tagBDSMNight Job Ch. 03

Night Job Ch. 03


The next morning I came over to Luke's and was ready to get started working. Already I was feeling better just having any sort of income to help out with next month's rent. When I came in he brought me to his room again so I could change. Again, he stayed and then asked me to lay down so he could check on me. I complied and was eager to do as he said. I was still aroused from yesterday and did not touch myself, as instructed. I don't know why I listened to him but for some reason I didn't want to disappoint him. He touched my lips down there softly and pressed his thumb into me just enough to dip into my wetness.

"You're still so wet, Heather." He said while he reached for the kegel balls on the table. "I'm going to put these in while you work. They're good for you, understood?" Before I even replied he slipped them inside me and patted my pussy. I looked at him, wide eyed and unsure. "Did you bring your clothes to spend the night?"


"O.k. Before you get started let's look over your schedule. I want to get you started on a routine."

We went into the little living area and sat on the couch at the coffee table. I brought my planner so he could look at it. He created a new schedule for me and wrote it out. He started explaining that I needed to wake up earlier and get some exercise in for the day to help me energize and stay fit.

"Listen carefully. From now on you will get up at 7 am and do a short work out routine I'll show you and then have breakfast." He explained that after that I should shower then spend some time continuing my job hunt and then time studying for my GRE until 5 pm. This would change once my school schedule came in and I started classes. At 5 pm I needed to come to his apartment to work and I was allowed to continue studying there while working on things.

"At night you'll have a bed time routine I'll show you tonight." He ended. It all sounded rather reasonable and I was actually kind of excited to have some structure in my life in a way.

After our little talk I went into his room and spent a lot of time ironing out his clothes that I had set aside the night before. There were so many but the apartment was already looking much better without dirty laundry everywhere. I also collected some of his dirty clothes into some laundry baskets so they would stay in one place.

Before I knew it I was starting to get wet again and restless. He hadn't given me a chance to put on my underwear and I still felt pretty exposed when he would be in the room with me. I kept having to stop and wipe up my wetness between my legs or else it would bother me and I was actually starting to drip down my leg a little bit. It felt so uncontrollable and no matter how hard I tried I couldn't do anything to stop from getting so hot and worked up by the vibrations.

I took a break after a while of ironing to get off my feet and read my book on the couch. I was pretty wrapped up in it when he came to sit next to me.

"Can I see?" I knew what he meant already. I didn't really answer but I couldn't really look up at him either. He put his hand on my thigh and spread them apart a little. He slid his finger down my slit and into my little pond between my legs. I was kind of embarrassed I had gotten so wet again.

"Do you feel horny?" He asked me while putting his hand under my chin to lift my eyes to his. I felt a little scared and wasn't sure how to answer. I couldn't believe he was asking me so blatantly. I didn't want to admit it but I thought he probably already knew the answer.

"Well...it's just..the kegel balls - they're making me uncomfortable and feel... different."

"It's o.k. It'll feel better tomorrow. I don't want you to be distracted by all these feelings and thinking while you need to be focused on working or studying from now on. I know it's hard to get things done when you're thinking about how hot your little hole is feeling." I was a little taken aback and blushed whenever he would mention my pussy at all. He let go of my chin as he continued "I think it'll be better for you if you let me take care of your holes from now on. I don't want you focused on sex when you need to be being productive."

"....What do you mean? I think I'm o.k. I just...I'm just having a hard day."

"Heather. You agreed yesterday I would know what's best for you?" I scanned my mind and couldn't really remember exactly what he had said. His voice changed to be a little more stern and serious and he held my eyes with his. "From now on you won't worry about your pussy, your little breasts, your clit, or your ass. I will take care of those things for you." He paused a little. "They will be mine to do what's best for them, do you understand? I know how to take care of a young woman like you and I want you to be successful and happy."

I opened my mouth slightly but I didn't know what to say. I was shocked and scared of what I might have gotten myself into. But I wasn't sure how to back out - I wasn't even sure if I wanted to back out either. He put his hand up my leg again and slipped his finger into me, pushing the kegel ball up further. I let out a small groan.

"Nod your head."

I nodded.

After a while more of reading I went in to finish ironing the clothes and put them all up. I cleaned a few shoes and rearranged them back into their shelves in the closet. We had dinner then he took me into the bedroom to get ready for bed. He explained I would be sleeping with him but that I can trust him and not to worry. But first he was going to show me my new 'bedtime ritual' as he called it. He caressed me in his arms gently then patted me on the head before bending me over onto the bed face down. I was exposed again to him.

