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Next Door Panty Play


I am a raging panty freak. I have been using dirty worn panties to jerk off with since I discovered my mother's hamper at the age of 14. The silkier the better and none of those little thongs, they have to be full cut, or they do nothing for me. It must be because full cut nylon panties were all my mother wore and they are what I cut my teeth on, so to speak. I spent many a night holding the scented gusset of one pair of her used panties under my nose while busting a huge nut into the dirty gusset of another pair. To this day I don't think she ever found out what I was up to or if she did, she never let on. And, let me tell you, there were times when I put her panties back in her hamper completely full and dripping with cum so she must have known. Kinda hot to think that she just washed them and then wore them again for me to abuse later.

Anyway, I digress. I am a happily married man with a penchant for dirty panties. My wife, bless her, allows me to indulge in my fetish and supplies me with dirty silky full cut panties anytime I want. I don't think she has even owned a cotton pair since she married me. There were a few pairs in her panty drawer when I first met her but they are long gone. She has even pilfered a few pairs from her female friends over the years and allowed me to do my thing in them and then put them back when I was done. She even helps me unload in them. Nothing beats that! Having her tease my nuts with her perfectly manicured nails as I blow a huge nut into the dirty panties of one of her friends is totally hot! God I love my wife.

Alright, so you have some background, now to the real story. About six months ago a younger couple moved into the house next door. Both are very nice. She is short, redheaded and a little plump but incredibly cute with an ass to die for. He is a giant of a man. Probably 6'9'' or 6'10" and looks like a linebacker. Big hands, big chest and incredibly built. Like a brick shithouse. Let just say he makes my wife's panties wet when they are in the same room. So I guess you could say he's a looker.

My wife and Barbara, the neighbor, became fast friends even though there was a 15 year age difference. They had coffee together at her house almost every morning after I went to work. About two weeks ago I came home to find my wife sitting on the couch with a pair of pretty yellow shiny briefs dangling from her outstretched finger. She smiled at me and told me they were a pair of Barbara's that she had taken from her hamper that morning when she used the bathroom while having coffee. She thought I might enjoy them and boy was she right. She leaned forward unzipped my suit pants and pulled my ragging hardon from its encampment. She then told me to hold the dirty gusset of Barbara's sweet panties under my nose and sniff on them as she proceeded to give me one hell of a hand job. There was a nice pussy stain in the matching yellow gusset with a few red curly hairs stuck to it as if to reassure me they were Barbara's. I couldn't get enough! I was in dirty panty heaven and was getting ready to blow my load all over my wife when she took the panties from my nose and held the gusset open under my pre cum dripping cock and pulled a HUGE load out of me into the pussy stained panties that belonged to our neighbor. When I was completely drained she folded the panties up, handed them to me and told me that I had to put them back and that it shouldn't be problem since we were going over to their house for dinner.

I quickly went upstairs, changed and put the soaking wet panties in pocket. As I was heading down the stairs, my wife was at the front door waiting and asked if I had the messy panties that needed to go back. I patted my pocket and off we went. During the short walk over to their house, my wife told me that the hamper was in the laundry room which was next to the downstairs bathroom and that I shouldn't have too much trouble getting access to it.

We knocked on the door and Barbara answered. My cock sprang to hardness just looking at her and knowing I had a pair of her dirty panties in my pocket that my wife had just jerked me off into. I could see her VPL through her light summer shorts as she led us into the living room and I wondered what she was wearing now. Barbara told us that Bill, her husband, had to work a little late but should be home shortly. She asked us if we wanted a drink and went to fix us something at the bar. My wife eyed me and did a little nod. This was obviously her way of telling me now was a good time to put Barbara's panties back in the hamper. I told them both that I had to use the little boy's room and Barbara told me it was through the kitchen and to the right. I left them and headed to find the hamper.

As I approached the bathroom I could see the laundry room door open next to it. Peering in cautiously I could see a large washer and dryer at the far end and a very large hamper next to the dryer that was practically overflowing with their dirty laundry. Above the pile was an open chute so they must drop their clothes directly down from upstairs. I thought how easy it was to put them back with all the clothes lying about. I moved toward the hamper and a hint of shiny electric blue caught my eye from the pile of clothes heaping out of the hamper. I couldn't help myself as I reached for it and pulled out another pair of Barbara's dirty panties from the pile. They were identical to the yellow ones I was about to put back except for the color. As they were freed from the pile it caused a shift and some of the clothes on top tumbled off revealing more silken dirty delights. I grabbed several pair in all different colors and patterns. All full bottomed and not a cotton pair in the bunch. I inspected them all and noticed that several pairs had stiff crusted gussets. I thought boy, Barbara must be a squirter if her panties ended up like this. My cock grew that much harder.

