tagTranssexuals & CrossdressersNew Year Cuckold Ch. 02

New Year Cuckold Ch. 02


After the party at New Year Julian realised his marriage was over. He had have been working overseas for about five years and the strain eventually had proved to be too much for his wife. Ever since their wedding day he was aware that she was having a series of affairs with other men. She was a beautiful brunette, with superb legs and shapely figure, confident in all that she did, not to mention extremely flirtatious. Managing a busy engineering office as she did, he realised now that it was inevitable really.

To cope with her infidelities he would often fantasize about what she was up to behind his back, contenting himself with frantically tossing off, when her phone would remain unanswered or, worse still, hearing an unknown man's voice when she did answer.

Being left alone so often when he did return home, his wanking eventually progressed to him wearing her panties. At first he just enjoyed the touch of the silky material but soon even that wasn't enough and he began to experiment with other items of her clothing. He was naturally smooth but he began to shave his legs and body removing every hair from his body, except for those on his head. Soon he couldn't wait for the days when she left him at home so he could try on her babydolls and stockings.

The last time it happened he had just returned home the evening before but even that hadn't stopped her going out, not returning until the early hours. By now Julian knew better than to try to sleep in the same bed as her and he now accepted the spare room as where he would sleep when he was at home. However, once she had left for work, he dared to enter the bedroom he had once shared with the woman who now ruled his life.

Her slut clothes were lying all over the floor, no attempt having been made to hide the fact that she had been out whoring around town. Julian hated himself for feeling this way but had woken with a stiff cock, desperate for her to leave, desperate to see what treasures she had left for him, desperate to dress in her panties once more and fill them with his cum.

He found her stockings first and sat down on the edge of her bed to pull them on, rolling first one then the other up his newly shaven legs. In the early years of his marriage he had been allowed to watch her dress and had had always been amazed at how aroused he became watching her do so, almost as much as he did when he watched her undress. Now it was he who was wrapping the fishnets around his legs, revelling in the forbidden thrill of feeling his smooth skin against the ever so soft material.

Looking down at his stocking clad legs, he saw a drop of pre-cum form on the tip of his small cock. Knowing that no-one else was ever going to taste it again, he smeared it across the head of his throbbing dick before bringing his finger to his mouth and tasting himself as he had done so many times before. Somehow, wearing his wife's stockings while he did so seemed to make the taste sweeter, although this was probably his own imagination.

Staring at his straining cock between her stockings, he knew what had to come next and hunted for her panties. He found them partially hidden under the bed as if she had just dropped them and then kicked them away. He knew his wife was no stranger to dropping them at any opportunity and it surprised him that she bothered to even wear them when she went out on the prowl.

They were a bright red, bikini style with a full bottom, exactly the type he liked as they were the best for rubbing his leaking cock with. She'd obviously kept them on when she was fucked last night, probably not wanting to waste any time in filling her cunt with yet another stranger's cock. They were still a bit damp and Julian wondered just how many times she had been fucked or how many times she had cum the night before. Knowing he had to do it and knowing he despised himself for his weakness, he raised them to his mouth and sucked the mixed juices from them.

Savouring the taste and hating it at the same time, he eventually lowered his wife's panties from his mouth and proceeded to slip them on. One leg after the other fitted into them before he pulled them tight against his smooth cheeks while his balls rested on the damp, pussy-soaked crotch.

Next came the short tartan skirt. As soon as he stepped into it he couldn't help but feel the familiar mixture of shame and arousal. He hated himself for doing this but couldn't deny how wonderful it felt to dress like in this way. The skirt barely reached his stocking tops and he knew that his wife would have been showing off just as much bare thigh last night as he was doing now.

With his cock straining for release he knew he needed something even different this time, something he had never worn before. He found it buried deep in his wife's wardrobe, a black lace corset which he had never seen before but which he now wrapped around his chest, amazed at how soft yet how constricting it was. His outfit now needed only the finishing touch and he slid his stocking clad feet into his wife's sluttiest heels.

