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Nightclub Desserts



Sexotics Fantasy stories are about bizarre sex and not so much the plot. These are stories for those of you that have been-there-done-that and are looking for perversity; for those of you who watch porn and think that the directors have a million creative possibilities at their disposal and instead just shoot the same old suck-and-fuck. You won't find love, sensuality, beautiful character development, etc. in these stories. Instead, Sexotics tales for those of you who have dropped your pants to thousands of porn pics on Internet and have found something missing -- something wilder! -- and are looking for it in written print instead; for those of us who belief fiction is stranger than truth.



Here's an easy situation to picture – but hold on! Things are going to get very different, very fast:

The setting is inside a nightclub; fog machines blowing, laser-light illuminating flickering above the dance floor, and packed wall-to-wall with half-drunk college students. The bass is pounding so loud that one can literally feel their clothes vibrating. The dance floor occupies the middle of the club, and is sunken down about four feet lower than the surrounding level, allowing an easy view for other "non-dancers" to stand around with beer bottles in their hands and gawk at the action below.

Two such characters are busy scanning the menagerie of babes bumping and grinding to the beat. Their conversation is kept low, which is probably unnecessary given the thunderous noise. However, the criminal nature of their discussion mandates discretion at all costs.

"Did you uncap the syringe?"

"Not yet but don't worry; nobody is gonna to see a thing. Worry more about who you want. My vote goes for her right there."

Both sets of eyes trail across the dance floor to an absolutely stunning blonde babe with a knockout body. Her hair is tied back tightly, but then spills loose all down her back in a mane of golden princess hair comprise of S-shaped waves. She's clearly the most sought after babe on the dance floor, with guys trying to constantly get close to her. She holds a certain aura of sexy bitchiness though, and they fail time and time again.

"She doesn't look like she's with any friends," the first states.

"Maybe she's a regular."

"Aaaaah shit, she's got a beer bottle. You can't scored the drug in anything that narrow."

"Let's go down and dance with her for a few minutes and joke about all these fucking disgusting clowns that are trying to get close to her. I'll get it in there – trust me. She won't see a thing."

And with that, the two partners in crime – two of the sexiest college girls in the entire bar – walk arm in arm down the steps of the dance floor and head in the direction of their prey.


Nightclub Desserts


By time Carla Moore's head started to spin, it was already too late to do anything about it. The Rohypnol and ecstasy concoction that she had unknowingly ingested was already coursing through her veins, swallowing up her consciousness with lightning speed.

It started out as sheer, pre-orgasmic arousal – followed by intense dizziness. Everything began to fade to black, but she caught split-second glimpses of what was happening through the haze. She heard a deep, commanding male voice.

"... you two are her friends? ..."

Carla's eyes narrowly opened just long enough to see a doorman leaning over her shining a flashlight in her eyes. She wanted to scream to him.

Help me! What's happening to me? Don't let me leave the club!

The two girls she had been dancing with for the last half an hour had her hoisted between them, carrying her out the front doors. She couldn't even remember their names: Lydia? No Donna! Right? And Kendra?

"... it's ok – we're her good friends. We'll get her home ..."

Friends? Were they her friends? Didn't they JUST meet? Carla guessed that it was probably a good thing they came along when they did. If she was indeed drugged, she would have been in big trouble if the guy or guys who did it had been the ones to take her out. Her head swam faster. Consciousness came and went.

"... you should fire your fucking bartender. He probably had something to do with this! ..."

Blackness. No passage of time. Minutes? Hours?

"... lean her this way! No the left leg!"

Driving. Neon lights whirring by the window.

"... I'm so wet! ... I don't know if I can wait long enough for you to go in! ..."

"... I'll only be a minute. I'll get maraschinos as well!"

"And chocolate syrup – no wait! – honey! Actually get both."

More blackness. More movement. Lifting. A feeling of bareness on her breasts. Wetness and more blackness, with no cohesion of thoughts at all.


It had taken them over an hour to get the voluptuous blonde out of the bar, into Linda's van, and to get parked in a secluded turn-around far off the interstate.

Linda and Kendra looked back at the unconscious form behind them. They were in a windowless cargo van with no back seats – just empty, open space. Actually it wasn't quite empty: a mattress had been placed in the centre, which was covered with a thick, clear painting drop-sheet. Linda and Kendra knew the drill very well; it wasn't the first time, and it wouldn't be the last time, that they had abducted and had their way with an unsuspecting babe. They climbed into the back and Linda reached up and made sure that the back doors were firmly latched. Kendra flicked a switch mounted on a side panel and the interior of the cargo van lit up with a dim light.