I felt him remove the kegel balls and was relieved. The slurping sound they made coming out of my dripping pussy hole made my face flush bright red. Then he undressed me and said I would be taking a bath. He told me to get in and to my surprise started bathing me and cleaning me - like a child. I felt humiliated and tried to hold my chest but I couldn't come up with any words to make him stop. Nor did I really dare to after he used a little bit of a sternness in his voice earlier. In a way it felt nice but I felt even more ashamed of enjoying it secretly. He brought me back to the room and patted me dry very gingerly with a soft towel. Then he bent me over again.

"This is where your bedtime ritual really starts. I'm going to add more to it in time but we will start with two things tonight. Relax so I can show you." I tried to relax my body but like the day before I was still kind of tense. I felt his hands spread my ass cheeks open and it felt cold. I felt something soft but firm press up against my pussy hole and start to push in. It was his cock. I started to panic and move to protest but he held me still.

He kept his voice low and leaned over me, "Relax. I know what this little pussy hole needs." I had been so horny but I felt conflicted now that I realized he was actually going to fuck me. He steadily pushed his cock into me without pausing while I whimpered on the bed. I felt so stretched out and full - I squirmed and tried to relax but just couldn't. He kept it pressed firmly and fully inside of me while I just laid there whimpering and trying to adjust to being stretched open. "hmm....your pussy keeps clamping down and massaging my dick. Your kegel exercises must be working already."

He pulled my arms together behind my back and leaned over me again. He suddenly licked my neck and this gave me goosebumps. He did not move his cock at all and it seemed to be pressed even harder into me while he was like this. "From now on, your body is mine to take care of and use. Do not resist me. I want to feel you relax your pussy around my cock right now." I tried to breathe with him on top of me and attempted to relax my muscles down there. "Good. Do you understand all I've told you so far?"

"Yes." I moaned and felt my pussy start to pulsate around his cock again but I couldn't help it.

"Have you ever had a man cum inside you before?"

"No!" I started to panic and worry about getting pregnant in my head. I couldn't physically move and I tried to breathe steady, still feeling the stretch and fullness of his cock inside me.

"From now on your pussy will take my cum inside of it every night. You're a young woman and you're antsy and distracted because you need a man to make you his." He started pulling his cock out and pumping it back in with a very steady rhythm. All I could do was moan and whimper under his weight. I wanted to protest but I also felt so aroused even with the slight pain of being stretched open. He started drilling into my pussy and I felt my wetness dripping down out of my hole and onto the bed and down my legs. I could hear his cock slide in and out smoothly.

He tensed up and then released his cum inside of me. I felt a warm ooze filling up the inside of my pussy. I bucked under him with his cock inside me and came when I felt his cum fill me up.

"Heather you are mine now, do you understand?" He whispered in my ear.

I was breathing so hard I couldn't catch my breath. He took my moaning and whimpers as an answer.

"Good." He pulled out of me and left me on the bed for a few minutes. I barely moved - exhausted and somewhat mortified over what just happened. I couldn't get the thought of his cum being inside me out of my head. I had only had sex once with my ex boyfriend before and he only lasted a few strokes and then pulled out to cum. I started to tear up a little bit.

He came back and asked me to relax my body again. I felt him spread my ass cheeks apart and this time put a finger around my asshole. Then I felt him apply some lube to it and something press into it. I let out a groan in between my sobbing until it stopped but then I felt my asshole pulsing and squeezing onto something that felt stuck inside of me. I felt the pain shoot up my ass from it being held open.

"Shhhh.....sit up now." He helped me sit up against the headboard of the bed and wiped my tears away with a tissue. "It's normal for a young woman to be overwhelmed after taking a man's cum the first time. But you will be used to it soon. Your pussy hole's purpose is to accept my cum now. I put an anal plug into your ass to start prepping it for care later on. I know it hurts a little but it'll be better for you to sleep with it in to stretch it longer and make progress faster. During the day you will do your kegels again. I don't want you thinking too much about all this - I'll take care of everything for you and you do as you're told."

I looked at him and my eyes welled up to cry more. He scooted onto the bed and held my naked body and let me curl into a little ball in his arms. I started to calm down and get sleepy from being so tired. I fell asleep and felt him put my pj's on me and then kiss me on my forehead while tucking me in. The small pulses of pain from my ass were starting to fade away as I fell deeper into my sleep.


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