tagNovels and NovellasNicole's Secret Ch. 03

Nicole's Secret Ch. 03


Dr. Natalia Krasiva's office was in the city, about 40 minutes away with my mother driving. I had better learn the route so can drive myself when I get a car. Man I wanted to drive, I loved the thought of going fast, of driving somewhere different everyday. It made me smile.

Dr. Nito, that is what I called Dr. Krasiva as a child. I had pronounced it 'Neat-o', like my own name, and it had stuck with me. Nito had been my doctor since I was a child. She had a lot to do with both my parents adopting me and them keeping my penis. I didn't know the details but I grew up with the sense that my parents believed it was profane to cut away is natural. Now that I'm close to being eighteen and closer to being able to make these decision for myself, Nito wanted me visiting a counselor, I had refused. My father had taught me enough about realizing myself identity. Who I am inside wouldn't be changed by chopping up the outside.

"You didn't have to come mom. Tori could have driven me." Tori sat in back. She had insisted on coming along. I felt they were making to big a deal out of this visit. This morning, Monday morning, I had felt great and wanted to go hiking, but I had a promise to keep. Tori was one who collected on her promises.

Dr. Nito didn't make us wait long, welcoming us all back into the exam room shortly after arriving. She wore the required lab coat over slacks and a green blouse that set off her brown eyes. I always felt safe and open in her presence despite her abrupt bedside manner.

"Your sister told me about the attempted rape," Nito was always like this, direct and to the point. She told me that was her German ancestry expressing itself. She was German and Chinese; although, you mostly notice the Chinese when meeting her. The German had given her height and character. The Chinese came with beauty and poise, she was tall and striking to say the least.

My mom and sister stood behind her, all eyes on me. I had an audience, "yes, um..." I was suddenly ashamed of letting this happen to me. I was about to cry. I looked around the room. Behind me stood the exam table, directly across from that was the doctors desk and above a large mirror that took up the upper half of the wall. Chairs to the right of to the door and a closet on the left of the room, the room wasn't small but I felt like the walls were closing in.

Tori came over, placing her hands in mine, she kissed me on the side of my chin. I glanced at my mom, worried about her reaction, but she looked like she might rush to my side also.

"Two weeks ago Doug me stopped in the hall. He wanted to take me out to a movie." I had started, and starting seemed to open a flood gate, the story rushed out of me. With tears filling my eyes I told them about how Doug hounded me for dates. How, now I realized I had given in, deciding to go for it because it was an opportunity to play girl. I realized how desperate I had become. I caved to the need to prove I was a girl like my friends, that boys were the center of my world. They weren't, they didn't interest me in the least. I glossed over my sister finding me in the bathtub. Saying only that she had been there when I needed her most.

"OK then, pull off this dress and lets take a look at you." Nito said this as if a line of patients with the same experience stood outside her door.

Tori helped me, I had worn a simple green pull over dress. Sleeveless, it had a high neck line and went down to mid thigh. The green was a perfect highlight to my dark skin color. Cut straight and wide it still did little to hide my prominent bust line. My hair, shoulder length and very curly was an afro. Lifting my dress up, Tori helped me out, revealing my green boy shorts and matching bra. I wore spandex and or boy shorts most days since my erections could come at anytime it seemed. The boy shorts were tight and tucking penis down between my vaginal lips kept it confined and hidden. When erect it would conveniently slide up inside my pussy, staying at least inconspicuous while I changed in the locker room at school or swam. I never was completely naked but could at least changes clothes in the locker room. Now, since puberty, changing in the locker room brought on intense hard-ons. These erections, while hidden, caused an enormously pleasurable feed back loop inside my body. Leaving me to walk around with a sex buzz. Something like what I was experiencing now as Tori slid the dress over my head and gave me a quick kiss again on the mouth.

"Would you like some privacy, do you mind your mother and sister staying for the rest," not waiting for an answer, my family making no motion to leave, Nito guided me to the exam table. I hopped up easily because of my height. Placing a stethoscope against my chest and back she went about checking my over. Making sure no ribs were broken, that my neck was fine, head had no concussion.

