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Nic in the Nick


Chapter 1. The beginning (where else?).

Amanda Silk closed the last file on her desk and looked at the watch on her wrist. Six thirty again, she thought, wondering if Andy had started dinner yet. She smiled, thinking of her husband, sitting at home, beer in hand, and watching a game on cable. No, probably hadn't even noticed the time. Andy was a panel beater who managed to go to work early and come home at about five every day. He would then have a shower and sit and relax until she got home. Dinner tonight would be out of the freezer and a packet, and then a bit of relax time in front of the TV before bed. Amanda tingled just thinking about the bed bit. They had been married for eleven years and the sex was still every night and still just as good as the first time when he had swept her off her feet at Susie's party.

Susie was Amanda's best friend and they had gone through college together, learned about boyfriends together and been there for each other when they needed a shoulder to cry on. Even after college they had stayed in touch, despite the three hundred miles separating them once they had settled into working. Susie had had a party, yet another one, this time for her birthday and Amanda had made the effort to get there early in the afternoon to catch up on the gossip and help with setting up.

"Boyfriend?" Susie asked Amanda, in the usual first serious question of the day.

"In between." Amanda replied, thinking about yet another boy who had pursued her because of her looks and, once successful, had lost interest in keeping the effort up to maintain it.

Amanda had come to the conclusion that most boys thought they were the world's greatest lover and once you had sex the girl should be eternally grateful. The last guy had been pretty big downstairs, but he had known it and assumed he did not have to work at making it good for her. They had never had sex for longer than half an hour and he was always under ten minutes from the time he put it in to the time he grunted in satisfaction and rolled over to sleep. Amanda had managed to endure two months of this, hoping for an improvement, before she had finally broken up with him. He could not understand why, and made a halfhearted attempt to win her back before he found a girl with huge tits and no IQ that agreed with him that he was a great lover. Amanda thought they deserved each other and imagined a brood of children with no brains but big dicks or tits who would be the start of the next master race.

Susie giggled, "There are quite a few single guys coming tonight, lets see, Phil is a doctor, well off but not too handsome, Richard keeps the girls very happy, but its all the girls, he doesn't want to be tied down, Kevin on the other hand is..."

"Stop it Susie," Amanda interrupted the flow, knowing Susie would list the good and bad points of every single guy that might be there, just so Amanda would not be lonely, "I'm here for you, not to look for Mister Right. I need a bit of time before jumping in again."

"Bad experience?" Susie asked seriously.

"Yeah," Amanda replied, "so let's just leave it."

"OK." Susie said, knowing when to leave a discussion alone with Amanda.

"Who's your current toy?" Amanda asked, referring back to the early college days when Susie had a number of vibrators for use between boyfriends. She had named them all and only Amanda had known that when Susie said in conversation that she had a date with Ron for that night that she meant a pink tickler with rotating bits too.

"You are going to love Sean," Susie enthused, "he's tall and handsome, and got the ability to keep me happy."

"Great." Amanda said, happy that her friend was happy.

They had continued talking for the couple of hours they had alone before the guests started arriving. They talked about old times and naughty things they had done, they talked about work and where they were going in their companies, and who wanted to get them there quicker, and what they wanted in return. They talked about fashion and make up. They talked about families and babies (not yet I want to live a bit first, they agreed). It had been a great afternoon.

Sean was one of the first to arrive, his widening eyes showing Amanda he had noticed her good looks immediately. He had taken Susie in his arms and given her a kiss better suited for moments alone, before asking if there was enough time before the party for a quickie. She had pointed out they already had a guest and he shrugged and went to get a beer.

From there it got worse. Once Sean had a couple of beers in him he started hanging around Amanda, and before long he was telling her how frustrated he was and how much happier they would both feel if they found a quiet room and got to know each other better. Amanda tried to put him off gently but he just wouldn't take the hint. He started groping and just as Amanda was about to destroy the party by slapping him someone she didn't know rescued her.

"Darling," she heard behind her and turned to see a handsome man with piercing eyes smiling as if he knew her, "it's been ages, how have you been?" He continued, touching her arm lightly. Amanda was about to say she didn't know who he was when Sean muttered something about getting a beer and left.

