tagBDSMNew Management Ch. 05: Great News

New Management Ch. 05: Great News


"Stop rubbing Lee."

"Sorry Abi, but, just think, this very time last week we were having our bums stretched and this time next week we will be walking up the aisle to marry our boys."

"Let me ask you a question Lee and a serious answer please, and then I too will answer it?"

"If you could pick any time in your life and be able to live it, forever and ever, when would it be?"

"Easy Abi, the Christmas Ball where I met Joe, I cannot tell you how much I love him."

"Me too, but with Alan, we really are two lucky girls."

Lee nodded.

"Now get over my knee; I'll give you something else to rub."

Lee lowered her knickers and Abi gave her a light but thorough spanking.

"Thank you Ma-am," Abi hugged her for ages.

Joe and Alan decided to split the girls up and try all their girl's holes, Alan rang Abi to go over and stay the night.

"Alan just rang and did I want to watch a video and stay the night Lee, is that ok with you?"

"Yes for sure, may I ask Joe over, I want to try 'me' bum." She chuckled.

"Yes of course I would dare say Alan wants to try mine too."

"Abi, Lee, my room 15 minutes"

"Yes thank you PaPa."

"Oh bugger, suppose we are due over his knee."

Lee knocked and MaMa answered, "Welcome Girls."

They both hugged MaMa.

PaPa had some papers in front of him.

"Did you think your were coming for a spanking girls?"

MaMa spoke first, "Well I did for one."

"And I for 2 it's been such a long, long time."

MaMa and Abi looked at Lee and cringed.

"Quite right Lee, a spanking it is, strip girls, you will be thinking I don't love you anymore."

They all stripped without question.

PaPa sat down on a dining chair and Lee was first over.

"Why red Lee."

"I was a little stressed PaPa and asked Abi earlier for one."

"Good girl and thank you Abi." and he meant it.

He spanked her hard and concentrated on her sit spot till she yelped.

Abi took her place with a similar response.

"Stay down Abi, hair brush please Lee."

Lee passed the hair brush and counted 24 splats.

"MaMa, over you come," she got 50 splats of the hair brush.

PaPa went and poured a drink as the girls settled, hugged and dressed.

"Now I have a surprise for you all."

"Wouldn't be the cane would it PaPa?"

He laughed, "No Lee, something better."

"We all know that after the wedding you 2 will be moving in with your husbands, but it will only be for a short period of time I hope. I have had our family solicitors work on our house deeds and had this house split into 4, with four owners, myself, MaMa and 2 Mrs. Booth's."

"Also, Abi being the oldest can choose her apartment first, then you Lee and MaMa and I will have what is left."

"I will also pay for all the work that needs doing."

"We will also open more of the upstairs rooms for your personal staff."

They all gasped and then pounced on PaPa hugging and kissing him, he responded by hugging and kissing them.

The girls ran back to their rooms and promised they would tell Joe and Alan at 9.00 pm that night so exactly the same time.

"Lee, we need to put it to them it's an offer, they may not want to."

Lee nodded, rubbed and went over Abi's knee again.

"That was a wonderful thing to do for our girls PaPa, thank you."

"I did it for us all my sweet, but mainly for you, losing your girls would be like a knife through your heart."

MaMa wept "Yes I know, please could you finish my spanking now Sir?"

"Yes of course, I noticed you never put any underwear on."

She smiled as she removed her dress, and felt week at the knees as he undid his belt.


Pastor Goode took Cook into one of the many anti rooms off the main church hall.

They could hear slapping, cracking and belting's along with cries and screams.

"Its single mothers night tonight Mary, you will be joining the second group of 3."

"Yes Sir, Sir, will it hurt really bad."

"Yes of course it will, we need to beat the devil out of you all."

They went into another small room where 3 naked ladies sat, "Strip here Mary and wait to be called."

"Yes Sir."

"Hi I'm Mary."

They just nodded, one even in tears.

Mary put her hand on the girls lap, "Have you been in already?"

"No Miss, but was told if I was sent back within 3 months I would not be able to sit for a week."

Mary pulled her head to her thigh, "shhhhhhh now."

The spankings went quiet next door as Pastor Goode led the 4 punished girls back into the room with the ones waiting.

Their bodies were a mess of lines and stripes against a crimson background, and all were crying uncontrollably.

With consoling the weeping girl Mary had not finished undressing.