It took only seconds for the two babes to find each other's mouths, French kissing deeply and wrestling with their clothes. Flesh was exposed section by section until they were both stark naked and panting with excitement. Linda's fingers repeatedly found their way through the sexy thatch of hair between Kendra's legs, soaked and darkened with excitement. Unable to break free from the deep kissing, Kendra moaned directly into Linda's mouth.

The two of them worked their dual magic on the unconscious blonde, undoing the tight button of her jeans and sliding the denim down slowly.

"Wow she's got hot legs!" Linda exclaimed with a sexually-charged huff.

"You think that's her best feature? Look at these!" Kendra motioned to the blonde's chest as she pulled her top over her head, revealing a stunning set of full breasts.

"She's got porn-star tits!" Linda moaned, her eyes glued to the blonde's jaw-dropping cleavage.

"They're mine!" Kendra said with a poke to Linda's side. "You liked her legs."

"Oh wow Kendra feel my pussy! I thought YOU were wet!"

"Mmmm... this is the wettest I think I've ever felt you."

"Fuck she's so hot!"

Linda bent forward and inhaled the sexy scent of the blonde's perfume, running her nose along the smoothness of her shoulders and neck. She stopped at her lips, tasting them delicately. Kendra leaned forward and grabbed the blonde's chin with one hand and the back of Linda's head with the other. She opened the blonde's mouth wide and pressed Linda's head downwards. Linda was happy to oblige, sliding her tongue deeply into the blonde's mouth. Her unconscious form stirred slightly with the intrusion.


Carla's senses were jolted. She felt the warmth of bare flesh pressed against her body. But smooth! Female flesh. Utter confusion overtook her mind. What the hell was happening?

She felt herself legs being spread wide by unseen hands.

Help me!

She wanted so badly to cry out but her throat, tongue and mouth failed to cooperate. She felt her consciousness begin to swim again, and the unmistakable feeling of being violated from behind came just before she blacked out again.


Kendra tweaked the nozzle of the whip cream container, spraying sweet white foam directly into the blonde's ass. Most of it simply sprayed outwards, coating the inside of her thighs.

"Shit!" Kendra exclaimed. "She's too tight. Grab her ankles and roll her backwards."

Linda complied and soon had the blonde in an back-somersault position with her ass pointed upwards. Kendra licked her pussy with several tongue laps that got longer and longer, until she was licking her entire crotch from asshole to clit. She worked the tips of her fingers into the blonde's asshole, spreading the ring of flesh lightly. In the inverted position, a little bit of prodding was all it took for her asshole to suddenly suck in air and yawn open like a cavern.

"Nice!" Linda exclaimed. "Fill her up!"

Kendra slid the whip cream nozzle deep into her ass and pressed it sideways. The sound of whip cream being dispensed was clear, but it was shooting so deeply inside of her that the two women didn't see any of it. She filled fast though, and gobs of whip cream began spilling down her ass crack. Kendra scooped her fingers through the white mass and rubbed it throughout her crotch. She lubed the blonde's pussy up into a frothing white mass, fanning her clit with her fingers.

Linda let go of the blonde's legs and Kendra took them onto her shoulders, giving the other gal free reign to go crazy with the chocolate syrup. She upturned the bottle over the stomach and chest of the unconscious babe, drizzling streams this way and that across the front of her. The chocolate was so dark that her chest soon looked like a black spider-web had been laid across it. Linda continued squeezing the bottle, chocolate streams coursing up the blonde's neck and across her mouth and face.

Linda threw the bottle aside and rubbed her hands across the blonde's tits and down the smooth insiders of her thighs. At the same time, she shifted forward and mounted the blonde's face, grinding her hips against the blonde's lubricated mouth. She thrust back and forth, rubbing herself against the unconscious babe. It took only a few strokes for her pussy to be soaked in sweet, brownish fluid.

Kendra opened the blonde's legs and went to work lapping her pussy. At the same, she dropped a hand between her own legs and began rubbing her own clit with whip-cream-fingers. The unmistakable scent of the blonde's pussy mixed with whip cream and chocolate drove her crazy. Kendra's nub was so engorged with pleasure that she felt like she had a raspberry between her pussy lips.

Linda continued messing up the babe's body, spraying whip cream across her chest, then opening and upturning an entire bottle of maraschino cherries across her neck, tits and stomach. The sight of the intermingling streaks of brown, white and red across such a perfectly tight, hard torso, made Kendra's pulse race even faster. She planted her palms firmly onto the blonde's stomach and slid them up her body, taking a wave of multi-colored fluids with them. She pushed Linda backwards.

