Niece's Tight Cunt Needs It Bad


Heather's body, however, was out of control. She moaned softly but urgently, pulling her knees back even farther. "Ohhhhh!" was all she could say, overwhelmed at the intense desire for something more erotic to happen.

Uncle Jake's reaction shook her to reality. He snatched his hand back from her thigh, and with his other arm he pushed her to sit upright next to him, not leaning into him anymore. "Shit, Heather," he groaned disappointedly, "we really, really shouldn't be here, doing this."

The words of truth struck like an arrow. Heather knew he was right, but her young pussy was aching so much, she hated him for being right. "I know, I know," she lamented, trying to convince herself more than him.

Uncle Jake took back the remote for a last time, pointing it at its target and firing the OFF button. The TV went blank, removing about half of the light in the room. On a small lamp behind the sofa lit anything, leaving half of their faces in the dark. Heather looked blankly at her Uncle, so embarassed that she let this get so far. She had a fear he'd tell Mom, and all of the high admiration her mom had for her would be crushed.

Sitting now on her ankles, her back only slightly arched, her hard nipples still pointed at him. Heather saw him admiring her chest again, the look of a very horny, sexy man who wanted what he saw. Sure, he was her uncle, but he was a gorgeous, dreamy hunk of a man, full of muscles and sexy curves, and he turned her on as much as any man she'd fucked. Even with him having said "no," she still felt power showing off her body to him, and the guilt subsided for a moment.

"So tell me," he mused, possibly sounding like he hadn't convinced himself yet, "if I hadn't said anything, were, um, were . . .?"

The trailing of his voice made Heather giggle. It was cute, he was embarrassed himself. Her voice chirped playfully, almost innocently. "Were what?"

He smiled at how his niece was going to make him blurt it out. "Were you going to let me see that divine, angelic body of yours?"

Heather's pussy gushed at how he described her, it was so sweet and sexy. She could not lie, the truth came out in a soft whisper. "Yesssss."

Uncle Jake didn't move, his steely cold-blue eyes looked right into her bosom a couple of feet away, admiring, probably stripping off the outer garment in his imagination. He didn't need to say a word, she knew what was happening in between his ears. And, knowing that this sexy man was as enamored with her as she was with him, Heather decided it didn't matter he was an uncle. "You wanted to see these?" Heather grabbed her haltertop at her tummy, yanking it up and off of her body, and rendering herself topless. Her rounded, smooth teenage breasts pointed directly at her Uncle's eyes, which devoured them instantly. Heather arched her back, hands on her thin hips, offering the naked fleshy orbs to the older adult male.

She saw in his face that he loved the sight of her boobs. "Like them, Uncle Jake?"

His hands reached up, cupping them, making her moan. Heather grabbed his wrists instinctively, feeling her uncle fondle her naked breasts, his powerful palms cupping the flesh and his soft thumbs rubbing circles on her nipples. "Mmm," she moaned, her head falling back, long blonde hair dropping down her nude back.

The horny teenager opened her eyes, and when she looked into her Uncle's face, they both giggled naughtily. It was okay, they were both horny for each other; he tried to stop it, and that satisfied their moral obligation to determine how badly they wanted to fuck each other. Heather rose to her knees on the sofa, crawling to Jake, leaning her breasts to his face. He leaned forward knowing what she wanted, and moments later one of her breasts was deep in his warm, wet mouth, suckling it, lathering it with his tongue and saliva. "Oooh yesss!" the girl cried, pushing her tit into her uncle's mouth. His hands slipped around her hips, clutching her little buttocks in her tight shorts, drawing her closer.

She let herself be pulled into her uncle's embrace, turning her torso to slide her tit out of his mouth and insert the other one. The wettened breast smeared some of his saliva over his face until her other nipple found itself between his lips, and he nibbled just on the nipple, his lips wrapped around his teeth to softly squeeze it. His palms were groping her little cheerleader's butt, and her crotch now smashed against his abdomen. Heather put a foot on the floor, so she could straddle him as he sat sideways on the sofa, her other knee on the couch next to his hips. Dropping her pelvis, she pushed her aching pussy against his crotch through their clothing.

The bulge in his pants felt like concrete against her mound. She moaned again, wrapping her hands around Uncle Jake's head to seal his mouth around her breast. The sucking of her tit into his mouth shot vibrations down to her clit, and she ground her pussy anxiously against his crotch. Damn he felt big. She couldn't resist. Heather slipped a hand down between their bodies, frenetically trying to slide her hand inside Uncle Jake's pants.

