Nibblet Ch. 04


Check this out!" Dawn yelled to Faith as she kicked a vampire savagely and it fell back over a tombstone. She pulled a stake from her weapons bag and vaulted over the marble structure to land on top of the vampire. "Angel taught me this move." She said as she straddled the vampire and pressed his arms down with her knees. She pushed the wood through his heart and he exploded in a cloud of dust. Another grabbed her from behind, his arms winding around her neck and starving off her air supply. She kicked her legs up and hit him in the head. He staggered back and she whirled to plunge a stake through his chest.

Dawn was in no danger right now. She was in her element, sure of herself and flawless in her technique. She made short work of every vampire that attacked her. The older Slayer looked on with a proud smile on her face. Her 'daughter' was a force to be reckoned with.

As another vampire approached the younger Slayer, Faith scrutinized Spike carefully. His eyes were glazed as he watched Dawn's fluid movements. He seemed awestruck, enraptured by her. Turning to her 'daughter', she watched her break the bloodsucker's arm as he grabbed for her and then cut his head off with her ax. Spike's eyes were smoky, his fists were clenched."You got it bad, don't you, blood boy?"

"What's that, ducks?" Spike said, distracted a glimpse of Dawn's trim stomach as she did a back flip and sprang upon another vampire.

"D. I'm talking about my girl." She waved a hand in front of his face.

Spike reluctantly faced the Slayer. "Shouldn't you be, uh. . . slaying something?" He really didn't want to talk about this with her. For all intents and purposes she was another Buffy, an obstacle to being with Dawn.

"My girl can handle herself. Now, wanna tell me what you're up to?"

"Nothing. Me and the nibblet, we're only old friends." Well, that was true from Dawn's perspective. He intended to change her way of thinking.

Friends, my ass. Faith thought. She looked the vampire over carefully. Hmmm. . . he was hot. No doubt about that. But she never would of thought that Dawn would be into a bad boy . She'd get the full story from her later on tonight before she made any judgements. Not that she was wild about her 'daughter' dating a vampire. Though she knew from personal experience what it was like to want to be with a vampire.

When Dawn was finished, she turned to Faith and dropped her ax to the ground. Her hair flew around her face in a dark cloud, her blue eyes were snapping with fire. She could feel the adrenaline coursing through her veins. "Well, what did you think? Have I gotten any better?"

"Much better, D. You were terrific." She pulled the younger Slayer into a big hug. " Can you show me how to do that flippy thing you did?"

"I have a better idea." She looked at Faith hopefully. She never got to see the dark haired Slayer enough, she always missed her. " Why don't you come to L.A. with me? Angel will teach you like he's teaching me."

Faith tried to not show her discomfort. Being with Angel again? Fighting with Angel again? Even for a training exercise. "I don't know, D. I'm supposed to guard the Hellmouth. "

"We're only going to L.A., not the moon. It's not that far away! If something comes up, we'll only be a couple of hours away." Faith still looked doubtful. " Besides, when did you start being Ms. Responsible?"

Faith grinned. Sure she had done her time in prison. In fact, Faith was in the process of atoning for her many sins. But she was still able to live in the moment. She made sure that she always had fun in life. Always appreciated every day she was given. "I'll think about it."

"Okay." Dawn smiled, that usually meant 'yes.' She turned to Spike. He was eyeing her, an odd light in his eyes. "What's wrong with you?"

Spike tried to speak, not a sound came out. He cleared his throat instead. "Nothin', nibblet." Spike shook his head, trying to refocus. "I guess Peaches has been doing a good job at training you." He said grudgingly.

Just then a vampire grabbed Dawn from behind, the younger Slayer immediately went into action. She bent over at the waist, throwing the vamp off balance as he struggled to maintain his hold on her. Faith retrieved the ax Dawn had dropped at their feet and chopped the thing's head off. She brushed the ash off of her leggings and t-shirt. She had changed into some patrolling clothes earlier in the night. "Ewww. God, I hate that." Then she flashed a smile."Thanks, Faith."

"No big, D. Just remember, I always got your back." She said, smiling fondly at the younger girl. Her eyes surveyed the graveyard. "I think we did enough damage for one night. Let's get out of this place. Hey, are you hungry?"

"Starving." Dawn said, putting an arm around her waist as they went to the Summers' home.

"You think there's any wedding cake left?'

Dawn groaned. " God, I hope so."