The Pastor wrote on his clipboard, Refused and instruction; Inner thigh strapping required.

She quickly finished taking her clothes off.

He looked at the beaten girl's, anyone still blubbering when I come back in will be for it.

The Pastor had his clip board under his arm as he ushered the girls in.

Sat around the room were 4 local church going men and one lady all around late 50s.

Cook new them all, how embarrassing.

He read from his clipboard.

"Jean Perry - Her boy missed 2 days schooling, again."

"Alice Briggs - 3 days late with her rent."

"Julie Downs - Missed Sunday service 3 times in 3 months."

"And we have a new girl who needs a real wake up call to the world."

"Mary Wilson - 32 - Spanked and belted growing up by anyone on the street by the sound of it.

Single - Now here is a rarity, she claims to be a virgin, one for you and Mrs. Williams, Bill."

"Says she's only had the odd finger up."

"As you can see one tits been strapped, 34 DD by the way, so plenty to aim at, but probably best to do it again when the other is done."

"Oh yes Bill, look at her scruffy mot, either get Mrs. Williams to trim it neat of whip it off altogether."

"Finally she did not get undressed when told, I suggest 10 on each inner thigh, 5 on each lip and 5 straight down the middle, you could do it when she is in the stirrups having the bits done down below."

"Now ladies, you all know why you are here, and will go to a gentleman and asked to be punished, as you all know except Mary.

One hand spanks, another hair brush or spatula, another belt and I will cane those needing it. Mr. and Mrs. Williams deal with the specialist side so Mary you go to them, the rest, get over a knee, NOW."

"Downs you were last over, 10 extra strokes off me at the end."

Ed Burns the village blacksmith was the first knee and he got Jean over; he had hands like shovels and took his church work very seriously. She was soon howling and when he had turned her whole bottom crimson he stopped, sat her on his knee and stroked and hugged her.

He rubbed her bottom with his left hand and her tits, nipples and hood with the other to console her. When she had stopped she was stood up, arms out like a cross until the next knee was free.

That was Ellis Baxter, butcher, who was also committed to dealing with errant girls bottoms, and he had plenty of practice at home with Mrs. Baxter and 4 daughters who were all regularly spanked, and belted if it needed it, and always after dinner for all to see.

He had Alice over his knee first, she was a regular, she could not manage her money at all, she worked part time for Mr. and Mrs. Williams in the greengrocers and could often me seen over one of their knees.

She was being tanned with the hair brush, up and down the back of her legs as well as her bottom and was also soon howling till he thought she had enough.

Then as Mr. Burns did she was soothed and played with to ease the pain then stood in the cross position.

The last knee belonged to the local postie and lay Minister helping Pastor Goode, Eric Spencer and he had young Julie Downs over.

He had a thin double belt he whipped up and down from her neck to her knees and got an immediate response once he started. She stupidly tried not to cry but he finally beat the impudence out of her and she also howled.

Eric did not believe in compassion so she was stood up by his side waiting for Mr. Burns's knee to be vacated.

Her arms dropped a little so he stood up and she got 10 on each tit and nipple and was made to run on the spot.

Mary went over to the William's corner; Mrs. Williams examined her from top to bottom, weighed and juggled her big tits, slapped her flat belly and raised her to her tip toes pulling her up by her hairy mot.

"Were you never taught to keep this tidy girl?"

"No Ma-am."

"Shall I put her in the stirrups Bill?"

Mrs. W. was fussing so she got a couple of slaps on her bottom, enough to bring an "Ouch"

Mary was laid flat on her back, a leg fastened up high in each stirrup.

"Now my girl, later we will whip your titties with the belt, 10 on each, your inner thighs and pussy lips and hood and clit. Do you understand?"

"Yes Sir, will it hurt really bad Sir?"

"Well if it doesn't, I'll do it again till it does." He smiled at her.

"Now tell me girl, do you want all this scruffy hair removed completely or trimmed cutely?" he yanked it as he spoke.

"Please Sir, if I leave it up to you two I cannot get into further trouble."

"Now the important question, do you want us to break your virginity, it will hurt but only a little and if I whip your pussy first you will be in so much pain you probably won't even notice, but it really is your choice."

"Break me in please Sir."

"Shave her all off please Mrs. W. and gently."

Even over all the slaps and screams she heard him say, "For every cut I see is 10 with my cane at home, understand?"

