Night Prey


From deep in the dense woods he watched from his car as his victim began undressing. He had been watching her for a week and he developed a longing for her. He stared through his night-vision binoculars as she kicked off her shoes and began one-by-one removing articles of her clothing in front of her huge bedroom window.

His dick was standing straight up like a flagpole. His mouth drooled and his eyes never flinched. He started stroking the binoculars as if they were one of her body parts. He slid his hand down to his knee rubbing back and forth as if he were waiting for something. There it was.

She was in her panties and her bra was being unhooked from the front and tossed on the floor. She tugged at her panties contemplating whether she should take them off. He whispered 'yes' to himself in his fogged up car. He was waiting to see her dark short- haired pussy. He had dreamt of what it looked like and couldn't wait to see it. His thoughts were interrupted when his dick began pounding. All the time he was watching, he was jerking off, and now he was busting a nut all over his hand. He grabbed a towel off of the passenger seat and cleaned himself off. He peeked at his watch. It was 11:45 and she was right on time. She would be in bed any minute. Once the lights were out in her fairytale cottage, he was ready.

Like lighting he was out of his car and inside of her house. He crept up the cream-colored carpet stairs. Her bedroom was at the end of the hall and he could smell her perfume. His Nubian- goddess lay open and unaware behind the door. He could not wait.

He opened and locked the door behind him. He caught a glimpse of her black satin bra and picked it up. He sniffed deeply it smelled like her favorite Curve perfume; he smiled and dropped it back down. He stood over her watching her sleep. He was so hard it felt like his dick was going to explode. He slid the soft cover off of her slowly. That move exposed her body. She was very beautiful. Her hair was jet- black like her skin. She had her right eyebrow, tongue, and belly button pierced. Below the waist she was very thick. He liked that.

Softly he pulled out the handcuffs that he had especially for her because they had African leopard prints on them for his African beauty. He placed them on her hands and as soon as he closed them, she was up. Her eyes showed fear and anger. She let out a scream so loud it shook the walls. He jumped on top of her so he could control her body. He placed a gag over her mouth and kissed the print of her lips when it was fastened. He leaned down to her ear whispered.

"Please don't fight me! I've been watching and protecting you. All I ask for in return, is tonight."

Her body relaxed for the moment. He untied her halter lingerie and slid it down her body down to her toes. He sucked on her cute small feet for a minute and got back on top of her. He stared at her bonded body and became ecstatic. Something told him it was time, time for him to take her.

He tore her panties off of her thighs. Huffing and puffing he fumbled with his belt, trying to open it before his dick exploded from being neglected. He jumped off of her and dropped his pants. He exposed to her his penis that was covered in long smooth Indian hair. She got scared and kicked him but she missed his dick and caught his stomach. He grinned at her attempt and then slapped her.

"See what you made me do! You ungrateful…"

He jumped on top of her, split her legs as far as they could go, and then slipped his condom-covered cock in between her legs. Even though she was gagged she let out a howl of pain. He held on to the top of her shoulders pulling her onto his dick with better control. When she tried to fight him he grabbed her nipples and twisted them. Next he bent down and bit one leaving a deep flesh mark in her rich black skin. He rested his head on her forehead and stared into her eyes. The look of fear excited him beyond compare. He pumped into her harder. His plunging became so violent the headboard shook. It started to bang into the wall forming a slight dent in it. He was pleased at that, but he really wanted to form a dent in her. Unbridle passion took him over. He wanted her more; he needed to fill out her pussy so he started to move his hips in circles.

When he realized she was relaxing he got upset. She was supposed to fight him. She was supposed to be pleading not accepting. He sat up a little and grabbed onto the headboard to give him a better hold inside of her. Once he was in position he rammed his 7'0 fully hard cock into her with enough power that she felt it would plow through her body and come out of her mouth. He kept plowing into her with the same move until he could hear her muffled screams and see her hot tears streaming from her pretty hazel eyes. That's what he was looking for. The look that she gave him was the look he dreamed about for the past week. He knew she was his now and no one would ever fuck her like him. This thought pleased him and he kept plowing into her harder, and harder for a good twenty minutes. His heart was beating so fast he thought he was going to die.

He pulled out just before he came. He picked up her legs and closed them. He raised them straight up into the air and inserted his cock into her anal. Her body twitched and turned trying to get him out of there. He knew no one had ever fucked her anal and he wanted to be her first. Slowly he dug into her back trying to open the small space. Once he was able to fit all of him into her he started to slam his cock into her ass. He adjusted his back to a comfortable spot, so he could fuck her harder. He leaned in towards her moving her legs with him, so he could get a good glimpse of her face. Her eyes were shut and tears were still coming out of them. Her tits bounced in big circles almost hitting her in the face. He bent in low to her face so he could hear her muffled cries. He was making her body flexible by pushing her legs down so that they touched her nipples. She never stretched her limbs like that and it hurt. She twitched more trying to break free.

"So you want to fight?" he asked digging into her deeper.

He split her legs to reach the handcuffs. He set her hands free in between pumps. She was surprised but quick. She reached up trying to grab him. He was excited and pinned her down. She fought and fought trying to get free. He thought it was a game and counter- acted by shoving his dick into her ass harder and wilder. This was mind blowing to him because he never had it this rough before. He wanted her all, every single drop. She dug her nails into his hands and pushed into her deeper. With her legs split and her hands pinned he had her right where he wanted her. He was shoving and thrusting his cock into her with a fire and rage that was uncontrollable. He wasn't looking at her now but he was listening to her breathing heavy and the headboard banging extremely hard against the wall. Only thing on his mind was to fuck her until she passed out.

Deeper and deeper with swift hard pumps he took over her ass and she wanted more. He let her hands go but not her shoulders. He allowed her to scratch him feeling nothing but pleasure with each stroke. He stared down at her when the scratching had stopped. He felt her hips responding to his thrusting. She was giving into his hunger his need. Even though he wanted a fight, he was satisfied with her performance earlier and he felt it was okay to give her, her satisfaction. He reached down and started playing with her clit. He watched her face fill up with ecstasy knowing she was ready to cum. And she did. All over juices were sliding down her thighs while he was still in her beginning to take his turn to release. His whole body combined with hers. It was one shattering orgasm after another before he pulled out and gushed cum all into the condom.

His wish was answered as he slipped out of her house four hours after he crept in. She made him promise that he would come visit her again, making her his "night prey".

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