tagErotic HorrorNew Moon Pt. 05

New Moon Pt. 05


Chapter 10: Dark Night of the Tupperware (continued)

I pounded into her with a frenzied pace, my eyes turning up into my head as I felt my explosion begin to boil up deep inside of me. I gasped for air. The grandmother threw her head back, growling and snarling savagely, her eyes glowing yellow heat, her tongue lolling around, spewing saliva. She thrust her shaggy buttocks back at me with a strength that beat my calves with pain...and with pleasure. I was so close...I could feel the seed about to be released and my stabs became erratic.

Suddenly a clawed hand grabbed my shoulder, yanked me out of my woman and threw me backwards into the bushes with unearthly power. It nearly yanked my shoulder out of joint. I rolled back in the direction of the old woman and found myself looking into the green eyes of Diana Bickers, eyes glowing with seething anger and savage hate.

" What are you doing with her, boy! She is not your's, I am! I am your queen, do you not remember! I took you as my stud, and nobody - NOBODY - will have you but ME!" Then her eyes softened a bit. "Or your mother....my future queen...she shall have you too. We shall enjoy you together..." Her tongue ran across her monstrous fangs with relish.

Her face was no longer human. She had the muzzle, and teeth, and tongue, and face of a wolf. Long pointed ears poked through her mane of hair. The only human thing in her face was her malignant eyes. Her entire body was covered in long, luxuriant, glossy hair. However, her perfect breasts' flesh still lay bare, as did the long row of nipples that now lay beneath them.

"You haven't seen me changed this much have you, sweetheart? How do you like it?" It was very disturbing to hear her voice, deeper and huskier, float down to me from the jaws of a wolf/human - thing. She still wore her tight jeans, but I could see her ankles and feet wrapped in a carpet of thick hair. Her toenails were claws.

"You'll get used to it. See, I have already chosen you to be mine own, and what I want - I get! Besides, your mother will be like this soon, and are you going to despise your own mother? Despise her when she becomes like me? When she howls at the moon? When she rips her clothes off, struggling like an animal to be free in the cool night air? When she demands you....to mount her?"

"Get away! What have you done to her?"

"She's over there. Why don't you go and see if she is alright."

I looked over and saw my mother curled up like a fetus upon the ground. She was shaking violently. I pulled myself up, yanked by boxers and pants back up, and ran to her as fast as I could. She lay like a child in a nightmare. Her eyes were squeezed shut and she was mumbling.

"No...don't want to....not me...not like you...no...no...no..."

I picked her up and tried to wake her and sooth her. "Mom, mom! Are you okay? Open your eyes!"

I ran my fingers through her hair, seeking to snap her out of it.

"Son? What are you...why are....where am...take me home....can't move...shaking..."

"You'll be alright, mom. Just hang on to me, I'll take us home."

I leaned her against me and with one arm around her began to walk/drag her home. She still shook like a leaf in the wind. Diana Bickers called after me.

"Take her home, sweety. She needs plenty of rest. Now that my milk is within her, her body must rest in order to complete the infestation. You'll love her even more when she wakes up...I promise you!"

I glared back at the wolf in woman's clothing as I dragged mother past the house, past the window where I had heard the grandmother take her grandson. I could still hear moans of passion, and creaking from the window. The red headed lady and the boy. I could hear his muffled protests, as if muffled by breasts, and the growling of the redhead atop the poor boy.

"Give me some too baby. I know you have more in there...gimme more. More inside me...plant it...plant it...give it to your bitch!"

Then I had moved too far away to hear anything else.

Ch. 11


I managed to get mother back home without too much trouble. Brother was asleep but Sis was still up watching TV. When she saw me walking mother in, she jumped up and ran over to us.

"What's wrong with Mom! What happened!"

Well, I very well couldn't tell her! "Nothing...ummm...I'm not sure. She just had an allergic reaction or something to some of the food at the tupperware party. But she said she'd be fine in the morning. Just needed to help her walk home."

"Oh no! Let me help! Mom, your gonna be all right!"

"It's fine! She's fine. I just need to get her to bed. Go back to watching TV. It'll be okay."

"But I want to help. She looks awful...so weak..."

"She's FINE, DAMMIT! Look, umm...I'm sorry, okay? She'll be fine. She just doesn't need you freaking out over her. I can take care of her fine. I promise you, everything is okay. Let me handle it."

She still looked hurt from my outburst. Her little lips pouted, her eyes looked watery. "Fine. She better be okay, jerk." And she stormed back into the living room. I felt rotten about yelling at her, but I did not know what would be happening to Mom, I wanted to protect my little sister from whatever might occur.

I finally got my mom up into her room and dropped her on the bed. She was already asleep. I pulled legs and feet up onto the bedspread so that her whole body was in a somewhat comfortable position. I tucked some pillows under her head. I heard her mumble something at that, but couldn't make out what it was. She curled up in a fetal position and continued to float in her deep sleep.

I went downstairs and grabbed a beer from the fridge. Dad was the only one who drank them, and I was still under 21, but I didn't care. I desperately needed something to quiet my nerves or I would have a meltdown. I chugged it. Now I felt bloated.



I went back upstairs. Sis was at the doorway to Mom's room, peering at her through the low light. I tapped her on the shoulder.