Spike pulled a packet of cigarettes from his coat with shaking hands as he watched the two brunettes walk away. He pulled one smoke out and managed to get his lighter working though his hands still twitched. He lit it and inhaled deeply, the familiar flavor soothed him. "Bloody. Sodding. Everlasting. Hell." He muttered as Spike, once again, walked behind the two Slayers.


Angel sat at the dining room table, a plateful of cake in front of him. He put one finger into the butter cream icing and put it into his mouth experimentally. He smiled. Food had gotten much better over the years. He put another finger in and lifted it into his mouth.

"Well, what do you know? Peaches and cream." Spike said. "I thought you didn't eat food. Part of the whole guilt thing, y'know. I killed too many people to eat some cake."


"Yes, peaches?" Angel raised a forkful of cake and flung it, splattering it all over the front of Spike's duster. Spike's mouth dropped open and Angel laughed wickedly. His childe hadn't been around to witness Angel's transformation into a less guilt-ridden vamp, he didn't even know how to act around him.

Spike clenched his jaw. "You're gonna pay for that, peaches." After he got the stuff off his leather coat. He walked to the table and grabbed a napkin and began swiping at the white mess furiously.

Dawn snickered at the sight. "Have you been having a food fight again, Angel?"

"A one-sided food fight."

With the ease of familiarity she hopped up on the table next to Angel and intercepted the bite of cake that was on the way to his mouth. He smiled indulgently. She looked around at the various stacks of wedding gifts and platters of food. "Good, there's more food."

Faith walked in the doorway and Angel's smile wavered. "Hello, Faith." He said quietly.

"Hi, Angel." She said uncomfortably. Seeing him again was harder than she thought. He had 'sponsored' her and had been a support while she was in prison. In fact, she'd become quite dependent on his visits, looked forward to them. In her eyes, he really was an angel. And then she'd fallen in love with him.

True, she'd always wanted Angel. But she was never sure whether that stemmed from her desire to beat Buffy at something or if it was because he was physically attractive. Faith had always learned early on to not get involved. The only exception to that rule was Dawn, but she almost didn't count because she was a part of Faith. The best part. Feeling anything but gratitude or desire for Angel was unthinkable and scared the hell out of her. That's why, when she'd gotten out of prison she got far away from him.

She'd gone back to Boston, in fact, and had been given a new Watcher by the council. It had been hard at first. They made her pass tests on her agility , strength, and knowledge of weapons. Then they completed a psychological profile on her. Evidently, they liked what they saw. She'd redeemed herself in their eyes. And she forgave them for trying to kill her.

"How have you been, Faith?" Angel said, his face was cool mask of polite concern. Inside, he was a mess. The dark haired Slayer haunted him. She was never out of his thoughts. She fascinated him. It wasn't the same as his feeling for Buffy. This young woman appealed to both his best and beast like natures. But he wouldn't. . .couldn't. . .act on his desires. It was best to remain remote from her.

Spike watched this with amusement. Something was going on with the Slayer and his sire. But what? Hmmm. . .he'd have to watch them closely. "I smell a chicken." He looked straight at Angel.

"What do you mean by that?" Angel growled.

Spike grinned and sniffed the air. "Chicken wings, peaches. Spicy, buffalo ones to be exact. Why? Did you think I meant something else?" He raised an eyebrow and looked down his nose at Angel. "But. . .if the wings fit, Angel. . ."

"Why don't we just get some food?" Dawn interrupted quickly, before a fight could break out. The two vampires nodded reluctantly. She picked up some platters of food and headed to the kitchen to heat up meat. Faith followed her into the room.

"What was all that about, Faith?"

"What? Those guys? They've been fighting for a century."

"No, I'm talking about you and Angel. Why the stare-fest?"

Was it obvious? "Oh, we just. . .uh. . .don't get along that well."

Dawn's eyes twinkled but she'd go along with the program. "I see."

"Speaking of vampires. What's up with Spike?"

"Angel's helping me get him."

"For what?"

Dawn blushed. "I've got a crush on him, always have. I wanted to make him jealous so he'd go after me. So far, it's working."

"Angel's helping you with this?" She laughed. "I didn't think he had it in him."

"He's pretending to have a thing for me. But, he and I are just friends." She wanted Faith to be clear on that.

Faith grinned. "Maybe I will go along. This might be too good to miss. So, how long do you think it'll take blondie to realize what's going on?"


"Did I tell you that Faith and I met before?"

"Really? I'm surprised your still alive."

"I'm not. She wanted me, but not dead."

