tagTranssexuals & CrossdressersNicole Desired Ch. 12

Nicole Desired Ch. 12


Sandy had just knocked off of work at the corner diner. She was tired and her feet were killing her but do to the lack of a car she still had to walk home each night after her shift. She wished that she could find a job as a secretary as that would at least allow her to make a lot more money than she did right now. She could also work normal hours and not have to walk home late at night.

She had been putting applications in at every office she heard might be hiring and had even been called in for a few interviews. However, here she was still spending every evening on her feet slinging hash and walking home in the dark.

Sandy was tired and sore and just wanted to get home quickly so she decided to take a short cut through Trappers alley. It wasn't really an alley but more a walkway that twisted its way through a number of businesses and shops that catered to a clientele who had likes that were a little different than most people. She had visited a leather shop there one weekend and was amazed at the merchandise they sold. She loved the smell of leather, as it always seemed to get her libido as well as her imagination fired up and ready to go.

Although it was late night, Sandy felt safe cutting through the area as there were shops that were open 24 hours and the police presence here was fairly regular as a large amount of well to do people enjoyed shopping the area.

Sandy was thinking about her sore feet and how she was going to give them a nice warm soak the moment she got home. As she turned a bend in the path she noticed two men carrying what seemed to be a tied up woman. Pulling out her can of mace she yelled out to the men.

"Hey what the hell are you doing with that woman?"

"Fuck off and mind your own business bitch!"

"So that is how you want to play this."

Sandy began to scream for the police at the top of her lungs. Instantly police whistles were heard announcing to all officers in the area something was going down.

The men panicked at the sound of the police whistles and dropped the woman. In an attempt to cover their own hides they jumped into a van and sped out of the alley area.

Running up to the bound woman Sandy began to ask if she was all right. There was no answer and as Sandy saw the woman she realized why.

The woman had been beaten badly she was horribly bruised and bleeding and had welts covering her whole body. She was naked and Sandy could see that some animals had abused her so bad that it was a wonder she was alive. Taking her coat off she covered the woman then pulled her close and whispered to her that everything was going to be alright.

Nicole lifted her head slightly looking into the woman's eyes and upon seeing the kindness and concern in them whispered a broken sounding thank you then passed out.

It was only a matter of seconds before several police officers arrived on the scene. The shift supervisor of the area was Sgt. Dratin, and as he stepped next to the woman he recognized her.

"My god that is Nicole Perklun!"

Immediately he went into action rendering whatever aid he could while yelling orders. The police were sending out a bulletin to watch for the van that had sped away while other officers secured the scene and interviewed Sandy.

"Nicole if you can hear me dear hold on we have an ambulance on the way."

The ambulance raced through the alley with it sirens screaming out their warning for everyone to move out of the vehicles path. Pulling up next to where Nicole laid the paramedics jumped out and went straight to work. They did the best they could to stabilize her then carefully lifted her onto a gurney and slid her into the ambulance.

Sandy asked Sgt. Dratin if he would allow her to ride along with him to the Hospital. In that short moment when Sandy had looked into Nicole's eyes she saw a loving soul that had grabbed her heart.

Sgt. Dratin escorted Sandy to his car and they headed for the emergency room. Sandy could see that this officer had been definitely shaken. It seemed as if he had known the woman and thought very highly of her.

Nicole was wheeled into the emergency room where Doctor Monica Barston was waiting to treat her. Focusing on the patient she saw that the woman had been badly beaten and had been bleeding from very delicate areas of her body. She immediately noticed the raw meat that hung lifeless between the patient's legs. Shaking her head she felt a sense of sadness for the patient, because even if she could save anything it would be worthless and nonfunctional. When the nurses rolled the patient onto the table Monica finally saw the woman's face.

"Oh my god! Nicole."

She knew Nicole as she had met her on many occasions when she visited Helen Perklun at her estate. This battered and bruised body before her was Helen's daughter Nicole.

Monica was glad she was on duty tonight because she knew that there was no better doctor in the emergency ward. She had climbed the ladder of success quickly and now was the head of the ER. She didn't have to work nights but liked to mix up her schedule as she said it kept everyone on their toes.

Nicole was stabilized and the wounds to her were cared for and bandaged. Monica had a problem because try as she might she was unable to save Nicole's penis and testicles however, she had an alternative. The glands of the penis were still intact and could be used as well as there was sufficient amount of scrotal skin for Nicole to undergo an emergency experimental genital surgery.

Monica knew the top surgeon in the field of reassignment surgery and could have her here within the hour. The only problem was she needed Nicole's ok before she could do anything. Time was a factor and if she waited too long the glands would deteriorate and simply atrophy. Monica was watching over Nicole personally and had everyone in the ER jumping. They realized real fast that this patient was not just any Jane Doe off the street.