"Here," he moaned, leaning back on the sofa, his face glistening with saliva as was her two tits. He unsnapped his pants as his topless niece looked down upon him, almost straddling him. As soon as he unzipped his pants, Heather grabbed the top edge of his underwear with one hand and pulled it down. "Fuck!" she cried in delight, revealing a massive cock that was bigger than any she'd fucked, except maybe the black football players. Had to be 7 to 8 inches, maybe more, cut, and thick as a tree log. Her uncle was fucking hung. Stretching back the underwear, her other hand grabbed her uncle's penis, squeezing it, finding it harder and bigger than she could have hoped.

"You're so huge!" moaned the young slut happily.

Her fingers discover the wet, slimy soft helmet of his penis. Sliding her palm and fingers down lower, she wrapped them around the fat shaft. "It's amazing," she repeated, stunned at what she was holding. He pushed his pelvis up to shove his underwear and pants down a bit, and Heather found herself staring at his shaved balls, a big fat soft sack underneath his enormous, gargantuan erection. Staring at it made Heather think she was going to orgasm on the spot.

It dawned on her that she was holding her uncle's penis, and that she maybe never wanted to fuck one as badly as this. It was so forbidden and improper, but it totally turned her on.

Uncle Jake didn't stop his niece from grasping and stroking his prick. It pulsated heat against her palm, and she could feel how it throbbed and ached and stretched for her. She knew she wanted to take it out so badly. So, clutching his fat penis in her hand, she leaned up to his face and moaned with lust in his ear, "Uncle Jake, let me suck your big dick please, baby, I want to suck it to badly!" And she punctuated her request by licking his cheek, from chin up to near his eye, leaving a broad wet path of saliva over his face.

Uncle Jake responded by immediately by pushing his pants to his knees. Heather admired the massive cock again, it was definitely like 8 to 9 inches, and thick as her wrist at the base, with a large mushroom head that was so wet it glistened in the dim lights. She wrapped her fingers and thumb around it -- her fingers did not come close to enclosing around the entire girth -- and lightly pumped it. It seemed it was still getting harder. Her hand slid the outer layer of skin over the shaft inside, jerking it rhythmically, while she smelled his arousal. Her mouth watered, she wanted it so bad.

Heather leaned over his lap now, and it was a foregone conclusion that she was going to make him squirt in her throat. Her mouth opened as wide as she could, and she swallowed the head of his cock inside. It was huge and soft. Her tongue swirled around it, tasting the salty precum, and she sucked just the head, tugging at it with her lips. Uncle Jake groaned in satisfaction. The blonde thought to herself, he's going to love this. She sucked the dick into the vacuum of her mouth, then started sliding her mouth down farther on the shaft, pushing the swollen peckerhead to the back of your mouth. Her nostrils filled with the smell of male cock. He's so hard, she thought to herself, his cock is pulsing with life for me. She even had to put both knees on the sofa, so she could lean over him and come straight down on it, to push more of the enormous dick into her teenage mouth.

As the soft prickhead touched the entrance to your throat, Uncle Jake murmurred in amazement. "Fuck yes, do it," he grunted, "deep throat me." Heather giggled with his cock in your mouth, and she showed him her cocksucking skills. A moment later, Heather had the head of her uncle's cock in her throat. It's so fucking big, it hurts, she thought to herself, but it's such a turnon to deep-throat him. She held her breath and pushed down more, more, more . . . and soon her lips were against his shaved balls, and she felt 8 or 9 inches of manmeat shoved up her neck.

Pumping her throat on the cock a few moments, the 18 year old blonde cheerleader came back up for air, exhaling around his shiny wet dick, leaving slobbery drool all over his penis. Her fist immediately grabbed the dick, squeezing it, stroking the lubricated shaft, jerking him off while she continued to suck the head and top couple of inches. Then she drew another deep breath, and plunged the cock back down into her neck, and she heard her Uncle exclaims a shriek of delight. "Oh fuck baby, you're so good!" came a burst from his gut, wincing as her tight neck squeezed his fat shaft, "what a hot little cocksucker you are, Heather!"

