Night One


I spent the day with nervous jitters, after you told me what you wanted to do. I was to be your sissy slut and venture to the glory holes to suck cock for you. I rushed to the hotel after work, to begin getting ready. I knew I really needed you to complete the Tess transformation, but I would do my best. Three razor blades later, a good portion of the fur was gone. The nail polish was next, and I was shaking so much putting on was an effort. When done, I was smooth and had sexy red nails. I began to wonder if I took too long then I wouldn't have a lot of time at the store. I was even kind of hoping that the store wouldn't be there anymore so I might be off the hook. I was very much excited to be your slut, but the nerves inside me were making me shake. I wanted you there with me to make it easier, but I knew that I was going to have to do this alone this night. I finished putting on my clothing, the pantyhose, the bra, the breasts, the pantyhose. The adjustment of the wig, you do so much better, but I think I did ok. You came on the web cam to see how I did, and had me rip a hole in the pantyhose while you watched, then sent me on my way.

The journey down to the lobby seemed dangerous, due to the heels I was wearing. They had no support and being a slightly bit too large for me, stayed poorly on my feet. My wobble likely would have made you laugh and push me to go faster. I ventured quickly to the elevator, very afraid of having to share it for the flight down. Thankfully it was empty, and I emerged in the lobby, to quickly dash to the left and the corner where I could make my way out the back door. Well quickly dash isn't exactly what I did. Slowly stagger perhaps, trying to look sexy and trying not to fall down. I made it out back and realized I had a long walk around the building. Out front a couple valets had to see me as I made my way to the car. Relieved I finally made it, I began my short journey in the car. I was talking to you on the chat, and I don't know if I was giving you much useful information probably a lot of omg, and gahs. Really it's how I was feeling, shaking and trembling nervous.

I parked across the street from the place, put a few quarters in the meter, and gulped as I headed in. I was too nervous to delay with much conversation at this point. I just had to get into the booth, and out of public eye as a slutty whore walking around. I paid my ten dollars and the guy didn't bat an eye at me. Venturing into the booth area, I was greeted by darkness. The hallways were moderately lit, but the first row of booths all had curtains hanging in front of them, with glory holes all in the sides and back wall. Behind the booths was pure darkness, very little light. There were a few patrons who seemed scared of me. I was wondering if this would turn out to be another bijou* experience.

I moved around to the next area, now booths on either side, still covered in curtains. I didn't see any activity and then I walked in on two guys in a big booth making out. I slid back and went into an empty booth, to message you about the details. That's when the first guy appeared in the both next to me. I pushed my painted fingers through the hole, and waited. I had the camera ready, but to no avail, the place was dark and the image showed nothing. I started putting the condom on the cock. A fair one it was, not small but not very big either. He quickly reached around the booth wall and said come here. He pulled me into the booth across the way. This booth was bigger with a bench. I finished the condom wrapping, and told you I was beginning. It was happening very quickly, and I shortly had a cock in my throat. I did my best to suck it like you've trained me.

Taking it deep and gagging on it as I fucked my face on it for you. He seemed to love it. I stopped for a moment to take a new pic, but still the lighting in the booth, was still too poor. He asked if he could fuck me. And I told him I'd have to ask my mistress. And then I told you of his request. He was anxious; he kept saying you said ok. She said ok, she said you could be fucked. I waited though, and continued sucking him, until you told me it was ok. He was back against the wall, so I turned around as he pulled my hips back and onto his hard cock. I felt it, wanted to tell you that I was being fucked. I rocked on him like a good slut. The curtain moved and someone else was watching. I told you another cock was there. But then I guess he wandered away.

Then another man came in, dropped his pants revealing this massive cock. I marveled at it, telling him it was so big and tasty looking. My condoms were on the bench and as I was being fucked pretty well I couldn't get one for the new guest. I don't know if I could have taken the big cock in my mouth while I was being fucked. But I would have tried. If you were there to hand out the condom, oh I don't doubt I would have had both holes very filled. I stroked his cock, telling him he was next, and how I wanted to suck him and feel that big thing. I almost couldn't wait for the guy behind me to finish.

