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Night Intruder


Wham! The front door was broken in. Amber heard it from upstairs and she quickly jumped out of bed to go see what had happened. Suddenly the lights went out. As Amber's heart raced she felt her way back to the bed where she had been reading and then over to the night stand where the phone was. Picking up the receiver she heard dead silence.

She heard the door downstairs slam shut again and thought she may be able to go down the steps and into the kitchen to get her cellphone that was charging on its base and call the police. As she slipped down the corridor from the bedroom to the steps she didn't hear anything downstairs. Tip toeing she made her way down the steps one at a time careful to not make them creak at all.

She still hadn't heard anything but she had no idea if the second door slamming was the person leaving or just closing the door to prevent any unwanted intrusions while they ransacked the house or whatever it was they came for.

In the pitch black darkness of the house her eyes slowly adjusted and Amber was still terrified but alert to her immediate surroundings or so she thought. As she stepped into the kitchen she felt a hand go around her neck and a rag cover her face. After her first breath everything started to spin and she slipped away into the drug induced darkness.

When she awoke her hands were bound above her head and she felt a tingle in her pussy. While she had been unconscious the person had carried her up to her bed and tie her up and found the vibrator she left on her night stand and slipped it into her. There was a gag in her mouth and suddenly the flashbulb of a camera flashed in her eyes.

Oh my god, she thought, whomever this is taking pictures of me with my own camera, why would anyone do this she wondered.

A hand reached out in the darkness and lightly slapped her face, a little rough but more than enough to bring her back into the moment. She knew she was in trouble here and her husband was not due back home for another few days from his current business trip. She just prayed she would still be alive when he got back. Their last phone conversation the night before had ended in an argument, a stupid one she thought now, she hoped she would at least be able to pick up the phone again and tell him she loved him. But that was neither here nor there right now she had to figure out how to please whomever this was and try and not allow herself to be raped or killed.

The hand came back this time to roughly pinch and rub her nipples causing them to involuntarily become erect. The touch was abrasive yet at the same had a touch that excited her. No, she couldn't allow herself to enjoy this, she had to prevent it. Suddenly the hand dropped down her belly and to the valley between her thighs. The hand wrapped around the vibrator humming inside her and pulled it out and spun the dial at the bottom to high and pushed it back inside. In and out the vibrator worked and as her body started to writhe even through her own mental protests she started to quiver with intense vibrations.

Flash! Again the bulb to a camera went off and another picture was taken. She no longer cared, perhaps if all this person wanted was to scare her a little and to take a few pictures and get her off while doing it she could endure the humiliation and violation without actually being penetrated by this persons fingers or if it was a man, his prick.

That was her thoughts at least at that moment but a few seconds later as her orgasm crested she did find out that the intruder was a man and a well hung one at that. The vibrator was pulled out and as she glanced around the room while her eyes were readjusting to the darkness. She couldn't make out the persons face, they were wearing a mask, she could also make out a hooded sweatshirt through the darkness so she couldn't see if the person had hair or not. What she saw next though shocked her.

Apparently while she had been drugged and before she had come to, the person had set up the camera and tripod next to the bed and started taping the whole thing. The only way she could tell this was the little telltale red light on the video camera. She started to try and struggle but it was to no avail, the bonds that held her were to tight there would be no escape. Her heart continued racing with the mixture of her wildest fantasies coming true and fear.

The man grabbed her face near her cheek bones and turned her back in his direction as he loomed over her. Suddenly she felt his cock slip deep into her, she noticed his pants were still on as the fabric brushed her inner thighs and she wondered why he hadn't bothered to take them off if he had all this time. A hasty retreat he must be planning she thought.

His cock pushed deeper hitting the back wall inside her, her little cervix felt the bump and her body involuntarily came at the feeling of being filled up. Only her husband had managed to go that deep inside her out of all her previous lovers, and that thought didn't even flitter through her mind now, as she twisted her pelvis as much as possible to avoid the pleasurable forceful fuck she was receiving.

She couldn't believe she was enjoying this evasion and figured that soon enough the revulsion would kick in and she wouldn't enjoy it any longer. But until then she would lay here and try not to writhe at all and think about surviving instead of the immense pleasure she was feeling as that big cock inside her touched her hidden depths.

"Come on bitch, moan around that gag, you know you like this," her captor barked out in a low base murmur.

Amber wouldn't give in she was stronger than that wasn't she, she wondered. Her nipples were hard and his hands were squeezing her ample bosom and rubbing the nipples as he thrust into her over and over. Her wet pussy was clenching and each time he pulled out to ram back into her, the head of his cock bumped the spongy sensitive spot on the inner upside to her tight little cunt.

Finally she couldn't suppress her moans any longer and Amber started to whimper behind the gag in her mouth. Her hips started to rotate as much as possible and her cunt was wildly contracting around his cock.

"That's right, you sweet little piece of ass. Moan, oh fuck your tight cunt in gripping me so hard, yeah, I know you like this you filthy little whore."

Amber couldn't believe how her body responded to the words and pounding she was taking but unlike some women, she decided to see this as a pleasurable thing, if she were going to get fucked, even against her will, which was her biggest fantasy she was going to enjoy it and suffer the repercussions later. Her husband would never hold her at fault and she wouldn't have to say she enjoyed it.

In that instant the man above her started to grunt and she felt his cock swell deep inside her. Oh no, he couldn't cum inside her, what if she got pregnant or, even worse he had a disease, the seriousness of her plight settled in and she started to struggle even as he spurted inside her and she felt her own continuous little orgasms start up again.

"Yes, that's it take all my load baby."

She knew that voice but suddenly she was shaking with her overwhelming orgasm again.

"This will teach you to hang up on me after an argument slut."

When Amber awoke later having been drugged or just hyperventilated and passed out, either way she wasn't quite sure which, her husband was standing over her.

"Honey, I love you," he whispered as he pressed play on the remote, the little escapade from last night was captured in a low light and she could make out their bodies though in the light the video camera gave off wasn't terrific she could see ever detail of what had been done to her.

"Bastard, next time use your key to get in," she said with a wink as she reached out to stroke his cock through the opening in his robe.

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