Heather proved him right. She popped his penis into her throat a few more times, each time wiggling it around her throat and neck for a few moments, then pulling off to jerk off the thick wet meat. As she fuck his cock with her mouth, she felt his hand slide down your back, then he slid his hands under her torso to cup her dangling boobs. His big strong manly hands held each fat tit, fondling it, squeezing it as she sucked his meat. But her tits were not his ultimate objective. As she was bent over to suck his dick, Uncle Jake stretched one hand under her body, down between her thighs, and his strong fingertips found her pussy through the thin fabric of her shorts and thong.

Heather was so turned on, the moment his fingers found her clit, rubbing up against it, she lost it. Heather came with a sudden orgasm, soiling her thong and shorts, her pussy vibrating against his fingers then spasming just from the rubbing of fabric on her clit. The intensity of her orgasm made her shove his prick deeper into her mouth and throat and neck again, while she squeeled and grunted from her instant orgasm. Feeling his thick penis in her throat while her pussy was exploding with a climax made her orgasm last even longer.

Uncle Jake knew his niece just came, and the smell of the female orgasm plus the dampness of her shorts were the final incentive for his own ejaculation. He grabbed Heather's thick, long blonde hair, and although she needed a deep breath, she let him force his prick deeper into her neck. His body twitched, his muscles tensed, and he let it go. A massive male orgasm erupts from his dick. She felt and smelled his balls churning, the shaft in her mouth pumpping over and over, and in your throat she could tell he was pouring out his hot male sperm right into her teenage tummy.

When her Uncle finally stopped cumming, Heather sat up and choked down the liquids in her mouth. Clearing her throat she sucked in a deep breath of air, almost choking again, and continued to exhale hard until her breathing returned to normal. She was sweating on her temples and under her arms, the deep-throat fucking and her own cum were making her sweat profusely. Having made her own uncle cum in her mouth made it the best blowjob she ever gave.

After both uncle and niece regained their senses, he giggled at her playfully. "You know, honey, it would be real bad if one of your parents came down those steps and found their daughter with her uncle's penis in her pussy."

Thinking about his words made her smile broadly. "Yeah that would definitely suck," you giggle back. "So Uncle Jake, I guess we should go down to your guest bedroom to fuck now."

He grabbed his pants and pulled them to cover his spent erection, standing upright in the same motion. Heather found her top and held it against her tits, not donning it, as she headed for the steps to the basement. Her Uncle followed, no doubt eyeing her butt in her tight shorts as she slipped down the carpeted steps into the fully-finished basement. The guest bedroom was at the end of the long hallway. As she headed for it, he stepped to her side, putting his hand on her naked lower back. Heather stopped in the middle of the hallway, her arms grabbing his shoulders. The lust she felt for him was insane. She turned her taller uncle to face her and lean over, and she pulled his mouth down to hers. Uncle shoved his tongue in his niece's mouth, where she greeted it with her own tongue then sucked it with her lips. They moaned at their deep French kiss, exchanging hot breaths from lung to lung, saliva dripping out of their mouths as they sucked face.

"Come on," he blurted out, breaking the kiss and grabbing her hand. He led her to the bedroom, and when both were inside he kicked the door shut behind himself.

He wasted no time. In the darkened bedroom he dropped his unclosed pants to the floor, ripped off his shirt, and revealed his manly body. Moonlight through the window of the bedroom showed Heather just what a Greek god he was: a hairy, chiseled chest, his shaved cock and balls, and his powerful thick thighs. He was simply gorgeous. Plus, that mammoth 8 or 9 inch penis was still standing out of his pelvis, wanting to fuck her tight little teenage body, hardly seeming any smaller after its orgasm a minute earlier.

Nude, he sat on the edge of his bed, pulling his almost-nude niece to stand in front of him. She could see him examining the shape of her naked tits, the long hard nipples pointing at him. In the dim light Heather arched her back to push her breasts at him more. Uncle Jake's eyes gazed at the breasts, then his hands reached up and cupped them again. He rolled the soft flesh over his fingers and palms, then holding them he pulled her tits back to his mouth and licked them both back and forth. "Ungh!" shuddered Heather, enjoying her Uncle's suckling of her breasts, his wet tongue tracing over her hard nipples.

Suddenly he pushed her away, and a moment later, the desk lamp by his bed lit up. He sat back upright, admiring his niece's body. "Can I watch you turn around and bend over and take off those shorts?" he asked, his voice full of lust.

