tagSci-Fi & FantasyNight Creepers Ch. 02

Night Creepers Ch. 02

bysex slave©

Sandra looked around her to view the gang of Morris townsfolk as they jacked at their enlarged weaponry. Sillis was looming over her like a piece of landscape and behind his naked legs she could spy a crumpled body that seemed to melt into the earth ;an image that Sandra could not understand or pay too much mind to at the moment.

Sandra was bent on receiving the hot loads which the previously infected men possessed in their balls. Their provision of procreate into her womb was her only concern in her lustful heat.

She could feel the cocks against her flesh as the men beat off in varying rhythms while Sillis again pointed his thick rod at her mouth. Sandra looked up and the image of the candlestick maker courting his burnette wife rang in her mind for a moment before her insatiable desire for cum flushed it out again. Sandra took the rod just as hands again ravaged her backside in her position on all fours. A thick member forced its way between her pussy lips and Sandra's expelled moan was cut by the tip of Sillis's dickhead which disappeared along with the following girth.

"Suck it you whore," Sillis was blurting as if his mind was possessed much like Sandra's. Though she thought of only cock and the vision of her stretching vagina filling with white ooze; both images were very much welcomed. Those fantastic containers for jizz were swelling around her and she clutched a Silliss's sack which was tight and wrinkled much unlike the loose jizz holds which assaulted her backside as the man at her tail rammed his meat home inside her.

"Give me your juicy cum," Sandra managed to squeak between the bombardments that her mouth endured. Cock heads were pressing against her face and her ample breasts were molested as her ass felt moistened and then was filled in her the repositioning by her assailants.

Her small puckered asshole was studied as her cheeks were spread by the ravaging throng which prodded her backside with there tongues in preparation before ramming there dicks into that tightest of spaces.

The invasion by cocks into her mouth and asshole were alright to Sandra in her lust and desire for the ultimate state of arousal. Sandra desired all the man juice in her womb but also didn't mind when Sillis began spurting home his dick sauce in her mouth. The tangy liquid shot into her oral cavity like a guiser; the bubbling ooze sprayed\ to the roof of her mouth and into her throat as her eyes rolled back in her head.

Suddenly Sandra's hair was tightening around a fist as the phalic molestation increased. Her head forced backwards, the dick in her cunt shuttered and spunk exploded into her vaj. Simultaneously her ass was filled and another cock replaced Sill's in her throat and her lips perced around the hard sperm hull. Stroking the canon of the next cock, Sandra let her mouth rest on the thick balls that held her treasured sperm. She was going crazy for the taste of those sweaty tortured genitals as her tongue lathered them up before she was made to again deep-throat another thick cum rod.

Next, Sandra followed the guidance of her hair puller and she was led upward to sit on a hardened gourd which was bent and veiney. She crouched down and began riding the thing in a way which triggered a memory above her constant mental obsession to be fucked in total cum worship until pregnancy was insured.

Sandra saw her slayer, or at least it looked like the man that set this scene into action with his sword. The man was plowing into her cunt just like the bent cock which she now rode. Sandra could see his eyes replacing the hollowed eyes of the previously sick man who groped her titties and his lips uttered words whiled she bucked and fucked.

Just as the orations became vocalized Sandra's view was shattered by two huge dicks which she gobbled like a pig being stuffed. She felt thick rods corroding her mouth and then her used ass stretched for more abuse. Was it possible to take such big hard dicks in her small virgin ass this way? The meat sticks worked into her ass and cunt and Sandra felt as though her whole backside was being worked by a massive force. The other six men stood afoot, and as soon as her cunt was filled they took the place of their predecessors until the ooze from her pussy was a river of bubbling stew.

Sandra could not even feel her legs anymore as her rapists ravaged her body and gave her the timely offerings she so desired. Their rhythm of fucking was erratic like her own brain waves as she envisioned offspring of a strong stock with the dominance of victor sperm. Her throat coated she choked down more cum and with six men flaccid from donating their white donations she felt what could have possibly been the last contribution into her cunt depository .

Sandra laid on the grass, her stretched used vaj leaking the mix of ten men's sperm as the men again surrounded her ;this time closing their eyes and jerking off in unison for a reason that Sandra did not think to fathom. She merely played with her breasts, aroused with her deed and new life without worry and in her ecstasy of obeying her minds will to suck and fuck cock.

The former Night creepers jerked faster and faster and their gourds again became stone hard; entrancing Sandra who felt magnificent in their desire to provide their milk to her. She beckoned to them in her most sensuous way.

"Oh please, I want more" Give me your cock juice all over my whore body. I beg you, cum over my face and tits; my body needs your hot cum.

The men beat their dicks until hands were a blur and Sandra felt high in the sight. It was like a dream and suddenly her hard nipples pointed at what seemed to be a congregation of similar faced men all bearing the face of someone she thought she recognized. Could it be? The thought of something deeper then lust tried to raise it's presence in her mind only to be canceled with the groans of ten cock yielding assailants.

The hard veiney cum tongues began to spray Sandra and the first prodigious load covered her vision and dripped down her face to rest on her lips. She opened up to have a taste and the thick jizz filled her mouth as other spurting cocks joined the shower.

Sandra was fully covered in spunk; her body from her bruised breasts to her head was a wash with man juice. Her cunt was overflowing and her ass had taken copious amounts of jizz.

Strangely the men began to wander off as if they lacked any of their previous fervor. Sandra herself was locked in her one thought of the whoreish deed and her contentment with it...

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