tagTranssexuals & CrossdressersNicole Desired Ch. 08

Nicole Desired Ch. 08


Chapter eight

Linda awoke bright and early as she was on a mission and nobody was going to get in her way. She got dressed quickly and headed off for the sitting room to talk with Helen. As she entered Helen was enjoying her morning coffee and invited Linda to join her.

"I thought I was the only one besides Nicole and now Crissy that woke up at this early hour."

"I had something I wanted to discuss with you Helen. Might we have a little privacy?"

"Certainly dear, Crissy go start preparing breakfast. You will be on your own today as Nicole will be dining with us as this is a big morning for her. Now shoo go get cooking."

Helen looked at Linda just waiting for her to begin.

"Helen it is about Nicole and the mate you picked."

"What about her mate? Please feel free to speak your mind."

"Well the truth is, I don't know this partner but it makes no difference. I don't want her marrying anyone but me!"

There it was, she had said it and there was no turning back.

"I am and always have been helplessly in love with Nicole. No one in the world could ever love her like I do. It would kill me to see her married off to some heartless bitch that doesn't care about her. Furthermore I know that she loves me as well just ask her if you demand her to be truthful she will tell you."

"Hmmm this is quite a surprise if not rather untimely. I thank you for your honesty as it is very refreshing Linda. However, in response to your statements I would have to say that indeed you do know the mate I have chosen for Nicole. Second, she holds a lot of respect for Nicole as well as compassion, and honestly cares about Nicole's well being even before she thinks of herself. Third I have known her for awhile now and she is one of my dearest friends. I trust her completely and know she has a very good heart. I also know that she will love Nicole more than any person alive, well except for me that is. My decision has been made and I will not change it, Nicole will marry her."

Linda was overtaken by sadness and she was willing to jeopardize everything if need be and run away with Nicole. Screw it she would ask Nicole to leave with her she knew Nicole loved her and just maybe that was more important to her than her mother's acceptance.

"Linda, are you ok"

Linda snapped out of her thoughts and looked at Helen.

"I said would you like to know who I have chosen."

"Oh I am sorry yes Helen I would like to know who they are."

"Why silly it is you"


"I said it is you. Do you think I am blind, I see how you two act when you are together and so does anyone else with half a brain. You lift her up and set her on a pedestal as well as you were ready to sacrifice everything even our friendship for her. I know she is the first thing you think of in the morning and the last thing you think of at night. My dear friend I would be honored for you to marry my daughter."

Linda couldn't believe her ears, she was so happy she didn't know what to say she just started hugging Helen. When Crissy stepped into the room to check and see if they wanted more coffee she grabbed her as well then hugged and kissed her ranting how it was such a wonderful day.

Helen just sat there laughing with a great big smile.

"I guess I should say welcome to the family Linda."

"Oh Helen you have made me the happiest person in the world."

"I think you will soon be the second happiest person as Nicole does not know I chose you, she only knows that last night I decided I had found her mate. Like the sweet doll she is she agreed I knew best and that she would honor my decision but only after she lost all composure what so ever and went on a tirade stating there was no way in hell she was going to marry anyone else but you. Sometimes it is so refreshing to see her lose her composure and allow a true peak into the wonderful, funny, and determined sweetheart she is. It actually broke my heart to be so cruel to her and see such anguish and sorrow in her face, but I needed to talk to you first and I wanted to see if you would fight for her."

"Helen I would walk through the fires of hell to protect her."

"I know sweetheart. I have sent for her and she should be here in a couple of minutes. I would like you to wait in the other room till I call you in. She will be so surprised and I do love to see her happy and smiling."

Linda went into the dining room, but she did not have to wait long as about one minute later Nicole appeared in the living room.

"You wanted to see me Ma'am?"

"Indeed I do my sweet dear. Your mate is here and I would like to introduce her to you."

Nicole worked hard to muster a smile but it was a pitiful smile at best.

"Is that the best you can smile dear? Well maybe it will help when you meet her."

"You can come in now darling."

Nicole's eyes went to the door as it opened and into the room stepped Linda. Nicole was stunned she looked at Linda who was wearing the biggest smile she had ever seen, then she looked back at her mother with nothing but love glowing all over her face.

"Yes sweetie, you are not seeing things it is Linda, I do hope you are happy with my choice."

Nicole gave a great big hug to Helen, then like a flash she raced to Linda's arms where she hugged and kissed Linda. She was so happy tears of joy were pouring from her eyes.