"I, uh..." Amanda was not sure what to say.

"Don't worry," the man said smiling, "I don't know you and you don't know me, I was just watching that octopus and thought you may need to get away before you slapped him."

Amanda was surprised it had been that obvious. "Thanks," she said, a bit worried that this might be a frying pan to the fire thing, "you did get there in the nick of time. I'm Amanda." She smiled and held her hand out.

"I'm Andy," the man said, retuning the smile with a mischievous grin that was somehow exciting, "lets grab you another drink and sit down for a few minutes like we are old friends and that should allow that prick to latch on to another target."

They sat and talked, as much as the music would allow, and Amanda felt comfortable with Andy. She had no idea later what they had discussed but they worked out pretty soon that they had a lot in common.

After they had a few drinks Andy excused himself to use the toilet but promised, on Amanda's insistence to come straight back Susie made a beeline to Amanda.

"Who is that divine man?" She asked.

"Hands off, I saw him first." Amanda giggled, a bit tipsy. "His name is Andy and he came here with Kevin apparently, but Kevin has disappeared with that blonde with the fuck me boots."

"Yvette." Susie said.

"Yeah." Amanda agreed.

There was a squeal from a late arrival who had spotted Susie, and with an apologetic smile Susie went to meet her new guests.

To Amanda's relief Andy retuned before Sean realized she was alone.

"Do you want to take a walk?" Andy asked.

It was noisy and stuffy inside the smoke filled room. "Where?" Amanda asked, interested.

"It's only a block to the beach." Andy replied, smiling.

"Let's go." Amanda said, and they left without being noticed.

Half way there Andy took Amanda's hand in his, and they walked the beach for some time, holding hands, before climbing into the sand dunes and lying down to look at the stars.

They lay in the sand dunes watching the stars and the quarter moon and talking for a long time before Andy had reached over and kissed Amanda. She returned the kiss, knowing this is what she wanted tonight and tomorrow could take care of itself.

Andy tenderly stroked her face and neck as he kissed Amanda and their excitement grew. She pulled him onto her body and hugged him tight.

Andy broke the kiss and looked into her sparkling eyes.

"Do you..." He started, uncertain if he was going too fast.

"Oh yes." Amanda interrupted, pulling his mouth back to hers. Oh yes she thought, I need this more than you could imagine.

Slowly they undressed, each piece of clothing being discarded leaving some more skin to thoroughly explore before moving on.

Eventually Amanda was lying on her back, her dress around her waist, her bra gone and her nipples erect in the chilly night air. Andy was lowering her panties and then moved his tongue back up to explore the last bit of her to be exposed.

He had a talented tongue, Amanda thought as the sensations grew, and slowly and very thoroughly he brought her to a massive climax, her excitement soaking his face and sand below her.

When he made love to her it was also slow and deliberate. Andy was huge, although Amanda was lucky that she didn't see what he had that night, it may have put her off. He very carefully worked his way inside Amanda, allowing her body to adjust and respond before beginning his rhythmic strokes. He made love to her for hours. This is real hours, not just "it felt like hours" hours. Amanda came twice more, gushing around the huge intruder inside her and Andy allowed the feelings to build in intensity before they both reached their final release in a perfect moment of sexual harmony.

Andy had looked at her and said, "This should be forever."

Amanda, still panting, had answered, "It will be."

From there it had all just happened. Susie was horrified. Andy was a hunk, sure, but he was "just a panel beater" and, according to Susie, well below Amanda's social status. Amanda, on the other hand, was gorgeous. Perfect figure, beautiful red hair, she had movie star looks, and not just any movie star; she was the absolute image of Nicole Bonham, the biggest sex symbol of the time. This was still embarrassing to her eleven years later as she often got stopped in the street or in a shop and asked for an autograph. She had to explain gently that she was not Nicole, to a disbelieving fan who could obviously see she was. She tried different hairstyles, but they always ended up being similar to some film Nicole had done, and the fans continued to hassle her.

