Nice to Meet You, Doc


"Uh no, I've had a pretty good year I suppose." I answer as loosely and calmly as I am able.

"Okay, let's check out the chest and the heart." She affixes the stethoscope to her ears and applies the metal end to my chest. "Okay, deep breathes." And she hops around all over my chest and then to my back. Usually I get a jolt out of the first few placements of that cold metal piece to my skin from Dr. Morton. Today however, I don't flinch. Either she warmed it up with out me seeing or I'm way too warmed up already to notice.

"All fine there, too." She wraps the stethoscope back over her neck. "Okay, I need you to lie back as I need to feel around your torso a bit."

What? No way? Not in this condition.

Dr. Benson waits for me to lay back and I pause too long. I look up at her. That pretty face is looking back at me. I swear those eyes are burning into mine. They are very clear blue eyes.

"Is there something wrong?" She asks.

Yes, I have one hell of a problem! A raging hard-on in my boxers that is about to embarrass the crap out of me.

"No, I guess not." With my hands still covering the gown bunched over my crotch I lay back on the table and on the medical sanitary paper that runs up the middle crinkles under my back. I'm hoping she just thinks I'm a very modest man my keeping myself so purposefully covered.

"Okay, I just need to feel around for lumps or any tenderness. Tell me if my pressing anywhere is painful or uncomfortable." Her hands start at my neck and she presses her fingers to both sides and then before she makes her way down my chest she parts the upper part of my gown. My whole body stiffens now.

"Are my hands cold?" She asks at my reaction.

I take a huge breath. "No, no it's fine."

She works her way to my sides and then over my stomach. Her soft hands glide over my skin and her strong fingers work their way over my muscles. I know I tense more than I should each time she touches me, but it's only more stimulating still. I've never had a body massage in my life, but I swear it can't be any more erotic than what Dr. Robin Benson is doing to me right now.

I know she will want to move lower down stomach. I also know my arms are in her way, but I surely can't move them and reveal my predicament.

"Mr. Jenkins, please, I sense you must be a little nervous about having a woman doctor in place of your usual doctor. However, I promise I am very professional. Besides for now you still have your underwear on. Please I need to complete the exam." With that she pushes my right arm aside and then the left.

The monster is released!

I feel my erection immediately spring up and tent the front of my boxers.

"Oh!" I hear Dr. Benson gasp.

I look up at the startled look on her face. "I'm sorry. I am really sorry." I start to sit up but the paper slips under my back side causing me to fall back with a thud against the table. "Umph!" It nearly knocks the air out of me.

"I, I, well..." Now it's Dr. Benson's turn to have a little difficulty speaking. "I am not, well, not uncomfortable about this, really. It's not the first time I've seen a reaction to my procedure somewhat similar to that."

"No. You're kidding right?" I said still laying on my back but now trying to cover myself back up. Only even in my embarrassment I'm not succeeding in losing any momentum on the huge erection still growing in my boxers. In fact, my holding myself like I am only adds to the stimulation. I can feel myself throbbing in my hands as if I am home masturbating to another good hot story on Lit.

"Actually, I have had more than a couple of men get aroused during the procedure, but dare I say not that aroused." She nods down between my legs. "And usually by now the discovery usually wilted the, uh, moment."

There is no wilting going on in my boxers. In fact, as I adjust my hands I can feel a warm ooze of pre-cum leak from the tip of my cock. I feel it soak and smear into the material of my boxers and spread over the whole swollen head. I scramble to work my way back up to a sitting position. My hands remain over my crotch.

"I really, truly am sorry. This is very embarrassing. And almost ridiculous. It won't go down." I lower my head and don't look at Dr. Benson this time. But I see her and those sexy calves of hers walk by me. I also feel another moist warmth ooze out and spread over the crotch of my boxers.

"Well, one good thing about that, uh condition. At least I don't have to ask you whether you have any erectile dysfunction as some men of your age start to have." She lets out a chuckle at that and I look up to see her reaching toward a small box on the wall and she retrieves a couple of blue latex gloves. "I'm sorry, I couldn't resist that one. Forgive me that was not very professional."

The professional she still is though sits back on the stool and writes a few words in my chart almost as if nothing has happened. She turns back to me and starts to pull those gloves onto both hands. With a 'Snap!' of the one on her left hand she rolls the stool over to the front of the examining table before me.

"Okay, let's get passed this and let me finish the exam and you can go home and have your wife take care of that for you." She smiles up at my face, snapping the second glove on and then stares back down at my crotch. "If you can last that long anyway." The smile broadens across her lips.

I can't believe this. This woman doctor is not offended by what is happening. In fact, she is not only taking it all in stride, she is literally joking about it. What's worse, the whole time my cock stays just as hard as ever.

What is going on with me?

