Have you ever done anything in real life that when you went to sleep your mind twisted circumstances around to scare the hell out of you...

They watch you sleep peacefully, the quiet in the house and the breeze blowing gently through the open windows. They smile as your nipples tighten from the cool air, evil sexy smiles...

You are awaken suddenly by a heavy weight on your chest, your eyes fly open and strong hands grab and hold your arms tight. You start fighting kicking your legs and trying desperately to get your arms free. You feel someone grabbing your legs, roughly pulling them wide open. You feel a large man getting between your open legs, his hips and thighs rubbing against you and he gets closer and closer to you. You feel his hands and other hands holding down your hips and legs. More hands grab your arms holding them above your head, you see now there are 3 very large men holding you down.

They watch you silently waiting for the screaming and pleading. They see the fear in your eyes and feel your body tremble beneath them. They have such a lovely surprise for you. The man on your chest leans down whispering teasing words to you, making your skin chill. Telling you how they are going to make you feel something so good, something you've never experienced before. You cant help the tears falling down your face now, and the whimpering, so close to pleading. He teases you with his tongue, rubbing it over your ear as he whispers and down your wet cheeks, soft kisses on your slender neck. You cant help how your body reacts to this warm soft teasing. You can feel your pussy getting wet and try to close your legs. You hear someone's soft laugh and a finger slide over your wet pussy. You cant help it any longer you open your mouth to beg and plead...scream...NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

You suddenly feel hands grab your face, forcing your mouth wide open. You taste metal in your mouth. Someone pulling your head back by your hair, your body twisting and fighting. Strong hands are holding your mouth open, your jaw hurts from the force. Panic fills your eyes and you stop moving completely, you feel something clamp down hard on your tongue. They are pulling your tongue out, you are terrified as you see what he has in his hand...noooooooooooooooo oh god nooooooooo

Your body jerks hard as he starts pushing it in your tongue, as the pain builds and builds you feel a hard large cock at your pussy, tears running down your face, he rams fully burying his thick hard cock inside your pussy. You scream as you feel it pass through your tongue and his cock hitting you deep inside, he slides back out, you feel the head of his cock rubbing at your swollen pussy lips, he is pushing in just an inch or so and back out. You feel your tongue being released and watch as he leans down and kisses you gently tasting the little bit of blood in your mouth. You moan load as you feel the huge cock slam you again and again, he is bruising your hips fucking you so hard and fast, jerking your body with each thrust. You are screaming from the pain in your mouth and the deep painful fucking.

Your body jerks look around at the beautiful sunlight in your bedroom, sitting breathing hard in your bedroom all alone. You fall back in bed laughing at yourself for being scared from a silly nightmare. You suddenly stop feeling something sore and strange on your tongue...

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