tagGroup SexNew Years Eve Party

New Years Eve Party



Les and Pat - hosts a middle-aged couple into nudity and group sex.

Chris and Steph a younger couple.

They hosted sex parties at their home every month for several years. It was at one of their parties that “A Couple’s Story” took place. Steph is a gorgeous brunette, dark and sensuous.

Chris has a huge, curved dick. Pat is not crazy about fucking Chris. She says he’s a little too rough for her taste.

Bob and Denise another younger couple, not married.

The women call Bob “the hummer.” He has a “hmmm” sound he makes when giving head. The women love it. None of the rest of us guys have been able to duplicate it, but the women encourage us to keep trying.

Denise was a recent divorcee, and had gone sex-crazy. Bob took her on her first date after her separation. As they were pulling out of her driveway, she leaned over and told him, “By the way, I swallow.” Bob said he almost drove into the ditch.

Ron and Carolyn another middle-aged couple, not married, at least to each other. Ron has a wife somewhere he hasn’t seen in years, but never divorced.

Carolyn is a true redhead. I tell her I like to use her red pubic hair as dental floss. She loves to fuck, but isn’t much at giving head. Carolyn doesn’t swallow.

Ron also has a large dick, but he’s not rough with it like Chris. I think Pat is a little in love with Ron’s dick.


In preparation for the party, we laid several comforters out in front of the fireplace, and had a ready supply of firewood close by so we wouldn’t have to go outside for more wood. We also had condoms and kleenex sitting out. And lots of pillows laying around. By the time everyone had arrived, there was a cozy fire going.

We also had a special Stip Poker game. In addition to the usual play, there were also reward and penalty cards. The winner, or loser, of each hand drew one and collected their reward, or paid their penalty.

After a little socializing, we all sat on the floor in front of the fire and started playing. After a few hands, we were still mostly dressed. I was down to my boxers, shirt and one sock. Denise down to her bra and panties, was sitting between Chris and I. Carolyn was on my other side. When not holding cards, Denise had one hand in my boxers, and another down the front of Chris’s jeans.

After a few hands, Steph got a reward card that required all of us guys to give her a complete body rub. A few hands later, Ron got a card that allowed him to require each of the women to do something for him. Ron stood up, pulled his pants down, and instructed all of the women to “suck my cock.” One at a time, each woman knelt in front of Ron and worked his big dick in and out their mouths a few strokes. after they had all service him, he pulled his pants back up, and sat down to resume the game.

Someone dealt the next hand, but by then Denise had Chris’s cock in her mouth, with mine still in her other hand. Carolyn and had I started kissing while I unbuttoned her blouse and was pinching her nipples. Pat was on her back across from us, a smile on her face, with Bob humming at her clit. So much for poker.

I extricated myself from Denise while Carolyn finished undressing. Then Carolyn laid back while I starting licking her pussy and teasing her clit with my tongue. She was already very wet. Delicious. She put her hands on the back of my head, rubbing my mouth harder and harder against her sex. I like hearing Carolyn moan when I am eating her. Suddenly, she arched her back, forcing her cunt hard against me, and began her first orgasm of the night.

After Carolyn came, rubbing her wet pussy all over my face, we separated and she and Chris started groping each other. Soon she was sitting astride Chris, moving up and down on his long dick. Meanwhile, Steph came over and started sucking on my cock. I laid back and just enjoyed her ministrations. I think Ron was doing something to Denise at the time, and assume Bob and Pat were still engaged, although I really wasn’t paying attention to whom was doing who. I did hear Bob call out like he was cumming.

Steph slid my dick out of her mouth and began licking my balls, which is one of my favorite things. She ran her tongue up the length of me, and took me back between her lips. Then she started speeding up, until she was truly fucking me with her mouth. Steph loves cum, and too soon she got a lot of mine. After I emptied my balls into her mouth, she winked at me and said “Gotcha!” I then returned the compliment, going down on her until she came with my tongue in her pussy and a finger in her ass, licking all those wonderful juices out of her cunt.

We all kept changing into various combinations of twos, threes and fours, until about midnight. Pat was on her back at the time. I was going down on her while Bob knelt beside her, feeding her his cock. Carolyn was lying near me, also having her pussy eaten by someone. Then, while I was still eating Pat, Carolyn took me into her mouth. Somehow Bob, with his cock still in Pat’s mouth, began giving head to Steph. Soon the whole party was in one continuous chain - mouth to cock, mouth to cunt. That’s where we were when the New Years struck. Talk about kissing at midnight. We were all kissing something.

The rest of the party is just a blur. I recall at some point fucking Denise from behind as she was kissing Bob - who had Pat riding his cock. I also remember playing with Steph’s tits and ass while she was fucking Chris. I have no idea how we all kept up so long. We have never had such an extended sexual feast, before or after. The whole house reeked with the smell of sex.

But all good things must end. Somewhere about 3:00 AM we were completely drained and started disengaging. It was about that time I took some of the food and ice out onto the back deck. Even though I was naked at the time, I was still too hot to notice that the temp was about five below zero.

Ron, Carolyn, Chris and Steph went on home, but Bob and Denise stayed over the night.

I couldn’t sleep very well, and woke fairly early. I went down to the living room and was dozing in the recliner, still naked of course, when I heard the other three getting up. I heard the shower start, then Denise wandered down the stairs. She said Bob and Pat were showering together. Denise then knelt if front of me and gave me a “good morning” blow job. Don’t know how much cum I had left, but she got all there was. That woman is crazy about sucking cock.

It certainly was a Happy New Years for all of us.

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