"Now step down here and drop those boxers." She orders, but doesn't look me in the eye; she just looks forward to where my hands still cover my crotch.

"I don't know maybe I better leave right now." I say in all honesty, but feel another squirt of precum exit that little hole on the end of my stubborn hard-on. I realize this condition is not going away by wishing it to be so. I feel I can cum in an instant with the right added physical stimulation. I drift off for a moment in my mind and suddenly see myself standing in front of my computer desk at home. I am reading an exceptionally hot Lit story and busting a huge load all over the tissues laid out between me and the monitor. I can see all that cum blasted out in globs of white trailing to the words on the screen.

"Come on get down here." Dr. Benson says as she reaches out and tugs on my knee.

I nearly jump out of my skin at her touch, but find myself easing up off the examining table. I don't believe she is reaching up and grabs the legs of my boxers to yank them down my hips. Of course, even without looking -- and I'm scared to death to look down at all anyway -- I know what is going to happen. The waistband grabs hold of my hard cock and before I can reach out and free it, it comes free on its own. With as hard as I am it slaps right up against my belly with a very audible 'Smack!'.

"Oh my God!" Her words break the silence. I can't help but look down now worrying something is wrong. I find the doctor staring at the hard pole of mine just inches from her chin. That chin drops completely; her mouth wide open and her eyes seemingly bugging out of her head.

"What? Something wrong?" I ask in abject concern.

"Uh, no, not hardly." She continues to stare. "Not at all, as I said before, and I can truly see for myself now plain as day. I'd say we can rule out any erectile problems anytime in your near future. My God, he is hard."

"Really, I'm sorry. Maybe we ought to st..." I tried to concede.

"Let me finish my work and then you can get on to finishing this off." Dr. Benson interrupts my words and grabs hold of my extended member to push it off to the left as her other hand feels my right testicle. I nearly jump out of my skin one more time!

Then she pushes my cock back to the right and does the same inspection of my left ball. I suck in a deep breath and am so afraid I am going to lose it all right now. I grit my teeth and try to squeeze myself off from within.

"No, obvious lumps here, well except the expected heaviness of an impending load of ejaculate." She says as she lets go of my erection. It snaps back to staring her straight in that beautiful face of hers. I swear she licks her lips as she stares back at me, at my leaking cock.

"I do have to say, Stephen, I do hope I can call you that after what is happening here. I have to say I've never had a male patient get this erect for me let alone stay this erect throughout my examination. I feel rather flattered actually." With that she turns back to her desk and pulls out a gauze pad and lays it on her desk then she reaches over into another drawer and pulls out a tube of something. She proceeds to squirt a huge glob of clear gel from the tube onto the middle of the gauze. "Let's just see how that stiff appendage of yours reacts to the next part of the exam though." I watch as she takes her right index finger and rolls it in the gel and liberally coats it.

Oh crap! I forgot about this.

"Okay, turn around and assume the position." She says as she holds up that gooey blue gloved finger.

I know my eyes bug out this time, but I can't seem to bring myself to comment. I close my eyes and slowly turn around. When I do I smack my hard-on into the metal side of the exam table.

"Damn!" It hurts for only a second. But then I try to bend up over the table and I stab the head of my cock into the not so soft cushion of the table. "Damn!"

"Here, let me give you a hand with that." Dr. Benson says from behind me.

Next thing I know her other gloved hand reaches around and grabs my cock just below the swollen head. No sooner than she does and the most generous flow of precum runs out the crown. She slowly slides those blue latex covered fingers up over the tip and using my own moisture she glides her whole hand smoothly back down my length. The sensation not only hardens my cock that much more but my whole body stiffens as she leans into me from behind. I can feel her warmth pressed to me through lab coat and all.

She strokes me very slowly with my cock at least now comfortably pointed up over the edge of the table.

"Just how hard do you get Steve?" She says as she continues to fully run her fingers up and down my length.

"I, uh, I don't know, but if you don't stop..." I grit my teeth feeling the balls of mine she rolled in her palm a few moments ago about ready to blow.

"We don't want you walking out of here in this condition now do we? I don't want to be responsible for all the nurses and those young women in the front office going crazy over the guy with huge boner." She is down to a whisper now as she rubs her body up against my backside as I stand up against the exam table.

"No, I mean yes, I, oh..." I grunt as she squeezes me hard eliciting another emission of precum. I look down to see her hand slide up and that blue thumb rub across my cock head and smear the clear liquid over my now almost purplish crown. She palms me there and then slides her lubricated fingers back down my entire length.

"Nor would we want you making a mess in those nice pants of yours on the way out, now would we?" Then before I can respond her hand begins a piston-like motion up and down my cock.

I'm going crazy. I can feel the cum boiling up in my balls. I know I can't stop this if I want to now. It's too late, even if she lets go at this point I'm gone, I am so ready to cum.