Mrs. W. never cut but was very rough; she pushed 3 fat fingers inside her pussy to push out her lips out for shaving.

Mr. W. felt and fondled her new shaven pussy, even gently nipping her engorged clit.

He got his thin belt and dealt with her inner thighs then moved between her legs and whipped each lip, rubbing in between each stroke to keep her clit exposed, then he had Mrs. W. split her lips with her fingers and gave 5 rapid cuts with his belt on her hood and clit which with her legs being in the stirrup were easily accessible.

"Rod please Mrs. W."

She got a thin looking solid tube, lubricated it, Mr. W. opened her pussy wide and Mrs. W. worked it up and down.

Mary saw pastor Goode looking on.

Mrs. W. felt the stop and treat her gently, then changed for the wider rod, lubricated it and increased her movement in and out. Mary felt something inside her give but as Mr. William's had said, her pussy was so painful it was hard to feel even more pain.

She was removed from the stirrups and passed to Mr. Burns who gave her the hardest hand spanking she ever had, then for Mr. Baxter's hairbrush and finally, she thought, the strap off Mr. Spencer.

All four girls were stood in the cross position crying their eyes out.

"Anyone not been caned?"

Mary stood forward, "Me Sir.." "Or me Sir."

"Both here and touch your toes, legs wider, wider, I do believe you have a spot of blood around your vagina Mary," Whooosh Crack, Whooosh Crack, both girls got 10 stripes each.

"All come her girls, what do we do now?"

All said thank you to their spanker's and to Pastor Goode.

"Now, it will be 3 months before I see you again and decide if you need to come here or visit one of our volunteers at home.

Except you Mary, you will visit Mr. Baxter in 1 week's time for a refresher."

The girls were dismissed into the room with the other 4. "Now you four, who was last to stop crying?"

The girls looked round and the littlest and youngest of them all put her hand up.

"Please Pastor Goode it was me."

"You are very brave, knowing there will be a painful consequence."

"You will come to my house at 2 each day this week, while your children are at school, and beaten,"

"Yes Sir."

"You may all leave."

No one ever, ever forced the girls to attend an appointed appointment, it's just what happened and what had happened all their lives in this Baptist community.

If any ever decided not to go there were no repercussions.

All knew they had earned it and in most cases needed punishment and in their Lords eyes payment was paid in full for their errors.


At Alan and Abi's;

Abi had hardly got her coat off when Alan stripped her naked.

"Turn round."

She span round.

"And the new red marks are?"

"Just daddy wanted to see us this morning and spank what he still owned Sir."

"Looks like extras with the hairbrush."

"Yes Sir, he must have thought I needed it."

At Joe and Lee's;

Lee hugged Joe as soon as he walked through the door. "I love you Sir, PaPa spanked us this morning, just because he could Sir. Oh and I got 2 off Abi, for stress, but Sir, non as loving as yours."

"What are you asking darling girl, for a spanking, before I even take my coat off?"

"Oh no Sir not at all, but, straight after you take it off will you please?"

They both laughed, Lee stripped to her underwear and turned her back on Joe, she had been to see Mrs. Brown who made some alterations to her Bra and pants for her.

"Turn round Lee."

She turned to put Joe's eyes on stalks.

She had peek a boo holes cut in her bra so just her nipples popped out and the centre seam of her knickers crotch removed.

At Alan and Abi's;

"You do know I am going to spank you too don't you Abi."

"Oh yes Sir I was hoping to have your marks."

He brought a stool from the central island and helper her over his knee, it was so high her feet were off the ground with her bottom high and naked for his hand.

It was not a beating by any means but she knew she had been spanked and was crying.

He took her to the settee and hugged and stroked her and turned her sobs into purrs.

At Joe and Lee's;

"Wow Lee!"

"It's a present for you Sir for sending me for my bottom being made for your willy Sir."

He nipped her nipples, slapped her tits, fingered her pussy then turned her over his knee.

"Please Sir may I have a spanking on my new bottom?"

He chuckled and pulled her knickers down to her thighs tops and spanked all her PaPa's spanks away.

She cried and he sat her of his knee and played with nipples, "I swear your tits and nipples are growing Lee."

"I would think they are Sir, you never have your hands off them."

They chuckled as she slid between his legs and took out his semi hard cock.

