tagNovels and NovellasNice Neighbors Ch. 05

Nice Neighbors Ch. 05

byLauries Husband©

(Please read Chapters 1, 2, 3, and 4 if you haven't already. This multi-chapter story could be listed in several different groups. It contains group sex, bisexual and gay contact, incest, BDSM and other fetishes. If this offends you, please stop now. If it doesn't, I hope you enjoy. And a special thanks to Julie, my kinky muse, for her wonderful inspiration and support.)


It was getting quite warm in the late afternoon on a picture postcard, late summer day in Upstate New York. Brand new zone-controlled air conditioning notwithstanding, it was getting even warmer behind the closed doors of a beautiful home in a gated community on a golf course near Eagle Rock, the home of Stone College, a small, prestigious private university.

Upstairs, in the master bedroom, the new 'lady of the house' was starting to reward the two young movers who had worked so diligently earlier that day. Laurie was still all slick and tingling from events that had started before lunch and were still keeping her anxious pussy warm and moist. She wasn't quite certain yet what kind or how deep the influence was that she was feeling from Paul, the dark, extremely attractive, muy macho Mexican mover and friend of her daughter, Lisa, but she was anxious to explore all the feelings he seemed to bring out in her. The beautiful MILF shuddered as she recalled the total power rush she got just a few minutes earlier from ball-busting her loving husband of over thirty years. It had been a long time since David made her abuse Steven like that, kicking him over and over until she felt the power build within her, overwhelming her until she climaxed like never before. Her whole body flushed deep crimson as she pictured Paul, so completely and perfectly representing the alpha-male, abusing her husband's soft, middle-aged body along with her.

Neither was she certain what surprises her new personal assistant was going to spring on her. If her introduction earlier at the pool was any indication, Laurie was going to enjoy her new position far more than she had originally thought.

But first it had to be Jeff -- one of her daughter's first lovers and the object of one of Laurie's favorite fantasies for years. Naked, her skin flushed from her bath and her excitement, the beautiful mid-fiftyish MILF crawled up onto her bed, set up and assembled only hours before, her luscious body molding itself to the ruggedly handsome, blond, naked twenty-five year-old man laying in the middle of the king-size mattress. Her fingers gently reached to his groin, the lower three cupping his warm, soft scrotum and her first finger and thumb wrapped around the base of his shaft. Without causing him any discomfort, she gripped him in such a way that he knew she was in complete control -- yet he felt he could trust her implicitly.

"Kiss, me, baby," she whispered loudly enough for Paul to hear on the other side of the bed. "I've waited so long, Jeff." Her lips covered his and she knew he'd never been kissed exactly like that -- not that old-fashioned soft-lip dirty mommy kind of kiss. She could tell from his moans and the way he tried to crawl inside her mouth tongue first. Finally she had to break their kiss; her hunger was growing and making out with the beautiful boy simply wasn't enough and she couldn't wait much longer.

She dragged her stiff nipples across the young, smooth flesh covering his well-built chest and flat stomach until she was sitting up on her knees. Her fingers still holding him tight, she brought her open mouth down to the soft, spongy head of his erect cock. One soft lick across his pee-hole was all he felt before he was completely engulfed in the wet warmth of her mouth and her throat. After he pressed his groin against her lips, she let his cock slide out with a loud pop!

Laurie looked so seductively at the young man and her voice only held him further under her sway. "Jeff, I want to thank you for taking such good care of my little girl." She licked her lips and then moved his thick shaft through them, nibbling at the velvet flesh. "Lisa said she loves having sex with you -- it is always so much fun." Laurie held the excited boy's scrotum out of the way as she bent down further and licked the base of his balls, her tongue finding the smooth ridge of his taint and then the round rubbery ring of his sphincter between his clean, musky-smelling cheeks. Jeff was moaning as the other half -- the MILF half -- of his favorite fantasy probed his little brown ring with her smooth, elegant tongue.

Dragging her mouth over his groin and back up his chest, she kissed him again and his hard cock began to twitch by itself. "Jeff, darling, do you remember what you talked about that day? The day you spent fucking my pretty little girl?" She started nuzzling at that sensitive spot where his neck curved into his shoulder and between that and her fingers still wrapped around his throbbing shaft, he started buzzing.