And here it is...

"Oh shit! I'm cumming." I almost yell as I feel the warm cum set to go.

"Oh no not just yet, one more part of the exam still to go." With those words I feel her ease back from me and then feel a long thin finger penetrates my anus. My body stiffens like it never has.

"Ohhh, noooo." I groan as the first volley of ejaculate fires off. She has me pointed up over the crinkled paper on the exam table and I watch with squinted eyes as it lands in a long stream maybe halfway up the table.

But just as I my first cum splashes on the paper I feel Dr. Benson's finger spin inside me and then go deeper. I literally lose it all. The next shot soars further up the table, splattering up the paper. Then a third cum shot explodes out of the end of my cock and this time it's like a long thin white rope extending nearly up to the head of the table. It makes the most incredible splashing sound as it strikes the paper leaving a wet trail from one end of the table to the other.

Dr. Benson's finger continues its assault in my butt and I fire off another three rounds of cum, each decreasing in distance and splashing noise up and onto the waiting crinkly paper. As she pulls her finger from my backside she continues to squeeze out the last few dribbles of my thick and shakes my cock letting the cum splash onto the white paper in a puddle. With one last pull on my cock the very last drop of my cum runs down her blue latex covered fingers.

"Okay, I think that completes our exam. Wow, does it ever." She says as she walks passed me and to the side of the table looking down at the long trails of my cum. "I have to say this is a first in a lot ways, Mr. Stephen Jenkins. I've never given a patient a hand job before and I've certainly never seen that much cum come out of any man I have ever been with. Makes me hopeful there might still be a man out there for me that can do something like this." Then she proceeds to run her fingers through my cum, drawing little nonsense patterns with the largest globs of the thick white cream.

All I can do is breath heavy and come back to my feet when I realize I have risen up on my tip toes during this whole episode. I don't know if it was because of the finger up my butt or the truly intense orgasm that rocked me.

"Okay, why don't you get dressed while I clean this up?" She says as she pulls her latex gloves off and tosses them onto the middle of the cum covered paper. Then she rips the paper on the one end and balls it all up and tosses it in the trash can. "Oh, I do still want to get that other blood pressure reading. But from the look of you right now," she looks down my front and I follow her gaze to see my once stubbornly hard cock finally pulsing down to its normal calm size, "I don't think it would help much. We need that reading and blood drawn though before you leave. Tell you what, I'll give you time to dress and catch your breath, then I'll send Cheryl back in to do those."

I finally gain enough frame of mind to reach down for my boxers and pull them up. I look back and see Dr. Benson bent over her desk writing a few more notes. I can't see her backside through the lab coat but even in my near exhaustion I have one last glimmer of lust thinking how I'd love to see that part of her.

I walk over to the chair where the rest of my clothes lay and grab my khaki's.

"Mr. Jenkins, I don't know what to say. I hope you took this the right way and understand I don't do this with other patients. I am usually very professional. However, in this case I can truly say this was a professional courtesy. From what I saw you weren't going to make it much longer anyway before you had to take care of that thing yourself or you'd be trying to walk out of here in a very awkward position as it were or making a rather huge mess in those pants of yours. We couldn't have had that."

"I, well, I think..." I stammer to say something coherent.

"No, don't say a word. Let's just call this a day and consider your exam complete except for what Cheryl will need to complete. But from what I saw I think you are one of the healthiest men I have ever met at your age. What ever you are doing keep it up." She chuckled. "Well, maybe don't keep IT up so easily." She smiles and turns toward the door.

"One last thing, Mr. Jenkins. I think this should be the last time I act as your doctor. This day will be between just you and me. You should go back to Dr. Morton for all future appointments and especially physicals." With that she opens the door and leaves.

I stand there holding my khakis in my right hand staring at the door. What has just happened? It has to have been a dream right? Dr. Robin Benson was just a fantasy. I am still at home on my computer reading a story about getting off at the doctor's office. I didn't just cum on that exam table over there, the one with the fresh new sanitary paper over it.


"Mr. Jenkins?" I hear the voice and the door open right after. It's Cheryl the nurse.

She looks at me standing there in my boxers. "Oh!' She exclaims and holds the clipboard in front of her face. "I thought sure Dr. Benson said you were already dressed. I'm sorry. I'll be back in a couple minutes." And Cheryl backs back out of the room.

I really wonder if Cheryl misunderstood or had Dr. Robin Benson made the comment I was already dressed on purpose. A smile finally creeps across my face after all this time. Dr. Benson is a sly one, sexy one at that too. I let the preceding moments wash back over my mind and my body. It's as if I have a subsequent orgasm as I enjoy the thought of what Robin Benson, my doctor for the day had done for me.

Dr. Morton sorry for your accident this morning but damn I do love you for it!

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