It wasn't just for autographs either. Just the other day the owner of the accounting firm she worked for had made some very indecent suggestions about her acting out a Nicole fantasy for him. She had tried to discourage him nicely but he had persisted, a rich boy used to getting what he wanted and she had finally told him where to go in the sort of terms used in Andy's panel shop. He had left, shocked, and now Amanda was wondering how long she would have her job.

Chapter 2 – A crime.

Whatever, Amanda thought, as she picked up her handbag and turned out the light, there's always another job. She walked down the corridor and let herself out into the car park, smiling now as she thought about Andy again. They had been inseparable since the party and were living together within a month and married within a year. Susie's disbelief and horror had slowly turned to envy as other relationships failed and Amanda and Andy were still so obviously in love. The sex just got better.

As Amanda walked through the car park toward her car, an MG that had been painstakingly restored by Andy, two men approached and she looked up, confused.

"Amanda Silk?" One asked.

She did not answer, unsure of what they wanted and feeling threatened.

"Of course it's Amanda," said the second, "just look at her."

Suddenly feeling the danger Amanda turned to run but a hand reached across her face and she smelled a strong chemical smell before collapsing.

The men looked around the empty car park, and seeing no one else there carried Amanda to a van and strapped her into a strong seat in the back.

They went through her handbag and checked her license. Knowing now that they had the right person they then got her car keys and one of the men left in the MG while the other drove the van in the other direction.

Amanda was unconscious for the entire trip and when the van arrived at its destination it was driven up a long driveway after passing through a security gate, and into an open garage. The driver got out and closed the garage door. He checked to see if she was still out before untying her.

Another man walked into the garage from an internal door.

"How'd it go?" He asked the driver.

"No problems, just like clockwork." The driver replied with satisfaction.

The man looked at the unconscious figure in the seat.

"You and I are going to have a lot of fun, Nicole." He said in a chilling voice.

Amanda was struggling between dream and reality, between consciousness and darkness. She could not see anything, could not say anything and could not move. She could hear disembodied voices floating around her.

"...can't wait for our turn at this one, Blain, a real beauty..."

"...patience Reb, I am going to enjoy every possible thing..."

"...last one had trouble convincing..."

"...not money then family is the key..."

"...can't believe this works every time..."

"...possible with enough money..."

The world swam and then darkness.

Amanda woke slowly. Her head hurt like she had been drinking and she was tied down on a bed, spread-eagled with a gag and a blindfold on. She tried moving but there was not a lot of give in the ropes securing her. She could bring her legs together and bend her knees up a fair way but her arms were tied tight. Her mind started to work again and she remembered the men in the car park. The realization dawned that she had been abducted, but why? She and Andy were reasonably comfortable but certainly not rich. So not for money. They had no enemies at all so it was not revenge. Maybe they thought she was Nicole and she could explain the mistake? No, the first one had asked her if she was Amanda. She ruled out all the other possibilities before coming to the conclusion that this was going to be a sexual thing.

Oh god no, she thought, please not that. She had not been a virgin when she met Andy and he was not the only man she had ever had sex with, but there had been no others since that first night on the sand dunes. The thought of another man using her that way made her horrified. And to have no control or say over it...

Amanda started to get angry. Angry with herself for not running sooner, angry with the men who had so calmly taken her, angry with the security guard for not seeing what was happening and preventing it. When Amanda got angry she was not the typical redhead hothead, flying off the handle. She smoldered and brooded, hiding her anger as it built and waiting for the best chance to show her fury. She tried the ropes once more and realized there was no point hurting herself fighting the unmovable. She waited and hoped, but slowly seethed.

Blain left her there for a few hours longer than he had planned. A sweet business deal was concluded and he wondered if some of the cocaine could be used to sweeten up his little Nicole in the back room. Keep it in mind anyway he thought.

He finally walked into the room where the girl was held and looked down at her. She was gorgeous, even with the gag and mask on, the absolute image of Nicole, who he loved from afar. But now he had her closer.

"From now until I tell you, you are Nicole." He said. She looked toward the sound of his voice. "Do you understand?" The girl shook her head. Blain crossed the space to the bed silently and slapped her calf with as much force as he could muster. She jumped and a muffled cry came out from under the gag.