Once again he felt guilty for doing this but he knew he felt more turned on than he had ever been before and, within minutes, he was back in the spare room. As he lay down on the single bed his cock was already at its full length, twitching and jerking within the tight confines of the panties.

He knew that if anyone ever caught him dressed like this he would never be able to live it down but with his small dick creeping out from under the waistband, exposing its shiny red head and his balls threatening to hang out at either side of the crotch, he couldn't help but feel sexy and aroused. It was a huge turn on. Quickly he put his hand down into his panties and began what was fast becoming his usual nightly routine.

Grasping his cock with one hand, he slowly began to stroke and squeeze his erection, smiling to himself, no longer being put down by his wife about the size of it. Now, in is hand, it felt as big as it had ever felt and, in his imagination, it was bigger than anything his wife had ever had.

As he massaged it with a slow twisting movement of his hand, he moaned then groaned, before increasing the speed of his hand, pumping the full length of his desperate cock. It wasn't long before he quickly brought myself to the point of no return; he knew his cock was about to erupt.

Pulling his wife's panties away from his body, he pointed the head of his swollen head at them, ready to catch all of the thick gooey spunk that he had saved up for her. Suddenly, gasping, he felt his whole body go rigid before his cock twitched one more time and erupted, again and again, depositing a huge pool of thick creamy cum into the panties. He pumped and milked his cock for every last drop, taking care to make sure her underwear caught it all, adding his juices to the mixture from last night.

Releasing his cock, he pulled his hand up and felt the cum soaked panties rest against his softening dick. He fell asleep shortly after, waking in the early hours as his drunken wife burst through the front door and staggered up the stairs before slamming her bedroom door behind her.

Julian knew that she would be fast asleep within minutes and got up to stand outside her door. Sure enough, after some more crashing around he heard her fall on to the bed, followed shortly after by the loud snores that only a drunk woman can produce. He silently opened the door and tottered over to the bed, still wearing her high heels.

She hadn't even bothered to close the curtains when she had stripped and the streetlight shone on her naked body. Julian couldn't help but stare at her ravaged pussy, the bite marks on her neck and her tits, the unmistakeable signs that she had been well and truly fucked. Hating himself more than he had ever done, he kneeled down beside the bed and brought his head even closer to her cunt. Gently prising her lips apart and, God forgive him, he stuck out his tongue and tasted the cum leaking from her.

He knew that he had fallen as far as was possible for any man and the very next morning, even before his wife resurfaced, he packed his bags and left.

A few months later, at a mutual friend's wedding, Julian wasn't surprised when she walked into the reception with her new boyfriend, Peter, on her arm. Everyone was shocked that she was so brazen in finding someone new after such a short time but Julian had expected just such a humiliation and wondered if that was why he had accepted his own invitation, knowing she would be there too. When Berna, his ex, and Peter disappeared for an hour mid way through the party, and then left early in Peter's porsche, Julian could feel his friends' pity and his shame was complete.

He didn't hear from her again until the following week when she called and asked him to baby sit that Friday as she was going out for the evening. Julian knew he had nothing else arranged and so reluctantly agreed, arriving at his former home at the allotted time of seven p.m. in his little hire car to find Peter's sports car in the driveway.

Feeling strange approaching the house that used to be his, he almost walked in without knocking but thought better of it just in time.

It was Peter who answered the door.

Tall good looking and well built, he was dressed for the evening and obviously ready for a night on the town with Julian's wife.

"Ah you must be the 'ex,'" he laughed.

Julian felt about three inches tall and his tummy was in knots as Peter led the way into the living room before turning to face the man whose life he now owned.

"You know that I have moved in with your wife," he gloated. "I love her and you are unable to provide for her emotionally or physically being away all the time. She has needs and I can fulfil them far better than you ever could."

