put on before opening the door, I rose from the table to get dressed. Minqi immediately stood with me. Approaching closely -- too closely -- she slipped her hand inside my robe and onto my chest, then looked up at me with doe eyes that begged me to reciprocate. She was just discrete enough with her approach that I could turn her down and neither of us would have to admit it had happened, but it was nonetheless an invitation. I looked into her eyes and leaned down to kiss her slightly parted, moist lips. This was forward of me, but precisely what she wanted as her lips met mine and her tongue reached out for a partner. Locked in an increasingly passionate and feverish embrace, Minqi slipped my robe off my shoulders and rubbed her hands over wherever she could reach on my body. As my erection rose to greet her, I soon felt a hand encircling and stroking me lightly, delicately, until I was hard as a rock and at full engorgement.

At this, Minqi pushed me gently backwards until I was on the bed. Breaking our embrace, she stood up and slowly, teasingly, tantalizingly began removing her clothes. Slipping out of her heels, she unbuttoned her shirt and removed it ever so slowly, as if she were shy and uncertain of revealing herself. Turning around, she unzipped the back of her skirt and wiggled it off her skinny but perfectly portioned ass. She stood before me in a black lace bra that covered her small tits, a miniscule thong, and a pair of black thigh-high stockings with lace tops that matched the rest of the ensemble -- the stockings being my own personal if somewhat tame fetish. Either she dressed every day in the sexiest clothing imaginable, or this was planned for my benefit. I was not sure which alternative I found more arousing. "You are very beautiful," I said. "I love the stockings."

Like a tiger about to devour its prey, Minqi climbed onto the bed. Laying on top of me, we resumed our passionate kissing. Sliding off my chest, she began to kiss me all over, starting at my extremities and working her way in the general direction my throbbing erection. Each kiss on my arms, then my legs, then my torso was an agonizing delight. The trajectory of her movements was clear, but she was apparently in no rush -- and neither was I. I wanted nothing more than to feel her mouth engulf my cock, but if she wanted to wait, so could I. Finally, she arrived at the base of my erection. Slowly, so slowly she kissed her way up my shaft. I'm not the world's most well-endowed guy, about average in size I would guess. But at that moment, between the blood surging to my loins and the kisses that moved ever closer to my tip, it felt like I was the largest man in the world. After what felt like an eternity, she kissed my head, licked it a couple of times, and then drew me into her mouth. It was the most wonderful sensation, liquid silk.

I had to do something to break my concentration -- or I would cum far too soon. Somehow, as she had worked me over, her bra and thong had disappeared. I flipped her on her back and, reversing the direction of our bodies, started kissing her from her forehead down, stopping at her lips for an extended tongue thrashing, and then moved to her dark nipples. Beginning with flicks of my tongue, I increased the power of my kisses, drawing her nipples into my mouth. As I pressed harder with my lips against her buds, and nibbled with my teeth, she squirmed and moaned beneath me. She, in turn, sucked on my nipples -- which are themselves highly sensitive, usually so for a man I believe. Finally, releasing her nipples I continued to kiss my way to her stomach, tickling her belly button, and then began to kiss her thighs while opening her legs wider. I looked in wonder at her perfectly shaved pussy, retaining only a small landing strip. Brown lips. A tiny pink opening. Just a hint of leaking fluid. When I finally kissed her lower lips, she bucked against me. Swallowing me, we moved into a pleasing 69; I thrust into her throat and her pushed her pussy into my mouth. Focusing on the beauty and the task before me, I licked, I kissed, and probed her opening with my fingers while vibrating my tongue on her clit. I rubbed her easy to find G-spot with the fingers of one hand, while rubbing her clit with my other fingers and licking her bud simultaneously. As I hoped, she soon exploded with a gush, covering my hands and face with a most delicious if slippery liquor.