Being on display for my sister and mother like this while Nito touched my body was slowly turning me on, my nipples hardening and showing through my bra.

"You look great Nicole, muscle tone perfect for your body type. You should gain some weight, your going to a tall girl. Don't worry about getting fat." Nito turned to put away her stethoscope.

"All my fat seems to be going to my breasts, I'm hopping the don't get any bigger," I was embarrassed by their size. They had grown so fast last year, and had brought on a lot of attention. With a hand on my should she had me lay flat on the table.

"Are these sensitive?" Nito brushed her hands over my bra, snapping my its front clasp, deftly removing it from my shoulders. I became instantly erect in all places possible, blood flowing everywhere at once. Being opened like this in front of my sister and mother had me hot, I groaned, audibly aroused.

Nito became even more serious, if that was possible, her tone grave, "I see you aren't been following my advice. In case it's more then just a suggestion. It's doctors orders." Her eyes were kind but she squeezed the point into my knee and held me gaze for a moment. Placing her hands on my hips, she pulled down and off my underwear.

I heard my sister moan at the site my obvious arousal. She walked to the end of the table, standing at my feet, she had a great view. My penis, thick if not long, was plugged into my pussy, feeding it pleasure while receiving it as my pussy pulsed around it. My tight vaginal walls squeezing down, using my cock to stimulating my clit.

I look helplessly up into Dr. Krasiva's brown eyes. Nito is older then my mother but has the ageless beauty gifted to her by heritage. She smiled as she perfunctorily slid my penis out my pussy, freeing it for everyone to see. Looking down I saw that my mother had joined Tori to watch.

"You see Andrea your child has both male and female sex organs." Nito turn to speak to my mother, placing one hand on my pussy, wiping and smearing my sex wetness around its thick lips. The other hand held my rigid member, kindly thumbing the underside of its head.

"The male glands are inside the body rather then outside so both are functional. Both are feeding her hormones," Nito has doctor great hands, " this is why she is experiencing the muscle growth of a male but still retains the tone and features of a female."

Tori had placed her hands on my right foot, absently massaging my bare feet. I didn't need the extra stimulation but appreciated her proximity.

"It is rare that both hormones interact so beneficially to the body. Your child is very lucky in this way, but it comes at cost during puberty."

My mom's eyes were glued to my cock, her face flushing. I could feel the piercing heat from her gaze. I was close, I looked up a the ceiling, balling my fists, tensing my body up.

"Dr. Kasiva is she going to be OK," My mom sounded breathless. Her voice coming from somewhere deep in the chest.

"Yes, but Nicole will experience a deep... deep need to satisfy her sex drive. Nicole's hormones must be allowed to drive her to masturbate, to relieve her hormones daily."

"Daily?" Tori was visibly masturbating through the pocket of her shorts. She had worn a tight fitting high school logo shirt which showed of her abs 'Cheer Team' was written across the front. Even tighter shorts hugged the slight curves of her ass, promising to ride up at the slightest hesitation.

"Yes, and I'll need you to verify that she relieves herself of this build up at least 3 or 4 times a daily."

This brought images of my mother watching me work myself. Mom sitting across from me as I abused nipples and slid fingers in and out of my cunt. I imagined my penis throbbing and straining, pointing directly at her face as I cum.

This last thought sent me over the edge. My body jerked and clenched, I came like a crack of a whip, bouncing up off the table. Squeezing my breasts, pinching hard my nipples, I felt my tits oozing again, fluid easing out of them and flowing down the sides. It didn't last long, but my orgasm was sharp and fantastic. It left me energize and smiling. I sat up only then noticing the damage.

Tori, face blushing deep red, still held my foot, the other hand vigorously working herself over. Lewdly cramming her hand down her pocket and up her pussy. Her blond hair looked frazzled, young and zesty. Mom had worn one of her pant suites since she would be returning to work after the appointment. Both of their faces were now cover in the clear milky fluid of my discharge. Only a little had landed on there clothes.

