Nibblet Ch. 02


Spike stood at the bottom of the stairs. Buffy appeared to almost float down the staircase. She was swathed in white lace and pearls, she looked almost angelic. She was also radiant with joy. She took Giles arm who also stood at the bottom.

"Beautiful." Spike said. He meant it on purely aesthetic level.

"Isn't she?" Giles said, beaming. Proud as any father. He kissed Buffy's cheek.

"Thank you, guys." Her smile was genuine. The limousine pulled into the driveway. "That's our ride." She turned to Spike. "Sure you don't mind taking Dawn over to the church?"

"Of course not." Spike said calmly, trying to hide his delight. More willing than you know, Slayer!

"Good. She'll be down soon. The photographer is going to be there in twenty minutes to get some shots of the wedding party before the ceremony."

"I'll have her there in time, Buffy." Spike could see the Slayer was nervous all of sudden. He would be too if he were marrying that prat.

The Slayer and Watcher went outside while Spike jangled his car keys in his pocket. He hadn't been this anxious in years. He felt like a school boy on his first date. Spike was even wearing a suit bought especially for this occasion. He wondered if Dawn would like it. At the time he had hoped to impress the Slayer with it, but now. . .now he had other priorities. The suit was grey and he wore a white shirt underneath it with a blue tie. It was summer weight and accentuated his eyes and favored his light coloring -- or so the drooling saleswoman had told him when he'd bought it.

He wondered if he should go upstairs and look for Dawn. What was taking so long? Spike hoped she wasn't still angry with him for last night. She'd accused him of still being in love with the Slayer but he was certain that his love for her was waning. Dwindling away to nothing. "Spike." Dawn said in a neutral tone. She descended the stairs, regal as any queen before a loyal subject. She didn't appear angry at all about last night's debacle.

Spike let his eyes roam over her. He felt like he'd been sucker punched, she was ravishing. Dawn wore a pale blue, off the shoulder dress. It gave him an enticing view of her cleavage. Her lustrous dark hair was piled on top of her head with long curls laying around her face. She wore pearls in her ears and around her slender neck. "Stunning." Spike whispered, unable to take his eyes off her.

She smiled slightly. " You think so?" Spike could do no more than nod. "Good, I hope Angel likes it." Spike clenched his jaw. "What are you waiting for? Let's go." She made her way to the door purposefully. Dawn paused at the door and turned to him, squeezing his hand. His eyes shone with hope. Was she going to confess her feelings for him? "Spike, I'm sorry. I'm being really insensitive, aren't I?" She handed him a small packet of tissues from her tiny handbag. "Here. You might need these. This is going to be rough. After all -- the love of your unlife is getting married to someone else." She patted his hand. But I know you'll be alright, you're strong." This was said without rancor. Just a statement of fact.

Spike winced as he followed her out the door. Damn, he had a lot of work to do.


"I do." Buffy said, tears sparkled her eyes as she gazed lovingly at Riley. It was official. She was now Mrs. Buffy Finn. From his vantage point in the third pew, Spike felt relieved. A little sad. . . but mostly relieved. In his heart he had known it would never work out. Bloody ridiculous. He was musing about his 'attraction' to her. Maybe she had just been an attainable dream, something to worship from afar while he grieved the loss of his black goddess. Maybe it had happened because he couldn't kill her. If you can't beat 'em, shag em? He stifled a sardonic laugh. He had built her up in those years since he left, he'd been so damned afraid to come back here and face his love for her. But his love had dwindled away to almost nothing, dying embers. Whatever it was with the Slayer, it was sick and twisted. And a new fire had been sparked. Spike was free to move on.

The preacher turned to all the wedding guests. "May I present Mr. and Mrs. Riley Finn?"

His eyes settled on Dawn's lithe form at the front of the church. Yes, it was definitely time to move on.

They all filed into the aisles as the wedding party gathered into a receiving line. The sun had set and soon they would be at the Bronze which Buffy had rented for the reception. Spike found that he was behind Angel in the line. Great, he'd be hear for effin' forever while Peaches mouthed platitudes to everyone.

When they finally reached Buffy, Angel had tears in his eyes. "You look as beautiful as any angel." Buffy smiled at his play on words as he hauled her into a bone-cracking embrace. Spike heard him murmur. "Be happy, Buffy. You deserve it." Buffy was left with tears in her eyes. Tears of joy for the future and for the sadness of the past. Apparently, Spike wasn't the only one starting a new chapter in his life. Hmmm. . .was that what the poof was doing with Dawn? Trying to forget?

Angel shook Riley's hand and said in a menacing but airy tone. "You hurt her and I'll make you a late night snack. Soul or no soul. Understand?"

Riley gulped. "Heard you loud and clear."

Spike patted the bride's hand, anxious to get to Dawn. What would a human say? "It was a nice ceremony." Too many crosses and too much holy water for my taste but. . .nice. Buffy rolled her eyes, seeing the teasing banter for what it was. Spike was accepting her marriage. He smirked at her. "See you went ahead with that Wind Beneath my Wings song." Buffy blushed, reminded of their 'engagement' while under Willow's spell. "I hope you're very happy." He let that familiar smirk of his disappear into a real smile. Spike actually meant it.

"Thank you." She squeezed his arm.

Riley's greeting was less than friendly. "Guess the better man won, huh?" He said, puffing out his chest like a parading peacock.

"Well, since I'll never be good and I'm not a man -- I guess you're right." Spike grinned, showing his blunt teeth in a feral smile. He moved on, leaving Riley with his mouth open.

Next to Riley was Dawn. Angel was holding her hand as she twirled around to give him a full view of her dress. "Don't you look gorgeous today?" He kissed the top of her head and then raised a teasing eyebrow. "Good enough to eat." She laughed, delighted. "Save me dance at the reception?" He said, brushing a hand over her soft cheek.