All the while, Minqi had been sucking on my cock, though with less vigor as she was increasingly drawn into her own orgasm. As soon as she exploded, she rolled me over onto my back, turned around, flipped a leg over me, and slowly pushed herself down onto my rock hard shaft. She was tight. Moving up and down so slowly, she could get only a half-inch or so into her each time -- despite the copious amount of lubrication she had just generated. Each downward press caused her eyes to bulge, both from the effort and, I could tell from her shudders, the sensations generated by her small orgasmic aftershocks. After she bottomed out, she lay on my chest for a few minutes, with her arms around my neck, gently kissing me and cleaning herself off my lips. After adjusting to having a cock inside her, she began sliding up and down, further and further each time, until soon she was bouncing up and down like a woman possessed. From my end, this was heaven on earth.

Her slick but ever so tight pussy both squeezed and slid over me with ease. She would rise nearly off me, then with quick little strokes vibrate her extra tight opening around the super-sensitive head of my cock. She would then follow that with three or four long strokes in which my head brushed her cervix and new juices covered my entire shaft. Knowing I would not last that much longer, I luxuriated in the sensation.

Holding her delightful little tits in both hands, rubbing her nipples with my palms on every upstroke, I could tell she was getting close as well. Feeling a warmth start in my toes and proceed upwards, I felt my cock growing even larger inside her. As her moans escalated, I could not hold back any longer and exploded within her, feeling each blast of cum as her pussy held me tight. As I began to come down from one of the world's greatest orgasms, with the final strokes before I would begin to lose my erection, Minqi finally climbed over the edge herself, using my last hardness to achieve her orgasm as well. Squeezing me beyond belief as her pussy contracted, her body went rigid, then she lost control of her limbs as they jerked her this way and that. Spent, she collapsed on my chest, barely breathing. My now deflated cock slipped from her. A huge glob of cum dripped onto me.

She still had her stockings on.

The evening was a bore. Chinese banquets are both delightful and tedious. To show their hospitality, Chinese hosts order far too much food. Thirty or more dishes appeared that evening, including ones with ingredients that Westerners like myself usually do not eat. Frog. Turtle. Offal. Yet, each is more delicious than the last. I, at least, tend to over eat, not knowing just how many more dishes are yet to arrive. By the end of the meal, as usual, I was stuffed. Each person, in turn, is expected to make at least one toast to the guest -- in this case me -- and the guest should reciprocate. Too much food. Way too much drink. Combined with jet lag and one of the most fantastic sexual experiences of my life that afternoon, by evening's end I was completely done in. As I was saying good night to my host, I was delighted to find Minqi at my side, discretely holding me up and helping me to the door. Once she brought me to my spacious room, she helped me undress and guided me into bed. I fell fast asleep.

Sometime that night, I woke to feel my arms around someone, with my hand holding a small but firm breast with a partially erect nipple. Surprised but pleased, I snuggled into Minqi, let my semi-erect cock slide between her butt checks, and went back to sleep.

Day 2

I awoke some hours later to the smell of coffee, my morning elixir. Minqi was up, busying herself around the room. Dressed in fresh clothing, which appeared from who knows where, she brought me a cup, kissed me good morning, and told me to get up and moving because we had things to do before my first lecture that evening. I realized I was not in charge of my schedule that day, and complied with her wishes. After a quick breakfast, we went outside to the waiting car and driver, where I was informed that we would be visiting a small town and temple about an hour and a half outside Beijing. The driver was a maniac, following unwritten rules of the road that were completely unknown to me but obviously common to other drivers, but he made good time despite the heavy traffic. We arrived at a beautiful garden with a towering pagoda in the middle. The site was beautiful, with ponds and flowers and more than a few other tourists. After walking the grounds, I asked Minqi to sit with me by a particularly beautiful and secluded waterfall. On the bench, I casually dropped my arm around her shoulders, drawing her closer to me. We kissed tenderly, passionately, lost to the world for a few minutes until Minqi broke contact and looked around.