"What are you talking about?" Angel said, managing to keep his voice down.

"Ask her." Spike smiled slowly as he popped a cheese cube in his mouth.

Faith and Dawn came out, baring trays of food and the group ate. Even Angel. He'd come to like food, though he didn't indulge himself everyday. When they were through, and rubbing their overstuffed stomachs, Dawn jumped up. "Buffy!"

"Where?" Spike shouted, looking over his shoulder.

"No, she left me a gift in the living room." She raced down the hall and stopped when she saw a small velvet box and card on the coffee table. The rest of the group filed in behind her. She read the card, at the bottom of it Buffy wrote "Just remember, we're with you always." She opened it to reveal a heart-shaped silver locket. Inside the locket, were two tiny pictures of Buffy and Faith. It left tears in her eyes. She gave it to Faith to see. The Slayer had tears in her eyes, too. She pulled Dawn close and kissed the top of her head. "Love you, D."

"I love you, too." She kissed her cheek. Then, Dawn took the locket over to Angel and he smiled when he saw what Buffy had done. She was about to sit down when Spike cleared his throat. She took the hint and showed him as well.

"Let me put that on for you, sweet bit." She turned around and swept her hair off her neck. It left her neck bare and exposed to his gaze. It took all of Spike's will power not to vamp out and taste her right then. He bet her blood would be delicious. Not that he wanted to harm her, sometimes a vampire's bite could be quite pleasurable. He managed to put it around her neck and fasten it swiftly. "There you go."

"Thanks." She felt herself blushing a little. She turned to Angel and saw that his jaw was clenched. He knew what Spike was thinking about doing. He pulled Dawn into his embrace, stroking her neck. It was a not-so-subtle message to Spike of his ownership of the girl.

Faith cleared her throat. "Well, I have a gift for you too, D." She reached into her jacket and pulled out a newspaper wrapped object. Dawn moved out of Angel's arms and took it eagerly.

She opened it and found a large knife. The handle was ornate, marked with many symbols. The blade held a sapphire in the center. Dawn lifted it to her nose, inhaling the scent of steel, it was raw power. "I love it."

Faith smiled, seeing that she was pleased. "Took it off of a wicked-nasty demon. The color of the stone reminded me of your eyes." She ducked her head. "Anyway, I just thought you'd like it."

"I do!" She bounded over and hugged Faith tightly.

"I have a gift for you too, bit." Spike said.

"You didn't have to, Spike." But she was thrilled. He'd remembered her birthday.

He walked upstairs to the room he'd been staying in and retrieved a big box. He came down again and offered it to her. The box was wrapped in a red foil paper and she tore through it eagerly. She popped the lid off the box to find a leather jacket. "Oh, Spike." She pulled it out, it was longer than Faith's waist length one and shorter than Spike's duster. She tried it on, it came to just below her hips. Without thought, she threw herself into Spike's arms. "Thank you!" He hugged her back, eager to feel the warm weight of her body against his. He smiled triumphantly at Angel.

She pulled back, embarrassed by her display. Angel walked up behind her and placed his hands on her shoulders. "My present is the hotel tonight. So, why don't you get packed up, princess? Then we can be on our way."

Faith walked to the staircase and retrieved her battered black bag. "I'm all ready."

Angel's brow furrowed. "I thought you were supposed to guard the Hellmouth."

"She's coming with us. I haven't seen her in so long and nothing's really going right now anyway. Can she go? Please, Angel?" Dawn tugged at his coat, doing her best little-girl expression. Angel never could resist that.

Faith held up her hands. "It's alright, D. I never go where I'm not invited."

"No, Dawn wants you to go. . .and I think it would be nice to." At this news, Dawn pulled the vampire down and kissed him on his closed mouth quickly. The older vampire chuckled, pleased that he had made her happy. Spike growled menacingly and Faith stifled a grin. This would be too funny to miss.

She had to admit that part of her wanted to punch him in the mouth. He made it sound like he could barely tolerate her. The other part of her wanted to be with Dawn, two whole weeks with her without Buffy. As usual, Dawn won out. "Great. Come on, D. Let's go get you packed." She pulled her up the stairs behind her.

Spike started to ascend the stairs behind them. "What do you think you're doing?" Angel asked.

"Packing, peaches."

"You weren't invited."

"Since when has that ever stopped me? Nothing better than a bleedin' family road trip, eh Sire?" With an evil smile, Spike continued up the stairs, singing "L.A. Woman" in low voice.

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