tagNovels and NovellasNicole's Secret Ch. 02 Pt. 02

Nicole's Secret Ch. 02 Pt. 02


"Mom we don't want to call the police," Tori stood next to Andrea taking Nicole's hand, "it will ruin Nico's life."

Andrea is a mother, one that wants to protect her children but she reluctantly admitted she was beat. Lisa Gray's husband was Douglas T. Gray and sheriff of their county. Nothing good would be coming of this, she thought. It made her family seem small and vulnerable.

She looked over her two girls, they were growing into adults to quickly. Tori is outgoing as her hair is blond but with her father's sense of morals keping her grounded. Nicole, on the other hand, was just like Andrea at that age. Seemingly having to experience everything first hand to understand it.

Andrea was encourage that the girls were close again. They had lost the almost twin like connection they had as kids. She hoped this new friendship would last.

"OK, but be careful! This towns rodeo boys are known to get into trouble during the summer." She looked into Nicole's eyes wanting to harangue her for the bad sense of judgment she had displayed. Now wasn't the time, her husband would have said.

"Come on girls lets puts this stuff away," with that Andrea closed the topic off. She would bring it up again later when she could pull her thoughts together. Patting Nicole's head one last time she moved to pick up the dishes from the table. Tori followed her lead and began washing them at the kitchen sink.


Up stairs, in her bedroom, Andrea stood in the shower. The water was still warm but probably not for long. The temperature was beginning to drop. Naked she stood against the wall with her head down as water hit her body from across the shower. She stared down past her breasts, looking at her feet. She wouldn't be able to find the answers to her questions down there.

Turning off the water Andrea grabbed a towel and dried her hair. It was short and easy to take care of. The haircut of a single mother. Finished she hastened to dry the rest of herself. Putting the towel back on its hanger she grabbed her robe. Walking from her room to the hall she stopping at Nicole's door. She briefly knocked and then let herself in. Her daughters don't demand much privacy and things were pretty loose clothing wise around the house. She was used to seeing the girls naked but shocked by what she found in Nicole's room.

Nicole was the artist of the family and it was reflected in the way she decorated her room. Being introverted by nature and given her unique circumstance she didn't have pile of photos of her friends on the wall but instead had posters of places from around the world. Not the common ones like Paris or France but instead Manchu Picchu and the Egypt's Pyramids. The walls had been painted with landscapes of places she and her father had camped together. Nicole had been given a bedroom with her own bathroom like her parents bedroom but it wasn't as big. Still, the bedroom easily held her bed, closet and desk without feeling small.

When Andrea walked into Nicole's room she didn't see her immediately since upon entering the desk was just in front of the door. The bed sat beyond the desk and the closet and bathroom across from the bed. Turning right Andrea caught her daughter inspecting herself in the mirror.

Nicole stood looking down at her own body. The mirror was full length and attached to the wall between the bathroom and closet. It reflected an incredible image. Her child had really filled out over the last year. Andrea could understand the need Nicole felt. The need to understand all the ways her new body was meant to be used. The want a girl feels to use her newly developed body. Andrea had experienced the dangers that entailed the underdeveloped mind with an overdeveloped body.

"Mom am I going to beautiful?" Nicole had turned away from the mirror and sat on her bed looking up at her, "I don't feel like I will."

Andrea had come in with a plan of what to say but the words were gone now. Nicole looked so vulnerable. She dropped on the bed next to Nicole, wrapping her arms around her. "Yes honey, you're going to be gorgeous," this wasn't a lie, Nicole was already a heart stopper by measurements alone. Tall, her body had the size to be both very strong and voluptuous, like a woman from the amazon. Her eyes could appear bold and soft at the same time. "No one can take your beauty away from you honey. "

"I know that mom," Nicole pulled away from her mother, "but what about this?" She spread her legs to reveal her penis, "what am I going to do about his?"

"We can talk to Dr. Kasiva together tomorrow about it," Andrea had always been excepting of Nicole's dual sexuality. At times Nicole had looked very much like a boy as a child but had always insisted upon being treated like a girl. Puberty had clinched it. Andrea had always been reluctant to pigeon hole Nicole. Wanting her daughter to be free to explore this decision herself.