"Fascinating!" Nito now peered down at me, she was covered, from gray flecked hair to torso with a fluid different from my cum. It confused me, then I noticed that my face and breasts were wet.

"Has this happened before?" Nito placed both hands on my right breast. Squeezing gently, she was rewarded with a four inch squirt of clear fluid.

I heard my mother gasp, finally freed from her trance, mom seemed to look around the room in disbelief. Noticing the hand action coming from Tori she pinched her butt hard. Tori squealed, keeling over my foot, grunting through clench teeth. Mom pinched her again, making her stop.

"No, that hasn't happened to us before." Mom's voice sounded a little dreamy. Did I just see her tongue dart out, tasting the contents of what covered her face? Pulling paper towels from a dispenser on the wall they cleaned themselves up.

"Nicole how long have you been lactating?" Nito collected some on a finger and smelled, tasted it. "Hmm, not lactating but something?" She turn to her desk, "Nicole I would like to take samples of both," She turned and took off her soiled lab coat, using it to clean her face but strangely not her hair. Even more strangely she put it back on. Opening a drawer on other side of the office she produced two small containers with lids from a drawer.

"Samples?" Tori had returned now freshed faced, sounding a little pissed, but now almost smiling.

"Yes, from Nicole's penis and breasts. Fill them please," Nito handing me the cups, " we'll let you have some privacy." She turned to open the door and motioning for Mom and Tori to leave.

"I'll stay with Nico," Tori snatched the two cups from my hands, grinning from ear to ear.

"I don't think that's a," Mom was cut off mid sentence by Nito.

"That's fine Tori, I need to talk to your mother anyway," Nito turned and taking mom by the arm she guided her out into the hall.

I sat up, turning and letting my legs dangle off the edge of the table. My cock is already hard again, pointing straight up and out, "how did this happen?" I looked into Tori's eyes searching for an answer, "I feel like a sex toy."

"Yes, but your my sex toy!" She was trying to brighten the mood. Placing herself directly in front of me, arms on my knees, cups in hand. She handed me the cups and began spreading my legs wide.

My mood didn't waver, "I don't feel human when I'm like this." This line of thinking brought me back to Doug's house; the light, sound, destroyed garage., the woman in my room. Why did I think about that?

I watched as she place her head down between my legs. "What are you," She didn't let me finish my question.

"I'm going to show you how human you are," Placing my cock completely in her mouth she began sucking long and hard. Drawing it slowly out from between her lips, eyes closed, head tilted partially up. I noticed her brow dimple with the concentrated pleasure the act brought her. One hand was holding her hair to the side, the other she brought deep between my legs, folding three fingers into my second sex.

I watcher her, my hands now holding the cups, through parted breasts. Large, I had to split them apart with each wrist so that I could see her below. One cup I was immediately able to filled with only the left breast. They both drooled fluid down the underside of my boobs, down my abs, and onto my lovers forehead. The second cup was filled with quick convenience as well.


Out in the hall, her daughters still inside the exam room, Andrea talked with Dr. Krasiva. Andrea had been surprised by Tori, did she... was she seriously masturbation openly a second ago? Now volunteering to stay behind. How was she helping? Her children had always been close, almost like twins. Surprised, She was still recovering for the experience of Nicole's orgasm. Why hadn't Dr. Krasiva warned her, she had offered more privacy to her daughter. The experience seemed so sapphic, so erotic to watcher her loved one be brought to the precipice in front of her. Challenged and apprehensive, her arousal had happened so quickly, blocking out all thought. Physically, she had deeply enjoyed the experience. She turn this confusion into anger to be directed at the doctor, but it seemed Dr. Krasiva had read her mind.

"Andrea please understand how pertinent it is for you to respect the importance of Nicole's hormonal condition." Dr. Krasiva always talked like this, 'Nicole is a fascinated evolutionary step.' Dr. Krasiva had told this to John and Andrea when they had first brought Nicole into her office. She had cautioned them against making changes to Nicole's sex or discussing it with others.

