tagMind ControlSpanish Fly

Spanish Fly

byDr. Bull©

Everyone has heard the stories of the "special" effects of Spanish Fly, in most cases; it is a placebo that does nothing more than making you think it is working, when you slip it in the glass of some poor unsuspecting female. This is a tale of a product that actually works called "Male Factor" an herbal product that increases or releases male hormone into the blood stream. The local health guru Gloria had talked about it at a group meetings and Karen picked some up, she figured why not. "Be careful, you'll be riding the washing machine," Gloria had laughed.

That following Saturday Mitch went out to work on the yard, with five acres, it takes time to clean up the leaves and trim the trees; Karen took two of the Male Factor tablets and headed off to the shower. She removed her tank top, shorts and panties and was looking in the mirror at the 40+ woman looking back; she wondered what had happened to the sexy young thing that used to stand there. "Mitch tells me how beautiful I am but I remember when my 38D's sat higher on my chest and the nipples pointed forward instead of sloping down" she thought to herself. The hourglass figure of her youth was still there but children and time had added some inches. The twenty-minute shower helped her attitude and made her feel much better. Karen was toweling off her breasts when the terry cloth rolled over them making the nipples erect, she looked again at the mirror her skin still damp and glistening, "maybe Mitch was right," she thought. She examined her breasts and slid her hands down her waist, the exercise program and health kick she and Mitch had been active in was working, her blond bush was full but not overly hairy, her hips widened out much like the 50's pinup girls Mitch had hanging from the walls of his shop. "Not bad." she commented out loud, "I can still turn a head or two." Karen felt a bit of a twinge between her legs as she thought about how Mitch's friends looked at her when wearing the certain outfits. "Men are pigs, but cleavage will get you what ever you want," she giggled to herself. She finished drying off, wrapped a towel around her hair and went upstairs to get a glass of ice tea.

Mitch was working the yard, he had spent a number of years getting it set so they had out own private play area, trees and shrubs surround the place so the outside world can't see the backyard. He loves to watch Karen suntan so he made sure she did not worry about the neighbors. Mostly Karen did it for him, it kept him going trying to watch and not let her catch him staring, and it was an unspoken game they played. Karen's mind wandered into a daydream with Mitch staring at her nude body while talking with Curt, (Mitch's best friend) both of them watching... Karen came out of her daze clearing the thought, even though it excited her. She blushed at the improper thought of someone else seeing her naked. Turned on, to say the least, suddenly Karen suddenly realized she was still naked and was standing in the middle of the kitchen looking out at the road, her head and chest framed in the window of the door if anyone had looked in... Karen's were nipples hard, her pussy wet, and her mind going wild with lustful thoughts, the pills had kicked in.

Her modesty brought her back to reality, when Karen heard the hammers banging next door, looking out the dining room window the small crew was starting to work on the house next door, they had been slowly building it for months. A young man looked towards her house as she stepped out of sight. "Had he seen me?" The very thought sent a new wave of excitement through Karen. Never having been much of an exhibitionist, a tease, yes, but never fully exposed. Suddenly she was excited just fantasizing about someone else seeing her naked. She glanced out the window from the side to see if he was still looking, while not exposing herself. The young man was working with his back to her, shirtless his lean tanned back rippled as he hung up the siding. Absent-mindedly she played with the hair at the top of her mound, her fingers bumped against the folds of her moist lips sending a shower of sensation through her body, her eyes closed for a moment enjoying the pleasure. When they opened, the young carpenter was gone and she was again standing in front of a window exposed to the world.

Karen stepped back from the window, blushing again, "What are you thinking?" she said to herself, then retreated downstairs, drying her hair. The daylight basement opened on to the patio and the backyard where Mitch was working. Karen slipped on a light robe, yellow with pink pokadots that came down about mid thigh length, it was almost transparent. "If I can't have the boy, then Mitch can scratch my itch." She giggled at the thought of teasing Mitch.