Andrea looked down at Nicole's cock, watching as it hardened. She dearly missed her own husband and seeing this brought back memories. Andrea pushed them down, now was not the time, but her body seemed eager to be ready.

Nicole held her cock, "I haven't been taking care of this like the doctor told me," shaking it as if to make a point. She wrapped her fingers around it, "looks like it got me into trouble."

Watching Nicole play with herself had Andrea's head swimming. Andrea rarely thought about Nicole's penis, now it filled her mind, "The doctor was very concerned about your ability to control," her mouth dried up as she watch Nicole mindlessly pull her cock down. The act made it more erect, fattening it, the head bobbing up and down. It was black as the rest of Nicole and very wide.

"I know mom, sorry. Tori already berated me about it." The slit at the top of the cock's crown appeared to open and close, winking at Andrea.

Andrea had to look away but her head was filling with a fog, vision tunneling. She wondered if her husband had been gone so long now that she was this desperate. Completely being undone buy the sight of any cock. She could feel her nipples filling with arousal, her robe wouldn't be able to hide that. Her single child birth had left them thick and fat. Still high up on her chest thanks to great genetics, but thick as finger tips, and always wanting to be sucked by a strong mouth.

Andrea was becoming a wreck. Her robe was thankfully thick and it would absorb her wetness but she still needed to go. Finally dragging her eyes away from her own kids cock she noticed something that really shook her.

Leaking, dribbling, down her daughter's chested was a clear fluid. It was thicker than water from the way it moved. Andrea stared at Nicole's nipples until she noticed.

"This just started happening," Nicole seemed unconcerned, "that's normal right? Girls sometimes have discharge like this?" She used her free hand to cup and squeeze one breast. It sprayed a short distance, the fluid landing on Andrae's robe.

"Um, yes honey, but we should still talk to Dr. Kasiva about it," Andrea stood, trying not to run from the room. She could feel her wetness seep from her pussy, smearing as me moved her legs.

Nicole stood up with her mother and embraced her, "Mom thanks for being so good to me." She had wrapped her arms easily around the smaller woman. Completely unaware that her mother's face was deep in the valley of her cleavage, "You are the best mother ever." Nicole kissed Anrea's cheek.

Andrea returned the kiss and huge. Loving the embrace, as it caused her child's cock to slide across her stomach through her open robe. It burned hot where it touched her, the feeling lasted as she returned to her room.

Sitting on her bed Andrea threw her robe on the floor. She felt a bit more clear headed in her own room but her body was slow to calm down, it demanded satisfaction. Andrea had been aroused upon entering Nicole's room and that arousal had built until she left. Now she was embarrassingly horny as she spread out on top of her bed.

The death of her husband four years ago had left her dry inside, now the passion was coming back all at once, like a wave. Andrea rolled off the bed, desperately searching underneath. John had loved playing with her body, it had been a sort hobby of theirs. She had a veracious sexual appetite, one that had left her taken advantage of many times until John found her. They had worked together, learning from each other what was needed. She found the box and pulled it out, opening the lid. She pulled out a vibrator, an aptly named Magic Wand. Immediately plugged it in she pressed to her sex. She choked, realizing how much she missed these feelings, how much she needed them.

Andrea crumpled to the ground, remembering the time her husband would take with her body. The man was exceedingly patient with her, applying himself deftly to her needs. She pressed the vibrating head to her clit without mercy. With both hands cramming down hard she tried to force the huge vibe into her cunt then dragged it up to stimulate her clit.

John had always enjoy playing with her pussy. Sliding his big ruff hands slowly in and out her while teasing her clit. She would sit, back against him, his legs spread around her while they would watch the sunset at the end of a picnic. The sky filling her with deep needs of red spreading into fantastic shades of yellow. Her dress up around her hips and his hands deep inside her. She had loved those moments with John and she wanted to remember them now.

Andrea's body wracked itself as she recalled his voice whispering his love into her ear. Tears formed in her eyes she desperately tried to shoved the wand deep inside herself, it was to thick. All she needed was the pain of her memories and the pressure of wand against her cunt to drive her over the edge. She cried openly, her body shaking with grief, wailing while feeling sunlight fill her as she climaxed. Turning sad memories to good. Andrea wouldn't forget the good man she was married to and his love would keep her family strong even after he was dead.

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