"She's asleep now. I think she'll be alright. I'll call the doc in the morning, just in case. She just needs to rest right now. So should you...and me."

"You sure she's gonna be alright? I've...I've never seen her like this before. I'm scared."

"Me too." I squeezed her shoulder. "Things will brighten up in the morning. Promise. Now go on and get some sleep, Sis."

She finally drifted off to bed. I listened at her door and made sure she was in bed before I crept back to mom's room. I closed the door behind me. She was still breathing deeply, but she was now moving back and forth, gently tossing and turning. She seemed very uncomfortable. She pulled at her shirt and her jeans. Her shirt came up a little and exposed her belly. It was soft, with a little jelly roll that...wait!

My heart leaped into my mouth. The little roll of fat was shrinking...as if her body was sucking it back into itself. At the same time, little shapes, protuberances, began to form on her belly, pumping, swelling.


Her pudge was gone...sleek muscle took its place. My mother had grown a six-pack before my eyes!

Her whole body seemed to becoming smoother - her hips shrinking some, her large buttocks not shrinking but tightening, her breasts, saggy before, began to rise in her shirt, jutting towards the ceiling. Her body was becoming sleek and cut and...sexy. God help me, my mother was changing into a sexual being before my eyes. My penis began to harden. Those small crows feet and laugh lines on her face smeared themselves away. Her lips began to pout, swell like a bee stung them. They were voluptuous...and her eyebrows darkened, but grew closer together, so they almost touched. This shouldn't have been attractive, but it gave her a strange, feral look. Her beautiful motherly face now mixed with something of the animal. My penis pounded against my pants. I had to get out before I lost control.

That's when she let out a soft, thick moan. It was not a moan of pain. She moaned again and her hands slowly made their way to her chest. Tentatively at first. But then those motherly hands began to softly massage her breasts. She moaned yet again, low and sultry. The tip of her tongue rolled across her teeth. She squeezed her bosom and gasped! Her hips thrust themselves off the bed, and arched into the air. "Ooooohhhhh!" She gasped again and violently thrust her pelvis again into the air.

That's when I tore away and flung myself out of the room! I shut myself in my own bedroom, with that image still burned in my head. I couldn't go to sleep the rest of the night. The image of my own mother, physically changing, aroused and fondling herself, moaning in lewd pleasure repeated itself over and over. I also heard noises in the dark places of the night. Howls from a distant place across town. I chill ran down my spine thinking, "they seem to be calling for someone."

The next day I avoided her room altogether. She never came out either. I think bro and sis poked their heads in to make sure she was still breathing, but they did not get too close to her. I thanked heaven for that too, or else they would have been terrified at the changes that had come over their Mom.

I finally forced myself to go and look in on her the day after. As scared as I was, I still needed to make sure that she was still alive. Also to see if she had changed anymore. I prayed that she hadn't. If my mother had become like Mrs. Bickers, I think I would lose my grip on my sanity.

She was still asleep as far as I knew. I poked my head in through the door. The bed was empty! I walked burst through the door, frantic. That's when the sound of rushing water assailed my ears. The shower was on in my parent's bathroom. Apparently she was up and feeling well enough to take a shower. Thank goodness. I turned back around and began to make my way to the door.

"Is that you, pumpkin?" Her voice cut through the shower water at me. How the hell did she hear me. I hadn't been THAT loud coming into the room.

"Uhhh..Yeah, Mom. Just seeing if you were feeling any better."

"Oh, I'm feeling just fine. Thanks for asking. I just took the longest nap and I feel wonderful!"

"That's great." She sounded too damn perky. I began to move back to the door.

"Pumpkin! I'm out of conditioner. Could you come in and grab a bottle under the sink for me?"

"Uhhhhh..." She had never asked me for anything like that before. I think that would be just a little risque. Would that be crossing a line?

"Sweety? Could you grab that conditioner please?"

"O - Okay." I slowly opened the door. The shower curtains were closed, but I could see her silhouette through them as she washed her hair. I clumsily looked through the soaps and shampoos under the sink and finally wrapped my hands around a new bottle of conditioner. I nervously looked back at the shower. She seemed to be waiting for me, for she was just standing still, waiting for the next hair product.

"Hold your arm out and I'll give to you."

"Okay!" She drew the curtain back, a bit tooooo far. And there they were - my eyes were flooded with the image of her breasts, those new breasts. Large and beautiful, glowing with health, they pointed high from her chest, no sag in them. Nipples dark brown and long, like erasers. Freckles dotted her breastbone, highlighting the whiteness of her milky, soft flesh.

"Hand me the conditioner, sweetheart." She was smiling, her eyes glistening with laughter. She had to know I could see her nakedness, but stood there, brazen, as if she reveled in the feeling. I turned my head away and handed her the bottle.

"There! There! I gotta go now."

"What's the matter, pumpkin?" She laughed in realization. "Ohhh, are you embarrassed looking at your mommy's's bosom? It's a perfectly natural thing, dear. Don't be red faced. A woman's breasts are a beautiful part of nature. Actually, it was not so long ago you were pretty up close and personal with them." She laughed again, sweetly. Her voice was full of love, as if she found my embarrassment wondrously cute.

"Uh, whatever! I got to go mom!" I ran out the door and stumbled down the stairs.

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