Mitch was topping some trees out, by cutting the tops they would bush out below helping with the privacy of the backyard. The house being built was close to their property line and he knew it could become an issue with Karen's sunbathing if she thought they could see her. So here he was, branch loppers in hand, standing on a ladder trimming the top and shaping the bottoms. He heard Karen come out of the house; he watched as she placed her glass on the table and opened the "beer fridge" door. They kept beer and wine along with a good selection of cigars in there, Mitch guessed the cigar was what she was after. Karen had developed a taste for them over the years and smoked more of them then he did. She bent over reaching into the crisper drawer on the bottom where they kept them confirming his suspicion, he expected to see the grey shorts she normally wore around the house, but as she bent over her robe rode up exposing her ass to him. Even from hundred feet away he could tell she was wearing nothing underneath.

A light breeze contacted Karen's moist underside as she bent over to grab a cigar from the fridge, the tingle felt wonderful. She found the one she wanted then grabbed a beer for Mitch. "I might as well start the game," she looked over to where he was at the end of the trees. That half of the trees had been the year before, so the new lower growth had not filled in completely on that section of trees but it should be enough, with the robe covering her. "Ready for a beer Hon?" she raised her voice enough he could hear her.

"Sure," Mitch looked over to see Karen with a beer raised in her hand her robe sliding up exposing the bottom of her bush. He started to climb down to join her.

"Stay there," she spoke loud enough to stop him half way down, "I'll bring it to you." so he went back to work trimming.

Next-door the crew was on a break also, they heard the beer offer and commented amongst them selves how good a beer would taste right now. The young fellow, Jimmy, that Karen had seen before was in his early twenties, the second, Red was just a bit older and Bill the boss was well into his thirties. Bill sat leaning on the back staircase looking towards the trees; the two boys were facing him with their backs to them.

"I wish a pretty lady would bring me a beer."

"He is a lucky bastard, she is good looking too."

"She's a MILF... Holy shit!" Bill had caught a glimpse of Karen walking toward Mitch. "Quietly boys, turn and look through the trees."

Karen, beer in one hand and her glass of tea in the other started across the yard, a light breeze blew her robe open at the waist where the ties were, exposing her lower half to him. With her hands full, there was nothing much Karen could do about it, but keep walking. She felt the ties slipping apart so by the time she had covered half the distance down the tree line the robe was open, barely clinging to her breasts. As if on cue, when she reached the new growth trees he was been working on, a breeze blew the robe off her breasts exposing her fully. Nearly naked, even if it was only Mitch watching, excited her. She shrugged her shoulders letting the robe slip down to her elbows as Mitch nearly fell off the ladder climbing down.

"You look..." he searched for the right word "...GOOD!" as she handed him his beer.

"Only good?" she questioned, as she dropped the robe to the ground and spun slowly, posing for him.

"BEAUTIFUL!" he gasped.

"How much longer till your done?" she rubbed the beads of sweat forming on her glass across her nipples, teasing him.

"I could quit now." He stepped towards her, reaching for a breast.

She ducked away, "No, no, no, you have work to do and I need some sun."

"Thirty minutes?" it came out more as a question than an answer.

"OK," Karen smiled, "I'll be over there waiting." she picked up her robe folded it over her arm, not to block his view of her ass and swung her hips as she walked back towards the house. She stopped to look back and saw Mitch moving the ladder around to the back of the trees and she could see clearly through the underbrush to where he was standing. Slowly Karen looked back down the line of trees, the realization came to her that although there was some cover, she had really been exposed to anyone looking through them. Her eyes reached the house next door where the three men sat staring in her direction. Frozen, she was staring back at them, then she looked away acting as though she had not seen them and her body was now boldly facing three men. Three strangers who had watched her walk naked and show off for her husband her mind was racing. She stretched her arms over her head and arched her back like a cat, shaking her breasts as she relaxed; to be exposed was thrilling and scary all at the same time. Adrenalin pumping she turned and walked back to the patio, desperately trying to keep from letting her hands giving her the orgasm she was so close to in the middle of the yard.