The girl hardly had to think about the request. "Sure." She laughed at how polite he was, and found herself anxious to show him her delicious little bald vagina. She turned her naked back to him and hooked her thumbs under the elastic wasteband of her shorts, then she bent over halfway and pushed her tight shorts down to her little feet. As she stepped out, she looked back and saw Uncle Jake licking his lips, gazing at her ass in her white, cotton thong. Heather grinned at his admiration, and she smacked one of her slender buttcheeks with a palm. He laughed with her. Heather remained bent forward, knees parted, so as she stuck her butt towards her Uncle, he could see the shape of her pussylips inside her thong's crotch. "Mmm Uncle Jake," she moaned, sliding a hand under herself, fingers reaching up to touch her vagina through the thong, "I'm so fucking wet for you."

Uncle Jake watched his niece touch her pussy through her clothing. "Let me see it," he grunted, "show me that hot cunt, honey."

Heather remained bent over, hooking her thumbs this time through the straps of her thong. Peeling them over her hips, she slid the white, damp thong down her long legs to her ankles. Quickly she picked each foot up and tossed the thong to the side.

Looking again over her shoulder, she found her uncle gazing at her shaved, pink pussylips and tight little asshole. His fat erection stood out of his lap, pointing at the ceiling. Heather grinned at him, and seeing his reaction a moment earlier at the sight of her fingers on her crotch, she gave him a better pleasure. Watching to make sure she had his full attention, she bent forward and put one hand on her knee, propping herself upright; with her legs split, she put her other hand to her pussy, spreading open her slit to her Uncle, then she began fingering her clit.

Huffing with deep breaths, her eyes looked lustfully at her Uncle. "Want to see me finger it?" she grunted, begging for him to say yes.

He nodded.

"Uhhh fuck," the girl exhaled, sliding one stiff finger inside her twat. It was so wet, but incredibly tight. Having her Uncle watch her masturbate was a huge turn-on. She stretched her arm as far back under herself as she could, turning up her hand to stick her finger all the way, until her hand was pressed into her clit. "Shit I'm tight, Uncle Jake!"

"Nice," the man groaned, watching her intently, "I love it."

She smiled, and as he requested, she stuck a second finger into her pussy. She winced at how tight it was, and she wasn't used to doing it standing up and bent over -- but the awkward position made it even more sexy. Heather slowly pushed two fingers into her cunt, milking it in and out, feeling them cover with juice. Oh, that juice. Knowing her uncle would love it, she pulled her wet fingers out and immediately shoved them into her mouth, then sticking her tongue out she let her Uncle watch her lick her own pussyjuices.

His eyes bugged out, his jaw dropped at how sexy it was. "Oh, honey, my sexy niece likes the taste of her own pussy?"

Heather nodded, still sucking her fingers dry.

"Mmm, good to know." He was leaning back on the bed, both hands behind him, his missile erect out of his lap, waiting its turn for her. But he was enjoying the show too much to stop. "So Heather, if you like the flavor of your pussy, do you like other girls? Lick any other pussies?"

The cheerleader squeeled in delight; men were so predictable. Heather stood upright, turning her naked teen body to face her nude uncle. She watched his eyes go from her naked tits to her wet, dripping pussy. Walking towards him, she answered his question with a grinning face. "I love pussy," she admitted honestly, "I love the flavor."

"Do you now?" Uncle Jake crawled backwards on the bed, retreating to sit against the far wall, giving room for Heather now to crawl onto the bed too. He wasn't touching his prick, which looked like it was pulsating in his lap, long and stiff with thick ribs and criss-crossing veins. "So tell me, baby, when was the last time, um, you, ah, the last time you fucked another girl?"

Heather was now on her knees on the bed, not sure what he wanted to do. She sat on her butt, legs spread to show off her pussy to him, as she thought out loud. "Last time, well, a month ago, my friend Jill and I were at this frat party, and we were in this guy's room, and like suddenly there were a bunch of guys doing us, and then --"

He chuckled. "Naw, honey, I mean, just you and another girl, do you ever do that?"

She flipped her hair over her shoulder. "Yeah, uh huh." She thought he'd wanted to hear a hot story, not just some routine fuck. But didn't have to think too long to remember her last sex with another girl. "Actually, it was the weekend I flew home, my friend Camille and me."

Uncle Jake now rose to his knees, crawling towards her body. She remained still, waiting for him to take control. He did, but not quite what she expected. He had his niece lie flat on her back, spreading her legs to reveal her vagina to him, and she pulled back her knees expecting him to mount her. Instead, he sat on his ankles a couple feet away, and he motioned for her to resume finger-fucking herself.

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