"Now now sweetie, dry those pretty tears for me and show me that smile and sparkle I fell in love with the first time I laid eyes on you."

Helen pulled out a diamond engagement ring and a wedding band.

"These belonged to my Grandmother and I would be so very honored if you would take them."

Linda took the rings and thanked Helen. She then took out the diamond engagement ring got down on her knees and asked Nicole if she would be her wife. Nicole was so happy she almost lost her balance shaking her head and saying yes. Just as Linda was slipping the ring on her finger the rest of the women as well as Craig walked into the room. Along with them was Denise who had arrived earlier this morning.

"What is all the ruckus about." Denise teased.

Nicole just began to cry and show off the ring that Linda had just slipped on her finger.

Denise hugged Nicole and told her she was very happy for her and that she knew the two of them would be perfect together.

Wendy just leered at both Linda and Nicole with a slight bit of jealousy in her eyes expressing a feeling of regret.

At that moment Crissy showed up and announced breakfast was ready.

Everyone shuffled into the room and took their seats. As Denise stepped next to Crissy she pulled her close and planted a kiss on her lips.

"It is good to see you sexy. I have been dreaming of you for weeks and now those dreams are going to come true."

She patted Crissy on the bottom and sent her off to serve the food.

As everyone sat for breakfast Craig elected to remain standing. Helen saw him and remarked on his choice.

"That is very sweet of you Craig to show your respect for the superiority of women but go ahead and be seated, it is ok."

Wendy just started laughing and began to explain why Craig was standing.

"Well you see Aunt Helen I think Craig is more than happy to stand as truthfully I don't think he can sit. After that wonderful display by Nicole last night I had him chained over the bench and I gave Crissy free reign to exact some pay back. The thing is that unlike Crissy he was not trained to take cock so his ass was virgin. Now he can have the honor of knowing that he lost his cherry to Denise's wife. I meant no disrespect to you Denise."

"Oh no that is just fine Wendy I am just sorry I arrived this morning instead of last night."

"Damn he is that sore just from a little fuck. Wendy you really need to work on his training."

"Well Aunt Helen let's put it this way, the medication used on Crissy to prevent ejaculation, well let's just say it works very well. Because of that Crissy fucked his ass for over five hours, and she wasn't taking it easy."

"I bet she didn't," replied Helen then they all started to laugh including Nicole.

Carole spoke up.

"Well meaning you can't sit down, why don't you go up to my bedroom unshackle Tammy and make sure she is presentable, then bring her down here."

Craig simply nodded his head and was gone.

"Tammy is here already, I thought it wasn't going to go down till tomorrow?" Denise asked.

"Well we had a little change of plans due to the fact that Tom was a bastard and needed to be broken."

Denise immediately looked at Nicole who just lowered her eyes and hugged up close to Linda.

"Damn I wish I had been here to see that as I have always loved the idea that Nicole was my sister and I am sure she did the female gender proud.

"Indeed she did do our gender proud and all of us respect her for her dedication when it comes to training the servants. But it is very hard on Nicole as she has to lose herself while she breaks them. So we will not most likely be seeing that again unless absolutely necessary. Besides I think the men as well as the servants got the picture and want no part of getting her mad."

Helen then looked over at Linda.

"There is one thing I would like to know Linda if you don't mind telling us"

"What is that Helen?"

"Last night when Nicole came into the play room just before she started she took a few minutes to whisper something in your ear. Now I know I may seem nosy but I have been going crazy wondering about what she said to you."

Linda looked at Nicole and then started to speak.

"Well she told me that she loved me and that no matter what I was about to see to just remember that fact. She is and always would be completely and totally dedicated to me. Then she asked me to forgive her for what was about to happen."

"I guess I really did pick the right woman to marry her as she had already picked you out and pledged herself to you."

"A question I would like to ask you Nicole is, if I had chosen someone else I know Linda would have tried to convince you to leave with her. She told me as much when she came to fight for you earlier. What I wonder is, would you have gone with her even if it had meant you might never be able to come back into the family again?"

Nicole lifted her head and looked straight at Helen, which answered the question for her mother.

"Well I guess we now know the answer to that question. Good for you two I love it that both of you would have done whatever it took to be with each other. That was the sort of dedication I was looking for. It just happened that I didn't have to look too hard as you two had already found it."

Then Helen began to laugh and ordered Crissy to serve.

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