tagSci-Fi & FantasyNina and Renee Return Ch. 02

Nina and Renee Return Ch. 02


Disclaimers: This story picks right up from Part 1. All characters are over 18, even the alien constructs. This story features dickgirls and bisexual college-aged girls doing it in outer space. Non-consent may crop up as this tale continues. That's just my taste, if you don't like it, please select another story or author to enjoy!


Josie woke from her nap feeling alert, refreshed and relaxed. She swung her long legs out of bed and found her slippers waiting.

The thought of studying crossed her mind, but she decided to put it off and grab a bite to eat.

She walked to the fore on the passenger deck, turned the corner and made another left, into the little dining room that also served as the crew lounge. It was a fairly cozy room, dominated by a humble, even homely round yellow table. Leifa and Macy were there, playing footsie with Chester.

Chester, the half man, half bear was captain of the Amphitryon.

"Good morning sleepy!" Leifa said. "I hope you enjoyed your nap."

Josie nodded and smiled, stepping over the bench to take a seat at the table.

"You know I finally calculated our ages out in Earth years. Want to know?" Leifa seemed excited.

Josie nodded.

"Okay, how old?"

"First, guess!"

"Well, I don't know, but --"

"Guess!" Leifa giggled.

Josie knew that Avashai did not age on the exterior, but they could live to be 400 years old.

"Well, uh, about a hundred years for Macy, and um, fifty for you? No, forty."

"Wow! You got me, I'm 39.3 years old," said Leifa. "Way off on Macy though."

Josie turned to Macy.

"322.4 Earth years." Macy stated proudly.

Josie's eyes widened. "Oh my gosh! Wow!"

"You know," Macy began, taking on a very motherly tone of voice, "I have seen and heard a lot. So, as much as you seem content to do all that research on your own, why not ask me?"

"Well I'd love to but, I mean, I have so much to learn, and you two are always busy—"

"Josie," Chester broke in, "Aren't you trying to buy their freedom?"

Josie nodded, but now the implication was obvious: Time that the Avashai spent helping Josie was time spent helping themselves to freedom. Hardly an imposition on the Avashai.

"I don't mind if you try to get as much learning out of Macy as possible. Is that clear?"

Josie nodded. She had been too afraid to ask.

"It's not going to be easy. Jink made his money by saving everything. He ran a mining outpost for at least 80 years, and it was extremely lucrative, and then he went into hock to buy these girls. We have less than half a year. I think we can do it, but we need a plan."

"I'm open to suggestions," Josie said.

"We can't haul much freight, and the talk shows don't pay enough either. Have you given any thought to mining?"

"That's one of the top jobs, if you have an Juggernaut or whatever, and we don't."

As she spoke, Bonnie entered the room and sat down to listen in on the conversation. She waved and smiled weakly, having just returned from Earth using her teleportation beacon. They nodded in greeting while Chester continued to speak.

"I have some connections in Sector 18. You could start out doing some freelance mining with one of the big mining syndicates. I could start you out in SG-Juggernaut simulators today."

"Mining is huge money," Leifa added. "Alhani are always willing to buy raw materials, especially heavy metals. But it's not too popular in some worlds because it takes a lot of capital and it's a lot of work. SG-Juggernauts rarely sit idle."

"Well that's what I was thinking. Time is money, how do we possibly make money when the owner is going to charge us a million or more notes per hour just to use his Juggernaut?"

"Wow, you have been doing your research," Macy said.

"Leave that to me," Chester said.

Josie nodded quietly. There was something else on her mind, but she couldn't come out and say it yet.

"I missed it. What are those SG-Juggernaut things you guys are talking about?" asked Bonnie.

"Well," Macy replied, "a Super-Gravity Juggernaut is a mining vehicle designed to retrieve heavy metals from the surface of a gas giant. In your solar system there are several gas giants, the biggest being Jupiter and Saturn. These are some of the most inhospitable places that current technology can take a person. Juggernauts not only withstand the gravity of a greater gas giant, they can keep a pilot inside isolated from the deadly gravity and radiation."

"Wow," Bonnie breathed.

"Isn't it amazing? A machine that can survive and operate on the surface of a world like Jupiter!" Josie bounced in her chair.

"It flies using a combination of thrusters and anti-gravity," Macy continued. "It can also walk on two or more legs. Its exterior is made of special alloys that stay hard when superheated, and it has heat sinks galore to blast the heat out."

Chester nodded.

"Usually in the front," he added in his gravelly baritone, "There's a mandibular section that cuts up hardened metals or holds liquids in place so that they can be teleported. All the materials go up to an orbital space station, just like Jink's. The station then sells it to the freighter for a price, keeps three or four percent, and the rest gets paid into your account."

"But how are we going to get free time on one of those things?" Josie asked once more. "Just renting them is super expensive!"