"Of course." Said cheek was rapidly becoming tinged with a faint blush.

Spike placed a hand on Angel's back and shoved him , urging him further down the line. "Go on, poof. Plenty of other people to bore with your annoying voice."Angel glared but released Dawn and moved on to the next person. Spike looked at the object of his desire with an expectant expression. "Nibblet, why don't I give you a ride to the reception?"

Her face was placid. "Oh, I'm sorry, I can't. Angel's taking me."

"He is?" Spike glowered at the imposing form of his sire.

"Yes. But I'll probably see you there." Her eyes filled with concern. "Are you okay?" Spike felt like hauling her into a corner and showing her how 'okay' he was. But before he could respond she offered her hand to the next person in line. That was it. He'd just been summarily dismissed.


The party was in full swing. A ten piece band played a large collection of love melodies. All the Slayer's friends and family were in attendance. People were eating, talking, and dancing. Everything seemed to be going so well. Except for one thing.

Dawn was dancing with the Poof. Really dancing! There was noting polite or formal about it. Angel had her in his arms and she rested her head against his chest. There hips were pressed against one another and his hand rested against the bare portion of her back. The song was slow and melodic, his sire closed his eyes, obviously enjoying every moment. Dawn was too, judging from her relaxed pose.

Spike was furious. What is it with Angel? Why didn't he ever get his own women? First Drusilla, then Buffy, and now Dawn. His feelings for Dawn were developing rapidly. Spike realized that it was sudden. Unexpected even. But Spike was a vampire who gave in to his passions. And he wanted Dawn, passionately.

He tossed back his whiskey and made his way to the dance floor. He tapped Angel on the shoulder. "May I cut in?"

Angel spared him the barest of glances. "No." He danced Dawn away. Undeterred, Spike followed them. "We can do this two ways, Peaches. I ask you again and you say yes or you say no and I wipe the bloody floor with you."

Dawn spoke up. "I'm not letting the two of you make a scene at Buffy's wedding. Of course you can cut in." Spike gave his sire a triumphant smile. Angel glowered at his childe. Dawn offered Angel's hand to Spike and walked away, trying to hide the huge grin on her face. They backed away from each other immediately, disgusted. Spike looked after with a longing expression. Angel was watching her with pride. That's my girl! Give him run for his money.

Later on that evening, Dawn was smiling to herself as she sipped a cup of punch. She had managed to avoid the tenacious vampire all evening. She still wanted him, but she wouldn't get him by default. Spike was probably feeling vulnerable tonight. She didn't want to take advantage of him. Dawn had no desire to be Spike's revenge on her sister. She shuddered when she though of Harmony, how cruel he had been to the vampiress.

Riley came up beside her. "Penny for your thoughts, little sister?"

Riley. Dawn gave him her best 'happy to see you' smile. She truly didn't know what her sister saw in him. Who would want soldier boy when you could have a sexy, dangerous, 'completely in love with only you' vampire? But Dawn did like him, he was always nice to her. "Just thinking about my love life. Wondering if I'll ever have a wedding like this."

Riley put his arm around her. "Of course you will, Dawnie. Pretty girl like you, you'll have 'em lined around the block. I'll have to beat them off of you with a stick. Don't you worry about that. "

Dawn couldn't help but laugh. His simple 'aw shucks, Iowa' way about things was almost endearing. Almost. "Well, thanks."

"Hey, why don't you dance with your brother-in-law since my beautiful bride is occupied." He pointed to the dance floor where Buffy was dancing with Xander.

"Okay." She took his arm and he led them to the dance floor.

An old swing song came on and Riley winked at her. "Follow my lead." She did. He took her hands and soon they looked as if they did this every day of the week. He even rolled her over his back and slid her through his legs. A crowd gathered around them, laughing and clapping in time to the music. Even Buffy was whistling and shouting encouragement to them.

When it was over, the band leader spoke into the microphone. "That was Riley Finn, the groom and the maid of honor, Dawn Summers. That was some fancy footwork out there guys!"

Riley and Dawn bowed and then went to Buffy. Her sister embraced her. "I'm so glad that you and Riley are getting along."

Dawn smiled. "Me too. He's quite a dancer."

Riley kissed his wife. "You want me to show you some moves?"

Dawn wisely left before the innuendo made her want to lose her dinner. She bumped into Spike. He wrapped his arms around her and drew her outside in the alleyway. "What's going on with you and Riley? And with Angel, for that matter?"

He thought that she. . .ewww! "I'm not sleeping with Riley. That's disgusting, Spike. And my feelings for Angel are none of your business." Dawn had hoped to provoke his jealousy with Angel but thinking that she had designs on Riley was going too far.

"You can forget all about soldier boy and the poof too! You're mine! Understand?" Before Dawn knew what was happening he crushed her mouth with his. It was violent at first, but then he gentled. Spike entreated her lips to open and then he slid his tongue inside to stroke her mouth.

When they parted, Spike put a finger to her mouth. "I'm not going to apologize, nibblet. I've wanted to do that all day. But I'm sorry for accusing you, you're innocent. You love Buffy and would never hurt her by dating Captain Cardboard." His expression hardened. " But what about the poof?"

Dawn was about to respond when a V'ilosh demon appeared behind Spike, it seized the vampire and threw him against the wall. Before he could get up, Dawn had punched the demon soundly in the nose. She kicked it in the chest, sending it the ground and then punched it again just for daring to hit Spike. She quickly slid off her high heel and embedded it deep in the demon's chest, killing it.

Spike's mouth opened. "You're a-"

"Slayer? Yes, I was called just after you left."

Spike stood up. She stood with baited breath, waiting for what he would say. "I need a drink."

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