Before Julian could reply, Berna made her appearance at the top of the stairs.

"Oh hi, Julian," she breezed. "You remember Peter, don't you?"

He thought she looked absolutely beautiful in her black mini-dress clinging to every inch of her body, her Wonderbra pushing her breasts up and out, her dark nylons and four inch strappy sandals showing off her wonderful legs. The sultry make up, her sensuous perfume and her long dark hair piled up, completed the vision.

Julian felt his cock spring to its full five inches at the sight of his beautiful wife in the arms of another man.

"Don't wait up," she advised as they opened the front door. "And remember to sleep in the spare room."

Julian could only watch helpless as her short dress rode up her thighs, revealing her stocking tops, as she swung her legs to get into Peter's car. She blew him a kiss, and waved as they reversed out.

"How did things ever get so bad?" he asked himself, but his straining cock and bulging panties told him it was no dream. Humiliated all over again, he still made a bee-line for her bedroom. There he spent the evening trying on her sexiest lingerie, basque and panties, suspender belt and nylons, not to mention her knee high leather boots. He lay on her bed, lustfully dreaming of her wearing these things for Peter and furiously wanking his cock and tight little balls, until he could cum no more.

Finally, frustrated and exhausted, he slipped to the spare room and fell into a fitful sleep.

It was still dark when he awoke to the sound of Berna whispering in his ear.

"We're home. Peter's drunk. I've put him to bed already. I hope I didn't embarrass you earlier, Julian. It is nice to see you again."

It was then he felt her hand slip beneath the sheets and gently cup his balls.

"Oh you naughty boy; you're wearing my panties and nylons again," she giggled. "I guess you're never going to change."

She leaned over and kissed him, gently at first, but then more and more eagerly, her tongue pushing through his surprised lips and probing his mouth.

The smell of her familiar perfume brought back a host of repressed sensuous memories of happier days together for Julian and his cock rose eagerly under her firm, familiar touch. She slipped the thin material of her own panties to one side and began to firmly stroke his straining hard on.

"I'm sorry if I've hurt you but I've really fallen for Peter," she said. "And with you away all the time, Julian, not to mention your own 'bi-tendancies', well, it just happened. I have my own desires too, my own needs, and Peter is more of a man than you'll ever be."

Though it felt like a dagger to hear this, his hips started to move as she firmly pumped his tool. He could do nothing but lie there and moan deeply with a mixture of lust, jealousy and humiliation. He tried to rise but she took him by the shoulders and whispered in his ear.

"Let's play one last time," she whispered. "Get onto your hands and knees, Julian, and I'll make you cum for the last time."

As soon as he was positioned on all fours she began milking his swollen cock once more, running her other hand up his nylon covered legs and over his panty covered backside. Julian didn't think he would last long but she knew his body well and stopped, causing him to moan again, this time in disappointment.

She kissed his cheek to soothe him and he watched as she reached into the drawer on her bedside table, finding what she had been searching for without even looking. Julian dared to hope she was going to do what she had done before, and he knew his prayers were about to be answered when she pulled her tight panties over his bottom and he felt the cool and delightful sensation of her squirting moisturizer between his cheeks before she started to slowly finger his tight hole, pumping his dick all the while.

"What do you think of Peter?" she asked

"He seems like an arrogant bastard," he managed to gasp in the darkness. "I still can't believe you fell for such a....."

Suddenly he felt two big, strong hands take a firm grip of his hips as Berna quickly slipped his panties all the way down his smooth thighs.

"What's going on?" he stammered.

"Shut the fuck up, you little sissy wanker" hissed Peter in the darkness, as he pulled Julian's slim arms tight behind his back.

Berna giggled and grabbed his cock and balls hard. The next thing he felt was Peter shifting forward and nine hard inches began its forceful entry into his hole. He was incredibly tight, as tight as any virgin girl, but Berna had prepared him well and he was so wet and slippery that the head of Peter's big cock soon passed through his outer ring and Julian could feel himself opening up to the invading shaft.