"I do, Ma'am. I think I remember almost everything about that day. It was one of the best days of my life." Jeff was trying to throw his hips up, trying to fuck the ring Laurie had made of her thumb and forefinger.

"Tell me, honey. Tell me what you told Lisa." She started sucking at his smooth flesh while her fingertip found the slit of his pee-hole and she dug her fingernail into him.

"Jesus, Mrs. S_!" He calmed down as he realized that her intrusive appendage didn't really hurt. "Sorry, Ma'am, you kinda surprised me." She kissed his lips softly by way of apology. "I do remember telling her that I wanted to kiss her mother." Jeff's voice was just a little softer as he really started to remember. Then he tensed, wondering what and how much Lisa had told her mother -- he had really opened up to the hot little teenage fuck-toy that day.

Laurie giggled as she licked the hard point of his nipple, her left hand still controlling his genitals. "Well I'm sure you wanted to kiss me, sweetheart, but that's not really what you said, right?" The three fingers that held his nut sack so gingerly started to press into the swollen, sperm-filled testes. "C'mon, baby, tell Mommy what you told Lisa...what you really want." She kissed him again so thoroughly and completely that any resistance he might have had left was completely destroyed.

"Oh, God," the boy moaned as the ache in his balls turned to pleasure and his fantasy mom was sucking his nipple. "I told her I was jealous...that all she had to do was lay there and be pleasured." Laurie moaned her encouragement, urging him to continue. "I told her...Jesus...that I wanted to do a three-way with you and Lisa and me. And I told her that I wanted you to...uhm...fuck me like a girl so I would know..." Jeff was shocked that the words came out of his mouth -- he was so embarrassed and ashamed in front of Paul and his friend's mother. But Laurie wouldn't let him retreat.

Her sweet mouth found his soft, spongy cock-head again and she sucked on him like a hungry baby nursing at the breast until she felt his balls start to draw up. Letting him slide out from between her soft, wet lips, she looked over at Paul to see how interested he was in the proceedings. What she saw was a look of temporary confusion on his handsome face. Looking around towards the door, she understood why.

Standing just beyond Jeff's vision, Katie and Steven were wide-eyed and open-mouthed at the scene unfolding before them. One quick glance at them told her everything she needed to know and she slithered up her young lover's body until her lips were next to his ear.

"Do you trust me, baby? Do you want your fantasies to come true?" She knew that rubbing her firm breasts and hard, swollen nipples into his chest wasn't helping him concentrate. "I know how much you want to fuck me, Jeff," she kept whispering in his ear, "and I want you to fill me up so much...but you have to let me make your other fantasy come true as well."

The blond boy couldn't breathe. He felt his heart pounding outside of his chest. "Oh fuck," he thought to himself, "should I let her? How will he react? Fuck!?!?!"

He looked deep into her eyes before he kissed her. "Yes...but please, can you tell him?" Laurie thought she might climax just from his words.

"Trust me, baby...everything is gonna be just fine." She smiled at the nervous young man. "But first, I think I need to greet my guest. I'll be right back."

Steven stood slightly behind and to the left of his wife's new PA. He was naked and aroused -- Katie had made him strip on the front porch before letting him into his own house. And her toll when he crossed the threshold was a bite around one of his nipples that left an angry red ring on his chest. After he whimpered sufficiently, she'd led him upstairs by his cock. Seeing his wife on the bed with Jeff and remembering what Laurie had mentioned the night before in the motel, he was excited and jealous and anxious for things to start happening. When she slid off the bed, very naked and so clearly aroused and started walking towards them, his semi-hard, five and one-half inch cock twitched in Katie's hand.

The new Superintendant of Public Schools ran her finger over the bite mark on her husband's chest. She was impressed -- it took real skill to leave individual tooth marks while never breaking the skin. She stood a few feet in front of her new assistant and like her husband earlier, she couldn't believe the difference in Katie's appearance. But while her husband would only have noticed a slight (but very effective) physical change, Laurie noticed that as well, she was definitely more attracted to the heightened sense of power and control that seemed to flow from the recent college graduate and filled the room with her presence. Her nipples hardened even more as she wondered what it might be like the first time her brother-in-law comes to visit and meets her new Mistress.

She looked into Katie's eyes, seeing both a great hunger and the power to satisfy it in the younger girl and she realized for the second time that day that if it were only possible, she would proudly wear Katie's collar around her throat.