"OH MY GOD!" the Red said to the others.

"Shhh!" Bill the boss quieted him down, "Step inside quietly, her husband is right there." The three walked inside the house, closed the door and then they all started talking at once.

"Did you see her tits?"

"Fantastic! And she walked out there wearing nothing!"

"Man, I'd do her in a heart beat!"

"Do you think she saw us?"

"She had too, she looked right at us."


"There at the end, before she stretched."

"I'd love to have pictures of that! No one will ever believe us!"

"Shit! My camera is in the truck."

"Well get it and keep it close, she might come back."

Karen made it to the patio; fell into a chair and let her fingers slide into her wet hole triggering an orgasm.

It took a couple minutes for Karen to regain composure, still excited, but somewhat relieved she got out of the chair, her legs still a bit shaky. The robe lay on the ground next to her empty glass where they had fallen; absent-mindedly she picked them both up and set them on the table next to the cigar she had set there earlier. A drink and a smoke, that would help her cool off. Karen pulled a wine cooler out of the fridge, took a blanket out on the grass, she looked towards the trees where Mitch was hurriedly trimming. Karen heard the truck door slam over at the construction site and then some hammering, it seems they had gone back to work, "Poor boys," she giggled at the thought of the looks on their faces, the excitement was returning, "they must be very frustrated about now." From where she stood the roof of the house was all that was visible, "With no relief in sight."

Mitch was working about as fast as he could in semi-safety, he could see Karen from time to time over the trees or through the undergrowth as he moved the ladder. He too heard the truck door and dismissed it; they were constantly getting tools or putting them away. He could see Karen unfolding her blanket and it was hard to concentrate on his work, let alone notice anything besides her, the tree and staying on top of the ladder.

The work crew finished the side they were working on and had moved around the house to the side opposite of the trees, a ladder set against the house leading to the roof, they started to move it when Jimmy looked at his boss, then the ladder, "Uh Bill?"

"Jimmy, you climb right up there and let us know what you see."

He was on the roof in a flash, sneaking up the pitch to the peak, his face soon reappeared over the edge, "Fellows, I think you better see this for yourselves," he said to the two on the ground. Bill started up the ladder; while Red snapped the telephoto lens on to his camera and followed right behind. The view was perfect, over the trees they could see most of the yard and the naked lady, with only their heads showing over the top. Red zoomed in and started taking pictures.

Karen wondered how long this feeling would last, she had taken the tablets an hour or so before and had never been so horny for so long. The sun felt great on her body as she carried her cigar and drink to the blanket. Crossing her legs, she sat down, tried with out success to get the wine cooler to sand up while she opened the cigar tube. Unthinking she slid the drink between her legs to hold it, as the cold bottle came in contact with her hot, swollen , wet lips she let out a small squeal "Oooo," dropping the cigar and riding the convulsions of the unexpected climax. Her thighs wet from the sweat off the bottle and the flowing juices from her hot cunt, Karen's mind could think of nothing but getting something inside her. Chugging the wine cooler down she looked at the bottle, "No," she thought then the plastic tube that held her cigar came into focus, 6 inches long and an inch or so around... Cigar, wasn't there rumors about a former President and a cigar? She popped the top pulling the tobacco missile out. If it was good enough for Monica??? She slowly slid the cigar across her vagina, the rough texture was wonderful, it gathered moisture soaking into the outer layer, smoothing it somewhat. Parting her lips she slid the cigar in bumping against her clit, it was wonderful, slowly sliding it in deeper and deeper, her eyes closed, her mind raced through the mornings events. Those men watching her, if only they could see her now or Curt, if only Mitch's friend was here watching her, let the world watch her fuck herself! One...Two...Three times she climaxed her pussy clamping down hard on the cigar. She removed the now soaked, slightly misshapen cigar, staring at it for a moment she put it back in the plastic tube. Giggling to her self "Maybe Mitch would like a pussy flavored cigar." Mitch, where was he she thought, looking to the trees she saw he was finished and headed towards her his shirt already off , his pants unbuttoned as he walked towards her.