I held a stiffened gusset of the blue pair to my nose, took a long pull and was surprised to find that the pussy smell that had been embedded in the yellow ones was not noticeable in these but there was a sweet almost astringent smell to them. I looked in and saw the stain left buy her little pussy and held them up again taking an even bigger pull. There was no pussy but the scent I did smell was not bad and it was somehow familiar. I reached into my pocket and grabbed the soaked yellow pair holding them up for one final inspection before putting them back when I got a whiff of those and realized the smell was familiar because it was the smell of cum. Guy cum. The blue panties I had just been sniffing smelled exactly like the yellow ones I had blown into less than an hour ago. Here I was, sniffing on what was obviously a load that Bill had spilled into his wife's panties and it was turning me the fuck on. And, by the number of crusty gussets I held in my hand, it seemed he did it quite regularly.

My cock which had been hard since Barbara answered the door needed to be let out. I unzipped my pants and began stroking my rigid member with the sticky yellow ones and again sniffed the crusted gusset of the pair I had just found getting even more excited knowing big Bill liked to jerk off and bust a nut into dirty panties like I did.

I was really getting into it and had my eyes closed sniffing hard on the blue panties when all of a sudden I heard keys jangling and the door to the left of the dryer, which I had assumed was a closet, opened up and Bill stepped into the laundry room from the garage. He stood stock still for several moments staring right at me. I didn't know what to do so I just stood there, panties and cock in hand, waiting for him to punch the hell out of me.

"What the fuck are you doing!" he said through clenched teeth.

"I, I, I,..." I stammered not sure what to say.

"You fucking with my wife's dirty panties? You some kinda pervert? You get off on the way her dirty panties smell. Looks like you like to fucking jerk off into them too. Is that what you were doing, getting ready to dump your nut in her panties? Answer me!"

"Yes," I said, figuring I might as well be honest at this point. "Dude, your wife's panties are incredible and I just couldn't help myself. I, I had to go to the bathroom and saw the door open and couldn't help but notice all her dirty silky panties lying around in here. They were just calling to me and I had to see how they smelled. I can't help myself, I have this thing for dirty panties and when I see some or have access to them I just have to sniff and jerk into them." I stood staring at him, cock hanging out of my pants with several pairs of his wife's dirty briefs clutched in my hands and waited for his fist. It didn't come.

Instead, he looked me square in the eye and in a small voice much different from the one he used when he caught me, said "I like to do that too. As a matter of fact, the ones you were sniffing on I blew into this morning before I left for work."

I had had fleeting thoughts of men throughout my life, especially when I came across pictures on the internet showing guys wearing their wife's panties, but had never acted on them. Here, in front of this giant of a man who just confessed his passion for dirty panties, I acted. I looked him right in the eye, held the cum stained gusset of his wife's panties under my nose and sniffed so hard I thought I was going to pass out.

"My god," I stammered, "smelling the both of you on theses panties is really getting to me. I need to bust and bust bad. Want to join me?"

It didn't take him a second to unbuckle his belt, open his pants and shove them down to mid thigh. What I saw made my cock even harder, if that were possible at this point. He stood before me wearing an aqua green pair of Vanity Fair silky gossamer briefs. They were almost see-through and his impressive cock was pushing hard against them. The huge mushroom tip was leaking profusely and had created a large wet spot which made the thin panties cling like tissue paper to his pulsing member.

"I've never done this with another guy before," he said as he put himself on display and grabbed his stiff member eliciting another large dollop of precum to escape from his trembling prick making the spot larger.

"Me neither," I said taking another pull from the panties I held under my nose, "but there's a first time for everything. We gotta do this quick or the ladies will wonder what happened to me. I was just using the bathroom."

"No problem," he replied, "I'm so ready to bust that it won't take much to make me pop one out!"

With that he pulled his panties down under his massive balls which jumped in their sack and stepped toward me, his giant cock bobbing in my direction. He grabbed an orange pair of his wife's panties from my hand and wrapped them around his glistening pole making sure the head was right in her dirty gusset. This really turned me on because it was exactly how I jerked off in a pair of panties. The gusset is absorbent cotton so why not blow your mess there. And, that is where all of a woman's naughtiness leaks into anyway. I like to make sure I add to her stain.