He came, his body telling me he came, even if I couldn't feel it through the condom. He started to move off, and watch as the big cock waited for me to apply his wrapper. I sucked that big cock, I took it all the way to the hilt in my throat. I was proud of my slutty mouth for deep throating it all. He let me do all the work, and then asked me if my hole could take it all. I told him my mistress has trained me well, as I asked you again if this once could fuck me. I would have been such a tease if you made me leave my pussy alone. But that was not to be, you said it was ok for him to fuck me. This time I turned around and put my hands on the wall. My heels still on, I wobbled a bit, but his thrust was on target. He sank right in; my trained hole did take him so well. I was a dirty whore for you.

I wanted to text you, and tell you everything, I thought about you egging him on, and telling him to fuck me hard. I think he took it slow so he could last, it seemed like he got close more than a few times. Then finally he came pressing himself deep into me. I loved being your slut, but at the same point, his cock, as large as it was, still was leaving me wanting more. The two who had fucked me now, I had asked if I could take some pics of their cocks for you. They let me, and big cock even pulled me into the well-lit hallway of the bathroom to take a nice shot of his cock. I told him I was on squirt and posted for the place, so he could find me. His was a big cock that I thought you might like to have available if you ever wanted it.

They both departed and I gathered myself. Moving back across to the glory hole booth (smaller no bench, more waiting for a cock to come through) another came through at the request of my fingers. Smaller, held up by a cock ring, but the condom went on just fine, and I sucked him. He fucked me rougher but through the hole. Full depth wasn't easily achieved. But he seemed happy using it. Until his orgasm came, and he pulled back, and I watched as he removed the condom, and departed.

Now the place seemed a little less interested. There were a few more men, who seemed content to stand around. Probably bottoms looking to suck. One guy invited me in, and as I pulled his cock from his pants ordered me to suck it. But once I reached for the condom he said don't bother. I stroked him for a minute or two, but he started telling me to suck it, so I just left him to be. I sat in a big booth alone texting you, wishing you were there. Trying to get you the pictures, but the signal and battery on my phone where both low. At this time I was daydreaming about being gang banged in the booth, head hanging over on side of the bench, while my ass was used hard. While you were handing out condoms as they lined up to take their turns on my holes. I am a dirty slut who can't get enough cock to fill my holes I thought. My battery started to die, and I figured that would be the time to depart, rather than scaring the pure guy guys anymore. I stopped at a bench in the hallway and laid over it, imagining you pushing yourself into me making me scream out as you pounded my ass in the way that only you can. Your commands always make me hot, and stir me up beyond everything else. I thought about you counting all the cocks you were sending to my holes. Telling me I had to stay until we found me some more.

My last walk out, was indeed a sexy saunter, a used slut, walking out with her heels in her hand, torn pantyhose, and a fucked ass. I did crave more, but I craved being in contact with you so much more. I wanted to tell you how much I wanted you, and loved you, and felt completely like I was missing something in this evening of debauchery. I had pictures to send and details to share. I am sure the car passing me as I walked out across the street, looking like a used whole for her mistress, got a good eyeful but at that point I simply didn't care.

Eventually I was back at the hotel. Mostly I waited in parking lot talking to you on the phone. Hoping there would be less attention at the front door by the time I went in. I was wrong, and walked my slutty ass pantyhose barefoot sissy self, through the lobby to the elevator past what had to be six people standing around outside. The nervousness was there, but controlled now. Now I knew what I wanted more than anything, to be beside you for our bliss. And if you like me being your slut, your slut is who I will be :)

This is a real account of the evening (Aug 8,2011), the first one Mistress sent me out as her slut. It is my recount to her of the event, and all that transpired. I didn't want to change the tense knowing I'd miss something and I wanted to leave it in pretty much its original form. I love my Mistress, she completes me.

*The Bijou is a gay adult playground/theater in Chicago; it really was the first time Tess ever stepped out in public, with Mistress beside her all the way. The walk through the hotel, and the taxi ride, had me a complete nervous wreck. We didn't find any friends to play with there, but had a good time by ourselves in the place before heading back.

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