The bearkin grinned, showing sharp rows of teeth.

"I got lots of free time with these Avashai, didn't I? Like I said, leave it to me."


Shortly before the moon sank below the horizon, Renee and Kirsten teleported back on to the ship. Kirsten created quite a stir, however, when she used her teleporter beacon to teleport her and someone else.

Chester's display showed an unexpected individual on board his ship, and he rushed over to the scene.

"Kirsten," Chester said in his most grumbling and grouchy tone, "Didn't I tell you not to take anyone with you?" He sized up the gentleman, who was in his early forties and seemed only a little surprised to see a talking bear man.

"Excuse me, my name is Kyle. You must be the Captain," he said to Chester. Then the Avashai walked into the room, nude and perfect as always, and Kyle's eyes nearly popped out of his head.

"Get him into seclusion. Kirsten, I told you--"

"He's family! He's my dad, and I took him with me because there just wasn't anything for him on Earth anymore."

"After I lost my job, I got served with divorce papers. It's been tough," he said, but Chester just glared at him and his voice trailed off.

"Nevermind. You're here, in the Amphitryon which means you take orders from me. You will proceed to your quarters immediately, and I will call for you soon. I hope you said your goodbyes, because we're leaving Earth and who knows when or if we are coming back."

"Kirsten explained everything, Captain, sir," Kyle offered.

"Nuts. Well, let me make a report to the Behtorian Security Outpost. Maybe Lieutenant Talon can help cover you tracks."

Chester, Macy and Leifa went to the helm. Chester sat down in the hot seat and hailed the outpost on a secure, encrypted frequency.

There was no answer. It was unusual but these things were bound to happen with only one person manning the outpost. Everyone needed their privacy at some point. The bearkin growled in annoyance and made a note to himself to call again before they reached the wormhole.

"I thought you handled that well," Macy said, rubbing the fur along Chester's neck and jowls.

"Truly," Leifa added, closing the cockpit doors. She moved in front of him and crouched down between his legs.

"It seems you have a bit of frustration you need to let out," Macy said.

"Yeah," Leifa breathed, reaching up to undo Chester's belt buckle, "Why don't you take that anger out on me?" She licked her lips as she deftly undid his pants and freed his cock.

Just then, Nina's voice came out over the intercom. "Hello? It's Nina, I'm looking for Leifa."

"Right here," Leifa said.

"I need your help with TeeGee," Nina said.

"Can you give me a little while?"

"Sure! Oh sorry! I hope I am not interrupting anything. I'll be waiting in my room when you get a chance."


She was still kneeling between Chester's legs. "Sorry about that," she said. "I've been a bad girl, making you wait."

She extended her long tongue and flicked it against the underside of his cock. Her tongue coiled and wrapped around his shaft and she opened wide to take it all into her mouth.

Chester stood, gripped the sides of her head and pinned her to the wall. His hips thrust eagerly, his cock slid in and out of the specialized tunnel in her head.

She could have had him cumming in seconds, but she wanted him to get rough with her first. Chester had done this many times before. When he was ready he stood and held her head between his paws. He thrust his hips against her, fucking her mouth like it was a pussy, and even letting her head thump against the wall.

Leifa was extremely durable. She could take it. After five minutes or so, he blew his load into the sensitive nerve cluster in the back of her head, and they both finished cumming together. Macy watched and waited for her turn, but he dismissed them both with a satisfied grin.

"She was right, I needed that," he said to himself after they left.


Nina waited patiently in her room. She pulled out a long white case from under her bed. She opened up the case and looked at the symbiont, serial number TG337.

"Soon, TeeGee" she whispered, taking it out and caressing it fondly. Although it looked like a well-made eight inch dildo, Nina knew better. She had a dozen or more memories of Renee using it on her, plowing and filling her until she couldn't stop creaming. She had used it on Josie, Bonnie and Kirsten as well. In orgies that symbiont cock had been utterly unstable and insatiable. It had grown as big as a person, spraying her with cum like a fire hose.

She couldn't wait to have that power hanging between her legs.

Another reason Renee had so much difficulty controlling it was that the symbiont never got the fine tuning that was needed to match Renee's individual personality.

It had been a wild ride, but they had enjoyed much of it, all of the girls. The Avashai were enjoying time away from Jink, and Chester was certainly having fun. They were all having the time of their lives.

Nina hoped it would always been this grand. She was apprehensive of the change her body would undergo, but Renee had convinced her that she would absolutely love it.

There was a chirp at the door.

"Who is it?" she asked.

"It's me!" came Leifa's melodic, high-pitched voice.

"Come in," said Nina.

Leifa and Macy walked in, stark naked as always. Nina feasted her eyes on their shapely figures and pretty faces.

"Miss Nina, we're here like you asked, to administer the psychological and physical evaluation," Leifa said, her eyes resting on the symbiont.