At Alan and Abi's;

Abi was pushed to her knees by Alan, he unzipped and she took out his cock and sucked him hard.

"Get over the island my darling I wish to try our latest venture to please us both."

"Please Sir could I get the lubricant Bill said to use till we are really into it."

"Yes of course, but I will take your pussy first and let's see if that's enough but I will do your bummy hole."

She lay over the island with some trepidation, she so wanted everything to be good for him.

He pushed into her pussy with ease and pumped her for 5 minutes or so, before he pulled out he greased her rose, took out his cock and gently slid into her bottom.

At Joe and Lee's;

"Sir, would you like to try a new hole I have had made for you?"

She walked to the table and led Joe by his cock.

"I will fuck your tight pussy first."

He got into her at the third push and lifted her off her feet, she so loved that.

"Oh fuck."

"Whatever is the matter Lee?"

"I forgot to get the grease stuff from my draw."

Then sweet girl, you will be fucked without it but first..."

"Is it your belt Sir?"

He pulled out and got his belt and gave her 20 almighty marks, one after the other, she screamed.

He dropped his belt, fucked her pussy a little more then pulled out and pushed straight into her bottom.

His hands went to her tits and nipples as she rose a little off the table for him.

She was as tight as a drum and he loved it and she adored it.

At Alan and Abi's;

She nipped her bottom together and he gave her 10 slaps to relax her.

He pushed straight in and out in and out, it was such a strange feeling.

"Oh Sir."

"I know darling, I know."

He put the first cum ever into her bottom just as she cum, with a little help from her fingers on her clit.

He watched as his white cum gently dripped from her bottom, he passed her a tissue.

They both showered and laid on the bed.

At Joe and Lee's;

"Wish you could see this sweet Pea."

"See what Sir?"

"All my love juice dripping from your red bottom onto the carpet."

"Oh Fuck, not on the carpet, Abi will kill me."

Sir went for some loo roll and wiped up her and the carpet.

"Have you a cane here Lee?"

"Yes Sir Abi has one in her wardrobe."

"Bring it with you when you have showered, I wish to beat the bad mouth out of you."

Lee never answered, why oh why did she keep saying it?

At Alan and Abi's;

They rested a while, Alan taking a nap, till Abi slid down the bed and began to suck and wank her lovely Master.

"Abi, this is exactly the way you will wake me up every single day of our married life. I will decide whether I take you in a hole of my choice or allow you to swallow me."

"Oh thank you Sir, l won't let you down, ever."

"I will tighten your pussy; lay on your back legs wide."

"Oh please don't Sir, I will tighten my muscles on you, please no."

"I shall cane you too; I will not have you challenge my word."

"Oh Sir, yes please cane me, I never realised what I was doing, please may I get you your cane and pussy whipping belt?"

"Yes you may, and lay on the table."

She laid on the table waiting for him; she had the cane by her side.

He picked it up, "10 over your bottom, then 20 on your pussy lips."

Whoosh Crack, "I will not be questioned," Whoosh Crack.

At Joe and Lee's;

Lee came back with Abi's cane, "should I lay on the table Sir?"

"Yes Lee."

He let her get up and walked towards her, she had wedged the cane between her buttocks.

Whoosh Crack you will not swear, Whoosh Crack as he brought the thirds stroke down a knock on the door and in walked MaMa.

"Oh so sorry Joe, I will come back later, what was it this time?"

"Abi, why am I caning you?"

"That blooming F word again MaMa."

"Do carry on."

Seeing Joe's long cock gave her a tingle and she rushed back to PaPa's who dutifully gave her a seeing to.

At Alan and Abi's;

It was just turning 9.00 pm.

Alan had whipped her pussy and made her much tighter for him as he took her on the table.

Sir I have some very exciting news, PaPa said as a wedding present he would give us and Lee a quarter of our home to live in, and he will pay all renovation costs."

"Oh wow, what a lovely generous thing to do, I hope you accepted."

"No Sir, I said it is your decision and your decision alone."

At Joe and Lee's;

Joe finished caning her and it was getting towards 9.00 pm

"Please Sir may I tell you something?"

"Sir I have some very exciting news, PaPa said as a wedding present he would give us and Lee a quarter of our home to live in, and he will pay all renovation costs."

"Oh wow, what a lovely generous thing to do, I hope you accepted."

"No Sir, it is your decision."

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