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Nigerian Vampire Files


"Until the day I die, I'll fight you freaks," Abelard Adewale shouted, and the tall, burly young Nigerian man boldly swung his fist, and connected with the jawline of the pale-skinned man before him. Tall and slim, with alabaster skin and reddish brown hair, the dark-clad man did not even flinch, but instead carelessly, almost casually, took the brunt of the hit. It had little to no effect on him, of course.

"That's your problem, son, you're not fighting freaks, you're fighting the Undead," said the Pale Man, and he grabbed Abelard, shook him like a rag doll, then sank his fangs into his neck. Abelard struggled mightily against the unstoppable force that gripped him, but to no avail. The Vampire's fangs sank deep into him, drawing out his precious blood, and then leeching it away before replacing it with an unnatural poison...

"I'm not your son, you patronizing piece of shit," Abelard bellowed, right before he swooned, weakened by blood loss. The Pale Man stood over the fallen body of his latest victim, and licked his lips with a tongue far longer than it ought to be. Satisfied, he bent down and reached for the young Nigerian man's neck, intent on snapping it to prevent reanimation. A sleek hand gripped his fist, putting a stop to his effort.

"Raul, don't slay this one, he'll make an excellent acolyte," said a feminine voice, and the Pale Man, who wasn't accustomed to being addressed by his real name, or having his hand gripped by a hand stronger than steel, actually froze. Raul, the aforementioned Pale Man, turned to face she who had dared to lay a hand on his person. Even though he'd quit breathing ages ago, and stopped being a person in the true sense, there were things he would simply not tolerate...

"Samira, you forget your place, this annoying upstart Negro is my kill," Raul said, fangs bared, and the figure facing him stared at him impassively through eyes that were solid black. Tall and curvy, with dark bronze skin and long, curly black hair, Samira was just as lovely now as she'd once been, back when she'd been a mortal woman in the environs of Mount Liban, during Lebanon's French colonial days.

"Raul, you forget whom you're speaking to," Samira said, and she actually tut-tutted him, to his everlasting annoyance and anger. Raul faced Samira, man to woman, monster to monster. Samira smiled, revealing pearly, unnaturally white teeth that would have made any dentist proud, and what she did next was so unexpected that Raul, for his centuries of experience among the Undead, didn't even see it coming.

"Argh," Raul gasped, as Samira lashed out at him with sleek fingernails which extended into wicked claws, digging into his chest. In one smooth move, Samira ripped out Raul's non-beating heart, and held it before the ancient Vampire's astonished face before he turned to dust. Samira smiled with smug self-satisfaction before turning her attention to the slumbering human body that lay before her.

"You got no idea what you're in for," Samira told Abelard Adewale's sleeping form, before gathering him into her arms. With her burden in her arms, Samira took off at a rate of speed that few beings would ever achieve. Moving in an almost cartoonish manner, Samira crossed the distance between the Donkor Hills and Port Harcourt, where a boat awaited.

"Welcome aboard ma'am," said a tall, burly and dark-skinned man whom Samira recognized as Ibrahim, Captain of the Eja Shaki. Samira smiled at the man, bowed her head gently and then handed her burden to his shipmates. Two young Nigerian men grabbed Abelard and took his still sleeping form below deck. Without further ado, the ship sailed away from Port Harcourt under cover of night.

"Game, set and match," Samira said to herself as she went below deck, to the sun proof box in which she traveled. It contained a mattress, and a few other items that would ensure her comfort during the daylight hours. Since time immemorial, Vampires used their access to wealth to ensure the loyalty of mortal men, thus enabling them to move about in the mortal world largely undetected.

Samira lay in the sun proof box, and closed her eyes. Traveling from the nation of Nigeria, in the heart of West Africa, to North America would take a long time. Ibrahim and his men would get Samira as far as the Middle East, and from there, she'd get to Europe, and eventually end up in New York City, where her subordinates expected her. Going so far out of her comfort zone was quite risky, but worth it...

Bloodlines, in the mortal world just like in the Vampire world, they mattered a great deal. Samira Hasbaya was born in the environs of Mount Liban, Lebanon, on February 7, 1900. In 1920, she was present at the creation of the State of Greater Lebanon, along with her father, Suleiman Hasbaya.

In those days, when the faltering Ottoman Empire stopped reigning over various Arab lands including Lebanon, the League of Nations helped form the State of Greater Lebanon, which would later become the Lebanese Republic. Although born and raised in a Muslim family, Samira shared her progressive father Suleiman's belief that Lebanon would only rise if Maronite Christians learned to cooperate with the Muslims and others.

On the night of that historic day, Samira met a wealthy and powerful Arab man named Saad Bekaa, one of the region's movers and shakers. Saad turned out to be far more than he appeared to be. The reclusive kingmaker, who was never seen during the day and yet wielded great power through his many business ventures and political connections, turned out to be a Vampire.

Saad wanted the lovely Samira for himself, and when her father Suleiman refused to grant him her hand in marriage, he slaughtered the father and turned Samira into a Vampire...by force. Three nights after those terrible events, Samira arose as a nascent Vampire, confused, and hungry for blood. Saad endeavored to become Samira's Vampire master and make her his paramour. A few months after Samira became a Vampire, she killed Saad by exposing him to the light of day.

"Samira, why do you betray me?" a shocked Saad asked Samira as she stood in the shadows of his beautiful villa on the outskirts of Beirut, watching as mortal servants bound him in preparation for his execution. The female Vampire flashed her hapless master a cunning smile, and shook her lovely head. The sheer perfidy in her gaze would have broken Saad's heart, if his heart still beat.