Watching Mitch strip, leaving his clothing scattered across the lawn as he came towards her, Karen thought how wonderful it was to be able to make love under the sun with her man. The neighbor's rooftop behind him had three strange bumps at the top she had not seen before. Her eyes focused on them as the faces came into focus she realized they had an audience, even better one had a camera, and her excitement grew. She pulled herself to her knees as Mitch approached the blanket, maneuvering around so to not block the view from the roof, she pulled Mitch's cock into her mouth sucking him in deep and bringing him to a full erection. Cupping his balls as he fondled her breast, Mitch's knees buckled a bit, Karen guided him on to the blanket and crawled across him in a sixty-nine position, her pussy grinding into his face. When his tongue hit her g-spot, she sat up on to his face urging him deeper, her eyes parted looking towards her audience, she thrust her chest towards them and bringing her hand up to her breasts pushing the large globes up to her mouth. She licked each nipple before letting them back bounce back. Mitch's tongue action was causing her to quiver all over. She slid slowly off his face, tickling his stiff pole with her fingers keeping it stiff and ready. Karen moved her body over his waist and impaled herself on him, taking his shaft deep inside, her hands on his knees. Normally Karen would face Mitch knowing how he liked to watch her boobs bounce, to she faced away; this show was for another man or three men watching from the roof next door. She arched her back placing her hands be hind her on Mitch's chest, opening the front of her body to the peepers. Her breasts bouncing their mesmerizing dance, she looked right at and into the camera, licked her lips and shook her torso adding to the nipple dance.

"She knows we are here boys." Red said to the others.

"No way!" said Jimmy, "she would have gone inside." Red handed him the camera, as Jimmy looked through the lens first at Karen's bouncing tits the up to her face. She was smiling and looking straight into his eyes and mouthed "Hi" and she shook her breasts side to side. "No Shit she does see us and she likes it!"

"Let me see that." Bill took the camera from Jimmy, crazy kids, what the fuck do they know. The camera brought him up close and personal with the woman, she did indeed appear to be looking right into his eyes, smiling as if she knew she had a new viewer. The husband could not see them it looked as though she had set it up so they had a view but he could not see. Then it happened, she raised her hand to her lips and blew him a kiss and smiled again. "Your right boys and a show like this deserves a tribute." He handed the camera back to Red, stood and walked towards the top of the roof where she could see him. Bill looked around, then dropped his pants and stroked his already hard dick Jimmy looked at him in disbelief, and then stood up beside him without saying a word dropped his own pants and proceeded to jack himself off where she could see. Red stepped back, took a couple photos of them standing with their pants down and the fucking scene in the background, then he set the camera down and joined them.

Karen had watched them pass the camera, "something special for each one" she thought, and then after she blew the kiss, they stood up, she could not believe her eyes, the three men jacking off just for her. She could feel her own climax rising from deep with in, she also felt Mitch stiffen and release inside her, that was all it took. "YESSSS!!! She screamed and clamped onto Mitch's cock as the walls of her pussy contacted. Her eyes barely open she watch the three react and start shooting cum on to the roof at the same time. She laid back keeping him inside her and blocking his view as she lie on him, Mitch's hands reached around her stroking her stomach and breasts as she watched the three boys next door pull up their pants. They looked as if they were ready to leave, so she waved low where Mitch would not see. Their involuntary reaction was to wave back, and then they disappeared behind the peak.

"Wow Honey!" Mitch said as Karen slid off him the snuggled her body up next to his, "that was amazing! What got into you?"

"Just those little tablets Gloria gave us," she traced her fingers across his chest, "what do you think?"

"I think I'll order a case of them." He laughed.

Karen thought to herself, "Little white pills and an audience." The tablets had been described as something made to loosen up her libido and at the same time, she found out, she was an exhibitionist...

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