Standing up, she took my hand and led me further down the path. Now far from the crowd, she dropped to her knees, unzipped my pants, and pulled out my rapidly hardening dick. Wrapping her little hand around it as far as possible, she slowly jerked me off. After a minute, she took a deep breath and swallowed me to the root, not gagging once but sliding me down her throat. It was nearly as tight as her pussy the previous day. Picking up a rhythm, and breathing in between swallows, she deep throated me again and again until I boiled up into her mouth. After I shot a seemingly massive load of cum into her, she pulled me out, looked up at me, and swallowed everything in one big gulp. Licking her lips, she put me away, zipped up my fly, and stood. Taking me by the hand once again, we walked back to the entrance to the garden as if nothing had ever passed between us. Before leaving, I kissed her discretely, coming away with a slightly salty taste on my lips.

After driving into the town, and sharing some local dishes over an extended lunch, we visited the Taoist temple in the center of the walking district. Minqi was not only beautiful, but she was obviously highly intelligent. She knew the history of the garden we visited that morning, and recited interesting facts about the temple and its use while we toured the grounds. In between the history lessons, she continued to ask questions about my work, what graduate school in the United States might entail, about my most difficult challenges in the research, and more. She was clearly interested in pursuing a career in my field. It was, to say the least, an extremely stimulating day.

Eventually, she brought me back to the car where our driver was waiting and we began the journey back to the city. Seeing that I was tired, she insisted that I lay with my head in her lap and sleep on the way back. Jet lag was catching up with me and I needed to give a two-hour lecture soon after our return. Back at the hotel, I showered, dressed, and headed off to the university with Minqi, of course, as my guide. Greeting the dignitaries and all before the talk, I made a special point of complementing my host on providing such an accommodating guide for my visit.

Day 2, Evening

Lecture over, I looked around for Minqi but she was nowhere to be found. I was told that the banquet originally scheduled for that evening was canceled. Puzzled, I nonetheless told my host that I would be fine on my own and that they should not feel obligated to entertain me. Everyone seemed uncomfortable with this, as the Chinese are normally extremely gracious hosts. But all the dignitaries looked around at each other, unsure of why the dinner was canceled and simply saying it was out of their hands. After making my good byes and getting compliments from those in attendance, I walked back to the hotel and went to my room -- slightly disappointed, I must admit, that I was missing my guide. Opening the door, I smelled food and saw Minqi wearing only red thigh-high stockings and heels.

"I thought you might like something to eat," she said with a wry smile, "and that you would like the stockings." I smiled back. "I took the liberty of canceling the banquet for this evening," she continued. "Would you like an appetizer?" she asked, thrusting her pelvis toward me.

Without undressing, I picked her up, carried her to the bed in the next room, and began kissing her thighs. Working my way towards her cleft, I eventually found myself with my tongue as deep in her pussy as I could reach and her nylon-clad legs wrapped around my head and shoulders, holding me in place. Despite the cooling food, I was in no rush and slowly licked her to a leisurely orgasm that dramatically shuttered through her, once again causing her limbs to go rigid as she flailed about on the bed.

After letting her catch her breath, I suggested that we eat the food before it got even colder. We spread the dishes on the coffee table in front of the large couch in the living room. With a fabulous view of Beijing's skyline spread before us, we cuddled and shared food with one another -- she carefully and expertly feeding me with chopsticks, me far less effectively trying to feed her in return. Far less adept at chopsticks, I repeated dropped morsels of food on her that needed to be cleaned up with my lips. I especially enjoyed licking up little trails of sauce on her breasts left by falling pieces of chicken, shrimp, and other delicacies.

Our need for food finally sated, Minqi -- still wearing only her stockings and heels -- pulled me up and began undressing me. Each article removed exposed new areas of my body that apparently had to be worshiped with kisses and caresses. A long time later, I was finally naked and standing at stiff attention. As my underwear disappeared, I was once again engulfed into her waiting mouth. After several deep licks, Minqi turned around, climbed onto the couch. Holding the back, and getting on her knees, she spread her legs slightly and thrust her butt at me. I entered her from behind, sliding slowly into her amazing tight body. Once fully in, I began gently thrusting back and forth, picking up speed as we progressed. Minqi began to whimper, then moan. Grasping her tiny tits with my hands, I squeezed her erect nipples, which seemed to bring forth even more soft cries of pleasure. As she climbed to orgasm, her pussy clamped down on me, squeezing me tightly. With a final deep push, I came hard -- as did she.

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