I was out mowing the lawn when the phone rang. My wife, Lee took the call, and booked me for the same evening. She does that from time to time, usually she will call me in to take the appointment, but I was busy.

With new clients, I really do like to talk to them personally, their voice will betray them, and let me have an educated guess how the session will go. This one was going to be a surprise!

At the appointed time, the doorbell rang, I opened it to greet Nina! One glance and I knew I had my evening's work cut out for me, this was one BIG woman! She stood equal to my 6 foot frame, and easily 300 pounds.

I don't mind at all working with heavy women, they are just people, and their bodies often need my attentions even more than the folks who are in good shape. So I simply ushered her in, and showed her to my massage room. I had a moment of hesitation, thinking about my table, but then I remembered why I had spent the extra dollars on solid oak framework!

I had her fill out the personal form I require of all my new clients, she listed herself as married, and her main concerns were her legs. Now I understood that, too, people who are heavy tend to have problems with legs, just from the constant extra load. But she had written in "abdominal and groin spasms" in the "other" line, which I never saw before.

Interested, I told her to lie face down, and gave her a drape, instructing her to cover herself to her own level of comfort. I left her to her privacy while I went to wash up.

I stepped into the room, to be greeted by the largest fanny I had ever worked on! This was a BIG woman, there was no doubt. The towel I gave her was draped over her back and buttocks, but didn't reach far enough to cover her butt completely. I asked her if she was comfortable, she replied with a positive, so I dug in and went to work.

Her legs were marvelous, the muscles were huge, and solid as a rock. I must have spent a good 30 minutes just on her feet and calves, as I finally got her to the point where she finally let go. I worked her legs out and back in some gentle stretches, then turned my attention to her upper legs.

My mind was wandering, I noted that even though her butt was huge, she showed no sign of the lumps of fat so common to large women. I worked her upper thighs, darned if she didn't open her legs a spot, that familiar sign of acceptance. She had been quiet to this point, so I took a chance and began some conversation. I mentioned massage, how nice it was, a few lines like that, and only got a couple of murmurs in response.

"I noticed you mentioned abdominal & groin spasms" I said, curious. She replied with another murmur, then a simple, "Yes." A bit lost, I rushed things a little, working out her shoulders and back quickly. Then I had her turn over.

She managed with some difficulty, as I held the towel up to afford her some measure of modesty. "Relax" she said bluntly. "I am not bashful!"

I almost giggled, that was supposed to be my line. Then she lay back, as I reworked her shoulders and arms. She seemed to almost purr, I worked my hands down, across her abdomen, then I got some lotion for the sensitive area that I knew she would have under the flap of fat on her stomach. I spread the aloe-vera lotion I use for this, it is both cooling and soothing, I especially like it because it is slick, which helps me get in there and lift the flesh.

My hands were now brushing across the top of her pubic hairs, when I noticed she again opened her legs. Curious, I asked her again about the "groin spasms", she just told me that they happened almost daily. "may I check that area" I asked her pointedly, she replied, "Sure" and actually pulled her knees up and apart.

I slipped the drape down a bit, exposing the upper part of her vaginal region. I noticed quickly that she was abnormal in that respect, this woman had a clit larger than any I had ever seen! It was no less than 3" long, and she was obviously excited. I allowed my fingers to slip down, then up alongside of her pussy, asking her if it was OK that I did this. She smiled, I noted the flushed expression on her face. So I ran several strokes, first one side, then the other, before I stepped to the foot of the table.

Running both hands up her legs, I reached her clit, and allowed my thumbs to slip up and across her. She gave a jerk, and her clit grew another inch or so! "My God" I thought, "I have never in my life seen one like this!" Her clit stuck almost straight out, easily as long as my thumb, I have seen grown men with smaller penises!

I reached down and stroked her, then I took her clit between my thumb and forefinger, and stroked her like I would stroke myself.

She had spasms, all right! It was no less than 3" long, sticking out of her, hard as a rock! I felt the beginnings of a boner, damn!

I rubbed and stroked, getting into it now, when I heard her voice, guttural. "Suck me" she said!

I leaned down, and sucked her into my mouth, rolling the head of this enormous thing between my lips and tongue. Her body jumped and jerked, and I continued, until finally I felt a wetness in my mouth. My god, she had come in my mouth, I had a flash of though that this she was a he, but then I realized I had my fingers inside of her, it couldn't be.

Untouched, I exploded in my pants, never before have I ever done that......

Finally, she was done, I relaxed and let her go, stepping up to rub her abdomen and breasts a bit more as she subsided.

"WOW!" I thought. "Just what the hell was that!"

I was brought back to reality by her saying,

"Thank you."

I managed a smile, and a "NO. Thank YOU!"

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