tagCelebrities & Fan FictionNight With Chantz Fortune Ch. 02

Night With Chantz Fortune Ch. 02


I laid there on the bed pass out till Chantz got horny again. She laid in her expensive bed with satin seats. She smoked her cigarette and took a look at my ass. She smiled as she saw the ass cheeks redden with hand prints. She saw my ass open with her strapon and looked at it. She loved looked at an ass that she just fucked with her baby. She called her strap on her baby. She rubbed my ass and looked at the cigarette burn on it. The pillow still had my tears in it. The place still smelt of cum. Her pussy was still wet and she was ready for more. She my ass and gave it slap. I was now awake.

"Wake up you bitch," She said with a smirk.

She grabbed my hair and blew some smoke in my face. The smoke filled my nostrils and coughed. She had the most beautiful lips I ever seen. She looked at me with those deep blues eyes. The huge strapon was in my face as she stroked it in front of me. It was still glaze with my salvia. She stuffed it deep in my throat and made me suck it. She didn't seem to care if I was gagging. She just stuffed it harder in my mouth. My cheeks was getting red by sucking it. I started to learn how to do it good. I licked the head and stroked the shaft. I made a lot of slutty slurping sounds which made her wet. I lick the head of the cock and tease it. It left a rubbery taste in my mouth. She moved her hips slammed my head down. She had me by the hair and pulled on me.

"Open you mouth" She said pulling it out of my mouth.

I did I ask. She spit it my mouth and on my face.

"Your fucking pathetic. Now keep sucking my cock you stupid bitch. Suck it real good. Yea suck that fat cock you stupid fag. I bet my little sissy like that don't you?." She said


"Well you going to be a good little girl and act like a little slut for me." She said in a mocking tone. She took a puff of her cigarette

"Yes Mistress Fortune." I said.

She took out some lipstick and started putting it on my lips. She then took some make up and gave me some eye shadow. She had me by my hair as she was doing it.

"Now you look like a little slut. Look at the little girl. She so cute isn't" She said pinching my cheeks. She stuff the dildo and went back to having me blow her. She turn on the TV and didn't pay attention to my sucking. She was mocking me as she watch the TV. I was sitting there gagging and she didn't pay attention. She didn't seem to care. Tears started to run my face. She gave me several hard slaps across the face. She kept this up for 10 minute then she finally pulled it out.

"I am going to do you a favor bitch. I am going to let you suck my tits and finger my clit. Would you like that" She said.

"Yes mistress" I said.

I started licking and massaging her beautiful breast. I was so turn on. I suck the hard and fast till she told me to slow down. She then told me to change my speed when she wanted me too. I sucked her nipples one at the time. The tip of my tongue glided across her nipples with little fast flicks. She moan liking it. She took my hand and push it down into her pussy. I started finger her. She would tit slap me every now and then. They were huge and she would sometime smother me. She looked at me as I finger her wet cunt.

"You don't think this mean your going to get your dick in me fag." She said

"No Mistress." I said.

"Good because your not man enough to do that. Now higher. mmmmmm right there. mmmm lower yea. mmmmmm your a good little slut. Oh shit. Yes. That’s feels good. I may keep you around after all."

I started finger faster as I sucked her tits. All my finger were able to fit it. She was dripping wet. I love the taste of her tits. They were wonderful. I felt proud to suck them now. She grabbed my hair.

"You now have 2 minutes to make me cum or I will put your eye out with this cigarette. You got me bitch?" She said.

I nodded.

I started finger her faster and sucking faster. He pussy could fit most of my hand. Soon my hand was in. She started to cum at the minute mark. She slapped me and told me to make her cum again. I started doing it again. She moan guiding me where to go. She came like an explosion and had a huge orgasm.

"Lick it up." She said

I did as ask. I slurped every last drop. After a half an hour of licking she came on my face. She pulled my head up.

"Your enjoying that to much bitch." She snarled. She pushed me on the ground and stepped on my face.

She got out another strapon. This time it was bigger. It was 16 inches. She grabbed me by the hair.

"Get out on the Balcony." She said.

"But people can see me." I said.

She gave me 4 slaps across the face. The last one put me on the knees. She was on top of me slapping me over and over.

"Get you stupid ass out there. You stupid cunt." She said.

I did as ask. There were some girl outside. They were across at the other building. They were in there teens and watching the sky. They now turn to us and was shocked. Chantz slapped me and put me over a table. The girls seem to laugh. Chantz waved to them. She must of new there would be people watching. The girls took out a camera and started taking pictures and laughing. Chantz slammed it into me. I cried but she had no mercy. My dick was still hard and I was still turn on. It still hurt. It hurt worst then before. She slapped me hard on the ass. She did it again and again. My ass was now redder then before. She was getting into it. She let out big grunts as she drove in.

"Damm your ass is so tight. Does the little cherry like getting his ass fucked. Look at those girls. Their laughing at you slut. You at your little cunt getting hard. You like being a slut. I am going to be nice and treat you like a slut. You worthless whore." She said.

I started crying and she laughed. She grabbed hold of me and stuffed it deep in my prostate. I felt it hitting my walls. She pulled it in and out. She spanked my butt hole with the head of the cock. She use the cigarette on my ass again. She took a dildo out her bag.

"I am tired of your crying. Shut up." She said.

She took a dildo and made me suck it. I had two cocks in me. The girls were getting turn on. They were touching each other. Chantz was cumming from the sensation. She drove the whole thing inside me. The balls slapped against my ass. The sensation was amazing. I came harder then I ever came. I was complete filled my her.

She fucked me for a straight half and hour. I had passed out. She woke me up and made me clean the dildo off. She took a swig of her beer.

"While you were pass out. The girls flash me their number on a poster. I am going to watch TV." She said

"So you done with me." I asked.

"Yes but there not. It is good I brought extra strapon's." She laughed.

The doorbell rang and she started to laugh again.

The end?

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