"Let me get on her," Kendra gasped. "I need to get on her!"

Across her tits and up the blonde's neck her hands slid, dragging syrupy wetness up the sides of her face and into her sexy, golden mane. Kendra mounted the blonde's chest and tipped her head back, stretching out the luscious curves of her throat. Kendra sat down and sandwiched the spread folds of her pussy lips over the blonde's chocolate-soaked neck. She began sliding her pussy back and forth along the length of it; slowly at first, but rapidly gaining momentum. The slick crackling of wetness between Kendra's thighs sent Linda into a bout of pussy-fingering madness as she sat off to the side and watched. Squatting over the blonde's face with her knees high in the air, drenched in a messy display of sweetness, Kendra looked like a porn bombshell. She reached underneath the blonde's head and cradled her hands around the back of her neck, thrusting herself back and forth with more and more speed.

"Oh fuck I'm gonna cum!" Kendra cried out. She looked down at the gorgeous, unconscious face between her legs and new that it was about to get even more drenched. Kendra was a practiced female-ejaculator, and Linda was ready to play the part of horny observer. She stopped finger-fucking herself and laid down on her stomach with her chin against the blonde's forehead, Kendra's pussy thrusting back and forth only inches from her face. Kendra's long neck strokes got shorter and faster until she suddenly put on a final burst of speed, crying out orgasmically. She withdrew and leaned back, her knees flaying in and out like the wings of a butterfly as she climaxed with incredible power. Linda knew what followed and curled her tongue down around her chin with anticipation. The blonde's face and her own were simultaneously struck with a hot wave of wetness that sloshed across her mouth and cheeks. Kendra continued to gush, squirting four full blasts of vaginal fluid up Linda's face, into her hair, and over her shoulder and down her back. The sudden and forceful watering of her face stirred the blonde from unconsciousness and she moaned distantly. Linda hooked her fingers into the gal's mouth and opened her widely. She pursed her lips and spit mouthful after mouthful of pussy juice onto her face, and into her gaping mouth, then turned her head from side to side and watched the streams cascade down her cheeks.

"That was awesome!" Linda exclaimed, moving herself over so that she was laying beside the blonde. "Flip her over on top of me. I want to feel her body against mine."

Kendra did as instructed, rolling the girl's messy, naked form onto Linda's body. Once positioned, Linda clasped her head and French kissed her deeply, then licked her cheeks and neck. She could taste and smell Kendra's pussy everywhere.

Kendra reached into the last of their grocery bags and withdrew several bananas: the coupe de grace for the completion of making a dessert out of the blonde's body. Linda looped her hands behind the blonde's knees and pulled them forward, hoisting her ass into the air slightly and spreading her buttocks.

"Ass or pussy?" Kendra asked, reaching for the blonde's body from behind.

"Pussy for both of us," she replied. "Rip the stalk off so that I can use it as a double-ender."

Kendra did so before stuffing the banana inside the blonde's snatch. It slid in rather easily using the messy goop between her legs as lubrication. Linda spread her own pussy lips widely and accepted the other end of the banana. With their snatches pressed together, Kendra couldn't even see the banana at all. Every inch of it was swallowed up by one gal's body or the other.

Linda slid her hand down to her pussy and pressed the tips of several fingers tightly against her clit. She began fanning the back and forth, with what little room she had. Kendra helped out as well, lifting the blonde's body enough that she could grasp an inch or so of exposed banana. She wrapped her thumb and forefinger around the circumference of it and thrust it back and forth between the two women's pussies.

The clit fanning, the banana thrusting, the blonde's face above her: it was all too much for Linda. There was no holding back, and it took only seconds for her body to arrive at climax full-throttle. She cried out fiercely and came hard, her back arching upwards off the mattress as each successively stronger wave of orgasm coursed through her. Her tight labia repeatedly clenched and released the banana, shuddering against the stiffness of it. It was so strong she felt as though her entire midsection was literally erupting with pleasure.


"How long until she's awake, do you think?" Linda asked as they laid the blonde's unconscious and still-naked body in the lush green grass at the side of the road.

"Probably only about half an hour. Hopefully this coating all over her body keeps the mosquitoes from having their way." They folded her clothes and placed them neatly in a pile at her side.

As the van pulled away and the driving lights got dimmer and dimmer, the blonde moaned and began to stir. Her brow furrowed as she reached up and touched her own tits, feeling confused at the bareness of them and how sticky they felt.

Her eyes flicked open.



Author's End-notes:

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