"I can't tell you how happy I am that you accepted my invitation." She smiled and continued to speak softly and with obvious deference to her new neighbor. "I hope my husband is wearing your mark for your amusement...and not a sign of punishment." Laurie heard Steven gasp but she never took her eyes away from Katie's. The young domme never changed expression and remained silent, letting Laurie continue.

"Please, I have a favor to ask. I have already instructed these young men that you are in charge of activities today." Laurie smiled like a shy schoolgirl. "Of course, they both agreed immediately." Katie's expression was still unchanged, but Laurie knew she had to ask before the moment was lost.

"These two young men have known our family for almost ten years. They were in my daughter's class in high school." Laurie could see Katie looking at the two movers and then back at the hot, sexy MILF. "Jeff, the one on the bed, was one of my little girl's first lovers. The last time they were together, he told her some of his fantasies and dark desires. When we realized we were going to relocate, Lisa, that's my daughter, suggested we use their moving company. After we hired them she asked me to help him make his fantasies real.

"Like I said before, we all know who is in charge here," Laurie couldn't help but blush, "but I would like to ask you to wait -- just a little while -- while I honor my promise to my daughter and to these boys."

Katie smiled to herself and thought it might be very amusing -- certainly all the players were attractive enough. She made a mental note to ask about Lisa and see if there were other siblings as well. But for now, she had to give way while still holding on to her power. She made her smile visible and her voice sweet and humble.

"Boss, I don't think a PA should ever do anything to compromise her superior in any way." Her subtle sarcasm wasn't lost on Laurie. "Of course you should do what you need to do. We're not in a hurry here, are we?" Laurie's relief was visible -- she was really excited about what was supposed to happen. But before she could express her thanks, Katie spoke again. "But I think there's another promise you should keep first, Boss." She smiled at Laurie's obvious confusion.

"Well, maybe it wasn't exactly a spoken promise," Katie's eyes were staring to glow and her lips curled into a wickedly seductive smile, "maybe it was a promise you made with those beautiful sky-blue eyes."

The very beautiful and extremely professional suburban woman just melted when her twenty-three year-old neighbor complimented her. Then her heart seemed to stop beating when the powerful young woman told her to drop to her knees and take her brief shorts down. When the younger woman lifted her shapely legs and stepped out of her shorts, there wasn't a sound coming from anyone witnessing the Mistress at work. She turned around and displayed her firm, round behind to Laurie and the movers, her hands on the sides of her hips. She looked back over her shoulder and spoke softly but with more than a hint of steel in the voice behind her gorgeous little grin.

"If I'm not mistaken, Boss, those dreamy eyes of yours promised me that you were going to show me... show me how much you want me..." Katie started to lean forward, arching her back and pushing her rear up and out, her fingers gently spreading her cheeks, "by pushing your sweet little tongue as far up my asshole as it will go."

"Oh my fucking God!"Laurie thought she'd died right then and there on her knees. Her heart stopped and she couldn't breathe; swirls of electrical current moved through her flesh, mini explosions erupted deep in her sex and in her painfully swollen nipples. Her eyes rolled back and she saw an orgasmic light show in her head as she leaned forward. When the tip of her tiny pink tongue touched the crinkled skin around her assistant's anus, she felt the walls of her pussy start to lubricate. She moved her tongue in tiny circles, faster and faster around the rim of the young woman's dusky anus.

"That feels so good, Boss," Katie's voice became cold as ice, "but I'll tell you when I wanted to be teased by a little fuck-slut like you! Just put your tongue in my asshole -- NOW!"

Laurie's hands pulled the firm, flawless flesh of her new Mistress' ass, spreading her cheeks wide and exposing her tender, tangy hole. She held her tongue firm, pointed the tip and pushed her face forward as firmly as she could. The very moment her tongue penetrated Katie's rubbery ring and found the open space on the other side of the powerful sphincter, Laurie's cunt started to flood -- her girl-juice dripping down the insides of her thighs.

"Fuck, dude," Paul muttered to Jeff, "that's just too fuckin' hot." Jeff mumbled some kind of reply. "Man, you really got be devoted to someone to do that." Paul didn't hear Jeff's reply to that either as the young domme's voice drowned him out.