"Yes, I'm ready for it," Nina quickly offered.

"Okay. Well, let's put TeeGee away and get started, shall we?"

Leifa asked Nina a battery of questions for the next few hours, assiduously recording all the answers in special notation on her datapad. She learned how to perform this analysis as one of her required courses of study at the infamous Pleasure Castle.

Nina was a little nervous, afraid that she might not match the personality of the symbiont.

"Hmm. Still a few factors that are out of tolerance," Leifa muttered after completing her calculations.

"A few factors are off? What does that mean?" Nina asked.

"Well, the symbiont as currently tuned, loves subliminal and overt suggestion. In other words, it likes to feed ideas into your mind about having sex. Overt suggestions are obvious and we can accurately adjust for that, but the subconscious stuff is not calibrated so easily. Just keep in mind that at first he will be very active, constantly suggesting."

"Why not just tune it to make it safe? Put it well above tolerances?"

"It's not designed to function that way," Leifa sighed. "The Alhani were keen students of the human psyche, and built the symbiont to feed off of human emotions as a whole. Isolate the subconscious or other functions too much, and you get a very unbalanced end result, for both of you. Disturbed."

"Trust Leifa, she knows a lot about this," Macy reassured.

"Yup!" Leifa agreed with a nod. "There's always some uncertainty with the subconscious variable, but don't worry. There won't be any serious danger after I tweak it. You will be within tolerances and very close to on the mark, if I do say so. Besides, I have one other variable to factor in." Her fingers were a flurry on the datapad's key panel.

Nina watched and waited.

"Whew," Leifa let out a sigh, reviewing the final results of her calculations. "All set."

"Are you sure?" Nina asked.

"Yes," Leifa responded firmly. "One hundred percent. You have something going for you that is not included in the standard string of final algorithms, so I had to hand calculate it."

"What?" Nina asked, intruiged.

"SCF, or Symbiont Choice Factor. You see, 33TG7 knows you, and has chosen you to be his next host. That's rare. SCF adjusts for a few things, but it mainly makes it easier to be within tolerances. You're going to be just fine. When you are ready, we'll do the joining ritual."

Nina nodded. "Let's do it."


The Amphitryon neared the first wormhole. Chester hailed the security outpost once more. This time Lieutenant Talon came on screen. She was a gorgeous lass in her late twenties, with long brown hair and sharp eyes. There was a lot of color in her cheeks, and her large breasts stretched her skin tight jump suit to the point that Chester swore he could make out the outline of her nipples.

What a gal, Chester thought to himself. "Talon," Chester said with a grin. "We tried to reach you earlier. I have to make a report."

"Oh. Captain Chester, go right ahead."

"Well, it seems we have taken one of the Earth dwellers on board and there's not much going back now. Kirsten's biological father, Kyle. Can you handle it?"

"Is that all? Don't worry about it, I'll monitor the situation. Hey, are you guys already near the wormhole?"


Talon looked off screen, then back at Chester. "Oh crap. Where did he go--"

"Where did who go?"


"Loki was there?"

"Well, he and I had a little unfinished business," Talon said, blushing.

"You were having sex with that pirate?" Chester said, incredulous. He noticed a red light flashing on his console. Something was out there.

Talon just blushed some more.

"Avashai for you, androids for me, I guess," Talon said. "But he just disappeared. Must have teleported."

"I know. I think he's following my ship, I've just detected something out there." Chester hit a few buttons and saw a figure on screen. "Should I blast him?"

"After all he did for the girls? He's our friend!" Talon was apalled.

"I dunno, he's a space pirate and he's following my ship."

"Chester, you stop it right this instant. Invite him on board."

Just as Chester was about to roll his eyes and remind Talon of her rank, he heard another voice break through on the secure channel.

"Yes, I'd like to come aboard please," came Loki's voice through console.

"This is a secure frequency!" Chester gasped. "How--"

"Oh boy, let me check my systems," said Talon, "There's no way he cracked it, he must have put a sniffer in my computer."

"Captain Chester, permission to come aboard," Loki repeated, theatrically this time.

Chester snorted.

"Permission? What do you want?"

"Space is a dangerous place for so many young, vulnerable women. Take me with you."

"What do you want?"

"My dear Captain, what I want has never changed. I want controlled chaos. Trust me?"

Chester grumbled. "Permission denied. Go back to Talon's waiting arms."

"Here I come!"

Chester cursed as his console started flashing red. Loki had teleported right into the dining room.

"Very well," Chester said to himself. In truth, there wasn't much he could do about it without endangering the ship.

"Talon, your boyfriend is on board. I hope you miss him and ask for him to come back."

"Negative, he's not my boyfriend. I'm going to armored suit training in five cycles. Good luck to you all!"

"Right. Bye." Suddenly Chester felt like he needed another round of Leifa's stress relief therapy.

Continued in Part 3!

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