"It's like this Nicole," Blain said in a cold, level voice, "you and I are going to spend a lot of time together and I am going to have my fun anyway. The more you fight it the harder it will be on you. Now you are Nicole right?" She shook her head again. It's always the same, thought Blain; they resist for a while but finally give in to the inevitable. Usually they end up enjoying it anyway. He watched the tense girl on the bed for a couple of minutes waiting for the punishment she knew must be coming. Finally he reached down to the top of her blouse with both hands and ripped it open, buttons flying across the room. He then pulled her bra as far off her as he could before letting it snap back sharply. More muffled screaming and writhing. Blain once again pulled the bra away from her body and held it at full stretch.

"Your tits are great," he said, giving them a good look over, "reasonable size, good and firm and I love the freckles across the tops." The girl was wriggling madly, trying to cover herself. "Stop moving." Blain said. She didn't. He reached down and caught a nipple, pinching it hard and then viciously twisting it. More cries, arching of the back and finally he saw tears coming from under the blindfold. Good, he thought, she is starting to get the message.

"Stop moving." He said again, still cruelly twisting her nipple. She stopped. He slowly let the nipple go, and noticed it was more erect than the other. "Are you Nicole?" He asked. She didn't move. The bra snapped home again and once again she jumped. "You will give me an answer to all my questions without delay," he said, "now, are you Nicole?" She nodded slowly.

"Good," said Blain pleasantly, "you are starting to learn." He watched her for a while, the tears running down her face. "Do you need the toilet?" He finally asked. She nodded. "Do not move before I tell you to." He said. He then clipped handcuffs on her wrists and linked a chain between them over a cable that ran the length of the room. He untied her hands from the bed and then undid her legs. As soon as her legs were free the girl lashed out with her feet, missing him as he had expected it, and made to dive off the bed. The chain across her arms tightened as she fell and she was left on her knees held up by the chain. Blain punched her hard in her kidneys and she writhed in pain again.

"As I said earlier," he said conversationally, "we can do this easy," he stroked her throat down to her cleavage, "or we can do this hard." He punched her again in the same place. "Do you want hard?" He screamed in her ear. Gasping for breath she shook her head. "Good, you may now stand up." Blain said calmly. She struggled to her feet and stood, breathing heavily through the gag, her blouse hanging open at the front and her skirt twisted. Watching her Blain already had an erection.

"Now Nicole," said Blain conversationally, "you have proven that I cannot trust you. Do you still need to go to the toilet?" She nodded. He continued, "Then you have to ask me, and you have to agree to my way of doing things." She mumbled something into the gag. "I am not yet ready to release your hands," Blain told her, "so I will need to remove your skirt and panties for you." She tensed up visibly at this comment. "I will then lead you to the toilet on the wire and you will do your business. I will do anything reasonable to clean you up after but if you make a mess I will chain you up outside and hose you with high-pressure cold water. When you are ready to agree to this you can nod three times to ask me to do it, until then you can stand where you are." The girl stood still and Blain sat in a chair and lit a cigarette. Watching the way she stood he could tell she had a full bladder and it would not be long before she made her first request of him. It is so easy, he mused, first let them know you had control, show them they cannot change it and they eventually accept it. Next give them a choice that really isn't a choice and they start asking for what you want. Eventually they didn't really know how much was what you wanted and how much was what they wanted. They usually enjoyed the sex and the combination of a sizeable lump sum payment and some blunt threats on family made them forget the idea of pursuing legal action. If they ever did it wouldn't matter anyway with his contacts. As he smoked a second cigarette he wondered how much this one would cost, plenty he thought, but still well worth it.

Amanda stood, wondering what she could do to stop this hell. She was furious, but unable to vent it. She knew she would have to use the toilet soon, but did not want this prick to undress her. Deep down she knew that without a miracle he was going to be doing a lot more than undress her soon. Her kidneys ached, her breasts stung, her bladder felt like it was going to burst. Finally she bowed to the inevitable and slowly nodded three times.

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