While checking Nicole's pulse Monica noticed she had opened her eyes and was trying to speak. Monica began to advise her quickly about the condition she was in and then presented her solution to Nicole. Shaking her head yes Nicole whispered for Monica to go ahead with the surgery. Monica ordered a nurse to call Dr. Slatner and tell her the operation was on. Monica wheeled Nicole to the surgery prep area and stayed with her till it was time for her to be taken into the operating room.

While they had been waiting Nicole had answered a lot of questions of what had happened to her. The poor dear had Monica weeping in sadness for the hell she had been put through. Monica saw the look in Nicole's eyes, she knew that physically she would heal in time, and although she would no longer have her male equipment she would have a fully functioning vagina, capable of lubricating and achieving orgasm. Once healed physical Nicole could enjoy a very satisfying sex life.

On the other side of the coin it was going to take a lot of patience to help Nicole get over the mental devastation she had endured. The fact that Nicole had been betrayed by someone she had trusted had definitely destroyed the girl's confidence as well as scared her emotionally to the point she seemed almost lifeless inside.

Sandy sat in the waiting room as Sgt. Dratin called the number for the Perklun estate.

Crissy answered the phone and upon hearing what had happened said that she would get hold of the Mistress of the house immediately. Thanking the Sgt. she hung up the phone and was about to call Miss Linda's when Wendy questioned her about who had been on the phone.

"It was the police Miss Wendy they have found Nicole and it seems she is in very bad shape and has been taken to the emergency room. She is in surgery as we speak and Miss Helen and Miss Linda need to get there pronto."

"Well you best call them immediately Crissy as I am sure they would want to know right away."

As Crissy dialed Linda's house Wendy hurried to her room where Craig had been laying happily across the bed.

"Get your ass up Craig we have a lot of trouble about to come our way."

"What's up now Wendy, I am tired and want to get some sleep."

"Shut up you fool those dumb asses that Nicole was sold to somehow botched everything up. Nicole was rescued from them and has been rushed to the hospital. Evidently the men had decided to use her tonight and while they were carrying her to where they were going to keep her they were discovered. Frightened the stupid fools just dropped her and took off. She was in very bad condition as evidently those jerks must have smacked her around some during transport."

"Damn Wendy, she was in bad condition before those fucking men got hold of her. Didn't you see that while you were fucking her? Hell she didn't even move at all when we were fucking her. It was those evil bitches you call friends who went way overboard. I might have wanted a little revenge but that was way too much."

"None of that matters now dumb ass we need to get the hell out of here before they find out you and I were involved."

"This is bullshit, where the hell are we going to go?"

"Quit your bitching and get your shit together as we don't have much time. Crissy is notifying Helen and Linda right now and they will be heading to the hospital. Just as soon as Nicole is able she is going to tell every detail of what went on, or at least the ones she can still remember. Either way we are fucked and need to get the hell out of here."

------- *** -------

Linda picked up the phone on the second ring and was hoping with all her heart it would be Nicole. Helen watched on as Linda answered.

"It is just Crissy."

All of a sudden Helen saw an absolute look of horror on Linda's face, as she said we are on our way then hung up.

"What is the matter Linda?"

"We need to get to the hospital right now, Nicole has been found she has been beaten very badly and is in the emergency room."

The two women hurried out to Linda's car, raced out of the driveway and headed for town.

Upon arriving at the hospital Linda and Helen were shown to the waiting room and now sat listening as Monica told them about Nicole's condition and the operation she was now undergoing.

They were so grateful that someone cared enough to get involved, which in turn probably saved Nicole's life. Helen would make sure she thanked the woman who had helped Nicole as she owed her a huge debt.

Once Monica finished explaining all the medical issues and the operation she began to relate to the women what Nicole had told her about what had happened.

Linda broke down in tears as Monica explained the horror and torture that Nicole had been put through. It was ripping her heart out that she had not been here to protect the woman she loved more than life. Helen held her close as they listened to the horrid details as Monica relayed them just as Nicole had told them to her. Monica explained that though Nicole had felt ever slap, cut, and insertion that had happened to her at some point during the process her brain shut itself off from everything to protect itself.

She went on to explain that although Nicole's physical wounds and operation would be healed within a number of weeks the mental wounds were something else and would take a lot of patience from everyone.

Carole arrived at the hospital and joined the women in the waiting room just in time to hear all the details of what had happened. She looked at Linda with horror and began to apologize profusely for the evil her daughter had perpetrated upon Nicole. "Thank you for the apology Carole but this was not your fault. I promise you this I will see that bitch and her fucking lover in hell before I am done."

As Monica finished up telling the women everything that had been told to her Dr Slatner entered the waiting room and with a smile informed the women that everything had gone wonderfully.

"Nicole is now a fully functional woman. She will need time for her operation to heal completely although I do not see any reason she could not be moved to a recuperation center in two days as she should be up and moving. However, she is going to need a bit of post operative therapy and assistance by nursing personal for several months."

"Thank you very much for you assistance on such a short notice Dr. Slatner. If there is anything or anyway that I can repay your kindness please let me know."