The room was now filled with groans and Julian wasn't sure if he was listening to himself groan in surrender, to Peter groan in pleasure or to Berna groan in lust as she watched her boyfriend fuck her sissy husband.

"Oh yes! Fuck the slut, Peter. Fuck that sissy and show him what a real man can do."

Peter was obviously an expert at anal action and managed to restrain himself, slowly, almost gently filling his victim's backdoor with his cock, letting him get used to the size and shape of it as he took Julian's anal cherry. Berna had started to jerk her husband's cock again, squeezing it while her face lay inches from her boyfriend's own cock sliding in and out of Julian's hole.

Then Peter really began to fuck him, pulling out just a little then thrusting back in, each stroke a bit longer, a bit rougher, as he now held Julian by the shoulders and prepared to really punish his tight hole. For the next ten or fifteen minutes Peter ravaged the sissy's bum while Berna alternated between squeezing his balls and twisting his nipples.

"Fuck, yes, you little queen. You know how to take a cock in your ass just as we suspected," hissed Peter.

"I told you he preferred cock," giggled Berna. "I haven't seen him this hard, since I convinced him to suck off a couple of our friends."

Julian didn't know if he was more hurt by their actions or by their words but he knew Berna was right; his small erection couldn't be denied and his wife grabbed it again before beginning to frantically masturbate him..

"This is my last gift to you, Julian. I hope you enjoy your very last cum together with your loving wife," she cooed in his ear.

Her words seemed to spur Peter on as he brought his strong hands back to Julian's slim hips and rammed his cock balls-deep into his prisoner's quivering bumhole. Julian could feel his hole stinging but he could also feel his own balls tingling as Berna's familiar touch brought him close to cumming himself.

"Please. No!" he shouted, not sure if he was shouting at Peter, at Berna, or at himself. When his assailant let out a might roar and shot load after load of hot spunk deep into his bowels, he couldn't help himself, especially as his wife was leaning in close, opening her red lips, waiting for her husband's cum.

The sight was too much for Julian, and despite being still impaled on Peter's throbbing cock, he spurted five or six jets of cum into his wife's mouth. She shifted his aim just a little and took some of it on her face, still squeezing his sissy balls in a vice like grip.

As Peter withdrew from his aching bum, Berna took hold of his face and kissed him deeply. Her probing tongue broke through his resistant lips and his mouth was soon filled with his own warm, salty cum.

"Drink your sissy spunk, you cock-sucking cuckold," Peter whispered in his ear as he was forced to swallow. Finished tormenting him, Berna pulled up his panties but Peter had one final humiliation he wanted to bestow. His cock was still semi-hard and he simply put his strong hand on the back of Julian's head and pushed him on to his dribbling prick.

"Suck it, bitch," were his simple, forceful instructions.

Before Julian could object he had a good four or five inches of cock in his mouth and his head was being pushed and pulled, backwards and forwards. He was amazed at how smooth Peter felt in his mouth and found he was licking the underside of the head without being asked. He had sucked other men in Berna's presence before but never like this, never having just been fucked by the other man.

"Like the taste of your ass on a real man's cock, Julian?" she sneered.

He could only whimper in answer as his head bobbed up and down. He could feel Peter getting hard again, having never really softened completely, and that was when the other man threw him back on the bed.

"I think it's time I used this on your wife now, cock-sucker," he laughed and taking Berna by the hand, they both left the spare room and went through to the bedroom that used to be shared by the married couple.

Julian lay there sobbing, sobbing and jerking off in the darkness, his lacy panties at full stretch, and Peter's boiling hot cum dribbling from his ravaged bumhole. He lay there listening to the moans from next door, listening to the headboard banging against the wall, listening to another man fuck his wife.

The sissy cuckold had been taught a hard lesson.

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