"Her hormones could do irreparable damage to her development if left unchecked. I worry that the spurts in both height and sex organ size would become unstable if Nicole doesn't follow a strict program of hormonal relief." Dr. Krasiva always looked at everything as a science. This allowed her to say these things so easily, "I'm going to have to ask you to become intimately involved in making sure she faithfully observes a," Andrea cut her off.

"Wait, what? Involved in her relief?" Andrea was become hot at the thought of assisting her daughter.

"Yes, she needs to burn off her hormones. It will allow her to body to control its development naturally. I'm sure you've already felt the side effects of her build up."

Andrea didn't know what she meant, "no, and I'm her mother." Here mind was catching up now. Leaving the room seemed to help bring her back to reality. She took a firmer tone, "if you think I'm going to... going to assist my child, to, in," she couldn't bring herself to say it.

"Andrea look at yourself," Dr. Krasiva motioned to her chest.

Andrea looked down, seeing for the first time the physical reality of what her mind had felt back in the room. The room, back where her daughter, Nicole had been exposed to her. Nicole, body bowed, straining up into the air with the firing her mother new grew deep inside her. The way only a woman's body could, but also erupting, ejaculating with the force that only came with being a man. Andrea's nipples were painfully obvious, poking index finger thick bumps in her blouse. They capped hard, puffy aureole tissue domes at the top of each breast. She realized that her sex wetness would mean changing her pants and underwear soon. No wonder her mind was so sluggish.

"Here, come through here," Natalia led her by the elbow again into what Andrea thought was a closet. Instead the door opened into a long but narrow room with a large mirror on one wall. The room was dark, the door closed behind them silently.

"This will allow you to look into my exam room," Dr. Kasiva, despite the dark, found a switch on the side of the mirror.

Andrea suddenly new, the big mirror opposite the doctor's exam table was two way. She new what she was about to see, her children. She couldn't protest fast enough. With a press of a button the light from the exam room came through, one direction, into theirs. Bring with it the vision of sweet innocent Tori sitting beside Nicole on the exam table. She was milking hard blasts of cum from her sisters dick. Both hands are wrapped around Nicole while she is leaning over to suck hard on her sisters tits. Tori's cheeks filled as she swallowed, throat working to get it in and down. Nicole's head is tipped back, mouth open and working to draw in air. Nicole had one arm wrapped around Tori, supporting her, the other held a cup in place to catch her cum. It was filling but needed a steadier hand. They looked like long time lovers. Reminding Andrea of time she spent with her husband.

The sight filled her vision causing Andrea's panties to flood as she felt a slow turbulent orgasm wash over her, prickling the back of her scalp. Placing her hands on the mirror, she supported herself, gaining some composer. Her head began to clear quickly after her climax. Her pants and underwear now duly ruined, the evidence could be easily seen. She turned to Dr. Krasiva, shoulders straight, all business. It looked like the Doctor, usually very professional, would be needing a change pants also. A wet spot had formed high in the front.

"What is happening in there," Andrea pointed at them with a finger, leaning the question into the doctor. Who was more then a little taller then her.

"She..." The doctor was taking longer to come around, "Nicole excretes pheromones just like any normal person."

"Nicole is not a normal person!"

This got Dr. Krasiva's attention, "of course she is! Just extra-normal. She has much stronger and more potent pheromones, both male and female. We are picking this up and reacting to them. Like male dogs to bitch in heat. Perfectly reasonable."

"Their fucking... fucking sisters! That's incest in there," She turn to march out and put a stop to it or, a small voice suggested, join in. She pushed that voice down. Dr. Krasiva grabbed her shoulder.

"Nicole has nothing but your family. Why take away the structure that holds her life together. You provide a safe environment for your children to discover themselves. A safe place to act out, to explore, to make mistakes and to be guided by good parenting back into the light. Trust me, irreparable psychological damage can be made if you handle this wrong." The doctor brought her face close to Andrea's, imploring her.

Andrea reluctantly saw the truth in what Dr. Krasiva said, "OK, tell me what I need to do." Together they smelled like dorm room sex.

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