"Saad, you killed my father and turned me into a monster, death is what you deserve," Samira retorted, then she signaled her accomplices, the many men and women of Saad's household. By promising these mortal slaves their freedom, Samira gained their loyalty, and they definitely kept their word. They dragged Saad into the sunlight, in chains, until the light of day burned him to ashes.

From that moment on, Samira became an outlaw, a pariah in Vampire society. The Undead are a nation like all others, and even among this secretive species of monsters that masquerade among humanity, hiding in plain sight, there are rules. A Vampire who kills his or her own kind is just as reviled as the mortal man or woman who kills their fellow human beings. Such a bad element is to be slain, so goes the Edict of the Undead.

Samira kept her word to Saad's servants, granting them their freedom, prior to going on the lam. Saad had many friends in the Vampire community and more than a few of them wanted her dead. In those days, although quite widespread, the Vampires mainly lived in places like Europe, the Americas and the Middle East. Due to their Eurocentric viewpoint, many of them considered Africa beneath their notice, hence why Samira went there...

Samira fell in love with West Africa, and roamed all over the lands that would later be called Ghana and Nigeria. She fell in love with the beautiful, lively peoples of those lands. She loathed how the Europeans treated them. Among the people of West Africa, a certain respect for the supernatural existed which Samira had never seen anywhere else. The locals knew that there were monsters among them, and left those monsters alone, provided they were not hostile. While in West Africa, Samira restricted her feeding to animals...

In Nigeria, Samira made a few Vampires, and one of them was Julius Adewale, an intellectual from the Port Harcourt region who railed against European colonialism in Africa. Julius, tall, dark and handsome, a scholar with a warrior's build, became a magnificent Vampire. Samira and Julius became lovers, and they were together for decades, until Julius was slain when their villa was set upon by daytime bandits. Samira barely escaped, but she swore to Julius that she would look after his family...

For decades, Samira did just that. She looked after the Adewale family in Port Harcourt, Nigeria. Julius had a mortal brother named Jonathan Adewale, who moved to London, England, to study at Brunel University in the summer of 1969. Jonathan found himself the recipient of a mysterious scholarship, which Samira funded of course. While in London, England, Jonathan met and subsequently dated and wedded a lovely young Englishwoman named Catherine Bellamy. The two of had a son, Abelard Adewale, born in 1977.

Abelard Adewale, as the only son of a Nigerian immigrant father and a white British mother, found himself ill at ease in London, U.K. London, long one of Europe's most storied cities, was rapidly changing and not everyone liked that. As an interracial couple, Abelard's parents endured much racism and prejudice, but they refused to let that get to them. Abelard didn't have his parents positive attitude, and rejected English society with its prejudice and hate.

In 2002, at the age of twenty five, Abelard Adewale moved from London, England, to Port Harcourt, Nigeria, the ancestral home of his father's clan. The big and tall, caramel-hued and green-eyed young biracial man knew that he would stand out among the chocolate-hued people of his father's West African nation, but he didn't care. To Abelard, it didn't matter that he was the son of a black father and a white mother. In his heart, he had no love for Europe, and yearned to embrace Africa...

"I reject British society and its hatred, I am a proud son of Nigeria, a member of the Igbo clan through my father Julius Adewale, and I am coming home," Abelard told BBC news prior to his trip to Nigeria. The young man's decision to rescind his British citizenship had caught the attention of the local media. British society was puzzled, and some of its members were appalled. Many people came to Britain's shores yearning for British citizenship, not many were eager to throw it away...

Abelard Adewale came to Nigeria with a computer science degree from Brunel University, his father's alma mater. The young man wanted to help build Nigeria's tech sector from the ground up. His efforts caught the attention of two mysterious figures, who happened to be a duo of competing immortals. Raul Vasquez, a Vampire of Castellan Spanish descent who owned many of the palm oil plantations in the Port Harcourt region, and Samira, the mysterious Lebanese beauty with a firm grip on local politics.

"Abe, you're a bright young man, you're handsome and smart, but if you're going to help build Nigeria's tech sector, you're going to need allies," Samira told Abelard one evening during the summer of 2003. Abelard looked at Samira and smiled, marvelling at the tall, curvy, dark-haired Arab woman who spoke many of the local dialects, Igbo and Yoruba included, without any accent. She was definitely something else...

"To your good health and good advice, Samira," a smiling Abelard replied, and Samira looked at him and smiled. The young newcomer couldn't know this but the Lebanese female Vampire was quite enamored with him. Abelard was virtually the mirror image of his long-dead uncle Julius Adewale, who disappeared mysteriously decades ago. Samira still yearned for her long-lost lover, and finding herself face to face with his younger, fairer-skinned virtual clone was something of a shock for her...

On that evening, a formidable alliance was forged. Of course, not everyone was happy with Abelard's plans to shake things up. To many Nigerians, he was something of a prince, the foreign-born brother who rejected British society and went back to his African roots. To others, he was a troublemaker, judging local politics and customs through his very British sensibilities. Abelard had enemies, and one of them was the formidable Raul, an ancient Vampire with a taste for exotic blood...

Abelard had no idea that fate had big plans for him. Powerful forces would conspire to destroy him, while others sought to transform and perhaps save him. At the end of the day, it all comes down to blood. Life is in the blood, for mortals as well as Vampires. Abelard was destined to become the second member of his blood line to join the ranks of the Undead. Samira would go through great pains to save him. The question is, what kind of Vampire shall Abelard become once he awakens?

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Umm why no sex

Good story. Not racist or shallow, as aforementioned. But why no sex?

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by Anonymous08/16/18

3000 stories and this is the best you can do?

In spite of cranking out these stories for 10 years and writing 3000 or more stories, this is the best you can do? You havent learned a thing about writing. You still write the same racist, shallow, andmore...

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