"That is quite alright ladies I feel honored to have been able to help out such a wonderful woman."

The women left the waiting room and went up to Nicole's room as she would be here for a couple of days before she was moved to a private recuperation center. As they stepped into the room, all three women saw Nicole and gasped in horror. They had been told how bad things had been but words held no comparison to the horrific sight they were looking at. Nicole was covered with dark bruises and welts over every part of her body. Her beautiful breasts were bandaged as her nipples had been lacerated and bleeding. Her beautiful face looked as if someone had used it as a punching bag. The doctor had said that it was a miracle there were no bones broken.

Linda bit her hand to keep from crying out as she fought to keep from breaking down completely.

Helen showed a different emotion as she looked at her beautiful daughter in bed battered and bruised. Her temper started to stoke as she got angrier each second she looked upon her daughter's battered face. She looked at Carole who had tears in her eyes and she began to speak.

"Those bastards are going to pay, do you understand me? I am telling you right now so you are aware. I took her in and treated her like a daughter. Hell I even tolerated that useless piece of flesh she called her lover. I shared everything I had with her, and this is how she repays me. Look what she has done to my beautiful Nicole. She has tortured a soul that never did anything but treat others with love and respect. I tell you this when I find those ungrateful bastards I will exact a revenge that will make hell seem like a picnic. They will spend the rest of their pathetic lives wishing they had simply been put to death. They will have the rest of their lives to think about what they did to my beautiful daughter do you understand?"

Carole simply nodded her head in agreement to Helen's declaration.

Nicole's eyes opened and she saw the women standing there.

When Linda noticed she had opened her eyes she stepped close and bent to give her love a kiss.

Nicole's eyes opened wide as she recoiled from the women coming at her. When Linda looked into Nicole's eyes what she saw ripped her heart out. There was no twinkle in them or even love all she saw was utter and complete terror. They were burning a hole right through her wide and unblinking as if she was a stranger.

It was then that the three women realized just how bad things were. What Monica had said to them was a huge understatement and she had not spoken lightly at all.

Linda stepped back from the bed while those big unblinking eyes watched every move she made reflecting for all to see the horror of what she had gone through.

Nicole looked at Helen and continued to stare wide eyed. It was as if Nicole's soul was lifeless and nothing but horrors existed inside her. Then suddenly her eyes began to change as if she had recognized a bastion of safety. Nicole's eyes began to tear as she looked at her mother, then in a very small voice the word mommy was heard as Nicole began to breakdown.

Helen rushed to her side gently wrapping her arms around the beautiful girl as she gave her a careful hug then placed her lips to Nicole's head and kissed her.

"Why?" Nicole whispered.

"Why did they do this to me?"

"I don't know sweetie but it is over now. You are safe I am here and I will not let anyone ever hurt you again."

"They hurt me and they would not stop. They just kept on hurting me."

"I know sweetie, Linda and I are here and we will never let anything hurt you again."

When Nicole heard the word Linda she turned her face right towards the place Linda was standing. Linda expecting to see that heart wrenching look was suddenly surprised. There it was, it was very dim but yes it was there. That beautiful twinkle that had made Linda fall in love with her. Nicole stared at Linda her eyes softened and for the first time since they had entered the room love filled Nicole's eyes.

Linda was about to break down when she heard Nicole call to her. She quickly stepped to the side of the bed once more, but this time Nicole lifted her arms wrapping them around Linda and she pulled her tight to her. Tears of happiness began to flow from Linda's eyes as she hugged her sweet love. Nicole held her tight and with that frail voice she spoke.

"I missed you so much these last two weeks. Promise that you will never leave me ever again."

"I promise you dear that I will never leave you for any reason again."

Attempting a smile Nicole kissed Linda lightly and spoke a little more.

"Did you get time to see the house?"

Linda let out with a little laugh.

"Just briefly sweetie as I was far too worried about finding you to pay that much attention. Although what I did notice was beautiful just like you."

The look of terror came back to Nicole's eyes.


"We know dear, she will never hurt you ever again."

"I am so tired love"

"That is ok sweetie, close your eyes and get some rest."

Nicole clutched tightly to Linda.

"Don't leave me."

"I will be right here sweetie when you wake up."

Nicole attempted another smile then closed her eyes and went back to sleep.

Helen spoke up.

"Well Linda, it seems that you will not be going anywhere for awhile so why don't I go get us something to eat and bring it back here."

"That would be wonderful Helen as I have not eaten since before I left to come home."

Linda held onto Nicole's hand and looked upon her face as Helen and Carole left the room to get some food. Linda sat there looking at the bruised face of her sweet lover as her heart fought a constant battle to keep from breaking in two. How could anyone ever do such a cruel and vicious act to such a sweet and beautiful creature?

Linda promised herself that from this point on she would never leave to go anywhere without this dear girl attached to her arm. She looked at the bruised face of her lover and still marveled at how even in the shape she was in Nicole was still a strikingly beautiful woman.

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