He was now standing right in front of me pumping his enormous cock for all he was worth trying to blow his nut as fast as he could into his wife's panties. Because of our height difference, at least a foot or so, and his cock being so long and large, 12 or 13 inches at least, the head of his cock was only a few inches below my face. Bill was leaking so much that the orange panties were becoming soaked from all the precum gushing from his cock. His wife's gusset now clung to his swollen head.

I leaned down to get a closer look. I wanted to watch, up close, as his big cock and huge nuts busted into her dirty panties. I was so close to his swollen member that I could smell a mixture of his wife's essence and him emanating from the dripping panties which were now a blur of orange silkiness as he pumped faster and faster. Caught up in the heat of the moment and incredibly turned on by the scent coming from his pistoning fist, I leaned in, opened my mouth and without thinking sucked the head of his dripping silken encased cock into my salivating maw.

I looked up at him with my mouth full of his panty covered cockhead and he was staring right at me. We made direct eye contact and all of a sudden with out warning, his huge cock trembled and then violently erupted with wave after wave of thick sweet cum into my mouth through his wife's dirty panties. It kept pouring out of him and since I didn't mind the taste as much as I thought I would I kept trying to swallow. His cum flowed from him in several large spurts that forced their way through his wife's dirty gusset and into my sucking mouth. There was so much of it that I couldn't keep up with it and it poured from the sides of my mouth. I pulled off to catch my breath and he continued coming in the panties as he now wiped his hard cock around my lips coating them completely. The taste and smell of both of them and that my face and mouth were full of another man's cum for the first time in my life was just too much for me. While he was still draining the last of his load into the panties and all over my sucking lips, I wrapped the crusty gusset of the blue pair he had blown into this morning around my painfully hard cock. With my mouth full of my new panty buddy's cum I stroked twice and groaned around his softening cock as I filled his wife's already abused panties with a huge load of my own. I popped the head of his still dribbling cock back into my mouth and sucked hard holding on for dear life as I spasmed into Barbara's dirty gusset.

When I finally calmed down, I released his spent cock from my mouth with a loud pop. He took the panties from around his now limp cock and began to wipe his mess up that was all over the bottom half of my face and dripping down my neck. He was about to add them to the pile when I took them from him and proceeded to suck and lick every ounce of his sweet thick load from his wife's destroyed panties. It was so hot. I could taste both of them and it was an incredibly sexy feeling having him watch me clean his wife's panties.

I was still holding the pair that I had shot into around my deflated cock and he reached for them grabbing my cock with his large hands and getting every last drop of my load out into Barbara's gusset. When he was sure he had gotten all of my seed he held the gusset open in front of him and stared at the large puddle of cum I had deposited there. Then, without a word he looked me in the eye and tentatively stuck his tongue into the mess that filled her panties. He pulled his tongue back into his mouth and pondered for a moment running it back and forth along his teeth before diving back into the puddle and sucking all of my load from the messy gusset. He made sure not to miss a drop.

"Wow, that was incredible." He said as he took all the panties from me to put back in the laundry pile. "I can't remember the last time I came so hard! That was totally hot! It seems we have a lot in common" and with that he leaned down and kissed me softly on the lips. Surprised but not opposed to it, I kissed him back. We had just eaten each others copious loads so why not. It seemed like the way to end the first of what I'm sure would be many sessions with this hot man and his wife's dirty panties.

As if he heard my thoughts he said, "Next time I want to use a pair of Cindy's (my wife) dirty panties. I'm sure they are just as sweet."

From the doorway came "Once you guys have had some dinner and recoup you'll get your chance later," I heard my wife say. "That was quite a show!"

Both Bill and I turned to see my wife and his standing in the doorway in nothing but their bras and panties. My wife in here matching VF flowered set that I loved and knew Bill would have a grand time with and Barbara in a white shiny bra and hot pink nylon briefs with a lovely wide band of lace around the waist that I was going to have fun with. They each spread their legs to show us how wet our little scene had mad them. Both of there gussets had large wet spots on them and the each reached over and pushed the others crotch inside their dripping pussies making the stains that much bigger.

"Yeah, dinner's ready boys and you'll need to build up your strength for dessert!" Barbara added with a sly little giggle as both women pulled their fingers from one another's snatch and licked the juices from them.

"I'm starved!" Bill exclaimed.

"Me too," I added, "but maybe we should start with dessert!"

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