tagExhibitionist & VoyeurNiagara Falls' Room With A View

Niagara Falls' Room With A View


When people ask me where I get the ideas for my erotic stories, I give them a simple answer: writing erotica is a little like making Kool Aid. The gem of the idea --- the Kool Aid packet --- is the starting point. Imagination --- the addition of water and sugar --- provides the rest of the final product.

Yes, I would love it if each and every word I've written on Literotica was completely true, but to be honest there is a lot of imagination and provocative wishes and desires which enter into the final product.

If each and every word that was written on the site were true, people would be kissing, hugging, sucking and spanking in every office, on every golf green and Victoria's Secret dressing room around town. Bedrooms would be packed with a standing room only crown, while parks would be filled with voyeurs watching lovers frolic hours upon end. Is there truth in the stories? Yes. Anywhere from a high of 75 percent and a low of 25 percent.

Reality is much different from a fantasy world. Still, there are times when real live occurrences can turn into a sexy rendezvous between loving couples. Such was the case recently when my wife and I visited Niagara Falls.

It was Samantha's 45th birthday, and I surprised her with a night at the Marriott Fallsview, a four-star, high-rise hotel that overlooks the Canadian Falls. The view is spectacular, especially at night when both of the American and Canadian falls are illuminated. The various colors cascade, giving an indescribable view of one of the wonders of the world.

It was a romantic escape. In the morning we visited the fantastic Butterfly Conservatory, a part of the Niagara Falls, Canada, park district, before checking into the hotel. Later we walked along the falls during the afternoon, rode the incline to the hotel, had an excellent dinner, and then returned to our room to watch the illumination of the falls at dusk.

The view was fantastic, and the wine was superb. We made slow, passionate love before falling asleep in each other's arms. For a night we were away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

The following morning we had breakfast in the room before starting to pack.

"Hey Sam, I think it's time for your birthday swats," I teased my wife. "Gee, 45 swats are surely going to hurt!"

Samantha and I had this ongoing battle of age. I was a year older than her, and several years back she gave me a birthday "spanking". It was fun, not too hard, but as the years went, the red-bun spankings got a little longer.

It was good fun. But on this Sunday morning she gave me a sassy look and smiled. "Isn't there some way I can get out of the spanking, Jon?" she cooed.

"Of course, honey," I said, glancing down at my growing erection. "I'm reasonable. What did you have in mind?"

Samantha didn't say a word, but licked her lips and smiled.

"Are you suggesting a blow job, m'dear?" I questioned.

"Uh huh," was her reply.

I gazed into her eyes, smiling to myself as to how my wonderful wife still had the special way of turning me on. "Well, Sam, that sounds like a deal…but in front of the window. I'd like to look at the Falls while you are doing it."

My wife protested at my deal. "No, Jon, someone will see."

"No, hon, the windows are tinted, nobody can see in."

Well, the windows did have a tint on them. I really didn't think anyone would be able to see in, and heck, if they did look at our seventh floor room what could they possibly see? Nothing in detail, right?

My words obviously comforted her, because she took me by the hand and led me over to the floor to ceiling window. We stood, holding each other, admiring the beauty of Niagara Falls.

"Thanks for this birthday present, Jon, it was just what I wanted," said Samantha, smiling at me while looking at the diamond pendant which was her birthday gift. "So, is now a good time?"

When is it ever not a good time for a blow job?

Samantha kneeled in front of me. She looked up into my eyes, unzipping my trousers. She undid my belt buckle, reached behind me and slid my Dockers to the floor. My cock was hardening by the second in my boxers, a feat which did not go un-noticed by my ever so observant wife.

"What have we here?" she questioned, looking at the bulge in my underwear. "I think he likes me."

I couldn't say a word. My eyes were fixed on her head as she leaned forward. Her lips puckered, and she kissed my cock through the cloth. "Ahhh," was all I could muster.

My wife played with my dick through my underwear, stroking my thigh with her other hand. She looked adorable kneeling in front of me, her brunette hair rolling from side to side in time with her head.

My cock wanted to explode into the open air, a fact Samantha quickly understood. She reached inside and slipped my dick into the open, then slowly pulled down my boxers until they landed on the floor.

There was a time when such actions would have caused me to spurt, but an older guy does need a little more stimulation. That was forthcoming, as Samantha started slowly licking my cock from stem to stern. My cock loved the sensation of her hot breath and loving lips licking all over it, as evidenced by the twitching of my dick against her cheek.

Samantha then started performing her patented move, a slow sucking of my cock into her mouth. Now, the only way I can explain her movement is to ask you to think of a python sucking its prey deep into its belly. Sort of a centimeter or two at a time, gradually using only her lips to suck my dick into her mouth.

The feeling was fantastic, and she was only halfway down my cock before I nearly blew my load.

It's funny, I wanted to cum, but I didn't want the blow job to end either. To stem the tide I looked out at the Falls, I watched the birds flying over the water and I observed the cars driving below. I glanced at the street right next to our hotel, and spotted a couple walking down the street.

They were talking, laughing and enjoying the walk. As I backed off from my orgasm, I watched them lean against the railing along the side of the road. Samantha continued to suck my cock as I noticed the man looking directly at our window.

He was saying something to his girlfriend, and soon she looked our way. Here I was, getting a royal blow job in the window of the hotel, and apparently the tinting did not block out the view from below.

At first my dick started to shrivel, but Samantha's talented mouth quickly allowed it to rise back to the occasion. The woman below shook her head and gave her boyfriend a swat on the arm, while his eyes were transfixed on the show my wife and I were putting on. The man lifted his camera and pointed and clicked.

Without my wife realizing it, I moved a little to the side so that her face was in perfect profile to the couple below. The man gave me the "thumbs up" sign and took another photo.

I didn't know what got into me, but all of a sudden I had the urge to rock into my wife's willing mouth. Samantha continued sucking as I bucked in and out of her wonderful mouth. She reached behind and began fingering between my ass cheeks, pulling my dick into her mouth.

Those actions sent me over the edge, and I soon shot my copious load into her sucking mouth. She continued to suck long after my orgasm subsided, and I slipped back into reality. I opened my eyes and looked down at her, marveling at how she was cleaning my dick off. I looked outside, and the couple was applauding, a fact which drew some attention from a couple more passersby.

Not to ruin the occasion --- Samantha would die if she knew we had been observed --- I slowly lifted my pretty wife up and kissed her. I led her to the bed, where we cuddled and kissed some more.

The blow job had been incredible, and I was spent. But it wasn't long before my mind wandered back to the realization that we had been watched, and that started my cock stiring once more.

"What has gotten into you, Jon," she asked."

"Nothing, honey, I just think you are fantastic, even if you are 45," I replied.

For the first time in years my cock was at attention just minutes after cumming. We made passionate love for the next hour, only this time we were out of the view of prying eyes from below.

Hopefully, photos won't turn up on the internet.

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