"Oh my God! Cucky-boy, did you teach her how to do this?" Katie reached behind herself and pressed Laurie's face into the musky crack that split her hard, athletic buns. "I swear to God, she's using that long tongue to lick the walls of my fuckin' poop chute!" She could feel her new boss slowing down, like she couldn't breathe, and Katie released her grip on the back of Laurie's head. She looked over at Steven and told him to help his wife get back onto the bed and then pour her a glass of chilled white wine.

A few minutes later, Laurie was on the bed with Jeff watching her new PA make herself at home. After bringing cold bottles of wine and water, some glasses, and a chilly 6-pack of beer up from the kitchen, her husband had pulled a plush love-seat from across the room to a perfect viewing angle close to the bed. Katie sat, only her shirt remaining, on one side and after being invited over, Paul occupied the other leaving Steven standing behind them.

"Seems you've got our attention, Boss. You're the one that called this meeting -- go ahead." Next to her, Paul started laughing, his bright white teeth and sexy grin affecting everyone in the room.

"Cute and funny, too. You are the whole package, aren't you, baby?" Paul kept chuckling as he looked at Katie. "Mrs. S_, I think you should give this girl a raise before she even starts." He turned his eyes back to the bed. "Go ahead -- didn't mean to interrupt." But then he looked behind and barked, "Clitty-boy, grab me a cold one." Both Katie and Laurie shuddered when they saw Steven jump in reaction to the young Mexican's overpowering masculinity.

With everyone resettled, Laurie moved Jeff onto his left side, facing the love-seat while she kneeled behind him. His right knee was pointed towards the ceiling and his right foot was flat on the bed. Her hands stroked his smooth muscles, trying to keep him calm before she exposed his deepest desires to his oldest friend in front of his school-mate's parents and a complete stranger. He could barely take two smooth breaths in a row and his heart was pounding so hard that he struggled to hear the words coming from behind him. And the strangest thing was he felt like his balls were ready to explode -- but his cock wasn't even half-hard.

Looking at her new assistant, Laurie started recounting Jeff and Lisa's last encounter. "Lisa came home for a few days last Spring on business. One of those nights she and Jeff hooked up and she told me later it was great because they both opened up to each other." She turned to the side and grabbed a bottle of body oil from the bedside table. She poured a little puddle into her palm and then put the bottle back. When she continued speaking, both of her soft, oily hands were moving around his genitals and between his legs.

"Jeff told my little girl several things that night," Laurie's voice was becoming deeper and sexier with each word. "He said he wanted to fuck me while Lisa watched." The fabulous fifty-something wife and mother was stroking his cock with both oily hands like a twenty year-old Korean girl at a massage parlor and his organ was growing thicker and longer as everyone watched. "I was so flattered -- I told Lisa right away that I would do it whenever she could arrange it." Jeff groaned as Laurie pulled her hands away to get a little more oil. When she started again, her left hand pulled his thickening shaft along his stomach; her right hand slid between his legs and started massaging his balls and spreading more oil between his legs and up into his ass-crack.

"Then, this big, handsome guy told Lisa that he wanted to get fucked himself -- he was envious that girls can provide so much pleasure. He wanted to be able to do that, to see what it felt like, giving himself up just to make someone feel special."

Jeff's eyes closed and he let a deep, low groan escape his mouth. Both Katie and Paul were breathing heavily, listening to Laurie's seductive voice and watching her hands stroking and kneading and prodding his growing shaft and his heavy balls. When they heard the groan, they both shifted to the side trying to see what caused the disturbing noise. Their groans joined Jeff's when they finally saw the fingers of Laurie's right hand sawing slowly and deliberately in and out of his oily, glistening anus.

Laurie's flesh was on fire as she continued stroking this beautiful blond boy's meaty shaft with her left hand and finger-fucking his asshole with her right. She loved being in control almost as much as giving it up completely. It was what she loved about the balance between herself, her husband, and his brother. Hopefully, she thought, Katie would take David's place as her Mistress. Laurie arched her pelvis so she could rub herself against Jeff's hip. Hers was the kind of cunt that needed to be owned by someone who didn't love her or worship her like her husband did. She needed someone to use her, abuse her, and ultimately humiliate her until she was forced into the dark place where David had shown her how to transform pain, shame, and crippling embarrassment into almost unbearable pleasure and unimaginable sexual fulfillment. "But in the meantime," she thought, "I can do it to someone else." She shivered again as she thought how totally embarrassing this was going to be for the boy laying on the bed in front of her.

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